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It’s the collaboration we’ve all been waiting for. Radion 6 & Davey Asprey’s new track ‘Spin-Off’ is everything we dreamed of and more!

Listen to the track HERE

It’s actually a pretty simple equation:

Radion6 + Davey Asprey = your favorite tune of the year.

From the magnificent melodies to the energetic bassline and huge synths, their ‘Spin-Off’ scores a ten out of ten on the Trance scale without even breaking a sweat.

RADION6 – Surrender

Sometimes, there’s just no words needed.. Just listen and admire! This is the case of ‘Surrender’

Listen HERE 

Prolific as ever, Radion6 is back on A State Of Trance with another beast of a record. Following the gorgeous ‘Our Beautiful World’, ‘Surrender’ sees the talented Dutchman tap into his bottomless well of inspiration to once again shower the crowd with entrancing melodies and big power surges. This cut make you bend the knee in admiration.


RADION6 has been one of the most exciting acts of the glorious night of ASOT850 and such a down to earth artist, or in the words of the trance master, Armin van Buuren:

“One of the hottest producers of the moment” 

and we’ve been honored to meet him right after his smashing set for a cool chat about his career and more…


TBA: Hi Ruud, congrats for rocking the stage here at ASOT850 for the second time after last year, how does it feel to be part of it?
RADION6: I’m so thankful, it’s unbelievable, even Armin showed up on stage during my set, I’m speechless actually, it’s amazing!
TBA: Armin is really supporting you a lot, this is something really special right?
RADION6 : Absolutely, yes, I don’t really know what to say, I am so thankful, it’s really amazing.
TBA: You started playing at a very young age, who did inspire you?
RADION6: My mom, she played the piano, and she learned me the first notes to play and the funny thing is now my little daughter, who is almost 2 y.o. likes music already too, she always wanders around playing everything , this morning she woke me up playing my video of yesterday, ahaha it was really cool.

TBA: How did it go from piano lessons to electronic music?
RADION6: Well music has always been part of my life, I always needed to make sound with everything; when I was 15 y.o. I started to dj electronic music, this happened when I gave the demo of my mixtape to a club and I started to play there a few days later.
About the producing, it started in 2009, so a bit later.

TBA: Production wise, what can we expect in the near future?

RADION6: A lot!! I just played a few ID’s and also the intro with the bootleg of Lethal Industry , I played it cause I was curious to see how people would react.

TBA:Is an artist album in the picture yet?
RADION6: Well not right now, I signed an exclusive deal with Armada and the A&R said it would be better to make first some singles at the moment, but maybe in the future things can change.
TBA: How does your studio set up looks like?
RADION6: Actually very simple, a desktop or a laptop, I have a home studio but I also have a more professional studio, nowadays you don’t need much hardware anymore, a keyboard and a laptop do the trick, you know a lot of plugins are used these days, so you don’t really need that much .
TBA: Any fave plugins or synth at the moment?
RADION6: yes I like to work with Spire and Sylenth1 to name a few , here I found some good settings that fits my own sound 

TBA: How did you get that signature sound in your music?
RADION6: I achieved it with a lot of work actually, I think it was around 2015/16 that I found that perfect sound that fits me , it was with the track Warpdrive.
TBA: Yes, it really stands out,
RADION6: Yeah, it’s radiating, that was the idea behind it. Like RADION. I was really focused to get a unique sound, then we sent it to Armin , it should have been in Sied’s album Rielism but Armin listened to it and  wanted it on Armind.
TBA: Wow that’s cool
RADION6: Yes this is really what I was looking for, I remember I came to ASOT in 2016 as a visitor and on Wednesday I sent Livin the Dream to Armin and it was not signed yet, but he was playing it on ASOT750, it was awesome, the A&Rs were hyped and I got a text from Armin saying “did you see the people going off?” and it started..it was just amazing. So I’ve asked Ruben what do I need to do to be here next year? And he said make good tracks and  keep on doing what you do and you may be here.
A year later I was standing here! Then I was at the opening of the new ASOT studio in Amsterdam and Ruben remembered this moment at ASOT750 that was really funny!
TBA: Wow it really looks like you have a bright future ahead, our best wishes and hope to catch up with you again soon.
RADION6: Thanks for having me, hope to see you soon!





About Radion6:

Radion6 (Ruud Kretzers) born in the Netherlands has had interest in music since his early childhood and music has always been part of his life.

In 2008 he felt like testing his production skills and in 2009 he got his first release under the name Radion6. This record was released on Spinnin’ Records/oxygen. From that day on his tracks have been picked up by many big names like Armin van Buuren, Tiësto, Markus Schulz, Judge Jules, Sander van Doorn, Bobina and many more. Whether his productions are played live, on stage or in radio shows, they have always left a great impact on the listeners.

Armin van Buuren called Radion6: “one of the hottest producers of the moment” during his Radio show : A State of Trance. This was a huge recognition towards the producing skills of Radion6 coming from one of the elite DJs in the world.

Radion6’s productions are synonymous with quality, with tracks like: “Radiator” and “Another Heater” (together with Sied van Riel), his “Sunrise” Remix for 4Strings and the remix of Ørjan Nilsen’s track “Anywhere But Here”. He also produced many successful tracks of his own: “Lightning” and “Mind Sensation” that have been played in the biggest clubs and Festivals all around the globe.
After first working carefully on his producing skills and after the growing requests of his fans he started his DJ-act in Spring 2011. In November 2011 his was invited to be part of Sander Van Doorn’s tour : “Eleve11” in Bucharest Romania.

Radion6 already has also got guest appearences on Digitally Imported, Afterhours.FM, TranceBase.Fm, and Bobina’s – Russia Goes Clubbing. In October 2011, Radion6 launched his Radio Show “Mind Sensation” on Digitally Imported and is aired every 2nd Friday of the month.

He is one of the fastest growing producer/DJ of the moment. Keep your eye on this rising star as he is looking to be the new face of the EDM scene!