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Omnia is back with the brand new song ‘Guide You Home’ recorded with the rising star singer Robin Vane who definitely has super skills as the vocalist, but also is a great author. Lyrics of the track is a true revelation of the feelings that most of us have when we’re far away from home or our loved ones. And musically, there is no doubt that ‘Guide You Home’ shows the new side of Omnia as sound-producer and composer. High quality production and a mix of electronic synths in combination with acoustic guitars and live pianos give that emotional splash and makes this track unforgettable. ‘Guide You Home’ is not only the final song from Omnia in 2018 but rather a first step into the new Era of 2019 introducing this brand new sound! 
Robin Vane: ‘Guide You Home’ is one of my biggest releases yet. It’s a song that we wrote many years ago. When I heard that Omnia loved the track and wanted to release it, I was so happy and thankful he had the same love for this song. In life we tend to listen to our feelings and be guided by our feelings, but I think sometimes our feelings betray us. Just follow your heart, cause love will guide you home. Where do you really want to be in life? What do you want to achieve? Let love guide you home!’
Omnia: ‘Guide You Home’ was that case when I had so much ‘space’ for creativity as a sound-producer. I’ve been lucky to hear some songs from Robin Vane and there were no doubt that I want to do something with him, so I contacted Robin on Facebook and purposed to work on something together. He sent me an original demo of ‘Guide You Home’ and I was like ‘WOW’! Musically this song gave me an opportunity to use some real instruments and basically to mix it with energetic drops which makes this tune great in both dance & pop ways at the same time. And I also think that the lyrics behind the ‘Guide You Home’ has its personal touch for all of us. No matter how far you are from your loved ones, love will guide you home…


Omnia showed the world what he is capable of with ‘The Fusion’. The big follow up has arrived: ‘CYBERPUNK’ is finally here.

Let’s grab it here

It doesn’t even take a second to recognize Omnia’s trademark sound in the marvel of ‘CYBERPUNK’. Sporting the globally acclaimed off-beat plucks and alluring synth soars that merge perfectly with the driving bassline, this brand-new Omnia production will have Trance fans on the edge of their seats in no time.



And the interview saga continues this week with:  

So, during the latest, fantastic edition of our beloved festival ASOT 800 in Utrecht, we also had the pleasure to meet the super talented Ukrainian dj and producer for a nice chat about both his personal and professional life, let’s check out what it is all about 🙂

J: Thanks a lot for supporting THE BACKSTAGE ACCESS

Omnia:  Ok, and we’re right now in the backstage. Thank you so much I really like to see guys like you supporting the industry.

J: What does ASOT means to you?

O:  A lot of things. I think I’ve started producing my own music because of it, back in 2004, I started listening to the radio show, and it really inspired me and I realized that I wanted to make tracks which Armin would have played, so it was like my dream, you know, right now I am here and the dream came true! So i’d say ASOT is a very important part of my career, my music position so yeah, it means a lot.

J. The first time I saw you playing was during ASOT 600 and you totally blew my mind

O: Oh thank you, it was in Den Bosch right?

J: Yes

O: It was pretty special to me too because it was my first show where I was traveling outside my country so playing in places like The Netherlands or Ibiza made me very nervous back then, I was also very young as an artist and I was really excited…but well, I am still excited!!

J. When you make a new track are you ever afraid to play it for the first time in front of a crowd?

O: Yeah, I think almost all producers have the same feeling , because, you know, as far as I am concerned, I always like to do something new, I don’t like to do like a copy and paste of a previous track, I like to experiment with my sound and it means that sometimes you don’t know how it’s gonna be for people, how it is gonna be received, like if they like it or they not really like it, so it’s kinda risky but you know, this is something that pushes you to do many more things in the music production so I think I am always afraid to show my new tracks but I am doing this everytime and it’s a really good feeling and even right now I am really nervous about my set but I will do this.

(Oh yes, he did it folks!! Check out his massive set right here )

J: Where do you see the trance scene going ?

O: Oh I think it’s easier for me, I have my own signature sound and I know which direction I should go, people can recognize my sound which is really cool but I don’t know what to say about the whole industry, so, even tonight we have a psy stage here in Utrecht and we have a 138 stage too, so I think in this moment trance is going in a more uplifting direction, I can’t say I am a big fan of this fast trance honestly, because I’ve always been more progressive and more melodic and maybe more deeper, but I will still do my own thing, because I know what people expect from my sound so, let’s see, I would only say that at the moment it’s really hard to see where the industry is going , the only thing djs and producers can do is to create their own direction, so I am trying to do that ,I am just trying to make my listeners happy I am not thinking in trance or edm terms..I am just doing my own thing

J: And you are damn good at it!

O: hahaha oh thank you, thank you very much!!

J:So let’s talk about your new tune, Why Do You Run?  It has got a huge reaction right?

O: Yes, I’ve just released this new production with Jonny Rose, and it’s been voted as future favorite at A State Of Trance this week

J: Yes, I know and I voted it too!

O. Oh really?? Thank you so much!
And I would also say big big thanks to all my fans, I didn’t expect such a huge reaction it means a lot for me , it is something that helps me keep moving

J: Where do you find the inspiration to create your music?

O. It’s hard to tell…well, you know, I think it’s all about the life style and everything that’s going on with me, I think that inspiration is a kind of filter for musician ,music is your own emotion, you show yourself to the people through your music, I think with my music I try to show what’s going on with me, right now I feel so happy and I think it reflects in my music…in my vibes. Then the ideas just come in my head like melodies and that’s why I always travel with my laptop, cause sometimes I got an idea and I am not in my studio so I can try to fix the melodies that came to me.
Other than that, inspiration can be everything, even my cats, what inspires me today will be something different tomorrow.

J. How do you find the balance between your professional and your private life?

O: I think it was hard when I started my career because it was something new but now it’s ok because It’s my lifestyle, you know I love to do this, I love to create music, I love to travel, to do shows, it inspires me a lot, and all my close friends and my family and of course my wife, they are really supporting me, and my wife understands what’s important for me because if it’s important for me it’s important for her too, but at the same time I always try to find the balance between the work and the family, and it’s not really hard , if you can plan your time, you can plan your life and this becomes really easy.

J: Do you have at the moment any tool or synth in studio that you really like?

O: Sure, I am a big fan of Native Instruments and you know all the melodies in my tracks are usually made with Massive, I am really good with this instrument and it helps me a lot: thanks to Native Instruments (laughs),yes but I am using a lot of things like Silenth1, Nexus, Spyre, Z3ta+ , products from Spectrasonics, stuff from Rob Papen. And for FX and mixing I usually use the ‘Waves’ audio plugins! They have a really big choice of tools to work with sound! For mastering it’s almost always iZotope Ozone plugin!

J.Ok I think I have to let you go for now, but thanks again for your time and see you soon on the dance floor!

O: Thank you! see you soon.



The latest ASOT edition just amazed us all with its majestic show, the 800th episode’s celebration was absolutely insane, and we bet you are looking forward to the next edition already!!

Whether you were with us at Jaarbeurs during that incredible night or you were just spending a cozy night on your couch following the streaming, the main thing is we were all united for A State Of Trance, because it’s part of our lives and our stories and something we could not really live without.

It’s like the whole trance world is connected for a unique night, a one of a kind experience which aims to unite us all; ASOT means a lot to us, right? Well… we’ve had a chat with some of the artists performing there and  found out what ASOT means to them (and a lot of other interesting things which will follow asap in their interviews, during the next days)




Well the first time I was listening to ASOT, no, actually, let’s go way back, when I was 15 ,16 or something, I used to listen to ASOT radio show, and it kinda got me into producing music’s at some point I was actually releasing music on labels, and one of the first songs, was picked up by Armin van Buuren and he played it into ASOT so at some point I was listening to it and I heard my song and I was like: hang on, this is one of my songs, so…. Armin was playing my song!!! Can you imagine it?… Like the thrill, for me it was insane!
So that was my first experience and actually got hooked from that moment on. ASOT It’s really special for me, the music, the beats, trance means a lot to me.


Giuseppe:  It’s kinda of an institution, you know, one of those BIG things that have to be part of your life if you are a trance artist, you gotta play here
Richard: It’s like I milestone. If I was Armin I would end it at 1000 because it’s a really good number, if you get to 1000 then you get to do 10000 so that’s not possible ( but I am not gonna say that to Armin btw…- laughs-)


To me it means A lot of things. I think I’ve started producing my music because of it, back in 2004, I started listening to the radio show, and it really inspired me and I realized that I wanted to make tracks which Armin would have played, so it was like my dream, you know, right now I am here and the dream came true! So i’d say ASOT is a very important part of my career, my music position so yeah, it means a lot.


Rodg: For me, it kinda changed, you know, I’ve been playing here for the 3rd time, before that I was a visitor, it was about the music, you heard new music, a lot of productions, you know it was just an amazing festival, but now, I am here as a dj, playing the record I made in the studio is more about I am gathering people, bringing people together to enjoy music all together and especially for his event they come from all over the world, you see flags from countries you can’t even think of, that’s pretty special like, we, with our music bring these people together, that’s exactly what ASOT mean to me.

Ruben : I think the most important thing about ASOT is unifying, like bringing people together, the media are trying to divide everyone nowadays, try to scare people and make sure that everybody hates each other like you need to hate that person because he does that and so…I think with ASOT or with music in general we are trying to do something different, we are trying to bring people together so that a perfect example is when you see people with palestinian flag or israeli flag and they can dance together like they are here for the music not for any political reasons….that’s the most important thing about it,yeah I know it’s a bit deep but it is what it is 🙂


I think it’s already for years and years the biggest trance festival and it’s the party to be, it’s always something to look forward to, every time you get invited to play here, it’s like being a baby in a candy store! it’s awesome to be here, awesome crowd, everybody is so excited so it’s just very nice to play here!!


My very first ASOT was with my friends and I remember that I was in the car listening to the music and then I thought it was different from everything else  it was little bit magical, special, I love that everyone is different , everyone is loving the music, everyone is uniting and coming together to celebrate , there are a lot of other festival but this particular one is so nice and unique, I haven’t seen anything like this before.


It’s a building block for me as an artist, and for my productions, I mean a lot of people know me for my persona, my branding, but ASOT is very good for the exposure of my singles too Armin and Armada always supported my tracks and helped me get me to the point I am now,I love playing here because Armin brings everyone together and it’s a great festival.


It’ s a very exciting event to be, I meet all the trance family people , lot of people I work with…It may sounds like a cliché but trance is kinda a way of life for me , it’s part of my daily life.

When all is said and done, we do hope your ASOT experience has been great, and just stay tuned for the full interviews with each of these amazing artists!!

So… now we are curious, what does ASOT mean to YOU??