June 20, 2021


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Since the release of its sign-in Chapter at the start of the year, ‘Materia’ – Cosmic Gate’s “made for the clubs” (MIXMAG), “impressive”, “roots return” (DJ Mag) LP – has been rocking blocks & wowing crowds in all four corners. Through the project, Nic & Bossi have dug deep to musically define the very essence (or materia) of Cosmic Gate.

Chapter Two’s vanguard singles (‘Tonight’ (“ethereal”, “stunning” – Dancing Astronaut), the tech-tipped Markus Schulz-collab ‘AR’ & the emotionally stirring ‘Bigger Than We Are’) have paved its summer-long road to release. They are now joined by six new, never-heard-before Cosmic creations.
With the cyber-synth futurism of ‘Noom’, counted among their number is the first studio-born team-up with Super8 & Tab. There’s also the (says YourEDM) “sparse techno-like cut”, “super-long built up chords” and “serious mainline soar” of the Tomorrowland-smashing ‘No Strings Attached’, together with Arnej.

Song-based collaborations are in no short supply either, with new music formed around many a prominent voice. Making not one, but two appearances on the album, ‘If Not Now’ and ‘Materia’s title track sees JES shining brighter than ever. The acidic bubble and radiating synths of ‘Someday’ marks a Chapter.Two recall for Alastor too, while ‘Sparks After The Sunset’ singer Sarah Lynn channels her soul into ‘Folded Wings’.



We couldn’t be more thrilled to have a chat with Nic and Bossi about this masterpiece and to get some insights.

TBA: Materia Chapter One was out in January and now, only a few months later we have Materia Chapter Two! What’s the idea behind it and why split it in two parts?


CG: The answer in the end is pretty simply, we had too many good tracks that we wanted to release and could simply not get them done on time to release all in one. Another reason why we actually like the concept to bring out two chapters is, that we give our fans more time to really explore the music on each Chapter. To release 17 tracks as we did with Start to Feel is great, but when people 4 weeks after release ask, so when do we hear new music, then us as the people that have been busting on the album for a year don’t really know how to react to such a question, as it’s a project that took all our heart, soul, energy and mostly creative potential for a year, its not like pushing a button and say, hey, there is more music for you… Soundwise Chapter two walks in the footsteps of Chapter 1 for sure, for us its the Material Album, two big EPs become one Album, the physical copy will hold both Chapters as well, basically like a book that was released in two parts.



TBA:  How did your collaboration with Super8&Tab happen ?


CG: This one actually went very smooth, the boys came up with a first idea, we picked it up and added to it, and so on… all 4 of us have just a very dj minded approach to music and Noom turned out to be a real favourite tool in our sets already, even before the release of Material Chapter two.


TBA: Which is the cooperation that challenged you the most?


CG: Thats hard to say, every track in the end comes together differently, some you first think of as easy need more time in the end, which is the beauty of it, overall we are super happy with how things came together, for both chapters.

TBA: Being around for so many successful years, which young artist do you suggest we put on our radar?


CG: Hm, two names we would suggest you guys check out Australian Marcus Santoro and Hexlogic from Kiev in the Ukraine. We play their productions constantly in our radio show Wake Your Mind


TBA:  How does your creative studio process start usually?


CG: This is never a routine, we sometimes start with a baseline, sometimes a melody, sometimes maybe a vocal hookline, when something is inspiring we just work on it and add to it, follow our imagination, but being in the studio and work on music is not like cooking where you follow a recipe in a basically strict order, and this is good, songs happen differently and this keeps things fresh and different and always interesting for us.

TBA:  A day in the life of Cosmic Gate – give us an idea?


CG: Same answer as before, in the end every day for us is different, real routine does not happen, which keeps it interesting to say the least. we travel so much for our shows, been on the road for nearly 3 month now, so you can imagine that something like real routine is barely happening, the only thing thats constant is the amount of travel and as an result unfortunately not enough sleep often, we try to make the best out of it though and bring our shows around the world and still write our music when ever we can.

TBA:  What’s the secret of your success?


CG: Hm, this is hard to say, if we had a guess, maybe its because  in the end we are always ourselves, we never followed trends, our music and style is unique and music quality is always coming first. music simply  is our passion and we hope it shows in our productions and when we are on stage playing our shows.


TBA: If you had to pick just one unforgettable day or night of your career which would it be?


CG: We fortunately had quite a lot of these, first time Trance Energy, First big EDC, Beyond Wonderland or Nocturnal shows in Cali, playing big solo shows like a Palladium in LA or Festival Hall here Melbourne were highlights as well. we could continue here, its crazy to see where our music has brought us and we are very thankful for it, plus we are looking forward to more to come in the future!


TBA:  What’s up next for you guys?

CG: The Material Chapter 2 tour has just started for us in Australia last weekend, we bring it back to the US, Asia and Europe in the coming month with some big shows getting announced soon, we keeping it busy 🙂


Cosmic Gate: ‘Materia – Chapter Two’ tracklist:

  1. Cosmic Gate & JES – Materia
  2. Cosmic Gate & Emma Hewitt – Tonight
  3. Cosmic Gate & Super8 & Tab – Noom
  4. Cosmic Gate & Eric Lumiere – Bigger Than We Are
  5. Cosmic Gate & Markus Schulz – AR
  6. Cosmic Gate & Alastor – Someday
  7. Cosmic Gate & JES – If Not Now
  8. Cosmic Gate & Sarah Lynn – Folded Wings
  9. Cosmic Gate & Arnej – No Strings Attached



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