October 21, 2021


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Protoculture’s 7th artist album following up multiple successful releases on Armin van Buuren’s A State Of Trance label. Featuring collabs with Diana Miro, Gid Sedgwick and JØRGØN and a selection of solo originals totalling 14 tracks. His record ‘Go’ has been supported by Armin van Buuren in multiple live sets in 2020.

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Reflective of a period of ups, downs and time spent in inevitable suspension, Protoculture’s ‘Lost In Isolation’ is an album that stems from a life turned upside down. Without the pressure of having to write for dance floors, the South African DJ and producer figuratively set sail to channel his inner explorer and find new musical purpose along the way.


Decked out with fourteen tracks that serve as stepping stones to this change in direction, his sixth album dons the notion of riding out the storm or drifting aimlessly waiting for the next wave to form. It’s about overcoming struggles, pushing against the stream and seeing the beauty beneath the murky surface. Protoculture may have been ‘Lost In Isolation’, but the surge of inspiration has clearly never been stronger.

Tracklists Protoculture – Lost In Isolation

  1. Protoculture – Sequence
  2. Protoculture feat. Diana Miro – Seconds
  3. Protoculture – Pilgrim
  4. Protoculture – Lost In Isolation
  5. Protoculture – Inu
  6. Protoculture – Shine
  7. Protoculture feat. JØRGØN – Remember
  8. Protoculture – Go
  9. Protoculture – Nano
  10. Protoculture feat. Gid Sedgwick – Is This A Dream
  11. Protoculture – Red Point
  12. Protoculture – Fall Into You
  13. Protoculture – Beneath The Surface
  14. Protoculture – Deep Forest

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