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Young, beautiful and super talented Louise Rademakers  already released several songs on Armada Music as a writer and vocalist with Ruben de Ronde, Rodg and Melosense and today she officially landed on Armada Chill with such a jewel named ‘Nostalgia’.

Coming from a family of musicians, where her older sisters influenced her with their love for piano, she started writing and singing music in her teens releasing her very first EP at fifteen. Once she graduated, she left Antwerp to move to Boston to study at the famous Berklee College of Music.

And now she is gracing Armada Music Team with her precious contribution.

‘Nostalgia’ is a delicate tune that will move your heart for sure, something able to make the world’s  stop  spinning around for a while, and make you leave all the daily frenzy behind to  enjoy every peaceful beat with a smile on your face.  It’s a deep breath of fresh air, and a warm comfort to your heart, Louise’s blissful voice is made to charm your soul, and seduce your mind.

The meaningful lyrics are nestled in a dreamy atmosphere created by the chords tailoring a special song to experience as something personal and deep.

And….we’re wondering if we could expect a remix of this gem…wouldn’t be that bad dancing to it during….maybe…ASOT….. 🙂

Simply put: our soul was sold at the first 2 notes!!

Filled with charming vocals and emotional chords, ‘Nostalgia’ marks Louise Rademakers’  first solo single on Armada Chill. Able to make time slow down and set hearts on fire, this is a record you’ll always think back to with a smile.

Listen to Louise Rademakers – Nostalgia

OUT NOW: Armin van Buuren feat. Josh Cumbee – Sunny Days (PureNRG remix)

Pure bliss in uplifting form, the PureNRG Remix of ‘Sunny Days’ (feat. Josh Cumbee) has been a crowd favorite since its premiere at the ASOT stage on Tomorrowland Belgium 2017. Pacy, emotive and hyper-melodic, this take on Armin van Buuren’s recent hit single has all the hallmarks of a timeless Trance classic.

Grab it HERE 



After an astonishingly strong series of releases so far in 2017, Super8 & Tab aren’t ready to leave the year without creating a bit more of a bang, and it comes in the form of their newest single ‘Pressure’. Today, the trance duo’s brilliant release saw its release on Armind and shows the duo going back to their trancier roots.

Listen to Super8 & Tab – Pressure

While the well-crafted build-up of ‘Pressure’ piles on the thrill, its impervious synths and exciting melody finish it all off in style. All put together, it’s a record aimed at the dancefloor and one sure to get fans to go wild.


Throughout the years, Super8 & Tab have seen their tracks played by Trance’s finest, of which Armin van Buuren seems to be one of their most dedicated supporters, playing almost all of Super8 & Tab’s productions in his live sets, A State Of Trance radio show or both. And since ‘Pressure’ has already made its debut at the mainstage of Ultra Japan, it seems that this new offering from the Finnish mainstays is gearing up to dominate global festivals and club scenes alike.

A State Of Trance Top 20 – October 2017 (Selected by Armin van Buuren) ADE Special

Stacked full of the most popular tunes played on Armin van Buuren’s A State Of Trance radio show, this month’s installment of the ‘A State Of Trance Radio Top 20’ is one in a million. Featuring cuts from Alpha 9, Andrew Rayel, Armin van Buuren, Avancada vs Darius & Finlay, Gaia, Omnia, W&W vs Vini Vici and more, this special ADE edition of the series not only includes Armin van Buuren’s personal favorites, but also five bonus tracks, one from each act playing at the ASOT event during this year’s edition of the Amsterdam Dance Event.

Let’s grab it HERE



Today is the day! Hot on the wheels of Andrew Rayel’s imprint InHarmony Music we finally see the release of the long awaited tune that haunted us through the whole summer; we’re talking about ‘On The Move’ by David Gravell!
Let’s take a walk down the memory lane, in 2001 to be exact, when the Dutch trance artist Bart Claessen gave birth, (under the alias of Barthezz) to one of his most famous track called ‘On The Move’.
Needless to say it was an instant success, a classic trance tune clearly intended to be remembered for years to come.
Now, let’s be honest, it’s a hell of a challenge what David got himself into… reworking such a monster tune… But he never disappoints and revamped ‘On The Move’ in a majestic way like only him could have done, forging a record of utter beauty.
His visionary mind worked it out enriching  this beauty with his very own magical touch and signature analog sound typical of Gravell’s studio set up. As always,the sound research is on point and we’re used to the fact he doesn’t  settle for less than perfection chasing relentlessly the wow effect in all his productions.
The full-throttle melody blends perfectly with the sick synth line, the jaw-dropping chord progressions and the ravaging beats build up to an irresistible climax clearly addressed to drive you nuts with an outpouring of emotions. All in all it’s a top-notch cut!
Turning the near-age-old Barthezz classic into a mainstage bulldozer of his own, David Gravell has landed on Andrew Rayel’s InHarmony label. Brimming with blazing synths, floor-cracking bass and the ever so recognizable melody, ‘On The Move’ is there to make sure not a soul of the thousands-strong crowd will stand still.
Yesterday David attended the special ADE edition of ASOT836 playing in the studio alongside Armin van Buuren.
He stated that, as he did for ‘Communication’ by Armin and ‘Children’ by Robert Miles, he really had fun reworking ‘On The Move’ because it gave him the chance to bring back to light an old classic melody which he revamped with his unique style and sound.
We must say, it’s also a good way to let the younger clubbers know some of the older gems.
Gravell revealed also, that he has another big release coming up next month…And we don’t know about you guys,  but we are hungry for more already!!
We’re also amazed to announce that David Gravell is one of the first names confirmed on the line-up of ASOT850 Utrecht  ‘Be In The Moment’


David Gravell never ceases to tease us  revealing time after time an unstoppable streaks of standouts tunes.

His newest gem ‘Traveller’ has been released only a week ago but you are already hungry for more?

Well, we got some really juicy  news then, because Andrew Rayel’s new imprint ‘InHarmony Music’ is going to be the home of Gravell’s newest jewel ‘On The Move’.

We’re quite sure you heard this tune during the summer at his gigs and you been wondering since then when that ID would have been released.

On David Gravell’s socials many fans are asking about it since Tomorrowland when the Dutch legend rocked the crowd with ‘On The Move’

Psyched yet?

nfectious and euphoric like only his tracks can be, On The Move is one of those tune made to cause you to press play on repeat. Highly addictive and with captivating synth line it easily gets stuck into your mind where it’s gonna linger for a long time. Uplifting and fast paced, ‘On The Move’ is the perfect festival anthem.
Stay tuned for more info and release date soon 🙂