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The closing days of 2018 saw Cosmic Gate break news of sweeping plans to commemorate 20 years of artistic partnership. Now, following Ilan Bluestone’s reworking of the Emma Hewitt-sung classic ‘Be Your Sound’, Cosmic Gate deliver their next LP trailblazer.

Occupying a singular place in the genre’s history, ‘Need To Feel Loved’ is the trance anthem that was never meant to be. Caught between the emphatic prog house intentions of its producers and a trance remix that supercharged it to classic status, it was released on the cusp of an evolutionary moment in Cosmic Gate’s history.

Bossi from the group elaborates: the release of the original ran in almost complete parallel with a time our sound was undergoing its first significant change. During pre-production on ‘Earth Mover’, the depth and emotional complexity of ‘Need To Feel Loved’ was highly influential on Nic & I. For their interpretation Cosmic Gate spent many an hour forensically re-exploring what made ‘Need To Feel Loved’ so unique. “What was most important to us in reinterpreting it, says Nic Chagall, was that we didn’t retrace any musical ground already covered. What we’ve come up with gives us the perfect new version to play on the 20 years tour!

Their mix brings drum, percussion & depth charge bass, which prefaces its deliberately elegiac pianoforte and Thomas Newman’s almost impossibly moving Road To Perdition strings. Break-side it equalises with trance synth shimmer, LFO-generated sub riffs and the heartfelt chime of its mainline.  To do full and complete justice to their version, an extraordinary vocal from a singer of singular and very specific tone was required. The search ended in Holland at the door of Forêt. The very epitome of ‘bittersweet’, her quiet implore, mixed with the unending reach of her delivery swings an emotional wrecking ball through the track’s heart.

The next piece of Cosmic Gate’s 20 years celebrations (more info on which here https://cosmic-gate.de/article/20-years-new-album-tour/) is in place and ready to stream/purchase here https://wym.choons.at/needtofeelloved. Having already touched Australia, phase-2 dates for the 20 Years tour, which continues through to the early summer, have just been announced. They’ll see Cosmic Gate make a return to Ultra in Miami, alongside much requested dates in New York, London, Moscow, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta. Full details and tickets available here (https://cosmic-gate.de/tour-dates/).


1) Cosmic Gate & Forêt – Need To Feel Loved
2) Cosmic Gate & Forêt – Need To Feel Loved (Extended Mix)




Across two Chapters, 2017 saw Cosmic Gate release ‘Materia’ – the most significant and expansive album compendia in their long-playing history. Throughout key points of ‘Materia’s timeline, the ‘How’, ‘What’, ‘When’ and ‘Where’ of its coming-together was captured on film.

In ways intimate and surprising, inspiring, challenging and heartening, ‘Materia – The Documentary’ chronicles how the albums of ‘Materia’ were conceived, recorded and released – all related by the men who made them.

Shot on location at key events over the course of a musical year, the doc team shadowed the duo to Amsterdam for ADE, to Music Week in Miami, Belgium for Tomorrowland and on… It also drops in to more intimate ‘Materia’ tour shows, reaching celebrated venues including Ministry of Sound, London and LA’s Exchange.

Over its duration, Cosmic Gate provide the inside loop on their processes and methodology, whilst shedding new light on ‘Materia’s concept. Featuring behind-the-scenes material, it includes lesser-seen backstage footage, with Nic & Bossi sharing candid insights on how they manage the pressures of group and tour life. Contrastingly, the film also captures all the front-of-house thrill and thrall of the pair live, and in full flow. All naturally backed by the embryonic anthems of ‘Materia’.

On cam, Nic & Bossi also discuss moments from their earlier years and relate how events and inspirations – often unexpectedly – played their part in the shaping the albums’ music. The doc also delves into Cosmic Gate’s unique dynamic, exploring the synergy & second-nature-ism behind one of the most enduring partnerships in electronic music.

Intercut between are clips from many of Materia’s best known tracks, ‘AM2PM’, ‘Fall Into You’, ‘AR’, ‘Noom’ and ‘Dynamic’ among them. Through the documentary makers lens, you can get as up close and personal with its albums as it’s possible to get. Cosmic Gate’s ‘Materia’ movie is online now. Dock with the doc here: https://bit.ly/2srxSKz !!













Since the release of its sign-in Chapter at the start of the year, ‘Materia’ – Cosmic Gate’s “made for the clubs” (MIXMAG), “impressive”, “roots return” (DJ Mag) LP – has been rocking blocks & wowing crowds in all four corners. Through the project, Nic & Bossi have dug deep to musically define the very essence (or materia) of Cosmic Gate.

Chapter Two’s vanguard singles (‘Tonight’ (“ethereal”, “stunning” – Dancing Astronaut), the tech-tipped Markus Schulz-collab ‘AR’ & the emotionally stirring ‘Bigger Than We Are’) have paved its summer-long road to release. They are now joined by six new, never-heard-before Cosmic creations.
With the cyber-synth futurism of ‘Noom’, counted among their number is the first studio-born team-up with Super8 & Tab. There’s also the (says YourEDM) “sparse techno-like cut”, “super-long built up chords” and “serious mainline soar” of the Tomorrowland-smashing ‘No Strings Attached’, together with Arnej.

Song-based collaborations are in no short supply either, with new music formed around many a prominent voice. Making not one, but two appearances on the album, ‘If Not Now’ and ‘Materia’s title track sees JES shining brighter than ever. The acidic bubble and radiating synths of ‘Someday’ marks a Chapter.Two recall for Alastor too, while ‘Sparks After The Sunset’ singer Sarah Lynn channels her soul into ‘Folded Wings’.



We couldn’t be more thrilled to have a chat with Nic and Bossi about this masterpiece and to get some insights.

TBA: Materia Chapter One was out in January and now, only a few months later we have Materia Chapter Two! What’s the idea behind it and why split it in two parts?


CG: The answer in the end is pretty simply, we had too many good tracks that we wanted to release and could simply not get them done on time to release all in one. Another reason why we actually like the concept to bring out two chapters is, that we give our fans more time to really explore the music on each Chapter. To release 17 tracks as we did with Start to Feel is great, but when people 4 weeks after release ask, so when do we hear new music, then us as the people that have been busting on the album for a year don’t really know how to react to such a question, as it’s a project that took all our heart, soul, energy and mostly creative potential for a year, its not like pushing a button and say, hey, there is more music for you… Soundwise Chapter two walks in the footsteps of Chapter 1 for sure, for us its the Material Album, two big EPs become one Album, the physical copy will hold both Chapters as well, basically like a book that was released in two parts.



TBA:  How did your collaboration with Super8&Tab happen ?


CG: This one actually went very smooth, the boys came up with a first idea, we picked it up and added to it, and so on… all 4 of us have just a very dj minded approach to music and Noom turned out to be a real favourite tool in our sets already, even before the release of Material Chapter two.


TBA: Which is the cooperation that challenged you the most?


CG: Thats hard to say, every track in the end comes together differently, some you first think of as easy need more time in the end, which is the beauty of it, overall we are super happy with how things came together, for both chapters.

TBA: Being around for so many successful years, which young artist do you suggest we put on our radar?


CG: Hm, two names we would suggest you guys check out Australian Marcus Santoro and Hexlogic from Kiev in the Ukraine. We play their productions constantly in our radio show Wake Your Mind


TBA:  How does your creative studio process start usually?


CG: This is never a routine, we sometimes start with a baseline, sometimes a melody, sometimes maybe a vocal hookline, when something is inspiring we just work on it and add to it, follow our imagination, but being in the studio and work on music is not like cooking where you follow a recipe in a basically strict order, and this is good, songs happen differently and this keeps things fresh and different and always interesting for us.

TBA:  A day in the life of Cosmic Gate – give us an idea?


CG: Same answer as before, in the end every day for us is different, real routine does not happen, which keeps it interesting to say the least. we travel so much for our shows, been on the road for nearly 3 month now, so you can imagine that something like real routine is barely happening, the only thing thats constant is the amount of travel and as an result unfortunately not enough sleep often, we try to make the best out of it though and bring our shows around the world and still write our music when ever we can.

TBA:  What’s the secret of your success?


CG: Hm, this is hard to say, if we had a guess, maybe its because  in the end we are always ourselves, we never followed trends, our music and style is unique and music quality is always coming first. music simply  is our passion and we hope it shows in our productions and when we are on stage playing our shows.


TBA: If you had to pick just one unforgettable day or night of your career which would it be?


CG: We fortunately had quite a lot of these, first time Trance Energy, First big EDC, Beyond Wonderland or Nocturnal shows in Cali, playing big solo shows like a Palladium in LA or Festival Hall here Melbourne were highlights as well. we could continue here, its crazy to see where our music has brought us and we are very thankful for it, plus we are looking forward to more to come in the future!


TBA:  What’s up next for you guys?

CG: The Material Chapter 2 tour has just started for us in Australia last weekend, we bring it back to the US, Asia and Europe in the coming month with some big shows getting announced soon, we keeping it busy 🙂


Cosmic Gate: ‘Materia – Chapter Two’ tracklist:

  1. Cosmic Gate & JES – Materia
  2. Cosmic Gate & Emma Hewitt – Tonight
  3. Cosmic Gate & Super8 & Tab – Noom
  4. Cosmic Gate & Eric Lumiere – Bigger Than We Are
  5. Cosmic Gate & Markus Schulz – AR
  6. Cosmic Gate & Alastor – Someday
  7. Cosmic Gate & JES – If Not Now
  8. Cosmic Gate & Sarah Lynn – Folded Wings
  9. Cosmic Gate & Arnej – No Strings Attached





Hi everyone,
so….I am in full post-asot depression these days right after a spectacular weekend.

I know many of you have been celebrating ASOT750 in Utrecht just like me….Also, I am so glad I had the chance to party with you and see so many of my friends there.

The 4 floors were amazing and the lighting were just out of this world.
There was the MainStage, the 138 stage, I’m in a state of trance stage, and 15 years and counting stage.
Plus the Radio Dome where Armin and Ruben were broadcasting the event when not playing MainStage.

Unfortunately, as you might have heard, Paul van Dyk fell off the stage in the middle of his performance and has been taken to the hospital, my prayers and thoughts are still with him and his family waiting to know something more about his health conditions.
After the accident, Armin stated that in respect to Paul he would not have played his vinyl set to close the party.
Much respect to him for this decision.

So, if you are curious to know what happens during this huge party, let’s find here some pictures taken by a hell of a photographer, Maurizio Sutti, enjoy!!!












A chat with the Trance Queen…Emma Hewitt

Emma Hewitt doesn’t need any introduction, her very recognizable voice and distinctive style, made me fall for her the very first time I heard her singing; after so many big collaborations (Cosmic Gate, Armin van Buuren, Dash Berlin..to name a few) and the great success of her album Burn the Sky Down, she is now back with another stunning tune in cooperation with Mark Sixma,called “Restless Hearts”.

I am so excited to share this interview with you guys,she’s not only an amazing trance singer and song writer, not only a beautiful woman, but also a wonderful soul, so kind-hearted and down to earth, and I am feeling really blessed she made the time to support my blog!!

J: Hello Emma,
thank you for supporting my blog with this interview 🙂

E: Hey Jess, it’s my pleasure! 🙂 Thanks for chatting with me 🙂

J: I know you started to sing when you were really young, so would you tell me
how did it all start?

E: It was never really a conscious decision, I just always wanted to sing and
be involved with music in some way. I started singing in bands when I was
still in school. As soon as I finished school my brother and I were saving
to record demos and send them to anyone who would listen. Through this
process, and constant writing and learning, we went in and out of different
record and publishing deals, different managers, many moves to different
countries and a lot of trial and error before we came to where we are now,
in electronic music.

J: What is the difference between being in a band and being a trance singer ?

E: The songs are all still written in the same way, on an acoustic guitar or
piano. The main difference for me is the freedom to travel around the
world either alone or with one other person and perform. With a band there
was always 6 of us and a sound guy, so travel and shows actually became
quite expensive. I must say it was a lot of fun having so many other
people to bounce off though. I really enjoy both worlds to be honest.

J: What inspires you the most when you write your lyrics?

E: Always life. The stories of the people around me. My own emotions.
Songwriting is a very therapeutic exercise and for me allows me to express
emotions and nostalgia that I probably wouldn’t otherwise express.

J: What is the most emotional gigs you remember?

E: Most of them actually become emotional in some way. There is often so much
energy from the crowd and I am always trying to give as much energy as I
can back. I think perhaps for me, the first solo sets I did at some of the
big festivals were kind of a milestone for me, as for a while people told
me only djs could do that.

J: Who would you like to work with in the next future ?

E: Anyone who writes a fantastic song and has a great sound…and of course is
a good person too 🙂

J: in your album Burn the sky down (that I adore) there is also a cover from
Placebo, This Picture, can you tell me why did you choose that tune ? (I am
a huge Placebo fan too)

E: Oh you are? Awesome! I am a huge fan of 90’s rock and industrial music.
I grew up with this darker kind of music, so I wanted to give a nod to that

J: What are the ups and downs of your job?

E: The ups of course are probably too many to list. I get to do what is
absolutely my passion, for this I count myself very lucky. Seeing places
all over the world that I would never otherwise have the chance to visit is
a wonderful perk, meeting people and making friends from other countries,
the crowds and energy of the shows…
Perhaps the only downside, which I would never complain about still as I am
grateful to do what I do…but I would have to say it would be missing out
on spending time with family and friends. Also perhaps the instability and
not particularly belonging anywhere. But I am happy to continue being a
traveling gypsy as the goods far out way the negatives!!

J: Any new project on the way?

E: Many! I have quite a few new collaborations lined up and I am also looking
at releasing a solo ep or album early next year. I took some time out from
releasing music for a while to gather fresh inspiration. Now I am fully
inspired and writing like crazy! 🙂

J: How did success affected your life ?

E: I guess it is difficult for any of us to really gauge our own success or
see ourselves as successful. For me I am always looking to the next
project or the next thing I want to achieve. I wouldn’t consider myself
successful until I have achieved all I want to. And I think if I ever
achieve all I want to I will become stagnant…there is so much more I want
to do before I would say I have reached success though.

J: You travel a lot, what are the things you always carry with you?

E: Always my kindle…I read a lot on flights. Black mascara is always a
must…without it I look like I have no eyes…if I stand in front of a
white wall you can’t see me. I always have my TC Helicon voice live vocal
effects so that I can create delays and reverbs for my live vocals,
ultimate ears in ear monitors so I can hear myself onstage…My
laptop…some giant shoes so I can pretend I am taller onstage :):)

J: Do you have a lucky charm?
E: Not a lucky charm so much, but I do travel with a few crystals that fit in
my pockets for good vibes and protection.

J: Are you coming back to Italy any soon?

E: I truly hope so! Italy is one of my favorite places in the world to
visit!! I absolutely LOVE the people…and the food!!!! Fingers crossed I
get to visit soon!

Thanks again Emma, really loved you find the time in your extra busy schedule for this lovely chat, and hope to see you again very soon 🙂

Here you can find her latest masterpiece with Mark Sixma “Restless Hearts”


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