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Let me take you back to January 20th 2017…does it ring any bells? Oh I am sure it does! It was indeed, the release date of the long awaited iconic album ‘My Story’ by Statement! honcho’s Ruben de Ronde ( aka the best day of 2017).

After months of teasing we finally got to download this masterpiece made of precious gems and holy moly, how we loved it.

It was love at first listening and we spent the night tweeting about our first impressions and sending love to Ruben and all the artists who were involved in it.

We didn’t sleep a wink but what a magical night it was!!

Sure, we knew some of the tunes already, but a few others were brand new to our ears, so we needed to listen and savor it a few times before being able to write something about them.

We can say in all honesty we loved the whole album but if you are familiar with our blog you know already how ‘Eska’ blew our minds from the beginning 🙂

‘Eska’ stole our hearts from the first beats and we remember Ruben’s used it as soundtrack of some of his vlogs before he released the album;

for a number of  reasons it was and still is dear to us in a special way and the fact it never got to be remixed and always remained untouched made it feel even more significant.

But of course, ‘My Story’ had a lot more gems in it, each tunes was there to unveil part of the splendidly tailored record.

Wanna talk about the magic of  Leave a Light On (Ruben de Ronde & Rodg feat. Louise Rademaker)? 

or the sweetness of All In (Ruben de Ronde & Kimberly Hale) ? 

This is not only a great tune in itself but it also got us to know Kimberly Hale, such a talented artist that we are now proud to call a great friend of us;


Open Wide (Ruben de Ronde & Donata) is still bringing us back to some sweet memories and Time has come (Ruben de Ronde & SIR NOTCH) is our choice when in need of some positivity in our day;

oh dear, we could go on forever talking about all the tracks but published an article about the album back then, and you can still find it here:


So, I bet you are wondering why, after almost 2 years we are still talking about it?

Well, we have our motivations to be honest, and so many good  memories  related to this album,

like when we sent this clock to Ruben to celebrate the amazing tune  ‘Time has Come’

but the main reason we are blogging this today is:

Ruben de Ronde just announced the physical album is going on production, which means we can have the cd in our hands very soon! But hurry up as there will be only 100 copies available!!

Still wondering why we are so hyped about the printing of a 2 years old album? Well, the truth is, we fell in love with it from its early days of conceiving ( yeah, sounds like we were expecting a baby, I know, but this is how we felt back then), we followed the album making of step by step, we saw Ruben putting all himself in its creation, or as he would say “all the blood, sweat and tears” it costed him to realize it; the process was long and things have not always been smooth and easy, but on the way, we all learnt a lot,  as time went by we built a strong relationship, the fanbase grew up, we got to know a few of the artists involved in it and we created our own Statement family, the album really gathered us together in many ways.

It’s hard to explain to all of you how much this cd means to us personally and how much we appreciate Ruben’s decision to print it,

just put it this way, to us, having the chance to keep this treasure in our hands it’s like when, after an amazing experience, you finally seal it by getting inked, yes, this cd, is our tattoo, something no one could ever steal from us, it’s engraved forever in our  hearts and minds and soon, we will have the physical copy at home with us; Ruben named it ‘My Story’ but we are proud to say this is also ‘Our Story’ he made us feel part of it in a kinda unique and precious way.

In a world were an album is old after a month from its release, ‘My Story’ stands out for its unicity, it didn’t get old, it grew inside us, it united and strengthened us, it saw us growing and changing as well, it made us laugh and cry, it has been there when we were clubbing with Ruben and also when we were alone, it’s nestled in our lives.

When all is said and done, we couldn’t be more happy about this news and we are forever grateful to Ruben de Ronde for being the amazing artist and precious soul he is!

We highly recommend you to order your limited edition copy here:


so to be part of this amazing experience together!!





Teaming up together to create another musical masterpiece. Progressive at its finest, ‘Madrigal’ definitely makes you want more!

Ruben: “Ever since I signed one of Yoel’s records a few years ago on my label Statement!, I always thought it would be nice to work on something with him. A few years later this opportunity arose! To top everything off, we asked Natalie Gioia to deliver some cool vocal work, ‘Madrigal’ is the result! The name might be a bit random, but if you have watched the legendary Breaking Bad TV series, you’ll figure it out ;-).”

Here is the link to listen to ‘Madrigal’.






Churning out progressive masterpieces without stop, Ruben de Ronde and Yoel Lewis are currently scoring perfect As on the prolificness scale. Now teaming up together as well as with famed songstress Natalie Gioia, they merge their signature sounds into something greater, something so incredible you won’t want anything else. Progressive at its finest, ‘Madrigal’ will have you reeling for more all night long.


There are times in life when I allow myself to fangirl a little, and one of those people that still make me swoon is Ruben de Ronde.  Not only is he uber talented (no seriously, he is an incredible producer, Statement! Recordings label’s boss, host of his very own The Sound of Holland radio show,  co-host of A State of Trance, and relentlessly touring worldwide ) he is kind, funny, so very down to earth and just a good human. One of the many reasons I feel so fortunate to run  The Bakstage Access  is because I get the opportunity to work with such talented peple  every so often, and guess what ? I’ve been lucky again to sit down with him for a chat during the e-Lake festival held at Echternach, Luxemburg, on Saturday 11th August.


TBA: Hi Ruben, is this your first time here in Luxembourg?
RdR: Well DJing yes, but I’ve been here a lot of times when I was younger on vacation, Luxembourg is a nice place.
TBA: Do you have some new singles coming out and can you tell us something ?
RdR : Yes, I’ve just released a tune with Alexander Popov and it’s featured in Armin’s new compilation as well, and a lot of new music is coming soon, a collaboration with Natalie Gioia is coming in about 3 weeks and 10 new remixes of the album I did with Rodg, Togetherr, they are coming probably in September.
TBA: Are you also working on a new album ?
RdR: Well you know I am making a lot of music and I cannot really decide which tunes to chose for a new album and I wanna limit it to 10 tracks and it’s hard ’cause I have about 20 tracks that are finished right now so no idea what to do.
TBA: Oh well we can help you chose!
RdR : Haha yes please help
TBA: How is Statement! doing now?
RdR: Great! I am super happy with the talents that are releasing on my label lately, Estiva is doing a great job, Rodg is doing great ,the Elevven guys from L.A. , Marco Santoro, Max Meyer… they are all doing fantastic so I am very happy. It’s nice to have a constant flow music going.
TBA : Any cooperation you would really like to do?
RdR: That’s a good question… there are ton of artists I would like to work with..
TBA: Oh I know one!!! Maria Mena?
RdR : Oh yes I would love to but that’s not possible
TBA: Never say never
RdR : Well if I could add one to the list it’s High as a Kite , they are a Norwegian band and  I would love to cooperate with them.
And I also would love to do another tune with Genix, the set we did back to back at Electronic Family was super fun!
TBA: So what’s up next in terms of gigs etc?
RdR : Well next week I am off for the first time since….  God knows when so it’s nice cause I will also celebrate my birthday soon!
The week after I am going to Creamfields then New Horizons then the week after I am going to South America I think …
TBA : You also played at Tomorrowland again this summer, how was it?
RdR : Amazing! Tomorrowland is such a fantastic festival but I also have to say there are a lot of many great festivals these days and if you haven’t been there yet make sure you go to Untold or Sunrise in Poland, those two are just highlighted in my calendar from now on, Poland is always great and Untold was a surprise for me, I didn’t know it was so good.
TBA: Ok cool, well noted 🙂
Oh but how are your kitties now???
RdR: Haha they are doing great thanks, probably sleeping by now, but I’ll be driving home soon, can’t wait to see them
TBA: Your top tunes right now?
RdR : Well there is a new one from Marcus Schossow, I can’t say it now but I’ve been playing it in my sets for a long time and I got so many questions from people sending me videos on Instagram etc. asking me what tune is that, well it’s the new from Marcus Schossow and it’s gonna be on Statement! Then I still love Rainbow which I made with Estiva, still playing it in all my set!
TBA: Oh I’ve asked him about this tune during our last interview!
RdR : Yes it’s the perfect combination of both of our sounds, I think Estiva is a next level producer, I’ve seen his schedule of August and he is everywhere, I am super proud of him!
TBA: If you could be stuck in a musical time, what would you chose?
RdR : Probably 1999/2000 cause everything that was released was still new, I am not saying it’s the best music ’cause music now is better in quality, just being nostalgic, back then it was the first time I went to Trance Energy and a lot of other events so it brings back good memories.
TBA: Ok Ruben, thanks a lot for your time and see you soon
RdR : Thank you,for sure!


‘Luna’ is out! This track is adopted into Armin van Buuren’s ‘A State Of Trance, Ibiza 2018’ mix album. ‘Luna’, a track which has the two signature sounds of Alexander Popov & Ruben de Ronde combined.

Let’s grab it here 

A superb team-up between two of Trance’s finest, ‘Luna’ shines like a full moon on a dark, clear-skied night. Combining the widely acclaimed signature sounds of Alexander Popov and Ruben de Ronde, this track is adopted into Armin van Buuren’s ‘A State Of Trance, Ibiza 2018’ mix album and poised to make Trance fans swoon for years to come.




Sabato 5 Maggio, siamo stati ospiti di uno dei locali più IN dell’Emilia, il KYI club di Baggiovara (Modena). Un club  esclusivo, moderno e curato nei particolari,  dove fin dall’inizio  si respirava l’emozione di questa notte particolare.

Ad inizio serata abbiamo avuto il piacere di intrattenerci con Alessandro, il titolare del KYI, che ci spiega quanto tenga alla realizzazione di tale evento, tanto da inseguire Vini Vici per ben 2 anni per accaparrarsi questa data, ci racconta la sua passione per la musica, di come sia riuscito a trasformarla in un lavoro, il suo, che lui definisce come “il lavoro più bello del mondo” e ci confessa che ama la trance e che il suo sogno è di realizzare altre date come questa in caso di reazione favorevole da parte del pubblico.

Ruben de Ronde e Vini Vici sono gli artisti designati per diffondere la musica trance all’audience del KYI per la prima volta!!

Vi state chiedendo com’è andata? Un’ esplosione di energia e di entusiasmo che ha travolto tutti, noi compresi, lasciandoci senza fiato ma con un grande sorriso stampato sul volto.

Lasciamo la parola alle immagini catturate dal fotografo  Andrea Gobbi e già non vediamo l’ora di partecipare ad altri eventi come questo.
Un ringraziamento speciale a Jacopo e Gustavo per essersi presi cura di noi ed averci fatto sentire a casa.

Saturday May 5th, we’ve been invited to join KYI Club in Baggiovara, Modena, (Italy) to attend a  special night, the very first trance night hosted by this exclusive club.

We’ve been the pleasure to spend some time with the club manager, Alessandro, who told us about his love for the music that he’s been able to turn into his own job, “the best job of the world” in his words.

He also revealed to us his passion for trance music, his will to host this trance night, chasing Vini Vici for 2 years to get this booking, and his desire to host more trance nights if he gets a positive feedback from the crowd.

Ruben de Ronde and Vini Vici are actually the headliners chosen to spread their trance vibes to the crowd.

Wondering how  did it all go? A massive explosion of energy and excitement that left us astounded and overwhelmed, breathless but with a huge smile on our faces.

But now we just let these amazing pictures by their photographer Andrea Gobbi do the talk, hoping to come back soon for another great event.

Special thanks to Jacopo and Gustavo for looking after us and making us feel part of the family.




OUT NOW: Ruben de Ronde & Cari – When I Fall + INTERVIEW


When Statement!’s label boss Ruben de Ronde decides to spoil us, there is nothing we can do but prepare ourselves to some nice ear candies, as in this case, he’s presenting us his latest jewel called ‘When I Fall’, featuring the blissful voice of Cari, we’re pretty sure you hear this stunner already at one of his gigs, and finally we see it being released on our beloved Statement! Recordings.



Hooking listeners with its mysterious atmosphere and gradual build, Ruben de Ronde & Cari’s ‘When I Fall’ has all the hallmarks of Trance fan’s top favorite. Laced with angelic vocals, stellar chord progressions and club-ready bass, this record marks yet another phenomenal Statement! release.

Let’s grab it here

We’ve asked the label boss to chat with us about this new tune and more 🙂

TBA: ‘When I Fall’ is your latest collaboration with Cari, how did your cooperation start?

RdR: The music side started while working on music on my twitch channel. ( twitch.tv/rubenderonde ) and after working on it for a while, I wanted to get a vocal on this tune.
I started seeing more and more music from Cari popping up lately, and I simply wanted to work with her! 
A lot of people know her as a singer, but she produces as well! Keep an eye on this girl! 
I am actually working on another track with her!

TBA: What is the idea behind ‘When I Fall’?

RdR: That is a question you should ask Cari! She wrote these amazing lyrics with a good meaning. Musical wise I wanted to create something for some bigger stages. I managed to finish it just a few days before Dreamstate Festival in California. So that will always be the spot where I played it first!

TBA: Rumours say you are working on a follow up of your album ‘My Story’, anything you can say already?

RdR: There is so much new music! The viewers of my streams and vlogs have already heard a bunch of it tho! But some of them I am keeping on the low, to surprise you!
I hope to release it before the summer.

TBA: TSOH is our favourite podcast here at TBA, can you tell us how is it going and how do you manage  to always keeping it so fresh?

RdR: Haha, thank you! I always try to find records that no-one knows. I think that most of the radio shows are a bit to similar, so I’ll try to keep it going the way it is.

TBA: You are also a professional streamer now!! We can watch the making of TSOH on line with you on your Twitch channel, and when you make new music you share it with your audience directly while in the making… is this something that helps your creative process?

RdR: This is 100% helping my creativity! I spend most of my days making music, and opening the doors to my studio, giving an insight really helps. I am really happy with the support I get from the community, and it really keeps me motivated. The music industry can be a hard and demotivating place, so I am super happy that I decided to starting to stream. All my subscribers on Twitch get exclusive material in return, because I think it always should go two ways!

TBA: You have a lot of young producers asking for suggestions on how to make a nice tune… what is the advice you give them more often?

RdR: Be original. It is easy to copy! And always make music with your heart. Dont stick around to a certain sound because you are expected to do so. 
And if you are running into problems, dont be afraid to call in help. I have friends like Rodg that can get me over dead points in tracks. 

TBA: Can you tell us your favourite 5 tunes of the moment?

RdR: Rodg – U Got U [Statement!]
Axwell /\ Ingrosso feat. Trevor Guthrie – Dreams (Alpha9 Remix) [Universal]
Virtual Self – Ghost Voices (Alpha 9 Remix) [Virtual Self]
Ruben de Ronde & Cari – When I Fall [Statement!]
and a new tune I am making right now! That one doesnt have a title yet, but the vibe stays in my head haha!

TBA: One artist to keep an eye on right now?

RdR: There are a bunch of great artists. 2017 has been great for my buddies Rodg and Estiva. Both of them are working on their albums at the moment. I am really excited about Elevven, a new team up from Los Angeles. They are going to do great this year.

TBA: Any upcoming gigs you are really excited about?

RdR: Yes! But I cannot tell too much about all of them. I am returning to Australia for Istoria and ASOT and I am going to tour more with Vini Vici! That is exciting!


TBA: Thanks a lot and see you soon  Ruben!!




Can’t get enough of Ruben yet? Let’s check the latest episode of his very own The Sound Of Holland right here:



OUT NOW: Ruben de Ronde & Donata – Stand In My Way

 What does it make to call a Friday just perfect?

A new release on Statement! we’d say!!

Ruben de Ronde meets Donata for this amazingly emotional tune.

They started their collaboration last year during a successfull writing session together, the results were two gems: ‘Open Wide’ featured also in Ruben de Ronde’s album ‘My Story’ and ‘Stand In My Way’  .

You might know  Donata Kramarz  from her band NOSOYO, scoring big numbers with her hit ‘Resonate’.




From the intense and foreboding build-up in the original to Feel’s high-octane remix, ‘Stand In My Way’ marks yet another top-shelf Trance cut from Ruben de Ronde and Donata. Easing listeners in with its alluring vocals and enchanting chord progressions, this release cannot be hold back.

Let’s grab it here

Backstage chat with Ruben de Ronde & Rodg @ Electronic Family

Electronic Family was a blast!

We were there on Sunday 06th August and really experienced an amazing festival.The new location is absolutely stunning and the stages were amazing.

Bonus: we’ve been graced with the perfect weather, sun was shining and the temperature was definitely enjoyable.

Rodg opened the mainstage at midday with a mesmerizing 2 hours set in which he played a lot of new tunes we are dying to see released.

Right after him, the beautiful and talented Emma Hewitt introduced Statement! label’s owner Ruben de Ronde who took the stage with a bang! Rodg and Orjan Nilsen also joined him to play ‘Booya’ taken from the album TogetheRR ( physical CDs have been released these days…stay tuned for more info).

We joined Rodg and Ruben for a funny chat backstage…we think this might put a smile on your face.

video courtesy of Ross Slotboom


TBA: Last time we talked it was at ASOT, what happened since then?

RdR: Well, lots of things,  ASOT feels actually like 2 years ago, so much stuff in the meanwhile, also a lot of new stuff together and there’ s lot more to come.

TBA: So will we get something new from you two, together?

RdR and Rodg: Never say never.

Rodg: We’re definitely working on getting some remixes done from the album, some new versions will be released soon.

TBA: And what are you working on separately?

RdR: Our own stuff, we’re just making new tracks, new remixes…

Rodg : Actually I am working on loads of new tracks but need to finish them first before I can tell you more.

RdR: I did a remix for Saving Light, (Greth emery & Standerwick – Saving Light – feat. HALIENE) it’s signed now , out at the end of this month, I can finally say it, it’s a Premiere!!

TBA: You both just played at Tomorrowland, how was that?

Rodg: Wow it was crazy, we were the first act on stage and we didn’t have big expectations but there was a really good crowd before we even started and we saw the room filling up within a hour, it was completely packed and the stage production was crazy..

TBA : Was it a bit intimidating?

RdR: Yeah almost

Rodg: Well you know, first you are really focused in putting together a good show and afterwards you are like: wow this was sick!!

RdR : And for both of us it was the first time playing at Tomorrowland so it was a big thing!

TBA: And how was playing here at Electronic family?

Rodg: It was good, I did the first two hours on the mainstage, like a daybreak set, people were coming in, sun was out…and I enjoyed it very much, you can play around with the tension a little bit, you can do some more experimental stuff.

Ruben was playing after me and I kinda knew which records he was playing  so I had to be a little bit creative!


RdR: Actually I texted him this morning asking him what he was going to play of our album and his answer was “Nothing” …

He only played ‘Pull a Lewie’

Rodg: I couldn’t play those tunes, he had to play them!

RdR: But… he played a lot of his own new stuff so it’s good!



We also made sure that their cats were doing great  and asked Rodg about all those snaps about water and coffee spilled in his office…and made a couple of funny jokes, and when we asked Rodg to describe his parner in crime the answer was:

“He’s handsome, he’s a nice guy and….He makes amazing music”

Well, we certainly agree on that 100%!

It’s all for now, we just can’t wait to share with you their next tunes!



OUT NOW!!!!!! Ruben de Ronde X Rodg – Togetherr

We are really happy to see the release of this masterpiece right today!!

Let’s take a step back to last February, when Ruben de Ronde and Rodg amazed us all during ASOTFEST in the Netherlands opening the mainstage with a massive set… Well they were presenting “TogetheRR” for the very first time!!

Plus, we had the honor to catch up with both these amazing artists right after they left the stage and got some juicy insights about the album and you can find our interview  here


Now, 4 months later, “TogetheRR” is finally OUT for you to grab it!!

There’s something about Ruben de Ronde and Rodg that makes them stand out. When apart, they dish out boundary-busting tunes left and right as the most prolific luminaries in the Progressive Trance scene. But when paired up, they come up with songs so special it puts shame to even the most on-point productions. And that is why their brand-new body of work will leave everyone speechless.

With ‘TogetheRR’, the two Dutchmen form a twister with their signature sounds and churn out sixteen records that set the bar insanely high. Composed of stellar originals and head-turning collaborations with the likes of Ben Gold, Genix, Hal Stucker, Orjan Nilsen, Patrick Baker and more, the album is not just a testament to their game-changing production skill, but also to their ever-positive can-do attitude.


‘TogetheRR’ is not just an album from two excellent artists. It’s a synergistic body of work that unites worlds. ‘TogetheRR’ is where two great minds collide. ‘TogetheRR’ is where it all comes full circle.

We can’t wait to catch them playing  “TogetheRR” worldwide during the summer during the major festivals around the globe and sing along all these beautiful bangers of the album.

Do you have your own favorite tune already? Which one? Let us know!!