October 21, 2021

A little chat with…Driftmoon

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“Driftmoon is heart and mind combined into perfect musical harmony”


Driftmoon is one of the most consistent, productive and forward thinking musical duo which has emerged in past years. With musical output and creativity that is unparalleled, Miikka and Juraj prove every time that their visionary approach to music creation is something to be aware of.
What started as a small project quickly grew into a true worldwide success over the past two years with tours in USA or Australia and regular attendance of famous dance music festivals and parties in Europe.
Their music can be defined as melodic arena trance with wide variation in both trance and uplifting trance. Tracks like ‘Howl At The Moon’, ‘Leviticus’ or recent ‘Lights Will Guide You Home’ are already classified as future trance classics and with never ending support of new material you can be sure of one thing – guys from Driftmoon are not going to stop!



J: Hello guys and thanks for taking the time to answer a couple of questions, really appreciate it!

Driftmoon: Hello Jessica! Thanks for the questions

J:So, You Are coming to Italy soon for a gig right?

Driftmoon: Yes I will be having my first gig in Italy this weekend, I am super excited! I was in Italy few times in past few years and since I was a child but always only for a vacation, and never in Milan.

J:How do You see the trance/Uplifting scene evolving lately?

Driftmoon: I personally think the trance scene is still strong and it’s growing at an amazing rate, there are so many new talents and new songs which keep it interesting.

J:You reached a huge success in the last couple of years but would you tell me How did it all start?

Driftmoon:  It all started with me and my father who had a huge music collection and he taught me all I know about music and it all sparked my musical interest all those years ago.

J:What does inspire you in the studio

Driftmoon: Hmm, that’s a good question. Usually life itself inspires me, I find beauty all around me and sometimes a song I hear on a radio or even a place I visit can spark a great deal of inspiration.

J:I know You will be attending ADE This year, what Are Your expectations about it?

Driftmoon: This is my first ADE ever so I am super excited! I have no expectations at all so it’s funny to see how it will all unveil

J:What about Grotesque parties in The Netherlands?

Driftmoon: Grotesque is a brand from my friend DJ RAM. I played for him a few times and it’s always a great party, crowd in Holland is educated and they know what trance is !

J:What Are You working on lately in your studio? What Are your plans for the next future?

Driftmoon: I am working on several new tracks, almost all of them are uplifting so let’s see what will 2015 bring 

J:What Are your plans for the next future?

Driftmoon:Plans for the future? Work on myself and on the project, make as much music as possible and live the life to the fullest!

J:What would You suggest to New producers out there

Driftmoon:I would suggest one thing – remember that if you want to succeed in the music business, you need to make music! That is the only rule 

Thanks and see you soon at Trancegate party


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