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MAOR LEVI – Vintage

The young Israeli producer, Maor Levi returns to Armada Music with his new track ‘Vintage’.

‘Vintage’ is an uplifting track which contains nostalgic sounds.


Let’s grab it here

Hot on the heels of ‘Brave’ (feat. Mangal Suvarnan), Maor Levi returns to Armada Music with a brush of nostalgia. Merging sounds of old and new in a refreshing manner, ‘Vintage’ will make fans go nuts like they did back in the days.


Davey Asprey has been DJ’ing tirelessly in the UK underground scene over the last decade, he has built his gig CV up and down the country, developing a great reputation for his diverse range of styles and sets. ‘Azile’ is his new banger and such an energetic track with great melodies. It is just not possible to sit still while listening to this track, let’s grab it here 

The true follow-up to last year’s ‘Fallout’, ‘Azile’ sees Davey Asprey drop another superb tune onto A State Of Trance. Melodically impeccable and super-energetic, this cut will have the entire Trance crowd fist-pumping to the smacking beats until the break of dawn.

THREE DRIVES – GREECE 2000 (Remixes)

Melih Kor and THNK both went into the lab to make these insane remixes. Melih Kor won the DJ competition to open Electronic Family mainstage last year. THNK is a techno producer from Holland, his tracks contains warm and atmospheric Techno vibes.

Let’s grab it here 

Taking it up a notch through two stellar renditions, Three Drives On A Vinyl welcome THNK and Melih Kor on remix duty for their classic ‘Greece 2000’. From THNK’s underground mayhem to Melih Kor’s Balearic vibes, this double slice of Electronic Elements will leave fans wanting more for sure.


Loud Luxury feat. Brando – Body (Orjan Nilsen Remix)

This week all remixes from ‘Body’ will be released. Ørjan the Norwegian trance producer and DJ did an insane remix of ‘Body”, a real trancer. Blow up your speakers and keep on dancing.

Let’s grab it here

Merging all seven previously released remixes into one exciting deal, this remix package of Loud Luxury’s smash hit ‘Body’ is the icing on the cake. Spread nicely across the dance music spectrum, this seven-color rainbow is about to spice up your day big time.


World-renowned Dutch producer and deep house virtuoso Eelke Kleijn has released his latest single, ‘Punta Cana’, on his DAYS like NIGHTS imprint today. The release falls as the second single off his impending ‘Moments Of Clarity’ project and lands in the midst of his most extensive North American tour to date with stops in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Mexico City, San Francisco, and Burning Man this summer. With a much-anticipated Tomorrowland performance also right around the corner on July 21, the Rotterdam-based producer is in high demand on both sides of the Atlantic.


Listen to Eelke Kleijn – Punta Cana


‘Punta Cana’, which took form while Eelke Kleijn was visiting the Dominican town of the same name two years ago, is centered around a pulsing kick that exemplifies his stunning ability to layer mesmerizing synth builds and subtle vocal samples atop vivid bass and percussion. Melodic, energetic and hypnotic, the result is crafted perfectly for festival and nightclub dance floors.

Eelke Kleijn: “I wrote the melody for the track while I was in Punta Cana for a gig in 2016. It sounded very different at that time, but I kept coming back to the main lead because I liked it so much. It has that sort of underground epicness that I really enjoy. The track went through multiple different versions before it turned out the way it is now. It’s been a steady end-of-the-night banger in all my sets of the last year!”


With a notable fifteen years of composing to draw upon, Eelke Kleijn has found major success on and off the dance floor in creating club tracks as well as Hollywood soundtracks. In addition to crafting releases for motion pictures like ‘Parker’, ‘The Crossing’, ‘Rush’ and ‘This Means War’, his bootleg of ‘The Hanging Tree’ from the iconic film ‘The Hunger Games’ launched the veteran producer to international stardom. While he continues to cultivate his rapidly rising DAYS like NIGHTS imprint, his emotive, complex progressive deep house signature has drawn attention from underground veterans Pete Tong, Solomun and Maceo Plex as well as fans from all around the globe.

Vini Vici – Where The Heart Is

A brand new track from Vini Vici on their brand new label ‘Alteza Records’. Alteza means King/Royalty, which describes where Vini Vici stands for, being on top of the game. ‘Where The Heart Is’ is the proof of their vision. Powerful as always.

From the psychedelic sound effects to the monstrous bassline, ‘Where The Heart Is’ has the Vini Vici stamp. Between the insane amounts of energy and its enormous club-destroying potential, this cut will remain a Psy-Trance staple until Armageddon hits.

Listen to Vini Vici ‘Where The Heart Is’ here 


Oh, how fast the years have gone by. It seems like only yesterday when Armin van Buuren, Maykel Piron and David Lewis started realizing their joint dream together, braiding their respective knowledge and visions of the music scene into an endeavor that would still be going strong a decade and a half later. On this very day, Armada Music can look back on 15 years of quality dance music across the board, and they’ve decided to celebrate it in style with the release of a brand-new, 4CD compilation album: ‘Armada 15 Years’.

Listen to ‘Armada 15 Years’


Through ‘Armada 15 Years’, music lovers from all over the world get to revel in 100 of the Amsterdam-based record label’s most iconic and popular releases. Digging into the cultural heritage of electronic music via tracks such as Chicane’s ‘Offshore’, Dash Berlin’s ‘Here Tonight’ and Vincent de Moor’s ‘Fly Away’ while also featuring the tracks that have dominated charts and festivals across the globe in the past few years (e.g. Armin van Buuren’s ‘This Is What It Feels Like’, Lost Frequencies’ ‘Are You With Me’, Major Lazer & Showtek’s ‘Believer’, Thomas Gold’s ‘Magic’, W&W’s ‘Bigfoot’ and the recent hit from Loud Luxury, ‘Body’), the album spotlights the evolution of the label and its sound. Simultaneously, ‘Armada 15 Years’ shows off the label’s trailblazing traits as well as those of its roster, all of which boils down to a piece of dance music history that has already proven both timeless and contemporary.


Armin van Buuren, co-founder Armada Music: “It’s been quite some time since we were on Ibiza and the idea of starting our own label popped up. I am so proud to see how far we’ve come. I am overjoyed with the massive success of the label and I can’t wait to see what the next 15 years will bring us.”


Maykel Piron, CEO and co-founder Armada Music: “The past fifteen years have shown us what can be accomplished by putting the right people in the right place. We are super proud of everyone working their hardest to ensure the label’s success and longevity, and we are very grateful to our artists for taking their chance with us and giving their heart and soul in this amazing partnership we’ve got going here. Without them, Armada Music would not be where it is today.”


David Lewis, co-founder Armada Music: “Good music keeps the mind alive, and I feel that’s exactly what Armada Music has been delivering over the past 15 years. The label managed to become the biggest independent dance music label in the world with a powerful and diverse roster of artists and I feel it in my guts that there is still a lot more to accomplish in the years to come. This is what we all envisioned and hoped for from the start, and I am very proud of being a part of it all.”

Ben Gold & Sivan – Stay

Sweeping listeners off their feet with stunning strings and Sivan’s equally breathtaking vocals, Ben Gold’s ‘Stay’ is taken from his forthcoming mini album ‘Sound Advice – Chapter One’ and captivating to the bone. Transitioning into a wonderful melody and steady rhythms before diving back into the awe-inspiring breakdown, this record truly shows the magic of music.



With his fresh and poppy approach to dance music and considerable talent, Mokita managed to conquer a large part of the electronic music realm in the past few years. Still building on the success of ‘Monopoly’, ‘Heaven’ and recent offering ‘When I See You’, the Nashville-based hotshot has returned to Armada Music with his next mouth-watering record: ‘Love Alone’.


Listen to Mokita – Love Alone

Laden with romance and emotion, Mokita’s ‘Love Alone’ dwells on the border of dance music and pop. Sealing the deal with its gentle vocals and tender rhythms, it has all the hallmarks of a song the entire world of music can fall head over heels in love with.


Born John-Luke Carter, Mokita started playing the piano at the age of six. After adding the guitar to his list of skills later on, he eventually ended up in the world of dance music production. Since, the Nashville-based musician has been making waves with a shower of originals and remixes, all serving as a testament to his mastery of the gamut of musical disciplines. ‘Monopoly’ currently marks his most successful song to date – with over 12 million streams on Spotify alone – and ‘Love Alone’ might just set a new high for the talented producer, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.


After making waves with #1 Beatport smash ‘Surrender’ (with Darude) and a slamming interpretation of Signum & Scott Mac’s legendary ‘Coming On Strong’ earlier this year, Ashley
Wallbridge returns with an almighty instrumental on his Garuda label. Featuring new talent NASH, ‘GODS’ arrives
just in time to chip in a tidal wave of melodic wonder for the festival madness.

Let’s Grab It Here

Right off the bat, ‘GODS’’ perfectly designed and alternating sections give the listener a true sense of power,
conjuring vast oceans and mountains; the feeling of being a prime mover. Fluttering vocal FX rise like vapor until
piercing synths in the breakdown shine through like divine light. The concoction of sounds is then masterfully
brought together before rushing forward with unmistakable awe. ‘GODS’ equals absolute power.
“I’ve always been fascinated with Greek culture and mythology”, says Ashley Wallbridge about choosing the name
for his and NASH’s link-up, “and it’s a really interesting way to name tracks. Zeus always seemed like the coolest
dude, so he inspired the artwork. If any Greek god were a DJ, it would definitely be Zeus.”
Speaking about NASH, Ashley Wallbridge adds: “I found out that one of my neighbors, Nash, is actually a super
talented and untapped producer. He came to the Garuda studio one day and we bounced around some ideas for a
project I had open. Nash had some really cool chord ideas for it. We spent a few more afternoons experimenting
together and along came ‘GODS’.”
In turn, NASH could barely contain his excitement about his brand-new collaboration with Ashley Wallbridge:

“After spending many years playing in bands and writing music for TV, I feel so psyched for this exciting new
chapter in my journey in music. I feel like signing to Garuda and launching my debut track as a collaboration with
Ash is the highlight of my career to date and the start of much bigger things. The future is bright!