March 2, 2024


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After the year she’s had, if you were expecting Emma Hewitt to finish 2023 on anything less than a high, well … you’ve obviously not been keeping up! Start through finish, album-though-respective-singles, the multitalented Australian artist has transformed her song-spotlighting ‘Ghost Of The Light’ album into one club crossover after another.

Having summer-wowed fans with her Solarstone and Roman Messer link-ups, ‘Children’ and ‘Fallen’, she’s now embracing fall and winter with some female-x-female dynamics. After November’s Pretty Pink meeting, where they translated ‘The River’ into ‘Lay Me Down’, it’s another European DJ/producer/singer-songwriter’s turn, as Emma and ZOYA collaborate on ‘Holding Out For You’.

With originality to burn, ZOYA has spliced techno and trance genes into the track, setting up a mood-heavy mid-set General. Beefing up its bass pulse, ZOYA has built a warped-out, spaced-up pulse – one that doesn’t let go for six spellbinding minutes. “A long way from home” they may feel, but ‘Holding Out For You’ is all you’ll need to know!

Emma and ZOYA’s club-captivating ‘Holding Out For You’ drops today. Find it wherever good music is streamed or sold:


01: Emma Hewitt x ZOYA – Holding Out For You (Original Mix)
02: Emma Hewitt x ZOYA – Holding Out For You (Extended Mix)

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