December 1, 2023

An Exclusive talk with Jochen Miller

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Hello there and Happy Monday…

Yes, I know what you are thinking, how could  possibly exist a good Monday???….Hmmmm ok, let me try…What if I tell you we are starting the week with an exclusive chat with Jochen Miller?? does it feel any better now? oh I am sure it does!

So let’s check it out :


Hi Jochen!Thanks for taking the time. Last time I met you we were all having fun at ASOT in Utrecht and you signed my flag so I was really looking forward to catch up with you again 🙂 How was your gig in London last weekend?
Thanks for having me and for bringing your flag;-) Let’s see if we can have another one signed in 2017 at ASOT. London was amazing, MOS is always so much fun!
You travel quite a lot, how do you manage to stay healthy?
By keeping yourself hydrated and choosing the more healthy food when possible. I also always carry my training-attire with me, so I can hit the gym at the hotel. But having as much fun as I’m having on tour is the main reason your energy stays up, it keeps my mental health in the best condition, and that’s probably the most important thing.

What’s the best remedy to cure the jet lag?
Depends if  I’m coming or going. When I get back home the best way to get rid off the jet-lag is a litlle rest and a lot of working out. When I’m arriving at the place where I’m playing on the weekends, I’ll be so high on adrenaline the jet-lag has never bothered me. I just fly in and go with it, soak up new cultures, the food, the crowd. I love it all so much, I’m rarely tired. 

ADE is right around the corner, what do you expect from it this year?
This year’s ADE will be about presenting my new forthcoming work. In the latter half of this year a lot of new Jochen Miller originals will be released, as will at least four very surprising collaborations. I’m very excited to be able to tell you more about those by the time ADE is here.

You always play at huge festivals, do you have a festival bucket list?
Well, Tomorrowland was crossed off, twice actually;-) But that still leaves room for festivals I’ve played before but would very much like to play again, such as EDC Vegas, ASOT Mexico… And I’ve never been at Coachella or Burning Man, so those would be the ones I wish for the most….
I know you love to play with your PlayStation , which is your favorite game?
FIFA!!! But you asking me about this now is quite painfull, as my PS4 is at the repair, and they can’t find the problem, so I haven’t been able to play for over a week! And though I still have the 2 and 3 at home, once you’ve played the PS4, nothing can compare to that one anymore….

In the past you joined forces with many other great artists to create some smashing hits… Is there someone else you would love to cooperate with now?
We actually have two amazing collaborations in the finishing process, but I’m so sorry for the fact I can’t tell you who with just this moment…. But I promise you’ll be surprised and curious to hear them as soon as they’re set for release!

Something  I really love about your sets is you always keep it energetic and your ability to read the crowd, is it something a dj can learn or would you say it’ s more like  a gift?
Thank you for the great compliment! I think the ability to read the crowd is something that comes naturally to me, but I got to refine by playing nights from open to close when I started to perform. When I was the resident DJ of the Matrixx in the Netherlands, I always opened for the guest DJ that night, and was able to kind of build the atmosphere from scratch. A true DJ will know what the crowd needs to hear to get them dancing, and not just play his or her hit-tunes. When I prepare myself for a set, I edit three times the amount of tracks I know I’ll be able to play, so there’s a lot to choose from, and my set is never the same. The only thing that will always be in there is the energy. Whether I play an opening, peek-time or closing slot, it will always have that drive, that push…

As you know I am a huge fan of your “Stay Connected”show, can you tell our readers what’s the idea behind it and how it started?
The Stay Connected show is my way of connecting with the fans all over the world that like to hear my music on a regular basis even if they can’t come to a live show. The mash-ups that people ask about after a performance are in there, same as all the new releases, and the most energetic new tunes I find in that month. And the titel of the show refers to ” Lost Connection”, of course…
Are social medias really important to you? Which one is your favorite?
Social medias are important to any artist, to be honest. It is a fun way to keep in touch with the people that like your music, and, less fun, the people that don’t;-)) I love Instagram for the visual aspect, Twitter is more the communication line with fellow DJ’s, and Facebook is the place to virtually hangout with all musiclovers.

Music is constantly evolving and it’s doing it very fast, so, for obvious reasons your music is always changing and evolving as well; in your view, which direction is electronic music taking now?
In my opinion the world seems to be ready for a new era of melodic music, music that contains emotion, and not (just) a fat drop, if you will. Music that will take you on a little journey in a club or on a festival, and not have you exhausted from jumping in a very short amount of time. But with the energy you need to have the night of your life.

If you were not a successful dj, what would you do?
When I was younger my soccer-team did quite well, but at a certain point, playing on Saturday night made me unable to commit to the team on Sunday morning. So it was either soccer or music. So I hope I’d be doing something with soccer? Maybe a trainer or something? Still love that game….

Can you share with us some of yours upcoming projects?
‘Cephalon’, my new track will be released soon and I have a remix due for Cuebrick & Apek’s ‘Safe’ in the coming weeks. Later on this year, some very interesting collabs, hope I’ll be able to share more about those shortly!

What does inspire you to create a new tune and what are your favorite tools to build it in the studio?
Inspiration can come from almost anything, from travelling, a vocalist singing something amazing or from engeneering a sound in the studio, for instance. My favorite tools in the studio are the omnisphere-synth and the UAD plugins.

Thanks again Jochen, and see you soon on the dance floor!
Thank you, and hope to see you soon too!

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