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Multi-platinum-selling artist, Hardwell, is taking OVER Ushuaïa on two monumental occasions
this summer. On June 28th and September 6th, partygoers will enjoy the feel-good sound of
Hardwell’s chart-topping tracks at the world’s best open-air stage.

Former 2 x World Number #1 DJ, Hardwell found his fame in the dance music world. As a
producer, he’s created some of dance music’s iconic tracks and continuously fills up
stadiums across the world with his global headliner status. Hardwell is a master of his own
unique style that fuses big room house and electro into powerful grooves that come on his
own Revealed Recordings in the form of tracks like his recent dance hit ‘Power’ with KSHMR
and recent Hardwell & Friends Ep 3.

Playing at the world’s best festivals including Ultra Music Festival, EDC Las Vegas,
Coachella, EXIT and Tomorrowland, Hardwell guaranteed there was space in his relentless
mainstage schedule to perform at the most talked about open-air club.

The Backstage Access decided to attend Hardwell’s party at the jewel location in Ibiza’s party crown and once again we are hugely impressed by the legendary poolside party! 

We came in a few minutes before he took the stage and  the place was packed with enthusiastic party people dancing and enjoying their time with friends.

Once again Hardwell’s just blown our minds with his catchy, powerful beats, he surely knows how to rock a full packed open air club like this with his contagious energy and happiness.

Out of this world pyrotechnics  are accompanying his fenomenal gig, as well as mind-blowing lighting, visuals and that massive sound system Ushuaïa proudly owns.

Confetti, streamers and CO2 are making us feel like we are attending one hell of a festival and while midnight strikes and Hardwell’s signs off leaving the stage, an excited group of party goers struggle to reach him for a selfie to make this night unforgettable.

Kind and down to earth as the great human being he is, he finds the time for his fans before leaving the venue while a huge smile is still on our faces about this inimitable Ushuaïa experience.


Ever attended a Hardwell’s gig around the globe? Ever found yourself amazed by the perfection of the whole night and asked yourself who’s behind that?

Well, there’s a whole super skilled team of people working in order to make your experience unforgettable, coordinated by the tour manager.

This team is called OnTourManagement, established by Manny Zelaya.

Hardwell’s tour manager is one of a kind, a very talented and humble guy who takes care of all the superstar Dj’s need and much more!

We’ve been lucky enough to meet this busy man for a chat about his job!

TBA: Who is your inspiration?

MZ: I would have to say my mother. This year has been a difficult one for me and my family. My mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. When I first heard the news it brought me to my knees in tears.
I will never forget my girlfriend at the time rubbing my back and trying to help me get off the ground. I thought it was a death sentence for my mother. 

As days progressed I started to realize how strong my mother has been and will be moving forward. She told me, “Son I believe in God and I know he will help me like he always has in the past.”

I was considering staying home this summer and taking a break from work. My mother said to me, “Son I have lived my life, now please live your life.” My mother told me “If I pass away you will still need to work”. I learned that even when you’re looking death in the eyes, you need to keep hope alive and have strong belief in God the almighty. 

TBA: What is it like to be a tour manager and what does it mean to you?

MZ: Being a good TM is a tough but rewarding job. Or at least I would like to think so. As a TM, you forfeit time with your family, friends, dogs and holding a steady relationship.

I’ve missed birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years! I don’t even get invited any more to events because people are just tired of me saying that I’m not home…

Now, it’s not all that bad or I wouldn’t be doing it for a living. My biggest reward of being a TM is the amazing people that I get to meet all the way. The people I would like to call my extended family. These are the people I see working behind the scenes. Stage managers, production managers, artist liaisons, etc… but most importantly are the amazing fans! Seeing the meet and greets and seeing fans finally meeting their heros. To me, all those sleepless nights now have a purpose. To know I had a small part of making a fan so happy are the joys I get when I’m on the road. 

TBA: Can you explain me your tasks?

MZ: I have tour managed in all different capacities. TM normally books hotels, airfare, arrange transfers, advance shows from hospitality and technical requests. We look after our teams and we make sure the artist is happy and comfortable on the road. If anything goes wrong, it’s always the tour manager’s fault. Even though in reality, it’s not, I take it that way because I’m a firm believer I need to see mistakes coming before they actually come. Being a TM you need to be a problem solver and you need to be as cool as the other side of the pillow. 

TBA: Ups and downs of your work?

MZ: Like any job you have highs and lows. I guess for me lows would be if we missed a gig. We didn’t miss one gig this past summer and that to me is really impressive! With no sleep and traveling so hard, and barely eating, we still made it to every show! 

The highs of the job are when my artist walks off stage and tells that was a “sick fucking show!” It’s very rewarding when managers from our team tell me the show looked amazing from front of house.

I also really love i when I hear fans say, “wow amazing show.” To me the best feeling is to know that our fans didn’t feel cheated. It’s important bay they know that this team, Hardwell’s team specifically, does it best and every single show is as good as the last… or better. 

TBA: Can you tell me a secret about your job?

MZ: The best secret I can tell anyone about doing this job is that you need to have excellent time management skills. You need to know how to budget your time with work and also with keeping a personal life.

TBA: The funniest thing happened on the road?

 MZ: We always have fun times on the road! I have been touring with this team for 4 years now. Honestly, I can say we have never gotten into an argument with any team member. I believe that’s because we have a lot of respect and admiration for each other.  We’re not just coworkers, we’re now family.

I really can’t narrow it down but trust me we have plenty of fun and above all love for each other. 

TBA: 10 minutes to the show….what kind of troubles could you face and how will you solve them?

MZ: During our transition between artists on stage, you can always run into technical difficulties. We use cat-6 lines that need to be connected for our timecoding system. Various times, someone forgets to connect those lines. I’m typically on stage trying to locate these cables. Sometimes the DJ gear is connected wrong, meaning it’s not 1234 or monitors are not connected correctly. This can be an issue during my artist’s gig.

I’ve been blessed to work with some fine people on stage. Issues don’t normally happen but when they do, we solve them because that’s what we do. We are problems solvers. 

TBA: A day in your life….

MZ: I wake up everyday at 6am est because I deal with a lot of people in Europe. By this time the day is almost over in Europe. I Stay up till about 9pm because I deal with people on west coast in places like Los Angeles or Las Vegas. I send emails like any other TM. I try to workout and eat healthy. I’ve been working on a new food concept ideas for ibiza and I hope I can announce it by the beginning of next summer. 


Hardwell – Wake Up Call (Free Download)

After making waves with its premiere in March at Ultra Music Festival in Miami, as well as being featured on the colossal latest edition of Hardwell Presents Revealed Volume 7, Hardwell finally gives fans what they’ve been waiting for, and more, with the release of ‘Wake Up Call’ as a free download!
‘Wake Up Call’ cuts straight to the action with its thunderous kick drum patterns setting the scene, priming for the eruptive, bursting synth lines which gradually rise throughout the track. Adding to the fury is the additional power of the energetic melodic lead which is perfectly unleashed after raging snare builds and explosive club primed drops, ready and waiting to bring dancefloors to boiling point around the globe.
With the success of Hardwell’s new residency DNA taking over Ushuaïa Ibiza every Tuesday, as well as the return to Las Vegas with his massive ‘Go Hardwell or Go Home’ events, on top of a run of exciting festival dates that include Sziget Festival, Creamfields, Electric Zoo NY and Ultra Japan, summer 2016 looks as strong as ever for the Dutch DJ titan.
Grab your own copy of Hardwell and his Revealed Recordings latest offering ‘Wake Up Call’ for free via http://hwl.dj/WakeUpCallFree


If you are among those lucky people that will hit the white island during the summer, make sure you won’t miss Hardwell DNA party at Ushuaïa on Tuesdays.

The party is held in the breathtaking location of one of the most fashionable hotel of Ibiza, with its majestic stage​ ​right in front of the pool where gorgeous dancers will accompany the dj sets from 5 pm to 12 am.

I use to attend the event every time I am on the island in the last years, and everytime it’s something new and surprising. 

​This time, Hardwell reached the stage at 9.50 pm, an astounding visual introduction dragged the crowd to pronounce H-A-R-D-W-E-L-L with increasing rythm that led to an explosion of lights and sounds….and here we go: Hardwell is greeting Ibiza and everyone at the party.

From then on, all is pure madness, just good vibes and pounding beats, everyone is dancing and jumping to the tunes picked for us by this young living legend.

Ushuaia is going off!!

A few years ago I had the luck to meet the man behind Hardwell, his tour manager and assistant, Manny Zelaya, founder of On tour Management agency and let me tell you, he is one of the most kind and professional guy in the business; not only he was available to give me some insights about his job and passion(you will read more in my interview soon) but he was also so nice to introduce me to Robbert van de Corput (Hardwell) and this is a meeting I will hardly forget!!

(Photo Courtesy of Seb Devinc)

Right after his set, Hardwell left the stage (with Manny watching his back and following him) taking the time to please his fans stopping by for some pictures,and finally reached a private room where some friends where waiting for him and where he could eat something and chill a bit after what was without any doubt a killer set.

A consolle was being set up and the atmosphere was really cool….oh yes, guys, i was allowed to enter that room and after a few minutes Robbert stood there in front of me, smiling and stretching out his hand to greet me. An incredible happiness mixed with excitement rushed through my spine….wtf….I had Hardwell in front of me and he looked so different from the international big dj I just witnessed on stage; he seemed calm and even a bit shy and thanked me for being there! We had the time to share some words and I made sure he knew how much I loved the show, then it was time for me to leave.

A last tight hug with Manny and a big smile on my face accompanied me for the rest of the night.


W&W, Hardwell, and Lil Jon have finally put out their latest collaboration today. ‘Live The Night’ is the result of their full-blown team-up and is released on Mainstage Music, the record label of Dutch duo W&W.


‘Live The Night’ has been buzzing for two years now, ever since W&W and Hardwell played the track at Ultra 2014 for the first time. More recently, W&W played the track during EDC Las Vegas last month and yesterday, the track annihilated the main stage of Balaton Sound Festival in Hungary. In addition, Hardwell wreaked havoc with the track at The Flying Dutch and allowed for it to make a devastating impact at EDC Las Vegas as well.

Apart from being a main fixture in W&W and Hardwell’s live sets, ‘Live The Night’ soared in its makers’ own respective radio shows (Mainstage Podcast and Hardwell On Air).


After ‘Jumper’ and ‘Don’t Stop The Madness’, ‘Live The Night’ is the first team-up of the three Dutchmen to be released on W&W’s Mainstage Music.
Listen to Live the Night

My Summer in Ibiza

Hey guys,

I’ve been so lucky to spend some good weeks in Ibiza during this last Summer.

The white island is one of my fave place to go, and absolutely a must for all the party freaks (like me)

So, being honest, aside from the beautiful beaches with their magical white sand and the fabulous sea, the thing I love the most when I am there is to completely blow my mind attending as many insane parties as I can.

This leads, generally speaking to a massive lack of sleep 🙂

What will follow in the next posts is basically about my experiences attending some of the greatest dJs gigs in the island.

For those of you who don’t know me, my favorite dj on earth is Armin van Buuren and I’m in general a huge fan of all the Armada djs.

So, needless to say I loved being at Ushuaia hotel to take part to ASOT.

Ushuaia this year hosted (imo) all the best events if you love edm music.

I attended them all!!

This means:

Monday : David Guetta Pool Position party

Tuesday : Hardwell Carnival

Wednesday : Sun is Shining with Axwell & Ingrosso

Thursday: Armin van Buuren is in A State Of Trance

Friday : Martin Garrix

Saturday : Ants

Sunday : Avicii


If this was not enough….I also attended Cream party at Amnesia and Enter with Richie Hawtin at Space.

But I will tell give you the details asap

Hope you enjoy the reading and feel free to give me your feedback.