December 1, 2023

Streaming is the future

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Music industry is evolving so fast!!!

Technology has a great impact in the music industry; and over the years it has dramatically changed the way we listen to music and the way we purchase music.

Before the digital media coming, we had vinyls, that we could buy in music stores, and despite the sound quality,records surely lacked the ability of easy transportation….do you remember that big cases the djs used to carry at gigs?
Then we got cassettes tapes and walkmen to bring our music always with us,and,in the early 90ies we had cds and cd players.

With the cds we seen the dawning of the digital era and we started downloading tunes from the physical media to our personal computers and as 2000’s were approaching, the music trend went completely digital with mp3 files and the iTunes/youtube era.
Digital music and pirated download almost destroyed the industry but now it seems music streaming is bringing new life to it
and today we can safely say the future of the music market is in the streaming, thanks to Spotify and Apple music and other similar services.

This for sure affected the cds sales but still…the major record companies  are now learning to deal with it amazingly and making loads of money.

Much of the debate about the sustainability of streaming has understandably focused on artists and songwriters income and transparency.
Streaming has its critics, especially artists and labels who believe the service providers don’t pay enough in royalties. Despite this, support is growing from within the industry.

And considering how much you would normally spend in one year to buy cds and comparing this with the subscriptions cost to one of the streaming services well…from the consumer point of view, there is no doubt I’m more than happy to be a Spotify and Apple music user…for a pretty small price I have access to all the music I like….but still….there is some cds I need to buy because I love to keep my collection up to date 🙂
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