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Finally!! We’ve been waiting for this moment for a while now!! Our beloved Statement’s artist Estiva is presenting his very own brand new album!

Estiva is a music machine. Blasting out music like no other. Therefore he had to combine them and create an album for you. The end result? ‘Spectacle I’ which will take you on a musical journey you will never forget. Out tomorrow, please go and enjoy a spectacle of sound!

Listen HERE

No journey of an artist is a road without pits, nor is it a smooth ride without hiccups. Sometimes even the best hit a dead end, not knowing where to go or turn until they circle back to find what incited their passion for writing and performing music in the first place. After stumbling upon a towering brick wall three years ago, Estiva sought to reinvent himself and his music, to return to that special place where inspiration flowed freely. And today, after teasing some of his new work and receiving tons of plaudits for the fineness of his craft, he comes bearing his wondrous second artist album: ‘Spectacle I’.


With ‘Spectacle I’, Estiva lays bare a piece of his heart and soul – of the fiery passion that needed to be kindled in order to flare up again. Featuring records such as ‘Cubes’, ‘Rainbow’ (with Ruben de Ronde), ‘Bloom’, ‘Alive’, ‘Quickdraw’ and massive fan favorite ‘Sun Goes Down’, the album sees Estiva magnify the qualities of his trademark sound and spark fourteen priceless gems used to turn the story of his struggle into a wonderful and compelling narrative: a spectacle on a whole other level.

Estiva: “Three years ago, I crashed; I was ultimately stuck. Nothing I wrote could satisfy me any more artistically. The passion for music that I once had so vividly deteriorated drastically. I felt like it was time to step out of the musical rollercoaster as the ride was destined to come to an end very soon. But when I started to get used to the idea of letting go of music, that very same notion cleared my mind. After a brief intermission, I started to write music again, without any expectations from myself or other people. I found myself able to translate anything that came up in my mind into actual sounds without having anyone, including myself, judging it. It was back to basics and it worked magic for me. After three years of writing music for this album, I started to realize that my take on music had strongly developed. Without being aware of it, I had been shaping my vision. The variation in tracks I wrote felt confusing at first, but as I was writing more and more tracks, a cohesion arose: like a spectacle of sound.”



 It’s been a long thirteen years since Armin van Buuren dropped ‘Shivers’ as part of his sophomore album of the same name. Having become a much loved favorite across the globe, the song has proven seminal in the evolution of trance music throughout the years. Today, fellow electronic music star ALPHA 9 comes knocking with a breathtaking remix.


Listen HERE


One word: goosebumps. Now revisited by none other than ALPHA 9, Armin van Buuren and Susana’s ‘Shivers’ has remained a seminal single and globally beloved classic since its initial release in 2005 and now re-emerges for at least an additional thirteen years of wonder through by the gentle sound mash ALPHA 9 calls his own. For certain, this will remain a staple for decades to come.

“The original version of ‘Shivers’ by Armin is one of my all-time favorite songs: it’s the reason why I started to listen to trance music back in 2005” confirms ALPHA 9 aka Artem Stoliarov (Arty), adding “It’s really hard to express how much this song means to me.” Grateful for being tasked with an opportunity he describes as “incredible,” this ALPHA 9 remix doesn’t disappoint; the product is a glorious new re-emergence of a trance classic that will remain a staple for time to come and guarantee at least another thirteen years worth of goosebumps.


The anticipation and importance of preserving the source material isn’t lost on the producer Stoliarov,  who has also collaborated with van Buuren on the track ‘Nehalennia’ in addition to remixing ‘Embrace.’ Stoliarov said “I usually prefer not to touch my favorite songs, but with ‘Shivers’ it felt different. I really wanted to play this song in my live ALPHA 9 sets, but so it fitted my current sound and style. I had a pretty strong idea where I wanted to take this remix even before I got my hands on the original.”

“The reaction has been incredible. It warms my heart when I see how many people still remember and love this song, and I can’t wait to share my remix with both my fans and the fans of the original masterpiece.”

One of electronic music’s most active and consistent acts ARTY, a part of the dual-persona music engine manned by Stoliarov, has churned out a range of smash hit remixes for the likes of Halsey (‘Hurricane’ – over 53 million streams), OneRepublic, London Grammar, Above & Beyond, Porter Robinson, and Years & Years. Now residing in Los Angeles, he performs at the world’s biggest clubs and festivals (Ultra, Electric Daisy Carnival, Tomorrowland, Ushuaïa, Amnesia Ibiza, Creamfields), clocks up millions of streams on Spotify, and continues to craft astonishing singles under his ALPHA 9 alias. His discography is teeming with crowd favorites, and this remix of ‘Shivers’ marks the next stellar addition to the list.

Vini Vici – Where The Heart Is

A brand new track from Vini Vici on their brand new label ‘Alteza Records’. Alteza means King/Royalty, which describes where Vini Vici stands for, being on top of the game. ‘Where The Heart Is’ is the proof of their vision. Powerful as always.

From the psychedelic sound effects to the monstrous bassline, ‘Where The Heart Is’ has the Vini Vici stamp. Between the insane amounts of energy and its enormous club-destroying potential, this cut will remain a Psy-Trance staple until Armageddon hits.

Listen to Vini Vici ‘Where The Heart Is’ here 

Allen Watts – Inferno

Trance titan Allen Watts drops an insane track again, called ‘Inferno’. You will never get enough of this monster track. A powerful, euphoric track suited for any dance related event.

If you thought of fire as a destructive power, wait till you hear ‘Inferno’. Coming from the hand of Trance titan Allen Watts, this monster tune drops blistering basslines in tandem with fiery synth blasts and tempestuous build-ups, making sure no wall is left standing in the end.

Listen to Allan Watts ‘Inferno’ here


Estiva – Alive

Estiva delivers another great trance record. The Dutch DJ  releases the track ‘Alive’ from the upcoming album ‘Spectacle ’. A melodic, 80’s inspired track with nostalgic sounds.

Proving yet another sublime Progressive spin on the Estiva trademark sound, ‘Alive’ is one of those tunes no dance music fan can resist. Included on part one of his sophomore album ‘Spectacle’, this track is the kind you live for and will never get enough of.

Listen to Estiva’s ‘Alive’ here 

Orjan Nilsen – Simulator

The Norwegian trance superstar Orjan just  released a brand new track, named ‘Simulator’. Which is part of the ‘Prism’ album. ‘Simulator’ is an uplifting track which will blow you away from beginning till end.

Last Wednesday June 13th, Orjan hosted Armada Invites at the Armada Office in Amsterdam and yesterday he celebrated his birthday and….Today, he’s gifting us with this gem.


Another hyper-energetic cut taken from his album ‘Prism’, ‘Simulator’ sees Ørjan Nilsen delve into pulsating basslines and all-out Trance gates once more. Proving once again that the Norwegian DJ and producer is a melodic grandmaster, this unprecedented dance floor anthem is bound to be any dance music fan’s top favorite for a long time to come.


Listen to ‘simulator’ here 


Eelke Kleijn, one of Holland’s most talented deep house exports and acclaimed producers, has released his new single ‘The Calling’ out now via his DAYS like NIGHTS imprint as well as announcing a slew of dates for the 2018 summer. Riding the wave of his latest release off the upcoming album ‘Moments of Clarity’, the tour includes shows with stops at Tomorrowland, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Mexico City, Sziget and at the infamous Burning Man.


Listen to Eelke Kleijn – The Calling

Over the last fifteen years, the Rotterdam-based producer has firmly established himself as a diverse and multi-faceted artist capable of producing club tracks, live shows, Hollywood soundtracks and everything in between. With an impressive discography already behind him which includes two stunning albums, Eelke Kleijn has chartered releases on top labels including Ultra, EMI, Anjunadeep and Suara, not to mention multiple tracks on his DAYS like NIGHTS label. Showcasing his skills as a veteran producer of progressive deep house, which has earned the support of Pete Tong, Solomun, Maceo Plex and Hernan Cattaneo, Eelke Kleijn’s latest track ‘The Calling’, which is the first single to be released off his upcoming ‘Moments of Clarity’ album scheduled for release later this year, is an outstanding example of his ability to seamlessly blend melody with percussion and vocals. Structured around a rolling bassline, bouncing synth chord progression, and subtle percussion, the result is an emotional yet uplifting dance floor anthem tailor made for summertime dancefloors.


Eelke Kleijn: “The starting point for ‘The Calling’ were the chords and the gliding bassline. I knew right from the start they would form the basic structure of the track. I wanted the track to have an organic, almost ceremonial sort of feel to it, so lots of time was spent getting the percussion and drums right. The vocals and breakdown really pulled it all together. It’s full of emotion, but in a way that I try to instill in all of my music.”


Besides a slew of US dates and European festivals this summer, special attention goes to two DAYS like NIGHTS label events: Woodstock at the beach of Bloemendaal with a sunset event on July 22 and New York on August 24 for his debut US DAYS like NIGHTS boat party. To close out, the Rotterdam-based producer will then make his way to the dusty Playa for his Burning Man debut, finishing his biggest US tour to date with a bang.

Redefining the titles DJ and producer, his versatility as a modern-day composer truly knows no limits. Producing soundtracks for Hollywood blockbusters like Parker, The Crossing, Rush and This Means War has become an integral part of his artistic output. His bootleg for The Hunger Games song “The Hanging Tree” by James Newton Howard featuring leading lady Jennifer Lawrence became an instant club hit, catapulting the Dutch producer into the limelight. Regularly touring across Europe and the rest of the world, Eelke Kleijn has graced the decks of Amsterdam Dance Event, The BPM Festival, Rapture Electronic Music Festival during Miami Music Week, and Australia’s Pitch Festival. Taking his DAYS like NIGHTS imprint on the road, Eelke Kleijn has also hosted numerous label events and live shows across Europe and soon North America.


Listen to ‘The Calling’ on Soundcloud: https://bit.ly/2LRGCll


Eelke Kleijn Summer 2018 Tour Dates

June 22, Negev District, Israel @ Terra Solstice

June 23, Bastion, Novi Sad, Serbia @ Wet Dreams Open Air

June 30, Ners, France @ Son Libre Festival

July 6, Warsaw, Poland @ Smolna

July 7, Ottersum, Netherlands @ In Retraite Festival

*July 13, Houston, TX @ The Dive

*July 14, San Francisco, CA @ Audio

July 21, Boom, Belgium @ Tomorrowland

July 22, Bloemendaal, Netherlands @ DAYS like NIGHTS, Woodstock69

*July 27, Miami, FL @ Do Not Sit On The Furniture

*July 28, Los Angeles, CA @ Avalon (extended 3 Hour Set)

August 4, TBA, Mauritius @ The Lab Mru

August 12, Budapest, Hungary @ Sziget Festival

August 17, Gornesti, Romania @ Awake Festival

August 18, Eindhoven, Netherlands @ Hidden Garden Festival

*August 24, New York, NY @ DAYS like NIGHTS Boat Party

*August 25, Mexico City, Mexico @ Loo Loo

*August 26, Black Rock City, NV @ Burning Man

September 12, Catalunya, Spain @ The Village Festival

September 21, Bandra, India @ Drop

October 20, Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Amsterdam Dance Event

Leon Lour feat. Victoria Duffield – All In (Maor Levi Remix)

From the gentle build-up to the cinematic soundscapes and Victoria Duffield’s entrancing vocals in the breakdown, Maor Levi’s remix of Leon Lour’s ‘All In’ is a masterstroke offering on all fronts. Brilliant, impeccable and suitable for club nights and airwaves alike, this song has “quality music” written all over it and we have Maor Levi to thank for it.

Listen to ‘All In’ (Maor Levi Remix) here


Oh, how fast the years have gone by. It seems like only yesterday when Armin van Buuren, Maykel Piron and David Lewis started realizing their joint dream together, braiding their respective knowledge and visions of the music scene into an endeavor that would still be going strong a decade and a half later. On this very day, Armada Music can look back on 15 years of quality dance music across the board, and they’ve decided to celebrate it in style with the release of a brand-new, 4CD compilation album: ‘Armada 15 Years’.

Listen to ‘Armada 15 Years’


Through ‘Armada 15 Years’, music lovers from all over the world get to revel in 100 of the Amsterdam-based record label’s most iconic and popular releases. Digging into the cultural heritage of electronic music via tracks such as Chicane’s ‘Offshore’, Dash Berlin’s ‘Here Tonight’ and Vincent de Moor’s ‘Fly Away’ while also featuring the tracks that have dominated charts and festivals across the globe in the past few years (e.g. Armin van Buuren’s ‘This Is What It Feels Like’, Lost Frequencies’ ‘Are You With Me’, Major Lazer & Showtek’s ‘Believer’, Thomas Gold’s ‘Magic’, W&W’s ‘Bigfoot’ and the recent hit from Loud Luxury, ‘Body’), the album spotlights the evolution of the label and its sound. Simultaneously, ‘Armada 15 Years’ shows off the label’s trailblazing traits as well as those of its roster, all of which boils down to a piece of dance music history that has already proven both timeless and contemporary.


Armin van Buuren, co-founder Armada Music: “It’s been quite some time since we were on Ibiza and the idea of starting our own label popped up. I am so proud to see how far we’ve come. I am overjoyed with the massive success of the label and I can’t wait to see what the next 15 years will bring us.”


Maykel Piron, CEO and co-founder Armada Music: “The past fifteen years have shown us what can be accomplished by putting the right people in the right place. We are super proud of everyone working their hardest to ensure the label’s success and longevity, and we are very grateful to our artists for taking their chance with us and giving their heart and soul in this amazing partnership we’ve got going here. Without them, Armada Music would not be where it is today.”


David Lewis, co-founder Armada Music: “Good music keeps the mind alive, and I feel that’s exactly what Armada Music has been delivering over the past 15 years. The label managed to become the biggest independent dance music label in the world with a powerful and diverse roster of artists and I feel it in my guts that there is still a lot more to accomplish in the years to come. This is what we all envisioned and hoped for from the start, and I am very proud of being a part of it all.”

Orjan Nilsen releases 4th single from album “Prism’ called “Nothing Here But Love”!

Just a week after the release of part one of his third artist album Ørjan Nilsen releases yet another single from “PRISM”.

The vocal anthem “Nothing Here But Love” comes just in time for summer, anticipating steady sing-alongs across the globe. A carved to perfection melody, known and loved signature mark by the Trance Viking, this pop-flavored dancefloor hit proves yet again that the Norwegian producer knows no boundaries when it comes to music production.

Co-produced with song-writer Mike James, “Nothing Here But Love” carries a message every person can relate to. Expressing feelings through music was the goal of “Prism” and Orjan Nilsen certainly delivers on that promise.

Already premiered by one of the US’ most renown radio stations – SiriusXM Electro, as well as Armin van Buuren himself on A State of Trance, “Nothing Here But Love” is now here to spread the message of love around the world!


About “Nothing Here But Love”

Ørjan Nilsen: ““In the many years of collaborating with Mike James we have most definitely become very good friends. He is one of those people who knows how to put words to the feelings I put into the music I produce. This is one of those perfectly shaped transcripts, perfectly resembling my thoughts and feelings at the time of making this track a reality.”
About “Prism”

Ørjan Nilsen: “I have always been a very brave kind of producer; I’ve experimented and tried different styles, genres and techniques. No matter how much I love DJing, I will always be a producer first and I will never stop transcending the barriers of music production. This is what ‘Prism’ is all about. It’s about exploring different points of view, different perceptions. Prisms have the unique ability to reflect light and disperse darkness into color, and that’s exactly what I do through music; I express my feelings and my thoughts. I disperse the darkness, turn negatives into colors and reflect the light. Or at least, I try to. ‘Prism’ is a combination of the many stories I have and want to share with you. Singles do not create a storyline, so it was only natural to weave them into an album, which I will be releasing in two parts.”