February 3, 2023


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The Cologne/Berlin based duo return to their Superfriends Records home once again for ‘Huso’.

Climbing to uncharted heights of dance-music popularity, Andhim have been releasing their distinguished style of sample-heavy ‘Super House’ since 2010, reaching the ears of the masses on some of the most celebrated labels around.

Demonstrating the pair’s eclectic and distinctly musical production style, ‘Huso’ kicks off the EP with Eastern-flavored melodies, soaring synths and low-slung drums that inject a momentum certain to ignite any dancefloor the track comes into contact with.

“Compared to our previous releases on the label ‘Huso’ goes a totally new direction again. We just love to show our full spectrum. This time we gave the music an oriental touch which we never did before.” – Andhim

‘Amene’ wraps up the 2 track ‘Huso’ and does so in an idiosyncratic but ambitious style. Synth stabs seep in and out of focus alongside off-kilter beats before exotic vocal samples help create a hypnotic aesthetic.

Andhim’s huge gig-schedule has seen them bring their music to all corners of the globe. It’s also enabled them to pick up a wealth of influences that the world has to offer. The result is a stitching together of many different genres and styles, which makes each Andhim release an entirely unique affair.

‘Huso’ precisely demonstrates this and is sure to be a success among Andhim’s rapidly growing fan base all over the world.


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Andhim – ‘Huso’
‘Huso’ EP is Out Now through Superfriends Records

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