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I am going to treat my readers with such a sweet trance candy today…

One of my favorite artists, Jennifer Rene, has been so kind to accept this interview with me. Let’s see what she is going to reveal to us..

Hi Jen, thanks for taking the time to do this interview with me!!

Thank you so much for having me! It’s my pleasure!

I’d like to know how and when did it all start for you? (I heard you have always loved to sing since you were a child..)

Music has always been a big part of my life since I was very little. My dad is a musician and so I started performing at church with him at a young age. I was in choir and show choir thru ought school and I’ve been writing songs since I was very little. I always loved dance music but really decided to go in that direction once I turned 21 and went to my first real club in Chicago. I saw the DJ’s “Blank & Jones” and the energy and vibe of the place was surreal, I knew then and there that this was what I wanted to do!

You worked with so many big names… Which cooperation challenged you the most and why?

I have had such great experiences working with producers. With each one I learn something new. I would say the one where I felt the most pressure to do a good job was when I was in the studio with Armin for “Fine Without You.” I only had one song out at the time and Armin was a really big name. I wanted to make sure I did a good job with writing a song with him since it was such an amazing opportunity. I was lucky that it turned out pretty well!

Being a singer, a Dj and a radio show host must really keep you busy, so how do you manage it all?

It can get quite hectic at times, but the good thing is that it never feels like work and I love every party of this career! I haven’t started my radio show or podcast yet but it’s something I plan on doing. I need to make sure I have adequate time to do that and lately I’ve been focused on writing and recording new music! I also go to school full time so I do have a very full plate. It’s all a blessing though.

What are the ups and downs of traveling so much?

There are so many ups about traveling! Meeting new people and making friends from all over the world, experiencing new cultures and seeing some of the most beautiful sites you could ever see. I love going to countries where I feel completely out of my element because it’s there where I discover so much about myself. Traveling and performing makes me come ALIVE! The downs would be the jet lag, long layovers, and having to leave a place or people that you really fell in love with not knowing when you’ll return.

I known you are a great horror movies lover (just like me) which film scared you the most?

Ahhh you love horror!!! This makes me so happy!! Haha yes I am a big lover of the horror genre, one of my favorite scary movies would have to be The Exorcist which I think tops most people’s lists. I also really love Amityville Horror, The Strangers, The Conjuring, The Descent, and Rosemary’s Baby. I could honestly go on and on haha.

I’ve red about that project still in the back of your mind about owning a club called “colors” and totally loved the idea (especially the white room) would you like to tell us more ?

Ahh yes! That’s the inspiration behind my upcoming radio show! I’m a lover of so many genres and always thought it would be cool to go to a club where you could hear different genres in different themed rooms. I’ve also always seen colors in music so I put two and two together! Owning a club is probably something that will never happen but having a radio show inspired by the same is sure to happen!

What inspires you in writing your songs?

What inspires me is things that have happened in my life. Love, heartbreak, anger, sadness, loss of friendship, all those things and more inspire me. I write from the heart and from my own personal experiences. Even when something bad happens in my life I turn it into a positive because I know I can write a song about it and hopefully there will be someone out there who can relate to it and enjoy my song.

Can you tell us something about your last productions and give us a sneak peek of your future projects?

I was really happy to be a part of Solid Stone’s debut album and have two songs on there “Heart Call”and “Pushing Up” .Working with Solid Stone is always something I enjoy and we work really well together. I never know what he’s going to send me after I’ve sent him a vocal and it’s always surprising in the best possible way. My recent collab “Smile”with DRYM was one I had been working on for awhile. I had been talking with DRYM for over a year about a collab and they sent me this instrumental that was so beautiful and I heard the lyrics right away over it! Right now I’m currently writing non-stop to new collaborations and some of my own material and I’m very excited where everything is going. I can’t wait to share it with the world!





Jennifer Rene on Facebook
Jennifer Rene on Spotify


Following last week’s release of Armin van Buuren’s take on Human Resource – ‘Dominator’, the second single of his forthcoming ‘Old Skool’ mini album sees the light of day. Armin van Buuren vs The Ultimate Seduction – ‘The Ultimate Seduction’ is a timeless classic turned current favorite and has been released on Amsterdam-based record company Armada Music today. 


Originally forged by Dutch dance music group The Ultimate Seduction in 1992, ‘The Ultimate Seduction’ was a huge hit in The Netherlands back in the days. Armin van Buuren made his own version of the track to play throughout his ‘Armin Only Embrace’ world tour alongside his renditions of dance classics ‘Dominator’ (by Human Resource), ‘Pull Over’ (by Speedy J), ‘Quadrophonia’ (by Quadrophonia), and more. All of these tracks are featured on the ‘Old Skool’ mini album, which is to be released on August 4th.

 Listen to The ultimate seduction

Pre- order here: Old Skool mini album


Third Party and Sem Vox dropped their brand-new single ‘Never Let You Go’ onto #DLDKMUSIC. The song counts as the third release of the record label and was forged by the UK duo (Third Party) and the renowned Don’t Let Daddy Know anthem creator (Sem Vox). #DLDKMUSIC operates under the wing of Amsterdam-based record label Armada Music.


For Third Party, ‘Never Let You Go’ comes hot off the heels of their collaboration with dance music superstar Martin Garrix. Their joint effort, ‘Lions In The Wild’, amassed support from Electronic Music’s leading artists (Axwell^Ingrosso, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Hardwell, Tiësto, W&W, Andrew Rayel, Gareth Emery, and more) and wowed the crowd at major festivals such as EDC Las Vegas, Ultra Music Festival Miami 2016, The Flying Dutch Amsterdam, Ultra Music Festival Korea,


In the past few months, Sem Vox has been taking the world of dance music by storm. Sem Vox’s ‘Get It Up’ and ‘Mumbai’ – both released on #DLDKMUSIC as well – rose as the respective anthems of the illustrious Don’t Let Daddy Know events in Amsterdam and India. Now collaborating with Third Party, Sem Vox proves he’s not one to let momentum subside and continues to strengthen his foothold in the industry by way of this new single with Third Party. 

Listen here https://sub330.lnk.to/BLPR


After working together closely for many years, Armada Music and U.S. consultant and radio promoter George Hess have upgraded their partnership. Through this intensified partnership, Armada Music aims to push further into North American territory than it has ever done before. Additionally, the Amsterdam-based record label will open a brand-new office in New York on July 6th. Hess will launch the New York office as the record label’s representative in North America, focused on promoting its artists and labels. 


Armada Music and George Hess first started working together about seven years ago and their collaboration proved successful in the following years. Through their joint efforts, the artists and labels of Armada Music gained a stronger foothold in North America and both Armada Music and George Hess saw their hard work pay off when Armin van Buuren received a Grammy® nomination for worldwide smash ‘This Is What It Feels Like’. George Hess’ representation of Armada Music will be exclusive within the independent Dance genre.  


Maykel Piron, CEO Armada Music: “I’m extremely excited about this new chapter together with George. This year, we’ve launched even more artists and labels under our umbrella than last year and we will continue signing more acts and label partnerships. Our music and brand is in perfect hands with George and his team in America. From working with George in these last years, I can only say positive things about George and the way he works on our artists and releases. He’s a true music person with the right experience to take our music to the next level in the most exciting territory in the world. Besides that, we at Armada strongly believe that working with nice and positive people benefits our company, our artists, and our product. George is one of the nicest persons in this industry. We are happy to be surrounded with his energy.”


George Hess: “In the years I’ve worked with Armada, I’ve seen a lot of amazing milestones. I’ve watched them diversify with acts like Lost Frequencies and the pop success of Armin Van Buuren. I’ve watched them grow to become a company of over 100 people, all positive, motivated, and passionate from the top down. That top down management style is exactly what has kept them on top of their game, and our relationship successful. On my 26th year of working in this industry, I am humbled to be involved in building out the brand, services and labels in the US with the team.”

Armada Music set for DJ Mag Top 100 with diverse artist roster


The voting for DJ Mag’s renowned Top 100 DJs Poll has started. The Top 100 is widely considered as the most important DJ poll in the world and gets fans from all over the globe to vote for their favorite artists. This year, Armada Music brandishes a diverse artist roster to hit up the DJ Mag Top 100 with, comprised of world-renowned artists and brand-new signings alike.


The Amsterdam-based record label has a large number of steady DJ Mag Top 100 fixtures among its ranks, including Armin van Buuren (five-time winner and current #4), W&W (#14), Dash Berlin (#15), Andrew Rayel (#40), Shogun (#47), MaRLo (#91), and Swanky Tunes (#97). Additionally, artists such as Showtek (#37) and Borgeous (#74) recently signed with Armada Music and are to shoot for the stars this year, as are all other artists tied to Armada Music.


For a list of Armada Music artists, visit http://www.armadamusic.com/artists/

Fans can vote for their favorite DJs via

https://top100djsvote.djmag.com/ until September 14th. The final results will be revealed during Amsterdam Dance Event 2016, somewhere between the 19th and 23rd of October. 

Armada Invites



Andrew Rayel is the next globally renowned headliner of Armada Music’s unique livestream event: ‘Armada Invites’. Supported by fellow Trance stars David Gravell, Mark Sixma, and Rodg, the Moldovan DJ and producer is ready to deliver a spectacle unheard of to the crowd of ‘Armada Invites’ on Wednesday July 20th, from 9 PM to 10 PM (CET). The entire live set of Andrew Rayel will be broadcast live on Armada Music’s Facebook page and the Armada Music YouTube channel.


‘Armada Invites’ is a recurring event in Armada Music’s own in-office club in Amsterdam, comprising exclusive showcases from some of the biggest and/or most talented artists in the world. The event continually reaches a worldwide audience through its livestream on Armada Music’s Facebook page and YouTube channel and has seen big artists such as Erick Morillo, Armin van Buuren, and Lost Frequencies draw in tons of viewers in previous editions.


Andrew Rayel’s live set at ‘Armada Invites’ coincides with the celebration of his 50th episode milestone for his radio show: ‘Find Your Harmony’. The name of the radio show is directly tied to Andrew Rayel debut album ‘Find Your Harmony’, which saw its release a little over two years ago. Since its inception, the radio show has gained a steady amount of followers and now celebrates its 50th episode during ‘Armada Invites: Andrew Rayel’.


Line-up Armada Invites

David Gravell


Mark Sixma


Andrew Rayel




OLD SKOOL mini album 

Armin van Buuren will put out a rather surprising mini album. The ‘Old Skool’ mini album features Armin van Buuren’s versions of world-renowned dance classics such as Human Resource – ‘Dominator’, The Ultimate Seduction – ‘The Ultimate Seduction’, and Speedy J – ‘The Pull Over’. The mini album is out on August 4th and available for pre-order as of today. 

Simultaneous with the start of the ‘Old Skool’ mini album pre-order, Armin van Buuren’s version of dance classic ‘Dominator’ has also been unleashed. ‘Dominator’ was originally put out by Dutch dance act Human Resource in 1991 and Armin van Buuren’s rendition proved one of the most recognizable records in his live sets over the past few months, with plays on major festivals such as Ultra Music Festival Miami, The Flying Dutch Amsterdam, Ultra Music Festival Korea, EDC Las Vegas, and more.


Though few fans would’ve expected Armin van Buuren to deliver an entire mini album so soon after the release of his sixth artist album (‘Embrace’), the concept didn’t exactly come out of nowhere. ‘Embrace’ featured a track called ‘Old Skool’ and the tracks comprising the mini album are all part of Armin van Buuren’s ongoing ‘Armin Only Embrace’ world tour.
Full tracklist:

Armin van Buuren vs Human Resource – Dominator

Armin van Buuren vs The Ultimate Seduction – The Ultimate Seduction

Armin van Buuren vs Speedy J – Pull Over

Armin van Buuren vs Quadrophonia – Quadrophonia

Armin van Buuren vs MainX – 88 To Piano

Armin van Buuren – Old Skool (Vigel Remix)

Armin van Buuren – Old Skool Ping Pong


Alexander Popov

The second volume of his acclaimed series named after his successful radioshow is finally here
with 20 tracks forged by the likes of Andrew Rayel, David Gravell, Husman, Matvey Emerson & Stephen Ridley, Suspect 44, Alexander Popov himself and more.

The Russian mastermind doesn’t need any introduction being into the scene since almost 10 years, he treated his audience with some trance gems such as “ Vapor Trails”, “My World” (feat. Kyler England), “ Lost Language”,“Quantum” and “Paradise” ( with TLN feat.Christina Novelli) ; you can find a lot of these classical hits in this compilation, some of them remixed by one of the scene’s leading artists above mentioned and some other in their original version.

So, let’s take a closer look to this record of epic proportions clearly delivered to please all the trance lovers on earth:
well guys, I promise you, taking the time to treat yourself with such an ear candy is going to be the best part of your day!!

As soon as “SPACEWALK” breaks in it instantly hits you with its addictive drops, a very catchy, flows well and generally feel-good type of track;

“PARADISE”’s sweet beats and Christina Novelli’s unique voice blend together amazingly giving you a massive fix of dreamy vibes,

“I KNOW YOU CARE” it’s one of that tune that affects you on more than one level, both physically and cerebrally, while “EIFORYA” is made to get you that “trance family festival like feeling” we all love…In a blink of an eye you will find yourself standing front row at your favorite party wishing and praying it won’t end.

Alexander Popov’s “WORLD LIKE THIS” builds up nice and slow progressing beautifully into an emotional melody.

“QUASAR” and “HOPE FADES” elevate it to the next level with their powerful drops and trippy pads..goosebumps are 100% guaranteed.

“FELL FOR YOU” overwhelms you with sweet vocals and a dance floor destroyer bass line.

“MIMESIS” drags you in its spiral with its bewitched strings, kinda enchanting, honestly.

We also got a bunch of bouncy, electro powerful tunes like “ATMOSPHERE”, “THE LAST OF US”, “DISTANT POWER” and “FANTASY”

“MY WORLD” is a summerish tune with beautiful vocals and a quite pop bass line, perfect to chill with,while laying on the beach (ideally on the white Isle….just saying) with your favorite cocktail…

“THE OTHER SIDE” is going to haunt your mind with dreamy,angelic vocals.

“FLIGHT 761”and “MY WAY” are serving up some very enjoyable festival beats to make you jump while “STAY AWAKE” leads the way with blissful yet dark synths and an infectious bassline.

“RUN AWAY” Alexander Popov remix closes this masterpiece with this outstanding tune which is going to linger on for a while, stucked in your head.

When all is said and done, I fell in love with Interplay 2016, Alexander Popov never lets us down and I warmly recommend you to give it a listen asap… https://interplay2016.lnk.to/AlexanderPopov you can thank me later 🙂 but take care…it’s highly addictive!!!