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Ben Gold & Sivan – Stay

Sweeping listeners off their feet with stunning strings and Sivan’s equally breathtaking vocals, Ben Gold’s ‘Stay’ is taken from his forthcoming mini album ‘Sound Advice – Chapter One’ and captivating to the bone. Transitioning into a wonderful melody and steady rhythms before diving back into the awe-inspiring breakdown, this record truly shows the magic of music.



Just wondering if some of you guys were among the crowd when  Andrew Rayel hit the stage at ASOT Ultra, playing this beauty?

With not much time left for the release of his brand new album ‘Sound Advice (Chapter One)’, we’re happy to present you the beautiful ‘New Republic’. An organic sounding piano combined with compelling strings flowing over into a perfectly fitting melody before taking off in the climax.

With riveting piano play, enchanting strings and a melody to die for, Ben Gold’s ‘New Republic’ shows us where the future of Trance ought to be headed. Taken from his album ‘Sound Advice (Chapter One)’, this cut has all the hallmarks of the next best thing in Trance land and will do everything in its power to stake the claim.

Let’s grab it here 

After many successful years chock-full of blistering productions and melodic masterpieces, the time has finally come for Trance star Ben Gold to unleash his debut artist album. Written without any restrictions or genre-imposed limitations, ‘Sound Advice (Chapter One)’ features a rock-solid collection of brand-new Ben Gold material, complete with live instrumentation, amazing talent and sterling examples of its creator’s peerless production skill.

Listen to Ben Gold – Sound Advice (Chapter One)

Adding another part to the musical lineage of the Gold empire, Ben Gold has clearly polished his sound to surpass today’s standards. Through Chapter One of his ‘Sound Advice’ album, the U.K. DJ and producer offers an enticing mash of top-drawer collaborations (including hot names such as Allen Watts, Audrey Gallagher, Omnia and more) and ferociously energetic productions, all bearing the hyper-melodic signature sound that earned Ben Gold international acclaim. Comprising six blistering records and a surprisingly delicate acoustic mix to boot, this first chapter of ‘Sound Advice’ sure seems like a sonic recommendation every dance music lover would do well to act on.

Ben Gold: “What I found so interesting and exciting about working on this album is that I had the flexibility of being able to produce whatever I wanted. I could work with different styles in the Trance genre without being restricted or being in a pigeon hole. I hope people love it as much as I enjoyed making it, and that it allows them to have a journey right through the genre of Trance. Take it as some ‘Sound Advice’ from Ben Gold.”


  1. Ben Gold & Audrey Gallagher – There Will Be Angels
  2. Ben Gold & Sivan – Stay
  3. Ben Gold & Ruben de Ronde x Rodg – Two
  4. Ben Gold & Omnia – The Conquest
  5. Ben Gold – New Republic
  6. Ben Gold & Allen Watts – Strike As One
  7. Ben Gold & Audrey Gallagher – There Will Be Angels (Acoustic Mix)


Ever since Electronic Family 2017 anthem ‘BombSquadKittens’ shook the very foundations of the outdoor Trance festival, fans have been longing for its official follow-up. That moment has arrived today, as Ben Gold teams up with Ruben de Ronde and Rodg again for ‘Two’, their second collaboration and the second single of Chapter One of Ben Gold’s forthcoming debut album, ‘Sound Advice’.

Listen to Ben Gold & Ruben de Ronde X Rodg – Two

One of the most anthemic singles on Ben Gold’s forthcoming album (‘Sound Advice – Chapter One’, set for release on May 4 this year), ‘Two’ sees the U.K. DJ, producer and label owner team up with Dutch heroes Ruben de Ronde and Rodg for a second time. Blending a beautifully balanced arrangement with three different sound brands and a melody that proves catchy as hell, this cut shows that trice the fun equals two times the quality on all fronts.

Ben Gold: “’Two’ is the second record the three of us have written together, hence the title. We had so much fun crafting up the Electronic Family anthem last year and as I was writing my album, it was a great opportunity for us to team up again. We all played a key part in the writing process of the track and this really shines through in ‘Two’. It was a joy and pleasure to work with these guys, as always.”

Ruben de Ronde: “This is the third time I’ve worked with Ben on a tune and the second time that Rodg is in on the fun too. Even though our styles are a fair bit different, I feel we always come up with something that meets in the middle. I meet Ben everywhere around the world and being able to work with a man like this – and to have Rodg as part of the team-up as well – is always a pleasure.

Rodg: “After the success of ‘BombSquadKittens’, I was very excited to hit the studio again with these two guys to make some more magic happen. I think the result is a perfect fusion of our styles and that it will fit right in with all of our respective DJ sets.”

OUT NOW: BEN GOLD – Kingdoms

At the helm of the Trance movement since his first forays into the genre, Ben Gold has always been a main supplier of the infectious melodies the genre is known and loved for. Today, he delivers another one through ‘Kingdoms’, which not only marks an outstanding production from the hand of the London-based DJ and producer, but also sees him debut on Armin van Buuren’s Armind imprint.

Listen to Ben Gold ‘Kingdoms’


Demonstrating his skill as an anthem creator as well as his knack for creating soaring and unforgettable melodies, ‘Kingdoms’ give the Ben Gold fans exactly what they want. Premiered by Armin van Buuren himself during Aly & Fila’s celebratory FSOE 500 event and named as the Tune Of The Week in the 838th episode of Armin van Buuren’s A State Of Trance radio show, it shows his loyal subjects why they fell in love with his music in the first place and vows that more is still to come for all who pledged their loyalty to the Trance empire.


A tastemaker on various imprints (from Gareth Emery’s Garuda to Armin van Buuren’s A State Of Trance and his own #Goldrush Recordings), Ben Gold has been one of Trance’s main men since 2008 saw him deliver his first few blistering singles. Now, the Trance icon has graced stages on festivals such as A State Of Trance, Creamfields, EDC and more, created the anthem for the massive A State Of Trance 750 events and collaborated with the likes of Christina Novelli, Gareth Emery, Omnia, Standerwick and more. This new single proves that Ben Gold is still worthy of his spot on the Trance throne.






Here we go, another weekend another huge party!!

Something special for all the trance lovers is coming tonight in one of the best location in Prague,  Club SaSaZu, with , Vini Vici , Ben Gold and David Gravell as special guest taking over the decks!


Who’s going to be there? Also….we heard there is going to be an official after party too…from 3 am at Atelier Club!!






Hey guys,

we were wondering if you are ready for some sssserious uplifting?? Well…you better be, because Ben Gold is releasing a stormer EP on #WAO138?!

Excited yet? Oh yes, the Twilight Ep is out now  with 2  dance floor destroyers (Twilight and Pilot (Exis rmx)  we are pretty sure you heard already during his latest gigs from Tomorrowland to Ibiza.

Culminating to fresh original ‘Twilight’ and an insane Exis Remix of ‘Pilot’, Ben Gold’s ‘Twilight EP’ is where his music makes a darker turn. From the gloom in old-school Trancer ‘Twilight’ to the ferociousness of Exis’ rendition of ‘Pilot’, this EP tolerates only the light of laser beams. Get ready for some all-out fist-pumping

Twilight is also featured on the brand new a State Of Trance Ibiza 2017 compilation!!

Aaand surprise surprise!! We’ve got the chance to have a little talk with Ben!!


TBA: How did it all start for you?
BG: With a holiday to Ibiza with a friend. We were the only two kids at school into Trance. We shared the same passion and decided to go to the magical island of Ibiza, little did I know at the time I would go on to play for 6 consecutive years (and counting) at Cream at Amnesia, the first super club I went too!
TBA: Who is your biggest inspiration?
BG: My Mum. She inspires me everyday.
TBA: What single night out has been the most memorable for you?
BG: Linking this answer to your first question; the first time I walked into Amnesia in Ibiza, it blew me away! I had never seen a club like it before.
TBA: Are you able to share any of your secret tricks with me?
BG: Hard work? Everyone who can make music and perform as a “DJ” has a chance, but its the work ethic, determination (and a bit of luck along the way) which drives only a few towards the top!
TBA: If you could eternally be stuck in one year’s music scene,
which year would it be?
BG: From 2004-2005, when Tiësto was King of Trance.
TBA: What is it that you love about the scene?
BG: The ability to travel the world with this job never gets old and I’ve met some great friends along the way.
TBA:  What is something that bugs you about the DJ scene?
BG: DJs that don’t DJ live.
TBA:  What is one track that never gets old for you no matter how many times you hear it?
BG: Paul Oakenfold – Southern Sun (Tiësto Remix). This remix is a masterclass in Trance. The melody and vocal are outstanding, but the sounds he uses are so unique to this remix.
TBA: What do you try to communicate to the audience through your vibe?
BG: Music is a universal language. No matter where I am playing in the world, when I’m behind the decks I can communicate to everyone in front of me. I want the audience to have fun, I have so much fun when I’m performing.
TBA:  What is your personal record for playing the same record over and over again consecutively?
BG: Nhato – Aurora. It was released in November 2014 and has rocked all of my dance floors across the globe since. One of those that just slipped under the radar for most DJs..
TBA: Besides the reverb, which effect is your favorite?
BG: I like sending a filtering-delay bus onto, anything; Percussion, Synth hits, Vocals. Muting the original signal and just hearing the effect can give you some cool sounds. Then automating  the filter/delay can give you some really cool sounds. Rendering that and then applying some side-chain can give you some really really cool sounds…
TBA:  What is your favorite set time and duration?
BG: I would love to play 3 hours every set. I’ve played a 6 hour & a 8 hour set both within the last 12 months.. 8 was tough, 6 was great but 3 would be perfect (and the occasional 6 hour, once or twice a year 🙂 )
TBA:  What’s your backup plan if there’s an equipment malfunction?
BG: Revert to my back-up 😉 My song files and samples are on an external harddrive. If my machine is down, I have a back up one of those too haha!
TBA:  Fave synth and why?
BG:  Sylenth is my fav all-round synth; Native Instruments Kontakt is a beast too.
TBA: Tell me a joke
BG: Tried to take a photograph of some fog! Mist.




BombSquadKittens!! The EF Anthem is here for you!!

Let’s start our Friday with a bang(er)!

We’re  only two weeks away from one of the most awaited festivals of the season; Electronic Family, who is going to be held in Den Bosch on Saturday 05th and Sunday 6th August and here we go with its Anthem, a stunning collaboration between Statement! label’s boss Ruben de Ronde, Rodg and trance star Ben Gold: BombSquadKittens.

For Ruben de Ronde and Ben Gold, this is not the first time that one of their work is picked to be an anthem for the Electronic Family, also two years ago they joined forces to come up with “Era Festivus”  which became the official anthem for EF2015

Taken from their brand-new album called ‘Togetherr’, ‘BombSquadKittens oozes huge dance floor potential. From the powerful drums to the soaring synths and catchy melodies, this cut from Ruben de Ronde, Rodg and Ben Gold is ready to take on the world.

Curious about the name of the track?  It seems like it comes from a dedicated team of the world famous game Destiny’s players.

So, while  we are (not so) patiently waiting to listening to this gem to be blasted out the speakers at Electronic Family, you can grab it here

Our wild guess : this is gonna be one of the highlights of the festival, and of our summer!

P.S. TheBackstageAccess wish you a very happy birthday Rodg, have a blast!!

To all our readers: make sure you spam his socials with your best wishes today 😉




Aaaaand here we go!! It’s Friday and what could be better than a huge trance fix to lift our moods up before the weekend begins?

So, we got something special for you!! Ben Gold‘s new jewel called “More Than Anything” is seeing its release on Armada Music right today!!

Ben never stopped blasting some monumental trance tunes since he dropped his anthem for A State Of Trance 750, This new production is another one to be added to his already impressive list.A full energy fix made to uplift and overwhelm you with its happy vibes . It has a classic trance feeling in it that builds up to the perfect climax with an epic drop!!

Listen to Ben Gold “More Than Anything”

I’m in A State Of Trance ….at Ushuaia

When we talk about summer,

the first place that comes in my mind is …Ibiza, the white Isle!

every summer I love to go there for a week or two and just reload my battery with positive energy under the sun….Chilling with a nice mojito on the beach and taking a swim in its crystal water is pretty much my definition of …Heaven!

This summer I had the chance to spend there some more days than usual, just landing at the airport brings me in a good mood, there’s is something in the air that makes it all beautiful, and I feel like that, is the place where I belong…

To top it all, there are loads of party to attend at night….

Let me tell you about my favorite party ever….

It takes place at Ushuaia, the famous glamorous hotel in playa d’en Bossa, and it’s called…Armin is in A State Of Trance!!

And with him, other thousands people are in a state of trance.

The party starts at 5 pm (the sun is still shining high in the sky and you can barely breath….but hey, I wanna live it from the beginning, because, all the djs there deserve my attention, ….yes, I am an Armada freak, so I really love all its djs )

I’ve attended 3 ASOT parties during the summer, so I had the chance to meet a lot of my favorite djs and to have a nice little chat with most of them, which really made my night.

All the dis  are playing MainStage except the man himself, Armin who has a very special place this year, right in the middle of the pool, with a 360 degrees rotating console, pretty awesome right?

He starts playing at about 9.30 pm until midnight.

The show is always full of energy, fireworks, happiness, good vibes and smiles, and time flies so when the clock strikes midnight and the party is over, you really starts counting the days to the next asot party.

I’ve also attended a very special gig, on August 6th, where Armin was playing his solo set, that means….7 hours!!!

That show was epic….

Here are some pics of my experience, did you ever attend this party? Did you like it? Let me know 🙂 would love to share opinions…


IMG_7053 IMG_7075 IMG_7081 IMG_7142 IMG_7700 IMG_7738 IMG_7741 IMG_7760 IMG_7980 IMG_7956cropped-IMG_7166.jpg