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After close to twenty editions of ‘Armada Invites’ in its own in-office club and international spin-offs in dance music hotspots such as Miami, Armada Music has announced a very special collaboration in and for the Amsterdam club scene. The Entourage Group, the driving force behind many of the city’s hotspots, has invited Armada Music to host recurring showcases at high-end underground nightclub Mad Fox. The first edition of ‘Mad Fox Invites Armada’ will take place on May 17, 2018 from 11 p.m. till 4 a.m. (CEST).

With a line-up that includes German top act Thomas Gold, Armada Music CEO Maykel Piron himself and the Amsterdam-based record label’s A&R team, ‘Mad Fox Invites Armada’ is expected to turn into a monthly recurring series that draws artists, industry people and the nocturnal creatures of Amsterdam alike. Additionally, Armada Music will host a private ‘Armada Invites’ stream event in its own club on Wednesday, May 16 to set the tone for the madness at Mad Fox one day later.


Early 2017, The Entourage Group introduced Mad Fox to Amsterdam – a luxurious, intimate and cosmopolitan nightclub. Created by renowned hospitality entrepreneur Yossi Eliyahoo, Mad Fox brings a unique blend of table service clubbing and futuristic design to the lower floor of the W Amsterdam.


Maykel Piron, CEO Armada Music: “We’ve been doing well in terms of reach, fan support and coolness with the ‘Armada Invites’ events in our own club and the spin-offs in many other places around the world. However, we always felt that some people in the industry were missing out, those who are always working hard to ensure the scene’s growth. We loved the idea of getting them in one place with our artists and Amsterdam’s finest clubbing crowd to enjoy what we love so much: high-quality music that belongs to the clubs.”

For table bookings, please email reservations@madfoxclub.com or call +31 (0) 6 12 21 47 33.


When seeking to remain atop an industry that embraces innovation and change as wholeheartedly as the dance music industry does, you can’t get caught napping. Armada Music have proven that they’re wide awake as they have given rise to something new that shows their determination to succeed as well as their ability to stay on the pioneering end of the equation. Today, the Amsterdam-based record label has become the first indie dance record label to launch its own video platform called ‘YourArmada’, setting out to give fans that something extra they’re always looking for.

Available in “general access” and “VIP access” account form, ‘YourArmada’ can be used in both app and website format (www.armadamusic.com/video) and gives fans direct access to the label’s most exclusive video content, ranging from the ‘Armada Invites’ live sets in its own in-office club and exclusive music videos from artists such as Armin van Buuren, Dash Berlin, Erick Morillo and Lost Frequencies to behind-the-scenes video content of a fan’s favorite acts. Additionally, the video platform will feature tutorials from its artists as well as demo drop sessions hosted by Armada’s A&R department, and also shows its ambition by teasing the possibility of adding exclusive audio and other forms of content (e.g. behind-the-scenes photos, limited-edition artworks, podcasts, DJ mixes) to the menu on a later date.

To get everyone acquainted with all ‘YourArmada’ has to offer, fans are granted a free, one-month “VIP access” subscription to start off with and are given the chance to win tickets or Armada merchandise upon registration as well.

Maykel Piron, CEO Armada Music: “We’ve long been looking for ways to tap into our fans’ needs for exclusive (video) content and we are proud to say we found it. The ability to be the first to see new videos and to personalize one’s own video feed should make it very easy for fans to get the content they want to see and that’s why we feel ‘YourArmada’ really adds something to what we have to offer.”



Starting the week with a super news!! Earlier today, Armada Music’s CEO Maykel Pyron, announced that the new office in UK is officially open!!

We heard the rumors about the new branch a while ago, but we didn’t know it would have been in business so soon.

We can’t imagine a better city than London to give second home to the beats we love even if we don’t have much information at the moment about the whole project,  we will  keep a close  eye on it for sure and we’ll be back with more info asap.

For now, you can enjoy the view from the new office! Breathless ain’t it ??