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We sat down with Elevven at Armada Music headquarter during Amsterdam Dance Event 2018.
The L.A. based duo (Eskai and SNR) explained us how they joined forces for good giving birth to their project called ‘Elevven’ and how they became part of Statement!.
Already supported by all the big names in the scene, they revealed us some funny experiences and a few facts about their creative process.

Enjoy our chat here: 


Statement! Recordings is celebrating its 200th release today with a very special tune, ‘Beyond The Moon’ by Eskai & SNR feat. Evin Skye.

As always, the beautiful artworks speaks for itself, (Statement! really has one hell of a designer!)

This gem has been premiered last night during #ASOT843 as progressive pick, by Armin and Statement!’s label boss Ruben de Ronde.

Reaching far ‘Beyond The Moon’ with its blissful atmospheres and exciting build-up, this link-up between Eskai, SNR and Evin Skye truly is out of this world. Rising higher than any track has ever done, it’s sure to make fans wonder what else these guys have in store for them.

Catchy, energetic and with an addictive lyrics, this top-notch cut will make you jump from the very first beats; if this stunner charmed you as well, go on and  vote it as Future favorite here


We’ve been lucky enough to catch up with the artists about ‘Beyond The Moon ‘to find out how the project was born and how it developed.


TBA: How did ‘Beyond The Moon’ come to life?


Eskai: Beyond the Moon actually came to life after Dreamstate San Francisco. We’d already finished Swipe, and when we hung out with Ruben he asked us to create something new for him. We both love Statement! and Ruben is one of our good friends, so we obliged! SNR and I have also been working together for years (we remixed eachother back around 2012/2013 or so) and thought it would be a great opportunity to follow-up Swipe with a track that had vocals, but with the same overall vibe and sound (bass driven and heavy, while still being melodic).

TBA: How is your cooperation going?

Eskai:  We actually have a very unique way of working together because we both use different DAWs – SNR primarily uses Ableton while I’m on Cubase. We generally approach our work together by tackling different parts of the track. After we initially lay out what we’re trying to do, SNR focuses a lot on the bass sounds and groove while I generally start with the musical elements. We think that we complement eachother really well because it plays to both of our strengths and interests!

TBA: We would love to know some insights about the track

Eskai: Beyond the Moon was actually submitted for a deadline (although I won’t say which!) so we were under a lot of time pressure to complete it. We really wanted to make this a vocal track so we needed to get the vocals recorded ASAP. We turned to SNR’s brother Evin Skye because SNR had worked with him in the past and knew that we could turn something around quickly because we could pester him to record!! Also, at the time I was going through a crazy neck injury so I was constantly having to take breaks from the studio. It was the most pain I’ve ever been in, but somehow we managed to struggle through and get it done on time.

TBA: And what about the creative process?

Eskai: The creative process was pretty interesting for this one. I generally tend to try and start with a chord progression that I really like before building out the remainder of a track. This process can often take hours, or even days – but in this case it was actually the very first chord progression that came to me! I sat down at a keyboard and wrote these chords that – by itself – are actually quite dissonant and jarring, but when coupled with the melodic lines (both pianos and vocals) sounds very pretty and feel-good. Capturing that feeling of nostalgia, melody and emotion is something I’ve always tried to capture in my music and is personally very important to me. I don’t think I could ever write music that didn’t emote some sort of deep, emotional feeling.

TBA: Tell me a secret about SNR

Eskai: I have so many SNR secrets but I think he’d kill me if I shared the vast majority of them!! One of my recent favorites is that he has purchased toe spacers. They’re literally these pieces of plastic that you wear in between your toes to spread your toes out and fix your feet. So weird man…

TBA: Tell me a secret about Eskai

SNR: He secretly wishes his beard game was a strong as mine

About Eskai:

With immediate worldwide DJ support, British American ‘Eskai’ (Shahin Kanafchian) launched himself in to the electronic music arena amongst the industry’s biggest names.
His debut release was spotlighted on Armin van Buuren’s ‘A State of Trance’, Above & Beyond’s ‘Group Therapy’ and Arty’s ‘Together We Are’, among others – and proved a catalyst for things to come.
Alongside managing Myon (of Myon & Shane 54)’s Ride Recordings, Eskai has gone on to release music for some of the industry’s most prestigious music labels (Armada, Anjunabeats, Black Hole) and has shared the bill with numerous globe-trotting artists, including Seven Lions, Ilan Bluestone, Pegboard Nerds, Jerome Isma-Ae and Grum.






About SNR:

Swapneel “SNR” Ukhalkar is an enterprising music producer who’s part of an exciting generation of new electronic artists erupting into the mainstream. A California-grown Indian, he spent most of his childhood tinkering with computers and designing software algorithms. After earning engineering degrees from UC Santa Barbara and Carnegie Mellon University he went on to study music at Pyramind in San Francisco. Soon afterwards he founded the independent record label Adrenalin Room, which has grown into one of San Francisco’s most reputed beacons for dance music and events. SNR’s tracks are consistently forward-thinking and musically rich. His synthesis of melodic soundscapes and bass music is as beautiful as it is addictive. As his popularity rises, SNR has been breaking into main stages worldwide. He’s performed at some of the world’s biggest music festivals like EDC Las Vegas, Beyond Wonderland Bay Area, Boomstock Music Festival Houston, Sunset Sessions Sri Lanka and many more. SNR has also garnered support from some of the world’s biggest brands and his discography includes releases on numerous major dance music labels like Myon & Shane 54’s Ride Recordings, Silk Music and Black Hole Recordings.