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There’s no denying STANDERWICK’s incredible output as of late, and the U.K. Trance icon just added another big single to the list. For ‘This Letter’, he teamed up with New York-based producer Tensteps and emerging duo NOHC, and the result is as expected: an emotional, banging Vocal Trance cut bearing heaps of crossover potential.


Listen to STANDERWICK feat. Tensteps & NOHC – This Letter

An instant staple record, ‘This Letter’ sees STANDERWICK build on the momentum in signature fashion. With touches from Tensteps and heartwarming vocals from NOHC amidst a dreamy, piano-led breakdown that transitions into a blazing melody, this brand-new, peerlessly melodic single might just start a new chapter in Trance music.


STANDERWICK: ‘This Letter’ has been such an exciting project to produce. Having been passed the amazing vocal from Tensteps and NOHC, the plan was always to let the vocal shine bright and to let the music speak in between. As soon as I heard the lyrics and vocal melody in its earliest form, I just knew there was something amazing here. I find excitement in every record I produce, but every now and again, something a little bit special comes along and this was one of those occasions. I hope every listener will feel the same as I felt when I first heard NOHC and the excitement we all feel now about this amazing record!”

Brandon Zemel (Tensteps): “I had worked up an instrumental early last year, and sent it to Suzanne (NOHC) to try writing to. What she came back with blew me away, and I knew immediately there was something special there. When my manager sent the track over to George Hess, he passed it along to Armada Music A&R James, who had the idea to get Ian involved to rework the production. The result is a really massive uplifting tune we’re all very proud of.”


Suzanne Real (NOHC): “Brandon (Tensteps) sent me the song one day, wanting to see what I could write to it. As soon as I opened the song, I felt a connection to it. The tag ‘This Letter’, which became the title of the song, was a byproduct of the leading chorus lines. It all came together at such high emotional levels, and as I sang it alone in my apartment, all I could think was that someone else could hear this. Hence, ‘This Letter’ was the only way these words could be heard by another soul.”


A household name in Trance, STANDERWICK has been dropping bomb shells onto a range of Armada Music imprints for over five years now. Throughout his long and prosperous career, he has remixed tracks from high-profile artists such as Armin van Buuren, Gareth Emery, John O’Callaghan and Markus Schulz, and continues to power on after scoring big in Beatport’s Trance charts with eight #1 spots and eleven addition Top 3s. Gaining even more international recognition through his work on A State Of Trance’s Tune of the Year ‘Saving Light’ (with Gareth Emery and HALIENE), the Englishman is continuing his meteoric rise raising the bar each and every time, as he’s done today with ‘This Letter’.


The ‘Take Everything’ STANDERWICK Remix was personally requested by Gareth Emery after the massive success of STANDERWICK’s Remix of ‘Reckless’. The rock influenced remix with its angelic leads and Emma Hewitt’s stunning vocals truly is a masterpiece.

Snarling electric guitars and cavernous live drums signal the arrival of Standerwick’s searing, rock-influenced remix of ‘Take  Everything’. Seamlessly fusing his trademark edge and energy with angelic leads, this 136bpm beast prowls the depths with thunderous intent before a cathartic  melodic counterpoint ascends; delivering Emma Hewitt’s vocals to the heavens.




Let’s start our Friday trance fix with ‘Deep End’, just released on Armind Recordings, already ASOT Tune Of The Year 2018.

This is the follow up of the ‘Saving Light’ which led them to victory in 2017. Enriched with the  amazing vocals of HALIENEto get you hooked from the first second.

Responsible for the song that shot straight into the hearts of Trance lovers from across the globe (‘Saving Light’, with Gareth Emery), STANDERWICK & HALIENE have been reaping tons of praise for their magical collaboration, which even became the Tune Of The Year of 2017 in Armin van Buuren’s A State Of Trance radio show. And now, with fans from across the globe wanting more, they proudly present their next mouth-watering link-up to quench their fans’ thirst: ‘Deep End’.


Let’s grab it here

Another wondrous team-up between the UK Trance titan and the L.A.-based singer-songwriter, ‘Deep End’ sees STANDERWICK & HALIENE pick up where ‘Saving Light’ left off. Exciting and emotive at its core, the song treads where few Trance tracks dare to go and offers an eruptive mixture of power and emotion that strikes the right chord every single time.

STANDERWICK“It has been really exciting working with HALIENE again on our new track ‘Deep End’. For me as a musician, I really wanted to tap into areas of music that played a part during my early years as a producer and give some slight hints of these in certain areas of the track. I also feel that we have been able to spread our wings a little, which is really important to me when writing vocal Trance music. We both hoped to pull off something fresh whilst maintaining a good balance, so we truly hope you will love ‘Deep End’ as much as we do.”


A household name in Trance, STANDERWICK has been dropping bomb shells onto a range of Armada Music imprints for over four years now, including A State Of Trance and Who’s Afraid Of 138?! labels. He has remixed high-profile artists such as Armin van Buuren, Gareth Emery, John O’Callaghan and Markus Schulz, and continues to ride the wave of a blistering track record that includes six #1 spots in Beatport’s Trance charts, in addition to fourteen Top 5s and six Top 10s. Now coming from the massive success of ‘Saving Light’, the Englishman has gone full throttle on ‘Deep End’ to make the crowds roar fiercely well throughout 2018 as well.


Having lent her flawless vocals to trailblazing artists such as Aly & Fila, ATB, Blasterjaxx. Breathe Carolina, Ferry Corsten and Seven Lions, HALIENE is quickly staking her claim as one of Trance’s most sought-after songstresses. ‘Deep End’ proves once again that HALIENE is a star vocalist and masterful songwriter able to conjure magic at the flick of a wrist.

Standerwick – Into The Deep


Yes, ok, we know it….it’s Monday again….BUT, we got something special in store for you!!!

Standerwick is coming to rescue you from the boredom of your office with something dangerously beautiful!!

Ferocious, intense and mind-blowing through and through. If you want three things to describe Standerwick’s latest offering, those are it. Famed for his high-energy approach, the UK-based Trance star goes all out with ‘Into The Deep’ to add to his impressive track record and to let its rambunctious bassline and entrancing melody conquer the world.


Standerwick – Into The Deep




Wow, as if one hell of a trance release was not enough to blow our minds, today Armada Music gives us something else to blast during the weekend!!

Out now on Armind, this gem is not as pacy as we would have expected from Standerwick, but it will enchant you with the blissful lyrics of the vocal star Jonathan Mendelsohn.
Magical atmospheres created by a flawless chord progression that aims to touch your souls.

Listen to Standerwick feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn ” Streets Of Gold”