October 1, 2022


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Markus Schulz, (who has been interviewed here just a few days ago) just announced that while he was touring in Buenos Aires (and praying for the safety of his family and friends living in Miami during these last difficult days due to Hurricane Irma)  Coldharbour Studios had been looted.

The equipment been stolen can of course be replaced, said Markus, but there is something that won’t be easily restored…  The Pioneer gold mixer he received for winning DJ Times’ America’s Best DJ a few years ago. This had a sentimental value and he is bummed about this loss.

We agree with the artist that in such a life threatening event it’s kinda inconceivable that someone out there acted this way!

Sadly we cannot do anything to relieve Markus’sadness, we just hope that whoever broke into his studio to steal things will understand how deeply the artist’s  feelings have been hurt and maybe could consider to gave his mixer back!

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