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OUT NOW: Marcus Santoro – Hijack

‘Hijack’ is Marcus Santoro’s debut single on Armind. The high energy track is made to blast through your speakers and light up the dancefloor!

Listen to the track here:

Taking over the club culture with its pounding bass and tremor-like kick drums, Marcus Santoro takes the reins and gives them a yank or three. From the thrilling staccato strings and synth-wave effects to the insane build-up and destructive drop, this man’s debut single on Armind is bound to tear sound systems to pieces.


The Dutch DJ/producer Purple Haze also known as Sander van Doorn again shows his versatility with his new track ‘The Hyll’. With its sporting melody and soaring synths ‘The Hyll’ will have the trance fans desperately longing for more!


Striking a perfect balance between the impactful bassline and gentle plucks, Purple Haze’s ‘The Hyll’ is Trance 2.0 in all its glory. Sporting a killer melody alongside soaring synths and thrilling harmonies, this cut is meant for the biggest stages in the world


‘Roots’ is Faruk Sabanci’s upcoming Friday release. We spoke to him to find out more about the track and here is what Faruk said about his new track:

“‘Roots’ started out as nothing more than a studio experiment at a time I was heavily influenced by alternative electronic acts such as Nathan Fake, Moderat and Stephan Bodzin. The track was not a project I had planned working on however as it all progressed, shaping up into a blend of Techno, Trance and Progressive, I felt an immediate reminiscence to my beginnings, hence the title ‘Roots’. After finishing the track I sent it over to Armin van Buuren who I know has a broad spectrum and an open mind who then instantly felt the vibe and signed it. Out of pure coincidence we ran into each other at a private party in Amsterdam a few days after signing the track and I was rather flattered to see how excited he was about putting this out. To this day I still can’t identify what genre it is, but all I wanted to do was to create something outside the box that is pure, raw and rustic.”
Listen to ‘Roots’ here.






Radiating one of those beloved, old-school Trance vibes while still remaining contemporary, Faruk Sabanci’s debut on Armind is like a piece of music culture sprung back to life. A sterling example of in-studio innovation, “Roots” might just be the foremost precursor of the future of Trance music.


With his new track ‘Savour This Moment’ Orjan Nilsen again shows what a great DJ/producer he is and he is sharing his knowledge! You can now follow Orjan Nilsen’s own masterclass at Armada University. You even have the chance to finish his track and win a release at Armada! Please visit university.armadamusic.com for more information. Listen to ‘Savour This Moment’ here.



The Norwegian grandmaster of melodies is back on Armind and known like no other how to make the moment count. A guarantee for plenty of hands-in-the-air action, his new record is all you wanted and more. It’s up to you to ‘Savour This Moment.




Filled with huge synth blasts and a rapid bassline Fatum & Declan James’ ‘Weapon’ is a track made to blow up your speakers and have the dance floor explode! Listen to the track here.



Causing mass carnage on the dance floor without even breaking a sweat, Fatum & Declan James’ ‘Weapon’ strikes hard, fast and relentlessly. From the huge synth blasts to the rapid-fire bassline, this cut is a peerless damage dealer on all fronts.


Whoever hasn’t heard of Vigel either lives a music-less life or is in complete and utter denial. As one of the most talented up-and-coming producers to hit the scene in recent times, the young Russian has been making his mark on the world rather swiftly through a string of immaculate creations. A remarkable link-up between Vigel and Cosmo & Skoro, ‘Drums’ is a very energetic track. Make sure you listen to this festival favourite here.


A remarkable link-up between Vigel and Cosmo & Skoro, ‘Drums’ is what everyone on the dance floor has been anticipating. Anthemic, energetic and mainstage-ready, this wonderful crossbreed Trance-Electro tune is a festival favorite you won’t be able to get enough of.

SUPER8 & TAB feat. HERO BALDWIN – BURN (Luke Bond Remix)

Luke Bond: “I fell in love with the vocal when I heard ‘Burn’ and I immediately had ideas on taking it in my own direction musically and on the production front, and here is how it came out!”

Needless to say the end result is astonishing. Listen to the awesome remix of ‘Burn’ right here.

Emerging with one hell of a rendition of Super8 & Tab’s blistering single ‘Burn’ (feat. Hero Baldwin), Luke Bond proves again that he pulls no punches on remix duty. Merging the angelic vocals with a floor-cracking bassline and big-synth melodies, this amazing remix will leave fans burning with desire for more amazing Super8 & Tab meets Luke Bond material.





After releasing a slew of acclaimed Trance tunes on a variety of Armada-related labels, U.K. DJ and producer Luke Bond has finally joined Armada Music and Armada Publishing on an exclusive basis. To celebrate this new chapter, the first foray of the IDMA nominee and Garuda regular as an exclusive Armada artist comes in the form a brand-new single called ‘Clockwork’, the successor of his internationally acclaimed single ‘U’.


Listen to Luke Bond – Clockwork

So tempestuous it’s able to crack titanium constructions, this devastatingly powerful speaker buster sees Luke Bond combine his knack for creating timeless melodies with a sonic onslaught none can withstand. Speeding up and slowing down like a dysfunctional watch, ‘Clockwork’ catches fans in the moment and helps them make the most of every single second spent on the dance floor.


Luke Bond about his new track ‘Clockwork’: “I wanted to create a track that runs along the lines of my previous single, ‘U’, by transitioning from a big epic melody into a huge, banging and unexpected drop! I’m having so much fun creating these kind of songs right now, as I am getting tons of new ideas with every project I work on. This is a track for the festivals!”


Luke Bond, whose single ‘On Fire’ (feat. Roxanne Emery) was nominated for ‘Best Trance Track’ at the 30th annual International Dance Music Awards in 2014, has been on quite the roll since he returned from a sabbatical year spent honing his craft. Considering the tidal wave of stand-out singles, gigs on international stages at Electric Zoo, Godskitchen, Hollywood Palladium, Groove Cruise and Marquee Las Vegas, remixes for the likes of Cosmic Gate and Gareth Emery, and the huge mainstage debut of his track ‘U’ by Armin van Buuren at the mainstage of Ultra Music Festival 2018, the U.K. wonderworker counts as one of Trance’s most exciting acts of the moment. ‘Clockwork’ shows fans from all over the world exactly why he’s regarded as such.







The Dutch DJ and producer John Christian is a familiar name within the industry thanks to his high-profile production work. His track ‘The Trip’ has already broken some crazy record! It’s been played for two years in Armin van Buurens sets, but still remained ID until now! Insane right?!

Listen to John Christian- The Trip HERE

Pummeling through clubs and festivals like a steamroller, John Christian’s ‘The Trip’ exudes power from start to finish. Armed with tremor-like kick drums, colossal synth blasts and pounding bass, this cut is why venues ought to have a replacement sound system nearby.

SUPER8 & TAB – Blockchain

Super8 & Tab, the Finnish trance music duo made the killer track ‘Blockchain’. It was selected by Armin van Buuren himself for his ‘A State Of Trance, Ibiza 2018’ mix album. The sounds of ‘Blockchain’ will let you go crazy and dance all night.

Listen to Super8 & Tab – Blockchain here

Bearing the widely acclaimed Super8 & Tab signature with an extra dose of energy to boot, ‘Blockchain’ radiates the classic Trance feel while remaining modern and cutting-edge. Selected by Armin van Buuren himself for his ‘A State Of Trance, Ibiza 2018’ mix album, this searing record is meant to drive fans wild all night long.