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FATUM – Momentum EP

Coming out with not just one track but an EP of five tracks Fatum is keeping their fans happy. Filled with five smashing tracks this EP will blow your mind!

Listen to the EP HERE

If you think one Fatum track is already tough to handle, imagine what it would take to withstand five of them at once. Dropping ‘Petra’, ‘Weapon’ (with Declan James), ‘More Of Your Love’ (feat. Angel Taylor), ‘Omega’ and ‘Falling For You’ (feat. Angel Taylor) into an exhaustive mainstage-blowing package, this EP is bound to magnify the ‘Momentum’ of the Grammy-nominated dance music act.




Filled with huge synth blasts and a rapid bassline Fatum & Declan James’ ‘Weapon’ is a track made to blow up your speakers and have the dance floor explode! Listen to the track here.



Causing mass carnage on the dance floor without even breaking a sweat, Fatum & Declan James’ ‘Weapon’ strikes hard, fast and relentlessly. From the huge synth blasts to the rapid-fire bassline, this cut is a peerless damage dealer on all fronts.

FATUM – Petra

Fatum’s ‘Petra’ was picked by Armin van Buuren for his ‘A State Of Trance, Ibiza 2018’ mix album.

Let’s grab it here 

Stacked full of masterful melodies and suspenseful builds, Fatum’s ‘Petra’ was picked by Armin van Buuren for his ‘A State Of Trance, Ibiza 2018’ mix album for a reason. From the accelerating plucks in the breakdown to the enchanting chord progressions, ‘Petra’ gives Trance fans a reason to smile.

OUT NOW: Fatum – Mowgli

Fatum follows up the success of ‘Violet’ with another groovy record on Armind. ‘Mowgli’ is built from groovy arpeggios, a euphoric break and rhythmic percussions. ‘Mowgli’ is part of an upcoming album.

Let’s grab it here 


Marking another grand chapter in the Fatum story, ‘Mowgli’ radiates a sense of raw power many would say was born in an uncharted section of the jungle. Armed with a mixture of hard-striking arpeggios and thrilling breakdowns that mirror both the brutality and beauty of the wilderness, this record is one you won’t be able to stop playing once you’ve felt its might.



In need of some progressive vibes? Look no further then 🙂

American, Grammy nominated dance group Fatum present their brand new track ‘Violet’ on Armind.

As part of the ‘A State Of Trance’ mix album the warm chorded track is set to see its release today!!

Must come as no surprise that Armin played this beauty during his mainstage.




Let’s  Grab  It Here


Painting with their own shade of electronic music, Fatum once again show their mastery of all sonic colors with this essential addition to Armin van Buuren’s ‘A State Of Trance 2018’ mix album. A tidal wave of mainstage-wrecking sounds, ‘Violet’ will prove seminal across the dance music spectrum and turn out a brilliant addition to any Trance fan’s shortlist.

 Fatum – Sugarfree

As every Friday, we have in store some top notch trance for you!!

Anything but saccharine, Grammy nominee Fatum kicks up a storm with their latest single, ‘Sugar Free’. Built for sophisticated palates, the tune is tangy, delectable and satisfying without being overly sweet. Sample it once and you’ll be back for more. ‘Sugar Free’ is pure Fatum. Tasty!

Listen to Fatum ‘Sugar Free’

Fatum feat. Angel Taylor – On My Own


After being premiered last night on ASOT, we couldn’t wait to share with you the new tune by FATUM called “On My Own”, feat. the amazing Angel Taylor!

Demonstrating a gorgeous synergy between the magical chords and distinct vocals of Angel Taylor, ‘On My Own’ marks Fatum’s latest offering to Armind. Bursting into colossal synths after the thrilling build-up, this cut is well-balanced and captivating from start to finish. Fatum have done it again.


Let’s grab it here