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David Gravell never ceases to tease us  revealing time after time an unstoppable streaks of standouts tunes.

His newest gem ‘Traveller’ has been released only a week ago but you are already hungry for more?

Well, we got some really juicy  news then, because Andrew Rayel’s new imprint ‘InHarmony Music’ is going to be the home of Gravell’s newest jewel ‘On The Move’.

We’re quite sure you heard this tune during the summer at his gigs and you been wondering since then when that ID would have been released.

On David Gravell’s socials many fans are asking about it since Tomorrowland when the Dutch legend rocked the crowd with ‘On The Move’

Psyched yet?

nfectious and euphoric like only his tracks can be, On The Move is one of those tune made to cause you to press play on repeat. Highly addictive and with captivating synth line it easily gets stuck into your mind where it’s gonna linger for a long time. Uplifting and fast paced, ‘On The Move’ is the perfect festival anthem.
Stay tuned for more info and release date soon 🙂


Armin van Buuren never fails to amaze all his fans with special treats and today he just did it again! The trance mastermind releases today ULTRA MEXICO 2017 – Highlights ; a stunning collection of the highlights of his set at Ultra Mexico, so be ready to get your ears spoilt by tons of catchy and captivating beats.

Listen to Armin van Buuren – Ultra Mexico 2017 Highlights
You will relive the magical atmosphere of one the biggest festival in the world retracing the most epic moments of the set played by the legendary Armin van Buuren! 


Right after the exciting premiere by Armin during Asot 834, we’re super hyped to tell you that ‘Traveller’ is released!
Another smashing tune by David Gravell, one of the most prolific  and forward thinking guys in the scene.
We genuinely love his authentic approach and the way he always overcome himself tune after tune keeping the trance vibe so alive with his signature sound that makes you instantly say “that’s a Gravell track” at the very first beats.
‘Traveller’ is sure to be a success among David’s trance fans worldwide and its charming epic melody combined with captivating vocals will drag you into a story of a journey …(it might just end up being your own travel if you are brave enough to close your eyes and let yourself float into this musical universe).
Hypnotic and original, with a kaleidoscopic texture, it strikes a fine balance between a dreamy atmosphere and that festival anthem vibe made to destroy every dancefloor.
Exploring the trance soundscape in that  unique way David Gravell can do, he enriched this gem with a massive bassline and lushious synth that blends amazingly with the melody.
In a word? Huge!
We’re used to David Gravell pushing speakers to their limits and fans will be glad to hear his new offering is more of the same. With ‘Traveller’, the Dutchman once again links a floor-cracking bassline with blazing synths and soul-searching melodies. For another exciting musical journey, please follow the ‘Traveller’.



Every once in a while, we love to take our time for some more chilled vibes too, hot on the wheels of Armada Chill, we are proud to share with you such a magical tune.

Ever looking to raise the bar even higher, Patrick Baker has come forth with an amazing follow-up to his cover of RY X’s ‘Only’. Released on Armada Chill, ‘One More Hit’ is just what its title implies: another phenomenal song from the hand of the American singer-songwriter.

Listen to Patrick Baker ‘One More Hit’

The next in a seemingly endless stream of feel-good creations, ‘One More Hit’ is the reason why repeat buttons where invented in the first place. Packed with enchanting guitar play, velvet vocals and mesmerizing chords, it marks another Patrick Baker song easy on the ear and gentle to the heart. In the words of Patrick Baker himself, ’One More Hit’ is a song about the high you can get from low and how sometimes you’d do anything for just a few more moments with that one special person.“

Based in Nashville, Patrick Baker has been an Armada Chill regular for quite a while now. Known for his ever-blissful songs as well as his excellent covers, he notched up over 2.5 million streams on Spotify with 2016 single ‘Call Me Up’, presented his own phenomenal take on Bob Dylan classic ‘Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right’ and covered RY X’s ‘Only’, which earned him over 700K streams in a little over two months. With this brand-new offering, Patrick Baker adds ‘One More Hit’ to his ever-growing list of highly-acclaimed singles.


When it’s Friday and you think it just couldn’t go any better than this….here we go with a surprise!!

Mark Sixma joining forces with the beautiful and talented Emma Hewitt and treating us with such an ear candy!! Here at the office we have this fabulous tune on repeat, we dare you not to do the same!!

Listen to Mark Sixma & Emma Hewitt – Missing

A brilliant interpretation of the well-known hit song, ‘Missing’ is as enchanting as a song can be. From Mark Sixma’s top-notch production to Emma Hewitt’s haunting vocals, this ‘90s classic turned Trance gem fully deserves its place at the top of your playlist.


Since debuting on Armada Music with ‘Not Missin U’ (feat. Dria) last year, Monn has been anything but bone idle. Ever prolific and unwaveringly determined, the Dutch producer met his fans’ expectations when he unleashed follow-up single ‘Waiting Forever’ earlier this year and now trumps it all ten times over with his next offering, released on Armada Deep: ‘Birds Of Love’.

Listen to Monn- Birds Of Love

With his new single, Monn makes music lovers the world over revel in the wave of excellent vibes it brings to the Armada Deep plate. Propelled by addictive chord progressions, subtle guitar sounds and sexy vocals, ‘Birds Of Love’ has already taken over the Dutch airwaves and has proved a song meant to be enjoyed at beachside.

Monn: “‘Birds Of Love’ was the result of a brilliant writing session over Skype with Nashville-based singer-songwriter Holly Winter. We both got inspired by Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood and found the perfect partner-in-crime in German composer, singer-songwriter and producer Tobias Kuhn to bring all of our ideas together. I’m really pleased with how it all turned out.”

In addition to releasing his music under the wing of Amsterdam-based record label Armada Music, Monn is also gearing up for releases on Atlantic Records, which boasts a roster that includes the likes of Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran and Skrillex. It proves that Monn has been taking giant steps since his debut last year and shows he’s doing all he can to ensure his name will be synonymous with the scene’s elite for years to come.

More About Monn:

Fresh in the dance music scene, Dutch enigmatic producerMonn has arrived to bring class and sophistication to the sonic sphere. This untouched artist cares for details and style and continues this in his productions, which are both unique and undeniably catchy. Monn brings upmystery with his appearance, yet, from the moment he decides to let the sophisticated tones kick in, the listeners curiosity will fade into sheer pleasure.Finding inspiration all over the dance music spectrum, this mysterious producer emanates a rich fusion of pop and electronic dance music, resulting in a dandy sound that is guaranteed to get crowds moving all over the globe. Like a breath of fresh air into the dance music world, Monn is all suited up and ready to release his masterpieces on the prestigious Atlantic Records –the home of artists like Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, Skrillex, Twenty One Pilots, Sean Paul, Jason Mraz – andArmada Music– home of Lost Frequencies and Armin van Buuren – this summer. Monn is a name you will remember, and find difficult to forget!


After making crowds roar across the world through the widespread Armin Only hype, ‘This Is A Test’ returns through four additional experiments ready to conquer festivals. Courtesy of Arkham Knights, Julian Jordan, Alex Di Stefano and Shinovi, the number one gimmick on the live front is set to bring about massive carnage once more.

Grab it Here