September 21, 2021


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Hello there my fellow readers, we cooked up something really special for you.

We had the pleasure to ask super talented Dennis Sheperd some questions about his new album ‘Find The Sunrise’ (such a deep and personal project)  and more, so go ahead and find out what he had to say 🙂

  • Hello Dennis, how you doing lately?

Dennis: Hi there, I’m doing really good, thanks. Enjoying life and really happy with the feedback on my new album as well.

  • Congrats on your 3rd studio album, “ Find The Sunrise”, it sounds like a really personal album, would you tell us something about its making of?

Dennis: 2019 was a very challenging year for me. A lot of circumstances in my life changed and those experiences definitely inspired and influenced me in creating the album. I must say it was a very creative and inspiring part in my life as well. Without this, I don’t think the album would have been as deep and maybe as good as it is now.

  • What was the most challenging part during its creation?

Dennis: The most challenging part was definitely getting to a point where I would be happy with the album. I have raised the bar in terms of quality control and therefore it was a lot of hard work.

  • How did you chose the singers and collaborators?

Dennis: I am always on the hunt for new talent and amazing singers. Even when I’m not producing an album.

  • Is there anyone else you would like to work with in the future?

Dennis: Yes, there are many people I would like to work with. For producers, there are so many good ones right now! Orjan Nilsen is one of the people I would love to work with. Ferry Corsten would be a dream! Franky Wah is another producer I really love. Loving CamelPhat and Artbat as well. As for vocalists, I would really like to do a record with Laura Brehm, Haliene and another record with JES.

  • What Is the message behind this album?

Dennis: Life is always a rollercoaster of ‘ups’ and ‘downs’. The sunrise stands for the ups in life. But ups don’t exist without downs (or without a sunset). You need to be aware of the fact that life will not always be beautiful but there will always be a good period after a bad period. Just be patient and look out for it.

  • I feel it like an album we can all relate with during these hard times we are living through, how did you keep yourself motivated, healthy and balanced during the pandemic?

Dennis: I focused on my health by doing lots of sports (home workouts), cooking, reading (mostly personal development) and of course producing this album.

  • Any message you would like to give to everyone out here struggling with isolation due to the pandemic?

Dennis: Keep strong! Reach out to your friends if you need to. Never ever feel you are not needed. Let’s all keep faith that this pandemic will be over rather sooner than later. And afterwards, we will hopefully appreciate things a bit more and are aware how lucky we actually are.

  • Thanks a lot for your time and hopefully see you soon.

Dennis: Thank you for the great interview! And to everyone who read this: I hope you will enjoy my album ‘Find The Sunrise’. Shoot me a message if you did!


‘Find The Sunrise’ album is available for stream/download HERE

01. Dennis Sheperd x Katty Heath – Find The Sunrise
02. Dennis Sheperd x Sunlounger – I Can Feel
03. Dennis Sheperd x Joston – When I’m Alone
04. Dennis Sheperd x George Jema x Eric Lumiere – In Your Hands
05. Dennis Sheperd x Katty Heath – Imagination
06. Dennis Sheperd – Miss You
07. Dennis Sheperd x Chloe Kay – How Does It Feel
08. Dennis Sheperd x EKE – Playing With Fire
09. Dennis Sheperd – South East Love
10. Dennis Sheperd x George Jema x Sean Ryan – Burning Flame
11. Dennis Sheperd x Sarah Russell – When Our Worlds Collide
12. Dennis Sheperd – Hamsa
13. Dennis Sheperd x Katty Heath – Losing My Mind
14. Dennis Sheperd x RELEJI – Omid
15. Dennis Sheperd x Roger Shah x Adam Is A Girl – We Are One

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