March 2, 2024


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Autograf are kicking off 2023 on a high note with the release of another single from their upcoming ‘Affirmations’ album. Featuring up-and-coming singer-songwriter your friend polly, ‘Lie’ sees the duo deliver an incredibly infectious crossover cut in the wake of vocal club track ‘Vertigo’.


Listen to Autograf x your friend polly – Lie


The product of going out of the box in the studio, ‘Lie’ combines a disco-pop attitude with vocal bravura to great effect. Originally written and produced in a different key, the song got twisted and turned until it came upon its current vibe.

“It was super catchy originally, but we felt like it needed something extra, something unorthodox,” Autograf say. “So we did a few little tricks and all of a sudden, it became mega vibey, like cruising around on the east side in our ‘80s DeLorean vibe. We first pitched down her vocal by three semitone and then changed the key of the entire song to match it. Then we had her re-sing all the vocals in the new key, but in her normal pitch. That allowed us to use her regular pitched vocal in the new key together with her pitched-down vocal from the original key. That gave the song a really nice contrast and a call and response with the vocals, and the new key just gave it a super cool, laid back retro vibe we absolutely love! That was the first time we ever did anything like that, so it was a nice experiment!”


‘Affirmations’ released tracks to date:



Inner Light

High On That New Love

Revolves Around You

In Your Eyes

Love Runs Deep

Move Up



Autograf have solidified themselves as some of dance music’s biggest innovators since their emergence. The outfit has sustained a global fanbase with yearly headlining tours, boasting their dense and renowned discography of effervescent house music. They have performed across the world, playing prestigious festivals such as Coachella, Lollapalooza, EDC Las Vegas and EDC Korea. They’ve headlined shows in Asia and Europe, including countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Brazil, Spain, The Netherlands, France and more. Autograf have also had the pleasure of working alongside artists like Halsey, Avicii, The Chainsmokers and other heavyweights in the industry, and have seen their music licensed in popular television series such as Netflix’s “The Innocents,” NBC’s “The Blacklist” and major ad campaigns from Louis Vuitton and Nike.



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