August 12, 2022


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Right after the exciting premiere by Armin during Asot 834, we’re super hyped to tell you that ‘Traveller’ is released!
Another smashing tune by David Gravell, one of the most prolific  and forward thinking guys in the scene.
We genuinely love his authentic approach and the way he always overcome himself tune after tune keeping the trance vibe so alive with his signature sound that makes you instantly say “that’s a Gravell track” at the very first beats.
‘Traveller’ is sure to be a success among David’s trance fans worldwide and its charming epic melody combined with captivating vocals will drag you into a story of a journey …(it might just end up being your own travel if you are brave enough to close your eyes and let yourself float into this musical universe).
Hypnotic and original, with a kaleidoscopic texture, it strikes a fine balance between a dreamy atmosphere and that festival anthem vibe made to destroy every dancefloor.
Exploring the trance soundscape in that  unique way David Gravell can do, he enriched this gem with a massive bassline and lushious synth that blends amazingly with the melody.
In a word? Huge!
We’re used to David Gravell pushing speakers to their limits and fans will be glad to hear his new offering is more of the same. With ‘Traveller’, the Dutchman once again links a floor-cracking bassline with blazing synths and soul-searching melodies. For another exciting musical journey, please follow the ‘Traveller’.

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