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Omnia showed the world what he is capable of with ‘The Fusion’. The big follow up has arrived: ‘CYBERPUNK’ is finally here.

Let’s grab it here

It doesn’t even take a second to recognize Omnia’s trademark sound in the marvel of ‘CYBERPUNK’. Sporting the globally acclaimed off-beat plucks and alluring synth soars that merge perfectly with the driving bassline, this brand-new Omnia production will have Trance fans on the edge of their seats in no time.

STANDERWICK – I’ve Been Thinking About You

STANDERWICK is a legendary DJ but also a great and loving father. Being on tour all the time, away from his kids, is hard for him. That’s why he created a song, dedicated to them! The teaser video was all filmed from where STANDERWICK lives and the kids are featured in the video! It’s something he can watch and also play out when he is away, this makes him feel a little closer to home.

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Prolific as ever, STANDERWICK has lined up his next speaker-buster on the Who’s Afraid Of 138?! label. From the high-magnitude bass to the acid swirls and colossal synths, ‘I’ve Been Thinking About You’ could very well be one of the most tempestuous cuts to hit the biggest festivals this year.

Armin van Buuren – A State of Trance, Ibiza 2018

The pre-order for A State Of Trance Ibiza 2018 is now live! Armin van Buuren has picked his summer favorites and combined them all in two fantastic CD’s. Be among the first to be sure of a copy and enjoy some of the releases earlier than the rest of the world. The official release date of the album will be the 10th of August !!

Let’s grab it here

Back on the White isle for a blistering summer residency this year, Armin van Buuren knows what it takes to make one of the most demanding party crowds in the world burst out in cheers. Having mastered the art of picking just the right tracks to turn the heat of the moment into a blazing inferno, he manages to conjure a tidal wave of magic at every turn. Now, he does so again by picking only the most breathtaking Trance cuts of the moment for the new installment of his sensational A State Of Trance mix album series: ‘A State Of Trance, Ibiza 2018’.

A phenomenal blend of mouthwatering exclusives, gorgeous originals and top-of-the-line remixes, ‘A State Of Trance, Ibiza 2018’ captures the Ibiza magic in two fantastic parts (‘On The Beach’ and ‘In The Club’). Featuring no less than forty-one sizzling productions, the mix album is as highly anticipated by the global Trance crowd as the warm Ibiza sun is welcomed by everyone chilling at beachside.

To listen to ‘A State Of Trance, Ibiza 2018’ is to experience the island’s thriving party scene at its best. Who can say no to that?


Mix 1 – On The Beach

01 Armin van Buuren vs Shapov – Our Origin

02 Assaf – Trinity (Sound Quelle & Max Meyer Remix)

03 ALPHA 9 – Sleepwalker

04 Probspot – Blueberry (Daniel Wanrooy Remix)

05 Maor Levi – Light Years

06 Armin van Buuren feat. James Newman – Therapy (Super8 & Tab Remix)

07 Denis Kenzo & Sveta B. – Sweet Lie

08 Myon X Late Night Alumni – Hearts & Silence (Myon Club Mix)

09 Arty – Tim

10 Sodality – Challenger

11 Fast Distance – Cosmos

12 D-Mad – Comeback

13 Cubicore & Shane 54 – Budokan

14 Fatum – Petra

15 Jorn van Deynhoven – Fiesta del Sol

16 Henry Dark – Blue Days & Black Nights

17 Omnia – CYBERPUNK

18 Alexander Popov & Ruben de Ronde – Luna

19 Kyau & Albert + Steve Brian – Reverie

20 Maor Levi – Vintage

Mix 2 – In The Club

01 Armin van Buuren x Vini Vici x Alok feat. Zafrir – United

02 Beatsole – Pearl

03 Eximinds & Jean Clemence – Gravitation

04 Super8 & Tab – Blockchain

05 Rene Ablaze & Jam Da Bass – From Dusk Till Dawn

06 Tempo Giusto – Solace In Your Eyes (Decade Mix)

07 STANDERWICK – I’ve Been Thinking About You

08 Ben Gold & Allen Watts – Strike As One

09 Yuri Kane – Right Back (Solis & Sean Truby Remix)

10 Assaf – Heliades

11 The Noble Six – Black Lotus

12 Richard Durand – The Air I Breathe

13 Chris Schweizer feat. Roxanne Emery – Under The Light

14 Moonsouls & Zara Taylor – Let It Go

15 Oliver Cattley with Kiyoi & Eky – Zubr

16 Heatbeat – Stadium Arcadium

17 Allen Watts & Talla 2XLC – Equinox

18 Ultra Shock – The Sound Of E (Jorn van Deynhoven Remix)

19 Perry O’Neil – Wave Force (South Of The Stars Remix)

20 Splinta – Shock Therapy (Rising Altitude Mix)

21 Armin van Buuren – Blah Blah Blah

Out Now: Andrew Rayel & Corti Organ & Max Cameron “New Dawn” (inHarmony Music)

“New Dawn” is the epic new single from inHarmony Music that’s burning down dancefloors across the globe. The fiery fury of this trance anthem ensures its place in modern electronic dance music.

Explosive. Epic. Monstrous. At last, the massive trance track that’s been obliterating dancefloors and festival fields across the U.S. and world is officially available. Andrew Rayel & Corti Organ & Max Cameron’s “New Dawn” (inHarmony Music) is out now.

The Original Mix of “New Dawn” is like a modern-day version of Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries,” but for young, trance-loving club goers. It’s a passionate siren song that exemplifies the best in contemporary dance music. At every live show where Andrew Rayel plays this out, audiences erupt instantaneously. The scorching energy that results when Rayel drops this tune is akin to an erupting volcano with its raging heat and ferocity. “New Dawn” is a composition for the mainroom at peaktime and it’s not for the faint hearted. This robust, high-energy track is timeless and it’s something that feels eternal.

One of the most memorable elements of this tune and one that sets it apart is the operatic soprano, a female vocal that’s expertly interwoven with the lead melody. The soprano gives the synthesizers a sense of majesty, as though at any moment, the skies may open and heaven and earth will be engulfed in a cosmic shower of exploding stars.

The Radio Edit arrives at the chorus faster, as the track essentially starts its climb right at the intro with the operatic soprano, diving directly into that sumptuous lead melody. “New Dawn” is the soundtrack to a new world born of some extravagant inter-galactic battle, and the track is at once powerful, strong and brilliant.

About InHarmony Music:

Launched in September, 2017, inHarmony Music is the record label headed by Andrew Rayel and distributed by Armada Music. As label chief and head of A&R for inHarmony Music, Rayel is the key decision-maker when it comes to signing new artists and music. Fulfilling a lifelong dream while on his never-ending career quest, Rayel is now able to do for new artists what Armin van Buuren did for Rayel several years ago. The circle is complete. Music lovers can expect the continuation of this abundant supply of lovingly curated new music.

Listen Here

Gareth Emery feat. Evan Henzi – Calls To Arms

Fresh from reigniting his Garuda label alongside frequent collaborator, long-time friend and now fellow head honcho Ashley Wallbridge, Gareth Emery unleashes his next incendiary single. Featuring the mesmerizing vocals of Los Angeles-based newcomer Evan Henzi, ‘Call To Arms’ is a stirring anthem certain to inspire millions with its declaration of empowerment.

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With the unstoppable rage of a storm building from within, ‘Call To Arms’ sees Gareth Emery and Evan Henzi unleash a battle cry that echoes the turbulent inner landscape of a young singer-songwriter. Co-written by Gary Lightbody and Johnny McDaid of Snow Patrol, this searing Emery production calls upon listeners worldwide to raise their fists in solidarity as Evan Henzi’s emotive vocals signal a new dawn. A new global movement has arrived.

‘Call to Arms’ is the latest cutting-edge production from U.K. trance master Gareth Emery, who is known for his relentless boundary pushing and innate ability to eclipse expectations, and sets benchmarks in electronic music with every new release. Evan Henzi’s message of triumph over adversity as a survivor of child abuse is as compelling as his vocals are spine-tingling; with a refusal to remain silent, they roar to life over Emery’s thunderous, arena-ready track.

Fresh from selling out the 8500 capacity Bill Graham Auditorium in San Francisco with his encore Laserface arena show, Gareth Emery has further cemented himself as one of the most in-demand live DJs on the planet, and is just as exhilarating in front of a live televised audience of millions (Closing Ceremony of the 2015 European Games), as he is on any global festival main stage or sweaty club rammed with legions of fans. Add to that Emery’s starring role as EDM cult figure Brandon Bass in the Verizon TV series ‘We Are CVNT5’, his CEO position in ground-breaking music start-up ‘Choon’, him being a three-time recipient of A State Of Trance’s Tune of The Year award and his inexhaustible work rate on his own Garuda label, and you have a CV as varied as it is daunting.


Jorn van Deynhoven has emerged as one of the hottest names in global trance in recent years. With his new track ‘Fake ID’ he will blow up your speakers. The miraculously melodic gives you goose bumps all over and get you hooked to the song. The best part is that the track is part of an upcoming album of the DJ. I will tell you more about this album in the coming weeks.


Listen HERE

So mightily powerful it’s illegal, Jorn van Deynhoven’s ‘Fake ID’ is what gets you in a higher state of consciousness. The key to an unforgettable experience, this hyper-energetic, wonderfully melodic masterpiece will grant you access in Trance heaven in no time.



Hell yeah ‘Osaka’ is out. Super8 & Tab may already be among trance’s greatest, but that doesn’t stop them going bigger and better or harder and faster. Super8 & Tab teamed up with fellow Finlander Tom Fall to create this insane track, which is on the second part of Super8 & Tab’s album ‘Reformation’. You will feel a blast of euphoria after listening to this energetic track. ‘Osaka’ is where your unforgettable night out begins.

Listen HERE


One of the most anthemic cuts on the second part of Super8 & Tab’s album ‘Reformation’, ‘Osaka’ sees the Finnish Trance heroes team up with fellow-countryman Tom Fall. Exciting, uplifting and sure to have the masses raise their hands to the sky, this cut will be a staple in the Trance scene for years to come.


The trance DJ & producer from Israel did it again! Maor Levi’s brand new track ‘Brave’ with the lovely vocals of Suvarman contains a recognizable melody combined with strong lyrics and only the best harmonies.

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Prolific as ever, Maor Levi has once again conjured up a mind-blowing song in collaboration with Mangal Suvarnan. Featuring a set of captivating vocals and only the very best chords and harmonies, ‘Brave’ marks a stellar return to Armada Music and a world-class single in one.



Finally!! We’ve been waiting for this moment for a while now!! Our beloved Statement’s artist Estiva is presenting his very own brand new album!

Estiva is a music machine. Blasting out music like no other. Therefore he had to combine them and create an album for you. The end result? ‘Spectacle I’ which will take you on a musical journey you will never forget. Out tomorrow, please go and enjoy a spectacle of sound!

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No journey of an artist is a road without pits, nor is it a smooth ride without hiccups. Sometimes even the best hit a dead end, not knowing where to go or turn until they circle back to find what incited their passion for writing and performing music in the first place. After stumbling upon a towering brick wall three years ago, Estiva sought to reinvent himself and his music, to return to that special place where inspiration flowed freely. And today, after teasing some of his new work and receiving tons of plaudits for the fineness of his craft, he comes bearing his wondrous second artist album: ‘Spectacle I’.


With ‘Spectacle I’, Estiva lays bare a piece of his heart and soul – of the fiery passion that needed to be kindled in order to flare up again. Featuring records such as ‘Cubes’, ‘Rainbow’ (with Ruben de Ronde), ‘Bloom’, ‘Alive’, ‘Quickdraw’ and massive fan favorite ‘Sun Goes Down’, the album sees Estiva magnify the qualities of his trademark sound and spark fourteen priceless gems used to turn the story of his struggle into a wonderful and compelling narrative: a spectacle on a whole other level.

Estiva: “Three years ago, I crashed; I was ultimately stuck. Nothing I wrote could satisfy me any more artistically. The passion for music that I once had so vividly deteriorated drastically. I felt like it was time to step out of the musical rollercoaster as the ride was destined to come to an end very soon. But when I started to get used to the idea of letting go of music, that very same notion cleared my mind. After a brief intermission, I started to write music again, without any expectations from myself or other people. I found myself able to translate anything that came up in my mind into actual sounds without having anyone, including myself, judging it. It was back to basics and it worked magic for me. After three years of writing music for this album, I started to realize that my take on music had strongly developed. Without being aware of it, I had been shaping my vision. The variation in tracks I wrote felt confusing at first, but as I was writing more and more tracks, a cohesion arose: like a spectacle of sound.”



 It’s been a long thirteen years since Armin van Buuren dropped ‘Shivers’ as part of his sophomore album of the same name. Having become a much loved favorite across the globe, the song has proven seminal in the evolution of trance music throughout the years. Today, fellow electronic music star ALPHA 9 comes knocking with a breathtaking remix.


Listen HERE


One word: goosebumps. Now revisited by none other than ALPHA 9, Armin van Buuren and Susana’s ‘Shivers’ has remained a seminal single and globally beloved classic since its initial release in 2005 and now re-emerges for at least an additional thirteen years of wonder through by the gentle sound mash ALPHA 9 calls his own. For certain, this will remain a staple for decades to come.

“The original version of ‘Shivers’ by Armin is one of my all-time favorite songs: it’s the reason why I started to listen to trance music back in 2005” confirms ALPHA 9 aka Artem Stoliarov (Arty), adding “It’s really hard to express how much this song means to me.” Grateful for being tasked with an opportunity he describes as “incredible,” this ALPHA 9 remix doesn’t disappoint; the product is a glorious new re-emergence of a trance classic that will remain a staple for time to come and guarantee at least another thirteen years worth of goosebumps.


The anticipation and importance of preserving the source material isn’t lost on the producer Stoliarov,  who has also collaborated with van Buuren on the track ‘Nehalennia’ in addition to remixing ‘Embrace.’ Stoliarov said “I usually prefer not to touch my favorite songs, but with ‘Shivers’ it felt different. I really wanted to play this song in my live ALPHA 9 sets, but so it fitted my current sound and style. I had a pretty strong idea where I wanted to take this remix even before I got my hands on the original.”

“The reaction has been incredible. It warms my heart when I see how many people still remember and love this song, and I can’t wait to share my remix with both my fans and the fans of the original masterpiece.”

One of electronic music’s most active and consistent acts ARTY, a part of the dual-persona music engine manned by Stoliarov, has churned out a range of smash hit remixes for the likes of Halsey (‘Hurricane’ – over 53 million streams), OneRepublic, London Grammar, Above & Beyond, Porter Robinson, and Years & Years. Now residing in Los Angeles, he performs at the world’s biggest clubs and festivals (Ultra, Electric Daisy Carnival, Tomorrowland, Ushuaïa, Amnesia Ibiza, Creamfields), clocks up millions of streams on Spotify, and continues to craft astonishing singles under his ALPHA 9 alias. His discography is teeming with crowd favorites, and this remix of ‘Shivers’ marks the next stellar addition to the list.