Tue. Apr 7th, 2020


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One of the most workaholic ladies in the business is back at it doing what she does best: churning out top-quality tunes at an impressive rate!!

‘Acid Lullaby’ has been released on Edge Vision and it’s a high-impact beauty that will absolutely charm every  crowd.

Known for shattering expectations with a mere flick of the wrist, ZOYA  once again raises the bar in terms of intensity with a tune so tempestuous it cracks titanium dance floors.

 “It’s a hybrid between psy and tech trance,I call it Psy Techlifter because it has a typical uplifting melody in the breakdown.Right now I really enjoy harder sound and my friends are always laughing when I say it but yes, I like “banging” trance.” ZOYA.



Grab your copy :

ZOYA just joined forces with Abora Recordings( where she previously released her track “Scars)  to become  one of their A&Rs  and in the upcoming future she has in store a lot of new music for us, some classic re-works,and shows.
Her next gig will be right in her home country Bulgaria, in Sofia on March 9th.
So we warmly suggest you to join the party and let ZOYA’s sound hit you like a train.

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