May 15, 2021

D-RHAPSODY just released their “SUSY EP” 

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Out now on Stellar Fountain/Astrowave label, the long anticipated EP by the Venetian based duo “D-Rhapsody”, a dream team both in the studio and in the live front.

Delivering an overwhelming progressive wave, you can easily recognize their signature sound rooted down to a texture-rich form of electronica that deals in thumping beats and complex atmosphere full of gliding synths pads. 

The EP comes with two jewels called “Supersimmetry” and “Multiverse” , both in the original mix and with the remixes by George Yammine and David Salow.

You can listen to them here:

Supersimmetry (George Yammine Remix)
Suoersimmetry (Original Mix)
Multiverse (Original Mix)
Multiverse (David Salow Remix)

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