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Let me take you back to January 20th 2017…does it ring any bells? Oh I am sure it does! It was indeed, the release date of the long awaited iconic album ‘My Story’ by Statement! honcho’s Ruben de Ronde ( aka the best day of 2017).

After months of teasing we finally got to download this masterpiece made of precious gems and holy moly, how we loved it.

It was love at first listening and we spent the night tweeting about our first impressions and sending love to Ruben and all the artists who were involved in it.

We didn’t sleep a wink but what a magical night it was!!

Sure, we knew some of the tunes already, but a few others were brand new to our ears, so we needed to listen and savor it a few times before being able to write something about them.

We can say in all honesty we loved the whole album but if¬†you are familiar with our blog you know already how ‘Eska’ blew our minds from the beginning ūüôā

‘Eska’ stole our hearts from the first beats and we remember Ruben’s used it as soundtrack of some of his vlogs before he released the album;

for a number of  reasons it was and still is dear to us in a special way and the fact it never got to be remixed and always remained untouched made it feel even more significant.

But of course, ‘My Story’ had a lot more gems in it, each tunes was there to unveil part of the splendidly tailored record.

Wanna talk about the magic of  Leave a Light On (Ruben de Ronde & Rodg feat. Louise Rademaker)? 

or the sweetness of All In (Ruben de Ronde & Kimberly Hale) ? 

This is not only a great tune in itself but it also got us to know Kimberly Hale, such a talented artist that we are now proud to call a great friend of us;


Open Wide (Ruben de Ronde & Donata) is still bringing us back to some sweet memories and Time has come (Ruben de Ronde & SIR NOTCH) is our choice when in need of some positivity in our day;

oh dear, we could go on forever talking about all the tracks but published an article about the album back then, and you can still find it here:


So, I bet you are wondering why, after almost 2 years we are still talking about it?

Well, we have our motivations to be honest, and so many good  memories  related to this album,

like when we sent this clock to Ruben to celebrate the amazing tune ¬†‘Time has Come’

but the main reason we are blogging this today is:

Ruben de Ronde just announced the physical album is going on production, which means we can have the cd in our hands very soon! But hurry up as there will be only 100 copies available!!

Still wondering why we are so hyped about the printing of a 2 years old album? Well, the truth is, we fell in love with it from its early days of conceiving ( yeah, sounds like we were expecting a baby, I know, but this is how we felt back then), we followed the album making of step by step, we saw Ruben putting all himself in its creation, or as he would say “all the blood, sweat and tears” it costed him to realize it; the process was long and things have not always been smooth and easy, but on the way, we all learnt a lot, ¬†as time went by we built a strong relationship, the fanbase grew up, we got to know a few of the artists involved in it and we created our own Statement family, the album really gathered us together in many ways.

It’s hard to explain to all of you how much this cd means to us personally and how much we appreciate Ruben’s decision to print it,

just put it this way, to us, having the chance to keep this treasure in our hands it’s like when, after an amazing experience, you finally seal it by getting inked, yes, this cd, is our tattoo, something no one could ever steal from us, it’s engraved forever in our ¬†hearts and minds and soon, we will have the physical copy at home with us; Ruben named it ‘My Story’ but we are proud to say this is also ‘Our Story’ he made us feel part of it in a kinda unique and precious way.

In a world were an album is old after a month from its release, ‘My Story’ stands out for its unicity, it didn’t get old, it grew inside us, it united and strengthened us, it saw us growing and changing as well, it made us laugh and cry, it has been there when we were clubbing with Ruben and also when we were alone, it’s nestled in our lives.

When all is said and done, we couldn’t be more happy about this news and we are forever grateful to Ruben de Ronde for being the amazing artist and precious soul he is!

We highly recommend you to order your limited edition copy here:


so to be part of this amazing experience together!!




OUT NOW: Ruben de Ronde & Cari – When I Fall + INTERVIEW


When Statement!’s label boss Ruben de Ronde decides to spoil us, there is nothing we can do but prepare ourselves to some nice ear candies, as in this case, he’s presenting us his latest jewel called ‘When I Fall’, featuring the blissful voice of Cari, we’re pretty sure you hear this stunner already at one of his gigs, and finally we see it being released on our beloved Statement! Recordings.



Hooking listeners with its mysterious atmosphere and gradual build, Ruben de Ronde & Cari’s ‘When I Fall’ has all the hallmarks of Trance fan’s top favorite. Laced with angelic vocals, stellar chord progressions and club-ready bass, this record marks yet another phenomenal Statement! release.

Let’s grab it¬†here

We’ve asked the label boss to chat with us about this new tune and more ūüôā

TBA: ‚ÄėWhen I Fall‚Äô is your latest collaboration with Cari, how did your cooperation start?

RdR: The music side started while working on music on my twitch channel. ( twitch.tv/rubenderonde ) and after working on it for a while, I wanted to get a vocal on this tune.
I started seeing more and more music from Cari popping up lately, and I simply wanted to work with her! 
A lot of people know her as a singer, but she produces as well! Keep an eye on this girl! 
I am actually working on another track with her!

TBA: What is the idea behind ‚ÄėWhen I Fall‚Äô?

RdR: That is a question you should ask Cari! She wrote these amazing lyrics with a good meaning. Musical wise I wanted to create something for some bigger stages. I managed to finish it just a few days before Dreamstate Festival in California. So that will always be the spot where I played it first!

TBA: Rumours say you are working on a follow up of your album ‚ÄėMy Story‚Äô, anything you can say already?

RdR: There is so much new music! The viewers of my streams and vlogs have already heard a bunch of it tho! But some of them I am keeping on the low, to surprise you!
I hope to release it before the summer.

TBA: TSOH is our favourite podcast here at TBA, can you tell us how is it going and how do you manage  to always keeping it so fresh?

RdR: Haha, thank you! I always try to find records that no-one knows. I think that most of the radio shows are a bit to similar, so I’ll try to keep it going the way it is.

TBA: You are also a professional streamer now!! We can watch the making of TSOH on line with you on your Twitch channel, and when you make new music you share it with your audience directly while in the making… is this something that helps your creative process?

RdR: This is 100% helping my creativity! I spend most of my days making music, and opening the doors to my studio, giving an insight really helps. I am really happy with the support I get from the community, and it really keeps me motivated. The music industry can be a hard and demotivating place, so I am super happy that I decided to starting to stream. All my subscribers on Twitch get exclusive material in return, because I think it always should go two ways!

TBA: You have a lot of young producers asking for suggestions on how to make a nice tune… what is the advice you give them more often?

RdR: Be original. It is easy to copy! And always make music with your heart. Dont stick around to a certain sound because you are expected to do so. 
And if you are running into problems, dont be afraid to call in help. I have friends like Rodg that can get me over dead points in tracks. 

TBA: Can you tell us your favourite 5 tunes of the moment?

RdR: Rodg – U Got U [Statement!]
Axwell /\ Ingrosso feat. Trevor Guthrie – Dreams (Alpha9 Remix) [Universal]
Virtual Self – Ghost Voices (Alpha 9 Remix) [Virtual Self]
Ruben de Ronde & Cari – When I Fall [Statement!]
and a new tune I am making right now! That one doesnt have a title yet, but the vibe stays in my head haha!

TBA: One artist to keep an eye on right now?

RdR: There are a bunch of great artists. 2017 has been great for my buddies Rodg and Estiva. Both of them are working on their albums at the moment. I am really excited about Elevven, a new team up from Los Angeles. They are going to do great this year.

TBA: Any upcoming gigs you are really excited about?

RdR: Yes! But I cannot tell too much about all of them. I am returning to Australia for Istoria and ASOT and I am going to tour more with Vini Vici! That is exciting!


TBA: Thanks a lot and see you soon  Ruben!!




Can’t get enough of Ruben yet? Let’s check the latest episode of his very own The Sound Of Holland right here:



Weekend highlights: The Gallery presents Andrew Rayel, David Gravell and Ruben de Ronde!

Last Friday night The Gallery c/o Ministry of Sound in London hosted a top notch line up:

Andrew Rayel

David Gravell

Ruben de Ronde

If you are familiar with our blog you already know  how much we love these 3 artists so you can just figure out our excitement for this gig!!

Andrew Rayel graced the booth introducing to the crowd 2 of his latest releases : ‘I’ll be there’ and ‘Tacadum’ 2 dance floor destroyers that you will listen soonon his widely anticipated upcoming album ‘Moments’

You can preorder ‘Moments’¬†Here

David Gravell came to ravage the club with his monsters tunes, and of course his latest release ¬†‘Energy‘ , an ultra melodic masterpiece delivering to the crowd a powerful sonic blast!

David will release his brand new compilation ‘Discover’ next month and will present a few special new tracks as well, so stay tuned if you wanna know more about his new sound!

Ruben de Ronde doesn’t need any introduction to this blog, our ¬†admiration for this artist is well known! London crowd was waiting to have him back at this famous club for a while now! The expectations were high and he never disappoints! Ruben released his second album ‘My Story’ earlier this year and then he teamed up with Rodg to deliver ‘Togetherr’ a brand new album that will be released in June. For now you can enjoy ‘Larger than Life’ and the just released ‘Whoop’ track from the above mentioned album.

You can preorder ‘Togetherr’¬†Here


If you were lucky enough to attend the epic celebration of ASOT 800 last February 18th, you are probably still buzzing about it, it seems that Armada and ALDA team raises the stakes every year and for sure they never disappoint!!


Ruben de Ronde and Rodg graced the stage for a massive opening of this celebration in Utrecht.

This match made in heaven teamed up for a b2b set that honestly was so great to blow our minds!!


In Ruben de Ronde words:

“When¬†we¬†were¬†asked¬†to open the¬†mainstage¬†at¬†A State Of Trance Festival in Utrecht¬†we¬†knew¬†straightaway¬†that¬†we¬†didn’t¬†“just”¬†want¬†to play a regular set. So¬†Rodg¬†and¬†myself¬†have¬†been¬†working¬†day¬†and night to¬†deliver¬†something¬†VERY special for¬†you, and¬†we¬†have¬†played¬†a set with 100% new and¬†exclusive music,¬†produced¬†together,¬†including¬†some fantastic collabs¬†with some of¬†our¬†favourite¬†artists”


Yes, 100% new music….the¬†guys¬†were¬†on¬†fire!!¬†But there’s¬†more….They¬†are¬†going¬†to release a brand new album with¬†these¬†tunes,¬†it’s¬†called¬†”¬†TogetheRR” and the double RR¬†at¬†the end stand for Ruben &¬†Rodg¬†obviously.


You can preorder it :HERE

and for¬†now¬†you¬†have¬†the chance to¬†enjoy¬†their track¬†”¬†Larger Than Life” ( Ruben de Ronde,¬†Rodg, Sir¬†Notch)¬†that¬†has¬†also¬†been¬†premiered¬†during¬†the night.¬†

As¬†the¬†previous¬†collaboration Sir Notch did with Ruben, for ” Time Has Come”, ¬†also “Larger¬†Than¬†Life”¬†boast¬†a positive¬†lyric¬†full of¬†good¬†vibes¬†and the¬†catchy¬†melody¬†is¬†made to put¬†you¬†in a¬†good¬†mood for¬†sure!!

Another¬†tune¬†taken¬†form¬†the album and¬†premieredthat¬†night¬†is¬†“Intergalactic” a¬†stunning¬†collaboration with Estiva ( more¬†details¬†in the¬†interview¬†we¬†had¬†with¬†him)

If¬†you¬†couldn’t¬†attend¬†their¬†show or¬†if¬†you¬†just¬†can’tget¬†enough¬†of¬†their¬†vibes,¬†you¬†can¬†listen¬†to the set¬†HERE

The amazing duo even find the time during their busy night to meet up with us for a few words 

J:Thank you guys  for supporting again THE BACKSTAGE ACCESS

Ruben&Rodg:¬†No¬†problem ūüôā

J: What a massive set, you played!! 

Ruben&Rodg: Thank you!

J:So, now I wanna know everything about the new album




Do¬†you¬†have¬†like… 2 hours?? (Laugh)

(meanwhile Estiva walks by to greets the guys and they suggest me to have a chat with him too as he’s one of the collaborators of their album…..I did so! )


 Well, you already know the story, but as soon as we found out we  gonna  be playing together on the mainstage we wanted to bring something extra to the table instead of just playing itself, so I remember we stood outside a Praxys (Dutch hardware store chain)…


¬†yeah¬†yeah,¬†it¬†was ¬†September, the¬†weather was still nice¬†and¬†we¬†were¬†just¬†seeing¬†each¬†other¬†for an¬†ice¬†cream¬†around¬†the corner, he¬†was¬†in the David Lewis studio, and¬†we¬†just¬†met¬†¬†to¬†discuss¬†the¬†matter,¬†we¬†said¬†we¬†need to do something¬†special‚Ķyeah, yeah¬†right,¬†we¬†need¬†to play¬†only¬†our¬†own productions, ok …ok,¬†yeah, so far so¬†good,¬†why¬†not like¬†making¬†an album then??Why¬†not?¬†Mean‚Ķif¬†we¬†are¬†going¬†to play¬†only¬†our¬†productions, why¬†not?¬†


and that’s how it started…


 That’s how it started, that’s where the stress came in….laugh


Yeah¬†basically… we¬†finished¬†the last part¬†this week.


Yes¬†actually¬†last¬†contract¬†was¬†signed yesterday, so¬†yesterday¬†they¬†uploaded¬†to¬†all¬†the¬†stores, to¬†iTunes, and I texted¬†him¬†this¬†morning at¬†2.30¬†am¬†¬†‚Äúpre-order¬†!!¬†We¬†made¬†it‚ÄĚ


Ruben :

And at 6.45 He sent me a text: I can’tsleep! Haha

(Anyway guys it has been amazing and i can’t wait to download all the songs) 

J: But now, most important question of the interview: how are your cats???

They both laugh….


They’re good


 they’re good, Binky is probably hungry, Bella is  probably stirring up stuff at home, the usual, yeah, actually i have a funny video on my phone, you should watch it  it’s a slow motion fighting of my cats

J: Oh i¬†know I ‚Äėve watched¬†it¬†on¬†instagram, haha,¬†it was¬†very¬†funny



Oh  so just to let you know this, just before I went here I’ve texted him saying hey are you ready for tonight?

And I sent him a picture of  what i was doing at the moment, and…..Rodg you can show the picture…


(We all laugh, cause the picture was about a big amount of  cat food)

I was buying cat food.


So I was like, yeah yeah I am looking forward to it man, and he was like, ok, just let me get some cat food and then we can go off hahah

Ruben :

so yeah, our cats are on point right now, but you already know about this …


 You like these things but probably people who don’t have or never had cats are like ahhh stop it with this cats thing  but…you know….

J: well I’ m actually loving to see the other side of the artist, i think it’s cute, and if i interview someone that i know is owning a pet I always ask about that as well

Ruben and¬†Rodg¬†laugh…



J: what does ASOT mean to you?


For me,¬†it¬†kinda¬†changed,¬†you¬†know,¬†I’ve been¬†playing¬†here¬†for the 3rd time,¬†before¬†that¬†I¬†was a¬†visitor,¬†it¬†was¬†about‚Ķ¬†you¬†heard¬†new music, a¬†lot of productions,¬†you¬†know¬†it¬†was¬†just an¬†amazing festival,¬†but¬†now, I¬†am¬†here¬†as¬†a dj,¬†playing¬†the record I made in the studio…it ¬†is¬†more¬†about¬†I¬†am gathering¬†people¬†here,¬†I¬†bring¬†people¬†together¬†to¬†enjoy¬†music¬†all¬†together¬†and¬†especially¬†for this¬†event they¬†come from¬†all¬†over the world,¬†you¬†see¬†flags from¬†countries¬†you¬†can’t¬†even¬†think¬†of,¬†that’s¬†pretty special¬†like,¬†we, with¬†our¬†music¬†bring¬†these¬†people together,¬†that’s¬†exactly¬†what¬†ASOT¬†mean¬†to me.


I¬†think¬†the¬†most¬†important¬†thing¬†about ASOT¬†is¬†unifying,¬†like¬†¬†bringing¬†people¬†together, the media¬†and the¬†government¬†are¬†trying¬†to divide¬†everyone¬†nowadays,¬†try¬†to¬†scare¬†people¬†and make ¬†sure¬†that¬†everybody¬†hates¬†each¬†other¬†like¬†¬†you¬†need to¬†hate¬†that¬†person¬†because¬†he¬†does¬†that¬†and so…I¬†think¬†with ASOT or with music in¬†general¬†we¬†are¬†trying¬†to do¬†something¬†different,¬†we¬†are¬†trying¬†to¬†bring¬†people together¬†so¬†that¬†a¬†perfect¬†example¬†is when¬†you¬†see¬†people¬†with¬†palestinian¬†flag¬†or¬†israeli flag¬†and¬†they¬†can dance¬†together¬†like¬†they¬†are¬†here for the music¬†not¬†for¬†any¬†political¬†reasons….not¬†to spread¬†hate‚Ķ

(Wow thanks Ruben we got some pretty deep stuff here…)

J: Where is your cooperation going now? Should we expect more set like this one ?

Rodg :

Yes, we will be behind the decks more often this year together 


yes¬†also in ¬†some¬†very¬†big¬†places,¬†we can‚Äôt¬†say now¬†but..you‚Äôll¬†see, we’re are working on that!

J: Correct me if I am wrong but I’ve noticed the sound is going a little bit techy? 


Yes, we still kept room for  melody, we still had tunes like that but for this kind of festival on  the mainstage, we wanted to do something stronger. I think it worked…


J. Yes it worked perfectly


well it’s difficult to say if it worked if you’re on stage 

J: But i was on the floor….it worked, i can tell you that!


Oh thank you

J: What if your partner in crime was a tune of yours?

Ruben : 

Rodg¬†would¬†be ¬†“Time¬†Has¬†Come‚Ä̬†because¬†it has¬†been¬†a big¬†step¬†for ¬†him¬†playing¬†on the¬†mainstage!


 I guess that will be a straight dance floor smasher people can’t stop going crazy on!

Right after that I had to let the guys go and Ruben had to hurry back in the Radio Dome where he worked his magic for the whole night.


The wait is over and it was soooooo worth it!! My Story has been released finally, I promise you can’t help but fall in love with this album.

During the last months Mr. de Ronde has had his fair share of fun teasing us with some gems from the album (and their stunning artworks as well) and now, we can scroll down the entire tracklist for a taste of this masterpiece!

1 Time has come (Ruben de Ronde & SIR NOTCH)

This is a massive fix of positivity and good vibes, a tune that spreads an optimistic message to the crowd and surely puts a smile on your face
2 All About you Ruben de Ronde & Victoria Ray)

Some stunning vocals and a huge amount of catchy beats, highly energetic and smoothly built up!
3 Open Wide (Ruben de Ronde & Donata) 

Such a sweet melody and blissful vocals on this charming tune and ¬†great lyrics…but can you believe Ruben played it during ASOT last year? Most certainly you danced to it already and weren’t aware… ūüôā
4 All In (Ruben de Ronde & Kimberly Hale) 

Dope! Those beats and Kimberly’s engaging vocals are a match made in heaven! It instantly hits you!
5 Bliss (Ruben de Ronde & Muvi) 

Happy and summerish vibes we got here, I can picture myself on the beach already listening to this…. Ibiza anyone?
6 Eska

Deeper, darker, contagious and infectious … this will drag you down the rabbit hole, hypnotic as it is, it will leave you begging for more
7 Run Away (Ruben de Ronde & Victoria Ray)

One for the dreamers… The melody and Victoria’s charming voice are totally gonna cast a spell on you, you are warned!
8 Leave a Light On (Ruben de Ronde & Rodg feat. Louise Rademaker)

When Ruben and Rodg team up you can’t expect anything less than a masterpiece and it’s safe to say that Louise vocals are the icing on the cake, one of my all time favorites!! The synth line is to die for!!

On a side note… don’t miss these 2 masterminds playing back2back next month in Utrecht during ASOT800!!
9 Moment of Truth (Ruben de Ronde & LTN feat. Kimberly Hale)

A one of a kind awe-inspiring and sweet tune that builds up to a massive breakdown
10 My Story (Ruben de Ronde & Natalie Gioia) 

The title track of this album is just something else!! Natalie’s voice is pure bliss and blends perfectly with the melody and an indelible synthline that feels nervous and fluid at the same time. A super sexy tune, pretty sure it will be on repeat for a long time!! It just gets stuck in your head!
11 By Your Side (Ruben de Ronde & Aelyn)

Will have you so intrigued by the gorgeous beats and beautiful vocals aiming to seduce you one beat at a time
12 Compound

Let’s wear your scuba wear and indulge in these deep and sweet beats … #TSOHfamily knows what I mean… ūüôā
Go grab it here : https://rubenderonde.lnk.to/MyStoryTO

If you buy the whole album and send your receipt to info@rubenderonde.nl with your address, you will receive one of these awesome wristbands for free, but  hurry up, the offer will expire on Jan 27th

OUT NOW:first single from My Story, OPEN WIDE by Ruben de Ronde feat. Donata

The first single taken from the highly anticipated upcoming album My Story has finally been released.

We talked about it last week, when it has been premiered on ASOT, and now we are one step closer to the release of the album.

Here at the Backstage Access we are all so excited and looking forward to it!

We had the chance to get a sneak peek of the whole thing and we are thrilled to tell you it’s amazing!! So, save the date: January 20th!!

Meanwhile don’t forget to preorder your copy here :¬†https://itunes.apple.com/album/my-story/id1188261065


New Single by Ruben de Ronde “OPEN WIDE” premiered on ASOT 794

Here we go with an early Christmas present for all the trance and progressive lovers out there!

Last night during A State of Trance #794 Armin premiered the new single by Ruben de Ronde & Donata “Open Wide” (Hal Stucker Rmx) a tune that will quickly make you fall for its engaging melody and ¬†captivating vocals.

This is the first single from Ruben’s forthcoming album “My Story” which will be released on January 20th

You can listen to it here : Open wide

Just an advice guys, keep your eyes (and ears) Wide Open during the next weeks… Mr. de ¬†Ronde is well known for treating his fans with the finest beats…something tells me that more ear candies are coming ūüėČ

Meanwhile, make sure you don’t miss his very own The Sound of Holland radio show¬†TSOH

RUBEN DE RONDE VLOG Episode: Creamfields festival 

Have you checked Ruben de Ronde’s vlog yet?

I warmly suggest you to do so!

Let’s watch this episode about Creamfields Festival for a fix of happiness and insights about his tour life and his performance on Armada Music Stage … plus the soundtrack of this video is his new single¬†Bliss

Watch here :¬†Ruben de Ronde’s VLOG Creamfields