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“I think I just released my biggest Trance track to date”….

This is how David Gravell announced his new tune to the world on his social media accounts last Friday.

If you attended one of his gigs recently you might have witnessed this energy explosion already, like we did during ASOT850 where he premiered it!




Taken from Armin van Buuren’s ‘A State Of Trance 2018’ album, this brand-new offering from David Gravell bears that tempestuous signature sounds of his we’ve come to cherish. Blazing the trail for the next generations of Trance artists to come, ‘The Future’ will leave a lasting impression each time it wrecks a mainstage.


  1. The Future (02:30)
  2. The Future (Extended Mix) (06:18)


Let’s grab it here:


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We also set down with David to learn a bit about the creative process of his tunes, here’s what he told us…


TBA: Have you ever been educated into music or do you think it is necessary?

DG: I’ve learnt everything myself, reading books,searching on internet and YouTube, everything on my own; so I think receiving an education it’s not that necessary as everything is on line nowadays and you can find it on your own ,it takes time but you can do it.

TBA: How was your first studio set up when you started making music?

DG: Hmm..very small speakers, very small keyboard, and a very slow computer,without any knowledge of cubase, actually the first time I had that software I gave it away after 6 months and stopped making music for a year and afterwards I found out I had to learn it if I wanted to do this job seriously. So now when I have an idea I can just put it in Cubase and I know everything, it became easier.

TBA : Is there any new studio gear on your shopping list?

DG: To be honest  I think I have almost everything I need in my studio now, you know I was saving money to get all I needed and know I am fine with all my things.

Well sometimes when I se something new on internet I just buy it,and sometimes I also get some new stuff from instruments companies for me to test them so it’s cool.

TBA: Some months ago you told me you prefer the analog sound to the digital synths. Which are the pro and cons?

DG: Well if you are not familiar with analogue just know  you have to record it instead of… for instance the instruments that are in Cubase,  like a midi base, with analog you have to record it back into the computer. I am using UAD so it has the option to get back into the sound card. I am using the Virus , but not using the USB option in it but i am working with the two cables that go into the soundcard, because when you are recording sometimes it’s not working with USB.

TBA: You were showing us a bit how you make tracks, and we are wondering what do you do if you get stuck at some point

DG: A good advice when you make music is to take breaks every 20 minutes  otherwise you will lose your movement in making music. So every 20 minutes I have an alarm, I am living in Amsterdam next to a big park so every 20 minutes i go doing something else, I go wok with my computer, with my phone, then i go back,and after for sessions of 20 minutes i do like an hour of break, I go to the city, I come back… cause I have to keep my mind fresh and inspired.

The most important thing is to keep the flowing , if you are in the moment when you create music you can finish a track so quickly, but also ,like i told you you have to own the knowledge of software etc.

TBA: You were also producing music for movies right?

DG: Yes, I’ve been doing it when I first started making music , when you make that kind of music, it’s more like building energy,  if you know Hans Zimmer for example ,every track that he makes has a lot of energy and a lot of movement in it.Sometimes it’s  nice to do it, to just work on the sound, and the cool thing about movie music is that it can go on for like 20 minutes or more like a soundtrack, you can just go with it.

TBA: You are producing a lot of new music, is your artist album on sight?

DG: I dont’ know if these tracks I am gonna premiere tonight will be in the album, I am working on it but , I think when I’ll do it  I need the time to completely dedicate myself to it, to focus on the album, and work in the studio somewere like in Los Angeles, without doing anything else.

TBA : Is it gonna be a new concept?

DG: Well my sound is evolving, but I want to make clear I wanna make it the best as possible, I will lock myself up in the studio, I will work with other producers, singers,and will do everything to make an album that will really stands out from the rest.

TBA: We can’t wait for that! But meanwhile good luck with your new release and see you soon.

DG: Thanks for the interview and see you soon!



Though there’s still a day or so to go before the biggest indoor Trance event in the world helps us descend into Trance-driven madness, fans from all over the world can already get into ‘A State Of Trance’. To give them a taste of what’s to come and a means to enjoy all of the amazing moments and wonderful music of the event afterwards, the official album of A State Of Trance 850 has arrived.


Supplying Trance enthusiasts with nothing but the very best from their favorite artists, ‘A State Of Trance 850 (The Official Album)’ delves into a bevy of breathtaking moments bound to prove unforgettable. Containing forty tracks from internationally acclaimed artists (and ASOT 850 performers) such as Allen Watts, Armin van Buuren, Ben Nicky, David Gravell, Gareth Emery, ilan Bluestone, John O’Callaghan, Neelix, NWYR, Purple Haze, Shinovi and more, the album gives fans exactly what they desire.


Synonymous with many of the previous editions of ‘A State Of Trance’, ‘A State Of Trance 850’ turns the Jaarsbeurs venue in Utrecht, the Netherlands into a massive global gathering, spanning no less than five stages, a whopping 37 artists and thousands of likeminded individuals ready to go full throttle from 9 PM till 6 AM (CET). Though the event has already become the best-selling edition yet with over 28,000 tickets sold to date, there is still a limited amount of tickets available for fans to purchase. For more information, please visit https://festival.astateoftrance.com/.

It sure is crazy to see how far we’ve come. Since the very start about 15 years back, A State Of Trance only had one purpose: to let you embrace the music. To provide you with the tunes that make the heart grow fonder. To help you become one with music you so cherish. And now, the moment is here again for you to ‘Be In The Moment’. ‘A State Of Trance 850’. Supplying Trance fans the world over with nothing but the very best from their favorite artists, ‘A State Of Trance 850’ delves into a bevy of breathtaking moments that will prove unforgettable. Spiked with tracks from the likes of Allen Watts, Armin van Buuren, Ben Nicky, David Gravell, Gareth Emery, ilan Bluestone, John O’Callaghan, Neelix, NWYR, Purple Haze and Shinovi, the album operates on the frontier of the scene, giving fans exactly what their heart desires. Because ‘A State Of Trance 850’, you can ‘Be In The Moment’ whenever you want. So go ahead and live it.

Listen To A State Of Trance 850 (The Official Album)



1. Armin van Buuren – Be In The Moment

2. Purple Haze – Choir 1.0

3. ilan Bluestone feat. Giuseppe de Luca – Frozen Ground

4. Bryan Kearney & Plumb – All Over Again

5. David Gravell – On The Move

6. Davey Asprey – Passengers

7. Solarstone feat. Alex Karwit – Choosing His Angels

8. Roman Messer feat. Christina Novelli – Fireflies

9. Scott Bond & Charlie Walker vs Trouser Enthusiasts – Sweet Release

10. Radion6 – A State of Mind

11. Arkham Knights – Gravity

12. Jorn van Deynhoven – Rising High

13. John O’Callaghan – Two Trees

14. John Askew – Black Coffee

15. Day Din & Waio – Action Jackson

16. Allen Watts – The Hymn

17. Chris Schweizer – Rapture

18. GMS – Monolith

19. Shinovi – Run or Stay

20. Ben Nicky – Cobra



1. Gareth Emery & STANDERWICK feat. HALIENE – Saving Light

2. ilan Bluestone feat. Koven – Another Lover

3. NWYR – Dragon

4. Armin van Buuren – This Is A Test

5. David Gravell – Addicted To

6. Airwave – The Unfinished

7. Factor B – Invidius

8. M11 & Max Meyer – We Were The Evolution

9. Gai Barone – Nexo

10. Spencer Brown – Embarcadero

11. Paul Hamilton – Mind Games

12. Tim Mason – Aalto

13. THNK – Macabre

14. John 00 Fleming – We Close Doors

15. Neelix – Cherokee

16. Ace Ventura & Coming Soon!!! – Say What

17. Ben Nicky & Pop Art – Screenshot

18. Blastoyz – Parvati Valley

19. Liquid Soul – Wake Up

20. Heatbeat – Equador




Davey Asprey’s ascent to the upper echelons of the trance scene has been no accident. Having DJed tirelessly in the UK underground scene over the last decade, he has slowly built his gig CV up and down the country, developing a great reputation for his diverse range of styles and sets. Perfectly at ease with both warm-up duties or the peak-time frenzy, he inevitably drew the attention of the major clubbing brands, earning himself place on the line-ups of many of them.


However, it is with his ever-growing production portfolio that he has found worldwide attention in recent years, reaching new heights in 2016 with his smash hit “The Rapture”, released on FSOE. Enjoying A-list support and a place in Beatport’s top ten sellers of the year, the foundations were laid for a massive twelve months ahead.


Indeed, Davey’s follow up release on Armada, “Fallout” has proven to be one of the defining tracks of 2017, enshrining his reputation as one of the hottest properties in Trance. Having now secured a place on the line-up of the prodigious ASOT 850 event to kick off 2018, along with an increasing catalogue of studio goodies bursting to be heard, the year ahead promises to be the most memorable for Davey’s fans to date!

Fast-paced and innately energetic, Dan Dobson and Davey Asprey’s first-ever collaboration is a shimmering new production on A State Of Trance. From the haunting and unforgettable melody to the hammering bassline and thrilling build-up, this tune dwells in both the world’s biggest clubs and every corner of your mind.

This is his latest track, ‘ Fantome’


We had the great pleasure to meet this trance head during ADE, where our reporter Ross sat down with him  for a chat about his music, new projects, tour life and ASOT850, let’s check out what he told us:

TBA: Hi Davey, thank you for supporting the Backstage Access. First of all, congratulations on playing ASOT850! How does it feel to play such a big event?

Davey: It’s still a lot to process really, it’s a very surreal experience. I didn’t even know it was going to be announced yesterday [on ASOT836], so that was a very good surprise to top off what was a surreal and fantastic day in itself.

TBA: This is probably the biggest event you’ve ever played as of now, how will you prepare for such an event?

Davey: This is definitely the biggest gig of my career so far! I’m going to finish a lot of exclusives for the set, I already have a lot of releases scheduled up until summer really. So the set will contain a lot of original works, a couple of cheeky edits and I’m definitely working on something special for the intro. I’m going to prepare the set of my life if I can for you guys!

TBA: We’re  personal fans of your works before Fallout, will you play some of those as well?

Davey: Yes, definitely! The 138 sound has also been huge for me up until the Fallout single came out, but I’ve always dabbled up and down with the different genres of Trance from Progressive to Uplifting and Fallout, where would you fit that in the stylistic category, a sort of in between, right? That is supposedly why it works because uplifters can play it and people who play on the slower part of the spectrum, it caters to them as well. That track has opened up a lot of doors for me, obviously, with the whole thing at Armada giving me the opportunity to come to Amsterdam and ADE and have a sit down with people as yourself. So there are definitely a lot of things in the works for the 138 sound, definitely.

TBA: Speaking of styles, what made you decide to change from the uplifting sound to the more progressive stuff as Passengers?

Davey: It was just trying to not be pigeonholed, not be labelled as a 138 DJ or a one trick pony. After the release of Fallout I didn’t realise it was going to be as big as it has been, I was just trying to change things up and introduce people to a different style and to be able to eventually do that on something big as the A State of Trance radio and label is just amazing.

TBA: How does it feel to suddenly be buddies with the big guys like Armin and Ruben?

Davey: It’s quite surreal to be honest! Just being in the studio with them and being in the proximity of a lot of big people like yesterday in the A State of trance studio! If you were going to say to me a year ago that I was going to be there in the studio and meet the likes that I’ve now been speaking to, I wouldn’t have believed you, it doesn’t seem real. I even played Destiny on the PS4 with Ruben, which is something I would’ve never expected and it’s amazing!

TBA: And now that you have those contacts, can we maybe expect a collaboration with any of those artists?

TBA: No comment… No, just kidding, hopefully! That was one of the main reasons to come here: just to meet new faces and names. I made a lot of new contacts and a lot of new stuff is on the way. There is some stuff already in the works, I’ll let you guys know more once I can!

TBA: With your sudden rise of popularity: how do you look at your future? Especially with having a job and a kid?

Davey: I’m just taking everything one day at a time. I’m still trying to get the work and family life balance well right now. I obviously don’t want to neglect one thing for another, because they all mean so much to me in different ways. I do look to the future, but I mostly let my management do that for me, that’s what they’re there for. I’m just pumping out tracks and meanwhile try to have my family happy and hopefully everything will work itself out.

TBA: Armin mentioned that Fallout is his track of the year, but what is your track of the year?

Davey: Oooooh, that’s a difficult one. Non-Trance it is “Doesn’t Have To Be That Way” by Liam Gallagher, it’s even the ringtone on my phone the last couple of months, it’s absolutely a fantastic track! Trance-wise I’m a huge fan of Dan Dobson, all tracks he has released this year are fantastic! But Mike Sanders – Vitamin is also definitely one of the contenders for me, I played that heavily! Just the baseline and the way it swings is amazing. But it’s really hard to just choose one track for me, sorry, haha.

TBA: You obviously love a lot of different styles, would you also produce in different styles then Trance?

Davey: I’ve been trying to! I’ve tried a lot of stuff from Dubstep to Drum and Bass. I started out my DJ-career as a Rock DJ. I used to play rock and heavy metal in a club when I was 16 years old. I got a love for a lot of styles because they kind of help to inspire me to make the music that I’m doing. I’ve also spoken with some other musicians to get some live guitars and stuff in my tracks which would be fantastic so I really hope we can do that.

TBA: You started out as a DJ, but do you see yourself now more as a DJ or producer?

Davey: Now I see myself more as a producer, but originally I started producing to feed the habit of DJ’ing to make sure I could play some stuff from myself in clubs. I started DJ’ing 13 years ago but I started producing in 2008 and I really started focussing on producing and pushing it in 2011. Now I’m definitely more of a producer because I release more tracks then that I actually play DJ sets, but hopefully that will change sometime soon.

TBA: What is your biggest challenge as a producer?

Davey: Right now, definitely trying to follow up after Fallout! That is the sound that the guys at Armada want me to champion, but it’s not that easy as people say like “Oh, just make Fallout mark 2”. Even though it’s my track, making a track that is just like it but not enough that it’s ripping off your own track is a real challenge. But in the process of doing so I’ve created a bunch of new tracks that are completely bonkers! It’s definitely Trance, but it’s a different kind of Trance… But one of them is pretty experimental and I’m really excited to get it out at the early part of 2018, I still need to find a name for that one! That is also a challenge: naming tracks!

TBA: On the topic of naming tracks. Is Fallout a reference to the actual game Fallout?


Davey: Most definitely! I’ve spend a lot of time playing that game when I was at university and I really lost myself in the world of Fallout, epic. I also play a lot of Destiny like mentioned before, my track “Sunbreaker” is a reference that game as well! I take a lot of inspiration for my tracks of playing video games!

TBA: Fallout has certainly been your step up in to the big world, how do you deal being such a rising star and rising popularity?

Davey: I just take everything day by day. I’ve got a nice group of friends who keep everything grounded and I try to be a nice and positive force to everyone as much as I can. If you send me a message I will try to get back at you. It might not be straight away because I have work, but I do definitely try to go out of my way to engage with the fans and reply to the time they spend to reach out to me. Like right now, after the announcement from yesterday [the announcement to play at ASOT850] my Facebook has been blowing up, my page has gone up by like 400 likes! It’s crazy in a year I’ve gone from 8.000 likes to 37.000, that’s unbelievable for me!

TBA: Would you agree that 2017 is the year of Davey Asprey?

Davey: You could say so, but I’m hoping that next year will be even bigger! I’m hoping that this is just the warm-up and there is a lot of stuff going on in the background. If it looks like I’m not doing anything on the social Medias, I’m very very busy in the studio, speaking with management and other producers and I’m just working on a lot of new material. 2018 is going to start with a bang, we’ve got another release scheduled up in the early part of the year and in February we’ll have the ASOT gig!

TBA: Because you also have an Australia tour coming up, how’s that?

Davey: Well, that was originally planned to be next week, but it got rescheduled, which meant that I could come to Amsterdam for ADE and stuff. It’s now going to be in March I think, but I think everything happens for a reason and because of that I know had the chance to be here at ADE, my first ADE. This has been a priceless experience and you can’t put a value on how much I got to do yesterday. But yeah, Australia will hopefully be fantastic, I have a lot of friends and family out there so it’s great to be able to go out there to see them and obviously play for the Australian crowd! I’ve heard nights out in Australia are absolutely bonkers.

TBA: I’m personally a huge fan of your track “Bridge The Divide”, can we expect another track like that?


Davey:  Yes! I’ve got a lot of stuff running in the background, it’s just now trying to find the right vocalist. I already have one in mind… I already have the instrumental down for the track and she wrote some really deep lyrics for it, but translating that in to a Trance record is going to be a bit of a challenge. Hopefully I’ll get to work on it before the end of the year. I’ve already send the demo version to Armada and they’re really happy with the vocals and the actual melody. But back to Bridge The Divide: I did that track with Ellie Lawson and apparently it was her comeback track! She just came back from having a child and I just came back from having my child and it just seemed to be a good click! It took a while to get it all started, I already had the track written and sent it to Amsterdam Trance, but it took like 2 or 3 months to come back with the vocals, but I had a really good reaction on that track!

TBA: Last question: you played an ID at ASOT836, can you tell us something about that?

Davey: Yes! The ID is actually released today: it’s the remix I did for Kyau & Albert’s “Mein Herz”. It’s their first single in their native language of German. I met them when I was at A State of Trance in July. We we’re just sitting on the sofa and exchanging cards and a couple of days later, they send me an e-mail saying “would you like to remix a track of us, you’re the only person we want to remix this track!”. I really tried to emulate the sort of older Kyau & Albert style in the track. They were really happy with how the track turned out and so was I! I premiered it on ASOT, walked out the studio and when I walked in: Armin was playing it which was an absolute pleasant surprise! Kyau & Albert are really amazing guys, really genuine and very helpful.

TBA: Thank you so much Davey and good luck at ASOT850 and 2018!


Right after this earlier afternoon’s revelation about the world tour theme for ASOT next year : BE IN THE MOMENT, just a few minutes ago, Armin told us the first names of the line-up of ASOT850 Utrecht:

Armin van Buuren

Ben Nicky

Bryan Kearney

Davey Asprey

David Gravell

Ilan Bluestone

John O’ Callaghan

Jorn van Deynhoven

Purple Haze

Scott Bond


What do you think so far? Intrigued enough to buy your ticket? Yes? So…let’s grab it here