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DAVID GRAVELL – Live at S2O Festival 2019 Bangkok


“S2O Festival was all an Illusion” this is the statement from the Dutchman himself releasing the whole video of his gig in Bangkok.

“Illusion” seems to be one of his favorite words lately, and this rings some bells in our reckless minds wondering if we are really facing the dawn of a new chapter of his eclectic music with a new Ep.

We love the direction his music is taking, energetic, techy and darker, peculiar enough to make him stand out among others big names, yet so clear-cut to make you say ” This is David Gravell” when you listen!

Always keeping his energy  at a sky high level, David Gravell never fails to rock the biggest crowds worldwide, treating and teasing people with huge hits as well as juicy IDs…Talking about it, we know the young legend is at work in his studio as we speak to forge some dancefloors killers for us all…but in the meantime, let’s enjoy this set and those tremendous visuals.



Following a relentless touring schedule, David Gravell, like any true craftsman, took some time out to gather his thoughts and to engage with his work once again.
Fully refreshed, he is almost ready to present a new EP but first, he decided to tease us with something extraordinary!
Let’s take one of the most iconic tunes of the whole trance music history and drop it in the capable hands of our Dutch genius to obtain a nuclear fission of epic proportions!
Admit it, taking the risk to remix a masterpiece like Cafè Del Mar is surely not for the faint of heart, how could you possibly make that perfect tune even better?
Mr.Gravell’s visionary mind has the answer and it’s going to hit you like a tornado!
While mesmerizing vocals add emphasis to the well known dreamy melody, a nervous and acid synth line builds up to the climax exploding in an uber  destructive drop!
David Gravell tailored the perfect rework providing his magic touch to Cafè Del Mar, aiming to unleash a  devastating amount of energy right in your face!
You are warned:This tune won’t take no prisoners!


Free download  HERE : http://bit.ly/CDM-Download



If you are anything like us, you are some party animals who cannot just sit there waiting for the  weekend to start in order to  attend the next gig;  you need to unleash your energy on the dancefloor at any given day, so….what about a Tuesday party in Belfast?

Should you need a little motivation, let us tell you that one of our favorite artist is planning to destroy the club with his infectious beats, we highly recommend you to pay a visit at Electric Playground and see how David Gravell will take over the booth to rock the crowd straddling the razor’s edge between the subgenres of classic and contemporary trance music.

He is working on a huge amount of new tunes these days so we are pretty sure you might end up listening to some lit ID’s , would you really run the risk to lose this opportunity? We don’t think so, right? So let’s indulge in Gravell’s immense blast of energy for what we are sure will be an unforgettable night!

And if you are looking for a guest list, we got you covered: Simply click here — glist.me/ep

Electric Playground present. David Gravell
Tuesday’s at Thompsons Garage ⚡
Full electronic music experience.

// Party in the Club. Dance on the Terrace.
Showcasing an array of electronic sounds every Tuesday at Thompsons Garage, supporting the finest local talent and bringing international that you want to see.

David Gravell, protegeé to trance kingpin Armin van Buuren… through his masterfully composed productions and high-energy live sets, with a sound so intense it turns any crowd into a pack of fist-pumpers, the humble Dutchman not only captivates clubbers around the world.

— Club
David Gravell
+ support from
Paul Woods

— Terrace
Paddy Chambers



“I think I just released my biggest Trance track to date”….

This is how David Gravell announced his new tune to the world on his social media accounts last Friday.

If you attended one of his gigs recently you might have witnessed this energy explosion already, like we did during ASOT850 where he premiered it!




Taken from Armin van Buuren’s ‘A State Of Trance 2018’ album, this brand-new offering from David Gravell bears that tempestuous signature sounds of his we’ve come to cherish. Blazing the trail for the next generations of Trance artists to come, ‘The Future’ will leave a lasting impression each time it wrecks a mainstage.


  1. The Future (02:30)
  2. The Future (Extended Mix) (06:18)


Let’s grab it here:


Apple Music




Google Play

Amazon MP3




We also set down with David to learn a bit about the creative process of his tunes, here’s what he told us…


TBA: Have you ever been educated into music or do you think it is necessary?

DG: I’ve learnt everything myself, reading books,searching on internet and YouTube, everything on my own; so I think receiving an education it’s not that necessary as everything is on line nowadays and you can find it on your own ,it takes time but you can do it.

TBA: How was your first studio set up when you started making music?

DG: Hmm..very small speakers, very small keyboard, and a very slow computer,without any knowledge of cubase, actually the first time I had that software I gave it away after 6 months and stopped making music for a year and afterwards I found out I had to learn it if I wanted to do this job seriously. So now when I have an idea I can just put it in Cubase and I know everything, it became easier.

TBA : Is there any new studio gear on your shopping list?

DG: To be honest  I think I have almost everything I need in my studio now, you know I was saving money to get all I needed and know I am fine with all my things.

Well sometimes when I se something new on internet I just buy it,and sometimes I also get some new stuff from instruments companies for me to test them so it’s cool.

TBA: Some months ago you told me you prefer the analog sound to the digital synths. Which are the pro and cons?

DG: Well if you are not familiar with analogue just know  you have to record it instead of… for instance the instruments that are in Cubase,  like a midi base, with analog you have to record it back into the computer. I am using UAD so it has the option to get back into the sound card. I am using the Virus , but not using the USB option in it but i am working with the two cables that go into the soundcard, because when you are recording sometimes it’s not working with USB.

TBA: You were showing us a bit how you make tracks, and we are wondering what do you do if you get stuck at some point

DG: A good advice when you make music is to take breaks every 20 minutes  otherwise you will lose your movement in making music. So every 20 minutes I have an alarm, I am living in Amsterdam next to a big park so every 20 minutes i go doing something else, I go wok with my computer, with my phone, then i go back,and after for sessions of 20 minutes i do like an hour of break, I go to the city, I come back… cause I have to keep my mind fresh and inspired.

The most important thing is to keep the flowing , if you are in the moment when you create music you can finish a track so quickly, but also ,like i told you you have to own the knowledge of software etc.

TBA: You were also producing music for movies right?

DG: Yes, I’ve been doing it when I first started making music , when you make that kind of music, it’s more like building energy,  if you know Hans Zimmer for example ,every track that he makes has a lot of energy and a lot of movement in it.Sometimes it’s  nice to do it, to just work on the sound, and the cool thing about movie music is that it can go on for like 20 minutes or more like a soundtrack, you can just go with it.

TBA: You are producing a lot of new music, is your artist album on sight?

DG: I dont’ know if these tracks I am gonna premiere tonight will be in the album, I am working on it but , I think when I’ll do it  I need the time to completely dedicate myself to it, to focus on the album, and work in the studio somewere like in Los Angeles, without doing anything else.

TBA : Is it gonna be a new concept?

DG: Well my sound is evolving, but I want to make clear I wanna make it the best as possible, I will lock myself up in the studio, I will work with other producers, singers,and will do everything to make an album that will really stands out from the rest.

TBA: We can’t wait for that! But meanwhile good luck with your new release and see you soon.

DG: Thanks for the interview and see you soon!



This is the day!! Finally the long awaited collaboration between two of the most exciting trance producers of these days is finally seeing the light on InHarmony Music.

David Gravell and Andrew Rayel joined forces to create this magical tune called ‘Trance Reborn’.

We’ve listened to it during the last year at every concert of the two artists and really could not wait for its release.

Last month, during David Gravell’s masterclass at Dancefair we had a taste of it while he was talking about music production and when he chose to let us know which tune would have been released next, we could hear it was finally coming ( plus we’ve been able to spy the name of it hehehe ). This is one of those tunes that literally drives the crowds nuts at festivals having its own magic working on people like a charm.The sweet emotional piano melody blends perfectly with the energetic pads and catchy beats.

We can say that Andrew and David’s cooperation is a match made in heaven as this track shows both their distinctive sounds leaving fans in love with its special atmosphere.

The sweet melody is made to make you dream and set your good vibes at their highest level while the signature synth line of David Gravell and the energetic bass line  will make you jump with joy and leave you exhausted and smiling on the dancefloor.

From the pulsating bassline to the eruptive synth blasts and mesmerizing piano breakdown, ‘Trance ReBorn’ sees Trance titans Andrew Rayel and David Gravell take up arms again. High-octane through and through, this cut emerges to get the masses acquainted with one of the most devastating sound blends of this era.

Let’s grab it HERE

Thumping. Pulsating. Sweeping. The music of mainstage electronic dance music DJ and producer, Andrew Rayel, never fails to spark feelings of glee. Teaming-up once again with fellow trance music producer, David Gravell, Rayel takes part in a collaboration certain to delight lovers of melody the world over.


The allure of “Trance ReBorn” is described by the track’s title. Holding an ideal balance of soaring highs and heartstrings-tugging harmonies coupled with propulsive beats, the record is made for peak-time. The duo of Rayel and Gravell have no qualms about melting hearts with their composition and they attack the dancefloor with the same gusto they exhibit when performing live. Rayel’s signature acoustic piano-playing marks the intro, signaling that something distinct is about to occur. Like celestial rays of light, demonstrative chords and angelic backing vocals enter the picture. Eventually, synthesizers come to take over the melody where before there was only a piano. The duo go heavy ‘n high into the lead melody, one that’s become emblematic of these two musicians. Sensations build as if under the lid of a pressure-cooker, until….boom! A roaring 4/4 beat tumbles down like a mountain of boulders, abolishing everything mild in its path. Trance music-lovers will crave the beat so badly that this mammoth tune will seem like a quenching drink to parched lips. Satisfaction at last!

Andrew Rayel has by now become accustomed to performing on the mainstage of the world’s biggest music festivals and his abundantly hearty sets are packed with optimistic vibes and positive energy. Because “Trance ReBorn” is so good, trance music-lovers won’t want it to end. The Extended Mix has a more noticeably progressive coloring on the intro with a fat 4/4 beat that builds to manic energy rather quickly. A heavier, whomping bassline will have fans screaming, “Yes!” The Extended Mix feels far denser and more substantial than the Original Mix as Rayel and Gravell push the acoustic piano to nearly a minute-and-a-half into the track. “Trance ReBorn” is quite simply, grand.

About inHarmony Music
Launched in September, 2017, inHarmony Music is the record label headed by Andrew Rayel and distributed by Armada Music. As label chief and head of A&R for inHarmony Music, Rayel is the key decision-maker when it comes to signing new artists and music. Fulfilling a lifelong dream while on his never-ending career quest, Rayel is now able to do for new artists what Armin van Buuren did for Rayel years ago. The circle is complete and there will be an abundant supply of lovingly curated new music ahead.


Though there’s still a day or so to go before the biggest indoor Trance event in the world helps us descend into Trance-driven madness, fans from all over the world can already get into ‘A State Of Trance’. To give them a taste of what’s to come and a means to enjoy all of the amazing moments and wonderful music of the event afterwards, the official album of A State Of Trance 850 has arrived.


Supplying Trance enthusiasts with nothing but the very best from their favorite artists, ‘A State Of Trance 850 (The Official Album)’ delves into a bevy of breathtaking moments bound to prove unforgettable. Containing forty tracks from internationally acclaimed artists (and ASOT 850 performers) such as Allen Watts, Armin van Buuren, Ben Nicky, David Gravell, Gareth Emery, ilan Bluestone, John O’Callaghan, Neelix, NWYR, Purple Haze, Shinovi and more, the album gives fans exactly what they desire.


Synonymous with many of the previous editions of ‘A State Of Trance’, ‘A State Of Trance 850’ turns the Jaarsbeurs venue in Utrecht, the Netherlands into a massive global gathering, spanning no less than five stages, a whopping 37 artists and thousands of likeminded individuals ready to go full throttle from 9 PM till 6 AM (CET). Though the event has already become the best-selling edition yet with over 28,000 tickets sold to date, there is still a limited amount of tickets available for fans to purchase. For more information, please visit https://festival.astateoftrance.com/.

It sure is crazy to see how far we’ve come. Since the very start about 15 years back, A State Of Trance only had one purpose: to let you embrace the music. To provide you with the tunes that make the heart grow fonder. To help you become one with music you so cherish. And now, the moment is here again for you to ‘Be In The Moment’. ‘A State Of Trance 850’. Supplying Trance fans the world over with nothing but the very best from their favorite artists, ‘A State Of Trance 850’ delves into a bevy of breathtaking moments that will prove unforgettable. Spiked with tracks from the likes of Allen Watts, Armin van Buuren, Ben Nicky, David Gravell, Gareth Emery, ilan Bluestone, John O’Callaghan, Neelix, NWYR, Purple Haze and Shinovi, the album operates on the frontier of the scene, giving fans exactly what their heart desires. Because ‘A State Of Trance 850’, you can ‘Be In The Moment’ whenever you want. So go ahead and live it.

Listen To A State Of Trance 850 (The Official Album)



1. Armin van Buuren – Be In The Moment

2. Purple Haze – Choir 1.0

3. ilan Bluestone feat. Giuseppe de Luca – Frozen Ground

4. Bryan Kearney & Plumb – All Over Again

5. David Gravell – On The Move

6. Davey Asprey – Passengers

7. Solarstone feat. Alex Karwit – Choosing His Angels

8. Roman Messer feat. Christina Novelli – Fireflies

9. Scott Bond & Charlie Walker vs Trouser Enthusiasts – Sweet Release

10. Radion6 – A State of Mind

11. Arkham Knights – Gravity

12. Jorn van Deynhoven – Rising High

13. John O’Callaghan – Two Trees

14. John Askew – Black Coffee

15. Day Din & Waio – Action Jackson

16. Allen Watts – The Hymn

17. Chris Schweizer – Rapture

18. GMS – Monolith

19. Shinovi – Run or Stay

20. Ben Nicky – Cobra



1. Gareth Emery & STANDERWICK feat. HALIENE – Saving Light

2. ilan Bluestone feat. Koven – Another Lover

3. NWYR – Dragon

4. Armin van Buuren – This Is A Test

5. David Gravell – Addicted To

6. Airwave – The Unfinished

7. Factor B – Invidius

8. M11 & Max Meyer – We Were The Evolution

9. Gai Barone – Nexo

10. Spencer Brown – Embarcadero

11. Paul Hamilton – Mind Games

12. Tim Mason – Aalto

13. THNK – Macabre

14. John 00 Fleming – We Close Doors

15. Neelix – Cherokee

16. Ace Ventura & Coming Soon!!! – Say What

17. Ben Nicky & Pop Art – Screenshot

18. Blastoyz – Parvati Valley

19. Liquid Soul – Wake Up

20. Heatbeat – Equador

Discover David Gravell ep. 011: Backstage at E-Lake Festival!

One of the things we love the most is when our favorite artists are up for some vlog, in this case we are super thrilled to watch what happened behind the scenes of E-Lake Festival with David Gravell.

Let’s check this episode out for a fix of energy and some insights from the Dutch man himself, taking us all backstage with him and his manager and showing us around.

Let’s see what his raider looks like, and let David infect you with his happiness and powerful sound. From the road to the festival, to the dinner at his hotel, passing through his backstage room and straight to rock the stage!

Are you ready to experience all that and discover a bit more this legend in the making? Yes?? Ok then, as David would say: AWESOME!








Don’t get the season fool you…. despite November is bringing us a depressing weather,
our favorite wonderworker churns out another  weapon of mass dance floor destruction that gets us all excited and happy!!

It’s been a while since David Gravell dropped ‘Bulldozer’ and ‘Supernova’ onto the imprint, but the Dutchman is back on Mainstage Music for another round of dancefloor whooping. Giving fans the world over their next fix, this cut is a mainstage banger you can only get ‘Addicted To’.

Like the vocals say, we are all addicted to something, some people are addicted to sex, some others to drugs, money or fame … and then there is David Gravell who is addicted to… Music!

Well, needless to say, we’re psyched to share this awesome addiction with him.

‘Addicted To’ is destined to wreak havoc worldwide supplying an immense blast of energy with its monstrous floor cracking bassline and brutal synths which perfectly match the full throttle melody.
Highly addictive and captivating from the first beats, it’s the kind of anthem that will make its way into trance sets everywhere


Let’s grab it Here

About David Gravell

On the international electronic dance music scene for a mere five years, David Gravell exhibits both the poise and the good-natured charm of a young gentleman. His boyish good looks and even-tempered nature hide a deep well of musical talent and ambition. While on tour with his elder and wiser mentor, Andrew Rayel, on the latter’s successful MOMENTS World Tour, Gravell showed that he had the work ethic and stamina to hang with the big boys. Today, Gravell is one of the trance music genre’s more innovative DJs/producers with releases including, “The Road,” “Explore” and “Energy.” Gravell’s fresh touch is also lent to big-name remixes, including Armin van Buuren’s “Communication.” In 2015, Gravell was nominated at the International Dance Music Awards (IDMAs) in the categories of “Best Trance DJ” and “Best Breakthrough DJ.” For this young producer, the future looks bright.


Today is the day! Hot on the wheels of Andrew Rayel’s imprint InHarmony Music we finally see the release of the long awaited tune that haunted us through the whole summer; we’re talking about ‘On The Move’ by David Gravell!
Let’s take a walk down the memory lane, in 2001 to be exact, when the Dutch trance artist Bart Claessen gave birth, (under the alias of Barthezz) to one of his most famous track called ‘On The Move’.
Needless to say it was an instant success, a classic trance tune clearly intended to be remembered for years to come.
Now, let’s be honest, it’s a hell of a challenge what David got himself into… reworking such a monster tune… But he never disappoints and revamped ‘On The Move’ in a majestic way like only him could have done, forging a record of utter beauty.
His visionary mind worked it out enriching  this beauty with his very own magical touch and signature analog sound typical of Gravell’s studio set up. As always,the sound research is on point and we’re used to the fact he doesn’t  settle for less than perfection chasing relentlessly the wow effect in all his productions.
The full-throttle melody blends perfectly with the sick synth line, the jaw-dropping chord progressions and the ravaging beats build up to an irresistible climax clearly addressed to drive you nuts with an outpouring of emotions. All in all it’s a top-notch cut!
Turning the near-age-old Barthezz classic into a mainstage bulldozer of his own, David Gravell has landed on Andrew Rayel’s InHarmony label. Brimming with blazing synths, floor-cracking bass and the ever so recognizable melody, ‘On The Move’ is there to make sure not a soul of the thousands-strong crowd will stand still.
Yesterday David attended the special ADE edition of ASOT836 playing in the studio alongside Armin van Buuren.
He stated that, as he did for ‘Communication’ by Armin and ‘Children’ by Robert Miles, he really had fun reworking ‘On The Move’ because it gave him the chance to bring back to light an old classic melody which he revamped with his unique style and sound.
We must say, it’s also a good way to let the younger clubbers know some of the older gems.
Gravell revealed also, that he has another big release coming up next month…And we don’t know about you guys,  but we are hungry for more already!!
We’re also amazed to announce that David Gravell is one of the first names confirmed on the line-up of ASOT850 Utrecht  ‘Be In The Moment’


David Gravell never ceases to tease us  revealing time after time an unstoppable streaks of standouts tunes.

His newest gem ‘Traveller’ has been released only a week ago but you are already hungry for more?

Well, we got some really juicy  news then, because Andrew Rayel’s new imprint ‘InHarmony Music’ is going to be the home of Gravell’s newest jewel ‘On The Move’.

We’re quite sure you heard this tune during the summer at his gigs and you been wondering since then when that ID would have been released.

On David Gravell’s socials many fans are asking about it since Tomorrowland when the Dutch legend rocked the crowd with ‘On The Move’

Psyched yet?

nfectious and euphoric like only his tracks can be, On The Move is one of those tune made to cause you to press play on repeat. Highly addictive and with captivating synth line it easily gets stuck into your mind where it’s gonna linger for a long time. Uplifting and fast paced, ‘On The Move’ is the perfect festival anthem.
Stay tuned for more info and release date soon 🙂