June 26, 2022


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After a whopping 15 months since our last live party (ASOT 950) we’re excited like kids in a candy shop for being able to attend Senses Festival in the stunning location of Zrce beach in Novalja, Isle of Pag.We took a few days off to enjoy the lovely Croatian Summer weather and here we go, finally heading off to Senses Festival on Tuesday, July 15th. Now, can we all agree the line up is just mind blowing? We have Pretty Pink, Kyau&Albert, Sander van Doorn, Cosmic Gate( replacing Ilan Blueston who could not make it due to some restrictions in the U.K.)  and many more… But the one artist we are super thrilled to meet again and listen to, is the one and only Ruben de Ronde!! Yeah, you know he has a special place in our little trancey hearts.

He’s one of our all time favorite artist, so talented and down to earth, so busy with all his activities but always making it all look easy, and such a sweet and caring person in real life!

Despite the weather was not the best on Tuesday, we decided to stop by Simuni beach during the morning and we joined the event at about 6 pm just in time for a fantastic set by Kyau & Albert,

after that, it was… Wacky Timeeeee,(with Alex Wacky of course)…

what a great way to step into the dancefloor again after all these months!! 

Senses Festival is taking place on the beach where all the famous clubs are, and for me personally, being there for the very first time is so thrilling!

                                             (thrilled blogger on the beach in front of Kalypso club)

The team behind this massive event absolutely overcome themselves to ensure the safest possible  experience to the ravers who came there to have the night of their lives!

The access to the beach is free for everyone but when you want to enter in one of the clubs you need to show your green pass or your negative COVID test, (well you can even get tested right there!! How cool is that?) 

Around 9 pm while we were just walking around Kalypso Club, .. Ruben steps in!! Yessssss we cannot even describe our happiness when he stopped by for a hug (ohhh how we missed hugs for so many months) and then he  went getting his stuff ready for the performance!! Super hyped as we were, we thought it would have been better to go eat something before his set, so to enjoy it without any distractions later on 🙂

And here we gooooooo ….10 pm it all starts!! 




After an incredible set, we met our hero backstage for a chat..and a very much needed catch up! 

Hi Ruben, nice to see you again!! How are you?

Hey, finally, nice to see you after more than one year!!

Yes, last time we met was at ASOT950, so how does it feel to hit the stage again?

Well you know, the first show that I did was Luminosity two weeks ago, it was in the time that events were still allowed in the Netherlands, because now it’s expected a lockdown…So to actually sit on an airplane for the first time in a long while to play at a show it’s so weird… To have the energy of the crowd again,it’s unbelievable…I am just…Super happy!!

Of course….How was this pandemic for you..What were you up to?

A lot of Twitch, a lot!! I did a lot of streams and besides that I made quite a lot of music, I still did the A State of Trance recording every week, and during the pandemic I took over hour number 2 so that was a big step as well…

                                                                                          (Yay!! Let’s go legend!!)


I made a lot of music in the beginning of the pandemic, during the very first few month, yeah, that’s what I’ve been doing 🙂

A lot of new music….maybe a new album on the way?

Something’s coming in October, it’s all I can say

Wow cool…ok we’ll be waiting…What do you thing this summer will look like in terms of live events, festivals..do you have a good feeling?

Well if you’s asked me this question last week I would have had a good feeling but right now, I just don’t know, all can change again next week so..it’s very unpredictable…

This pandemic has been a game changer also for the music under every aspects, we noticed that the trends is to produce music to listen rather than music to dance to…

That’s true, the bpms  have definitely slowed down in productions especially during the lockdown.


Talking about Twitch, where you streams a lot, your channel grew immensely in the last few years, you have tons of subscribers,or shall we call them Statemates (all the lovely people named after RdR label Statement!)..can you tell me something about your relationship with them?

I am super blessed with one of the best community on the planet, without a doubt ; I think this month or next month, Eeyou and Ross are gonna hit 50 months of subscriptions, so that’s how long I’ve been affiliated and partnered and before that I streamed for 2 or 3 years …You were one of the first being part of that as well, and especially during the pandemic the community really grew and you know, some people left unfortunately but a lot of amazing people came in the place …and so the relationship I have with this community is unbelievable… I am really super blessed !!

And you are such an inspiration for some of them, you were talking about Ross a moment ago, and he started djing as well and making his own music right?

Yes he’s djing and streaming, go on Ross, you can do it!!

Hi Ross, miss you!!

Ruben, who were you rooting for ? England or Italy?

Italy absolutely, Bonucci, Chiellini goooo campioni del Mondooooo!!

Hahaha I am surprised about it 🙂

Nah, really, Congrats to the Italian team.

Other than making music, and streaming, what else are you doing lately?

Well I am watching some italian series, like Gomorra…that’s so good! Watching it I wish I could speak italian 🙂


                                                                          (Ruben actually speaking the italian way….with hands)

We really hope to see you mainstage at ASOT1000 in September, that will be such a cool milestone!

Yes, hopefully everything will work out fine, right now I don’t know what will happen with this pandemic, we just wait and see.


Thanks for your time Ruben, always a pleasure meeting you, hope to see you soon!

Grazie mille Jess, hope to see you soon too!!








We would also like to remind you that Chicane asked Ruben to remix his tune ‘Ocean Apart’ a track from his recent album….We love this remix, what about you?





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