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Our Italian workhaolic duo, D-Rhapsody is back at it, fully refreshed to engage their audience once again with this new gem.

The duo steps up their game to deliver a magical and amazingly crafted tune, making it crystal clear that they have a voice that needs to be heard!

‘Liquid Ceiling’ is a stellar display of their storytelling prowess where they unravel their mystery while the track unfolds gradually.

Listen to D-Rhapsody ‘Liquid Ceiling’ here


The latest release from Nikko.Z’s Dopamine Music finds D-Rhapsody returning for a new EP. Hailing from Italy, Max Orian and Alberto Gasparini aka D-Rhapsody first appeared on the Greek imprint in December of last year with their ‘Rip Current’ EP. A remix for Replicanth’s ‘From Earth to Heaven’ then followed in April along with an EP for Soundteller Records in July. Now as the summer season winds to a close D-Rhapsody finds their way back to Dopamine with a new EP entitled ‘Liquid Ceiling’. The originality of D-Rhapsody’s work has always been revered by both their fans and contemporaries. This latest two track showcase not only continues that trend but stretches the genre confines even further. Beginning with the title piece ‘Liquid Ceiling’ the duo explore techno rhythms and esoteric design. Backed by a fluid, free flowing framework it’s an energetic romp from the outset. Astral effects and waning thematics soon fill the air, ultimately leading to a soulful break where colourful harmonics sets up a quirky finale. The companion piece ‘Floating Point’ comes in a touch deeper and more groove oriented with a well sculpted, character heavy low end leading the charge. Rolling and rhythmic in all the right ways the piece flows through rippling clusters and vibrant chord stabs before a wonky lead motif highlights the break, propelling the track to an exhilarating finale. it rounds out an excellent return to Dopamine Music for D-Rhapsody who continue to impress with fresh and inspired productions. Words by Mitch Alexander (Change Underground). Artwork by Dimitrios Papanikos. Mastered by Dopamine. Distributed by Proton.

D-Rhapsody EP ‘Rip Current’ is now available for pre order

The Venice based duo D-Rhapsody, is back at it with a bold statement from the maturing studio producers and live performers on Dopamine Music, presenting their unique musical soundscape with this precious Ep called ‘Rip Current’.

Sure to push the boundaries of progressive music while cementing their distinctive sound, this is for sure a duo to keep an eye on!

The latest release from Nikko.Z’s Dopamine Music welcomes D-Rhapsody to the label for their debut EP. Hailing from Italy, Max Orian and Alberto Gasparini make up the D-Rhapsody production duo. After forming the partnership in 2015 Max and Alberto have built an impressive discography, highlighted by releases on Natura Viva and Stellar Fountain. Now making their much anticipated debut on Dopamine Music, D-Rhapsody present their ‘Rip Current’ EP.

Let’s check it out Here

Spread out over four tracks, the title and showcase piece ‘Rip Current’ sets the tone for the entire release. Beginning with a deep, meditative groove, organic percussion and cosmic effects you’re immediately sucked into its sonic charm. Evolving into an emotive nine minute journey with cinematic synth swells and tantalizing electronics. ‘Mad Spirals’ continues the astral narrative with a deep, gritty yet invitingly warm character. Backed by a chugging groove the track moves through a free flowing storyboard of spaced out motifs, eventually culminating with poignant chord changes and a piano-led break.

The EP’s third selection ‘Thousand Words’ is perhaps its most expansive and spiritual creation. Clocking in at nearly eleven minutes it’s distinctly modern with effervescent electronics and a memorable vocal theme. It’s unpredictable lead heightens both tension and drama, particularly during an exhilarating third act finale that sits as a high point on the release. Winding to a close with ‘Cycles’ D-Rhapsody explores quirky electronics and pulsating, techno inspired grooves. Perfectly dialled for peak time play it’s an energetic, concise and percussive jaunt into progressive techno, rounding out a superb collection of music from D-Rhapsody which would have to be considered their most accomplished work to date. 2018 holds much promise for this Italian duo so make sure you’re locked in for the ride.

D-RHAPSODY just released their “SUSY EP” 

Out now on Stellar Fountain/Astrowave label, the long anticipated EP by the Venetian based duo “D-Rhapsody”, a dream team both in the studio and in the live front.

Delivering an overwhelming progressive wave, you can easily recognize their signature sound rooted down to a texture-rich form of electronica that deals in thumping beats and complex atmosphere full of gliding synths pads. 

The EP comes with two jewels called “Supersimmetry” and “Multiverse” , both in the original mix and with the remixes by George Yammine and David Salow.

You can listen to them here:

Supersimmetry (George Yammine Remix)
Suoersimmetry (Original Mix)
Multiverse (Original Mix)
Multiverse (David Salow Remix)

Susum night was a blast

The Backstage Access couldn’t miss THAT Monday party!!! And so we checked it out to see what all that fuzz was about…..

Well…we’ve been lost for words….amazing location and very well equipped console they got there!! Looking definitely more  like a recording studio than a club, and this for sure attracted most insiders to catch up on new devices for djs and producers…No doubt all the geeks found their home there!!


The relaxed and friendly atmosphere made it all absolutely extra special, and quality drinks were like the icing on the cake.

Talking about the beats (which is the main thing we are going on in this site) nothing was left to chance so we could enjoy a finest selection of deep tech tunes who really charmed us and let us wanting more of that stuff!

A special thanks to Paolo Spiga for the pictures and Luca Dea for the videos and of course to the djs An-DI and D-Rhapsody, to all the Susum crew and last but not least Ilario Barbieri Maschio for making it possible.


D-Rhapsody live



Here’s the link to D-Rhapsody Facebook page where you can find some nice videos catching up the vibes of the night!







D-Rhapsody meets Susum


This is the Venice based deep tech duo consisting of musicians Max Orian and  Alberto Gasparini; alongside the classic dj set they love to experiment with synthesizers and drum machines to build up a one of a kind electronic atmosphere delighting the crowd with their finest music selection.



If you didn’t have the chance to meet this very talented duo, the right time has come!

Taking inspiration from the north european “boiler room” , northern Italy is sending a strong message to all the artists, clubbers, and insiders in general who are up for the new trend in electronic music; an experimental event called Susum, taking place in Treviso, on Monday’s; a new party and a totally new way to meet artists, djs, all kind of electronic music geeks, producers, bloggers, photographers, everyone who want to be part of the scene and that truly loves the beats  cannot miss this event.

More than a party, more than a recording studio, an exciting place to give birth to loads of jams and cooperations.


So if you are in the area, trade your couch with an alternative night out with friends and let’s share some good vibes, here are the details:






of course The Backstage Access will keep a close eye on them…