January 27, 2022


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Having the chance to catch up with one of the most talented, kind hearted and down to earth guys in the business is something you don’t get very often, so when he said he was totally up to grace my blog with an interview…I felt like the luckiest girl in the world and just like the title of one of his tunes, I realized that sometimes…Dreams come true 🙂

Considering how busy he is, I am really surprised he managed to take the time for this,so it is really a special gift from him to me, and I hope you appreciate it as much as I do.



Hi Ruben, First of all, how are you doing lately?

R:I have been doing great, I spent most of my days this summer being on tour or in the studio!

How was your Australian tour and which were the highlights of it?

R:For me the highlight was being able to tour with such a great team! Emma, Christina, Chloe, Emma, Anthony, Abraham, Jano (and the rest of the team) and of course MaRLo created such a great environment to perform in.
Allow me to say that the Australian trance fans are so insanely intense. It was my first time doing big shows there, and I was blown away by the amazing reactions.
I played ‘warm-up’ sets, to set the mood for MaRLo’s 4 hours set, so I didn’t go too hard, but even that was received greatly!


You are very busy releasing new productions as well as touring…
After Steampunk, Leave a light on, Bliss, you are really teasing us a whole lot 🙂 when shall we expect the new album?
Any juicy insight about it that you can share with us ?

R: Hmm…………. I am aiming for a release in November! Thats all I can say now 😉
Your tune “Leave a Light On”  really means a lot to me personally, it has a special spot in my heart and always puts a smile on my face…So would you tell me the story behind it…

R: That is really, really nice to hear, I didn’t know!

I have been teaming up with Rodg several times now, and for this one we had the same synergy again!
A funny thing is that Louise works at the Armada offices, but is one of the most talented singer/songwriters that I have ever had the chance to meet. She is lovely!
A day in the life of Ruben de Ronde…knowing how busy you are, I’m very curious about one typical day of yours….I mean, running your own label Statement!, being an A&R for Armada, hosting your TSOH radio show and co-hosting ASOT and Armada Night Radio must be a hell of a job to do….how do you manage it all?
And which part of your job is the hardest (or most complicated …or hectic) and which one is the funniest?

R: Im still not sure how I juggle everything like I do, maybe I should write it down and turn it into a book haha!
The hardest part about being part of a radio show is that there are NO weeks off, ever. We have to deliver every single week, which means we can’t step a side for vacation.
But it is all worth it, when reading messages that we enlighten peoples lives, so its a sacrifice that I am more than willing to pay 🙂
Let’s take a step back in the past…I’ve heard you got into djing thanks to your brother… so, how did it all start?
Do you remember your very first show? How was it?
R: I remember my first show VERY clearly! It was in a youth hanging place in Gouda, where I was allowed to play the first hour. Soon I was playing there every week!
I have to be honest and tell you that I still get nervous for certain gigs haha!

During you spare time (wondering if you have some tho), which game do you like to play the most with your PSP?

R: I am a big game freak. I love playing Destiny and FIFA on PS4 !

This is actually a game inspired T-Shirt, from Destiny

Photos by Chris Lazzaro for www.FreedomFilmLLC.com Instagram / Twitter @FreedomFilmLLC

Do you love reading books? If yes, what’s your favorite one so far?

R: I used to read a lot of books in the past, like THICK books that would take you into a different world of fantasy. I love reading a lot of Terry Goodkind books!

Your favorite tv series?

R: Without a doubt Gotham!

I love how grimy they made this. It is exactly in the spirit of the latest Batman movies (not that horrible one with Superman in there).
Who is the artist who inspired you the most?

R: Without a doubt (and cliche) Armin. If you think I do a lot, you should see what he does in the limited time we have. Plus he has a family!
For the geeks out there….do you have a favorite software and plugin at the moment to use while producing?

R: Im 100% in love with the Output plugins!

Is there any artist you would really like to cooperate with?
R: I’d  love to make a progressive (deep) tune with Armin one day. Like a Prydz kinda vibe? If you get what I mean!
Name a festival to cross off your bucket list….

R: I truly would love to play at Tomorrowland one day! Besides that I am really keen into playing festivals in the States. Dreamstate/EDC etc.
How many tracks do you listen to per week approx ?

R: At least a 1000? It is hard to judge!

In my ‘spare’ time I do enjoy listening to other music than electronic. For example Maria Mena.
Thank you so much and see you soon!

R:Thanks Jess! 



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