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Hell yeah ‘Osaka’ is out. Super8 & Tab may already be among trance’s greatest, but that doesn’t stop them going bigger and better or harder and faster. Super8 & Tab teamed up with fellow Finlander Tom Fall to create this insane track, which is on the second part of Super8 & Tab’s album ‘Reformation’. You will feel a blast of euphoria after listening to this energetic track. ‘Osaka’ is where your unforgettable night out begins.

Listen HERE


One of the most anthemic cuts on the second part of Super8 & Tab’s album ‘Reformation’, ‘Osaka’ sees the Finnish Trance heroes team up with fellow-countryman Tom Fall. Exciting, uplifting and sure to have the masses raise their hands to the sky, this cut will be a staple in the Trance scene for years to come.

Tom Fall – Cyclone

Tom Fall is hitting up Armin with some fresh sounds again. Next up is his new release ‘Cyclone’. ‘Cyclone’ contains a beautiful harmonic break which flows over into the catchy, uplifting melody before it kicks off in the drop.

On the heels of the shimmering ‘Kaamos’, ‘Cyclone’ marks the next devastating cut from the hand of Finnish wonder-worker Tom Fall. Sweeping through the music scene like a tempestuous wind of change, this unyielding force of nature is sure to blow the minds of Trance fans from all over the world.