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Considering their differences in terms of sound and fan base, it’s no wonder Ben Nicky and Mark Sixma’s team-up might come as a surprise. But when they do join forces, you can be sure that there’s something big coming your way. Today, both heavy hitters deliver on that promise by coming up with a gargantuan speaker buster made to crush mainstages and souls alike: ‘The Bass’.

Listen to the track here.

Drawing inspiration from electronic music’s harder styles, Ben Nicky and Mark Sixma link up for a sonic bulldozer of epic proportions that came to fruition toward the end of 2018. Alternating between aggressive synths and soft flute tones to create a supercharged contrast meant for the mainstage, this monster cut truly is all about ‘The Bass’ and the madness it brings.

Ben Nicky: “I remixed Mark’s track ‘Restless Hearts’ a few years ago now, so the natural progression was to make a track together. We had a few different names for the track initially, but as soon as ‘The Bass’ was mentioned, we both knew that was it, simple and to the point as there’s no denying the bass in this track! We both have very different fan bases, yet both have been very receptive to the track so far, so it’s definitely crossing genres for both of us. I play everything from 128-180BPM during my sets at the moment, so ‘The Bass’ fits perfectly in my live shows. We both know this is going to be a banger throughout 2019 and it was great fun making this track together, so there may be more from the both of us in the future.”

Mark Sixma: “Ben and I had been talking about doing a collab for ages. We wanted to create something that combined both our styles and could fit in both of our live sets. With ‘The Bass’, we found that common ground by bringing back that oldschool rave sound and incorporating sounds ranging from big room to hardstyle. I have been playing it a lot and the reaction of the people is exactly what we were looking for. It sets firm grounds for a lot more collaborative work with Ben coming forward; the versatility of sounds in both our sets and productions turns out to be a good mixture for what will be 2019’s rave.”


Supplying fans with three distinct moments to indulge in, Allen Watts, Ben Nicky and Tim Mason drop their killer renditions of Armin van Buuren’s ferocious ASOT 850 Anthem and do so without relent. Supercharged, all-powerful and club-ready on all fronts, these bulldozing remixes of ‘Be In The Moment’ have some floor-cracking to do in the months to come.

Let’s grab it here



Though there’s still a day or so to go before the biggest indoor Trance event in the world helps us descend into Trance-driven madness, fans from all over the world can already get into ‘A State Of Trance’. To give them a taste of what’s to come and a means to enjoy all of the amazing moments and wonderful music of the event afterwards, the official album of A State Of Trance 850 has arrived.


Supplying Trance enthusiasts with nothing but the very best from their favorite artists, ‘A State Of Trance 850 (The Official Album)’ delves into a bevy of breathtaking moments bound to prove unforgettable. Containing forty tracks from internationally acclaimed artists (and ASOT 850 performers) such as Allen Watts, Armin van Buuren, Ben Nicky, David Gravell, Gareth Emery, ilan Bluestone, John O’Callaghan, Neelix, NWYR, Purple Haze, Shinovi and more, the album gives fans exactly what they desire.


Synonymous with many of the previous editions of ‘A State Of Trance’, ‘A State Of Trance 850’ turns the Jaarsbeurs venue in Utrecht, the Netherlands into a massive global gathering, spanning no less than five stages, a whopping 37 artists and thousands of likeminded individuals ready to go full throttle from 9 PM till 6 AM (CET). Though the event has already become the best-selling edition yet with over 28,000 tickets sold to date, there is still a limited amount of tickets available for fans to purchase. For more information, please visit https://festival.astateoftrance.com/.

It sure is crazy to see how far we’ve come. Since the very start about 15 years back, A State Of Trance only had one purpose: to let you embrace the music. To provide you with the tunes that make the heart grow fonder. To help you become one with music you so cherish. And now, the moment is here again for you to ‘Be In The Moment’. ‘A State Of Trance 850’. Supplying Trance fans the world over with nothing but the very best from their favorite artists, ‘A State Of Trance 850’ delves into a bevy of breathtaking moments that will prove unforgettable. Spiked with tracks from the likes of Allen Watts, Armin van Buuren, Ben Nicky, David Gravell, Gareth Emery, ilan Bluestone, John O’Callaghan, Neelix, NWYR, Purple Haze and Shinovi, the album operates on the frontier of the scene, giving fans exactly what their heart desires. Because ‘A State Of Trance 850’, you can ‘Be In The Moment’ whenever you want. So go ahead and live it.

Listen To A State Of Trance 850 (The Official Album)



1. Armin van Buuren – Be In The Moment

2. Purple Haze – Choir 1.0

3. ilan Bluestone feat. Giuseppe de Luca – Frozen Ground

4. Bryan Kearney & Plumb – All Over Again

5. David Gravell – On The Move

6. Davey Asprey – Passengers

7. Solarstone feat. Alex Karwit – Choosing His Angels

8. Roman Messer feat. Christina Novelli – Fireflies

9. Scott Bond & Charlie Walker vs Trouser Enthusiasts – Sweet Release

10. Radion6 – A State of Mind

11. Arkham Knights – Gravity

12. Jorn van Deynhoven – Rising High

13. John O’Callaghan – Two Trees

14. John Askew – Black Coffee

15. Day Din & Waio – Action Jackson

16. Allen Watts – The Hymn

17. Chris Schweizer – Rapture

18. GMS – Monolith

19. Shinovi – Run or Stay

20. Ben Nicky – Cobra



1. Gareth Emery & STANDERWICK feat. HALIENE – Saving Light

2. ilan Bluestone feat. Koven – Another Lover

3. NWYR – Dragon

4. Armin van Buuren – This Is A Test

5. David Gravell – Addicted To

6. Airwave – The Unfinished

7. Factor B – Invidius

8. M11 & Max Meyer – We Were The Evolution

9. Gai Barone – Nexo

10. Spencer Brown – Embarcadero

11. Paul Hamilton – Mind Games

12. Tim Mason – Aalto

13. THNK – Macabre

14. John 00 Fleming – We Close Doors

15. Neelix – Cherokee

16. Ace Ventura & Coming Soon!!! – Say What

17. Ben Nicky & Pop Art – Screenshot

18. Blastoyz – Parvati Valley

19. Liquid Soul – Wake Up

20. Heatbeat – Equador


When I knew I had the chance  to interview Ben Nicky during ASOT 800 festival, I got a bit nervous, I had never met him before, and judging by the social medias he seemed to be a kinda rock n’ roll guy, still I was wondering the best way to approach him.
During the night I saw him being interviewed by other journalists, and he looked quite calm and serious,  plus I knew he was fighting a bad flu in those days so I wondered if he was really up for a chat or if the only thing he really wanted was to blow away the crowd with his distinctive sound and then just go to sleep.
When they informed me he was ready for the interview I was just evaluating how to introduce myself in the most quiet possible way, but when we were there, standing in front of each other , suddenly, his opening line was:
Hey! You look like that hot girl from Scary Movie, it’s a compliment!! Take it as a compliment!!
We both laughed at that, and it was suddenly clear that it was going to be a funny meet up!

Oh Dag Yo Photography © 2016

J: thanks a lot for supporting THE BACKSTAGE ACCESS
B: No problem
J: So how you doing lately?
B: I am very good, just very tired, I came from a show in Scotland last night and I haven’t slept …..so kind of tired , touring a lot with my solo show, so it’s great being here and being around friends… for me it’s a really nice change.

J: Are you recovering from your flu?
B: Oh, you did some research (laughs) I was sick into Friday night and today my ears are bit blocked but it’s not gonna get in the way, I’ll still smash it, it’s fine!

J: What does ASOT mean to you?
B: A State of trance is a building block for me as an artist, for my productions, I mean, a lot of people know me for my online character, my persona, my branding, but.. but for my productions, Armin has been very very helpful , you know, for the exposure of my singles on Armada, and even my tracks on Vandit and other labels
J: All the big djs are supporting you
B: Yeah but, I think that Armin and Paul van Dyk are the two that really helped me get to the point I needed and now,  I kinda do my own thing, but I love playing here because I mean Armin always brings everyone together;  it’s a great festival and I love it!
J: Any new stuff coming up?
B: Yes, a new track on Armada actually WAO138, a collab with Paul van Dyk, a remix I’ve done for an hardcore producer ….it’s exciting to remix a different genre too, I do a collab with Coming Soon too, a lot of new stuff, and you know it’s hard cause I am touring so much…..

J: what’s your relationship with social media?
B: Apparently I am the most viral dj on Snapchat and Facebook, well, my videos … the amount of likes against the amount of followers I have is the biggest interaction, someone told me! So I do my own social media and if you see something rad it’s normally me , tho,it’s very hard because I tour so much… but I like to have a really good interaction with my fans to make them feel what they read it’s truthful, without that I would not have stood where i am now.
J. What about your Headfuck brand?
B: Obviously it’s a bit controversial, very rock n’ roll, I‘ve been doing the Headfuck tour around the world but I am concentrating right now on my Ben Nicky Solo show. Especially in the UK we are selling out all my shows, I really appreciate the support, I want to start doing it like a concert bringing vocalists on stage you know… I wanna just do it more in the UK and spread the concept worlwide…It takes time but I am working on it

J: Wow,there’s a lot going on…
B: Indeed, every week a different country, right now I have like 10 gigs in 10 days
J: Is there any place you like to play the most?
B: Mexico and Argentina…and The Netherlands….hahah that’s the number one
J : What do you love to do in your spare time ?
B: I go to the gym as you can see ..haha no, joking, tattooes, as you can see, …it sounds crazy cause I have a very rock star image but when i am at home I just walk the dog ,relax, sleep, just chill, eat good things, go to the cinema…just relaxing things

J: Ok, thanks a lot for your time 
B: and yours.
J: Let’s rock the place now, and see you soon
B: See ya



The latest ASOT edition just amazed us all with its majestic show, the 800th episode’s celebration was absolutely insane, and we bet you are looking forward to the next edition already!!

Whether you were with us at Jaarbeurs during that incredible night or you were just spending a cozy night on your couch following the streaming, the main thing is we were all united for A State Of Trance, because it’s part of our lives and our stories and something we could not really live without.

It’s like the whole trance world is connected for a unique night, a one of a kind experience which aims to unite us all; ASOT means a lot to us, right? Well… we’ve had a chat with some of the artists performing there and  found out what ASOT means to them (and a lot of other interesting things which will follow asap in their interviews, during the next days)




Well the first time I was listening to ASOT, no, actually, let’s go way back, when I was 15 ,16 or something, I used to listen to ASOT radio show, and it kinda got me into producing music’s at some point I was actually releasing music on labels, and one of the first songs, was picked up by Armin van Buuren and he played it into ASOT so at some point I was listening to it and I heard my song and I was like: hang on, this is one of my songs, so…. Armin was playing my song!!! Can you imagine it?… Like the thrill, for me it was insane!
So that was my first experience and actually got hooked from that moment on. ASOT It’s really special for me, the music, the beats, trance means a lot to me.


Giuseppe:  It’s kinda of an institution, you know, one of those BIG things that have to be part of your life if you are a trance artist, you gotta play here
Richard: It’s like I milestone. If I was Armin I would end it at 1000 because it’s a really good number, if you get to 1000 then you get to do 10000 so that’s not possible ( but I am not gonna say that to Armin btw…- laughs-)


To me it means A lot of things. I think I’ve started producing my music because of it, back in 2004, I started listening to the radio show, and it really inspired me and I realized that I wanted to make tracks which Armin would have played, so it was like my dream, you know, right now I am here and the dream came true! So i’d say ASOT is a very important part of my career, my music position so yeah, it means a lot.


Rodg: For me, it kinda changed, you know, I’ve been playing here for the 3rd time, before that I was a visitor, it was about the music, you heard new music, a lot of productions, you know it was just an amazing festival, but now, I am here as a dj, playing the record I made in the studio is more about I am gathering people, bringing people together to enjoy music all together and especially for his event they come from all over the world, you see flags from countries you can’t even think of, that’s pretty special like, we, with our music bring these people together, that’s exactly what ASOT mean to me.

Ruben : I think the most important thing about ASOT is unifying, like bringing people together, the media are trying to divide everyone nowadays, try to scare people and make sure that everybody hates each other like you need to hate that person because he does that and so…I think with ASOT or with music in general we are trying to do something different, we are trying to bring people together so that a perfect example is when you see people with palestinian flag or israeli flag and they can dance together like they are here for the music not for any political reasons….that’s the most important thing about it,yeah I know it’s a bit deep but it is what it is 🙂


I think it’s already for years and years the biggest trance festival and it’s the party to be, it’s always something to look forward to, every time you get invited to play here, it’s like being a baby in a candy store! it’s awesome to be here, awesome crowd, everybody is so excited so it’s just very nice to play here!!


My very first ASOT was with my friends and I remember that I was in the car listening to the music and then I thought it was different from everything else  it was little bit magical, special, I love that everyone is different , everyone is loving the music, everyone is uniting and coming together to celebrate , there are a lot of other festival but this particular one is so nice and unique, I haven’t seen anything like this before.


It’s a building block for me as an artist, and for my productions, I mean a lot of people know me for my persona, my branding, but ASOT is very good for the exposure of my singles too Armin and Armada always supported my tracks and helped me get me to the point I am now,I love playing here because Armin brings everyone together and it’s a great festival.


It’ s a very exciting event to be, I meet all the trance family people , lot of people I work with…It may sounds like a cliché but trance is kinda a way of life for me , it’s part of my daily life.

When all is said and done, we do hope your ASOT experience has been great, and just stay tuned for the full interviews with each of these amazing artists!!

So… now we are curious, what does ASOT mean to YOU??