December 1, 2023


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It’s been five years (some short, some long!) since Marcello Pacheco gave us ‘Wolves’, his ahead-of-the-release-curve book & album project. A producer at ease working inspiration-by-inspiration, Eco’s left his discography largely untouched since.

It was only a matter of time until stimulation struck again though and prompted the next intensive burst of studio activity. That time was conclusively 2021, as the New Jersey born-and-still-based producer’s next LP project nears completion. While details of the album-to-come remain under wraps, ‘Let You Down’ – the first single produce from it, drops today.



Get some ‘Let You Down’ here: (

If there’s one element no Eco track’s ever been short of, it’s mood, and ‘Let You Down’s not about to become the exception! If anything Marcello upticks that aspect again, using a thumping but decidedly progressive chassis to direct intricately atmospheric layers of sound towards cooler clubfloors. Its indie-rock-ish vocal, subtlest of pianos trims, (far more foreground) guitar elements, pin-sharp percussion and more sombre synths all assemble to bring it a draw-you-in appeal.

With ‘Let You Down’ remixes already in the pipeline and a mass more not-too-distant-future material circling for release, it’s time retune to planet Eco. ‘Let You Down’ releases through all good streaming and sales platforms today (

01: Eco – ‘Let You Down’ (Original Mix)

02: Eco – ‘Let You Down’ (Extended Mix)


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