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Let’s face it, what kind of  Friday would it be without a Statement! release?

So here we go with one of our favorite artist, Estiva!!!

 While his upcoming album ‘Spectacle’  will keep us waiting for a little longer, we got at least a tasty  sneak preview .

‘Cubes’ is the opening track of the album and will provide us with ultimate chill vibes by means of a beautiful piano and euphoric chords, but will kick off the flow of adrenaline in our bodies when it drops!


 The opening track of Estiva’s brand-new album ‘Spectacle’, ‘Cubes’ sees the Dutch DJ, producer and master of the progressive sound offer another slice of his peerless production skill. Enchanting listeners from the get-go with its stellar atmospheres and colorful plucks, this cut sure is a telling precursor of what’s to come from Estiva and his tantalizing album.


Armin van Buuren shocked the UMF 2018 crowd when he played ‘Blah Blah Blah’ on mainstage and left them guessing who it belonged to. A lot of “blah blah blah” was the result of the premiere of this ID. Now we can finally see its release, a funny and powerful tune that will be the soundtrack of your summer festival season for sure!


Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah

Listen to Armin van Buuren – blah Blah Blah here 


Throughout his over a decade long career, Afrojack has been indulging in a bevy of successful collaborations that spotlight the magnitude of his sound as well as that of his partners-in-crime. Today, the electronic music star has notched up another stellar offering as he joined forces with internationally acclaimed German DJ and producer duo Jewelz & Sparks for ‘One More Day’.

Listen to Afrojack x Jewelz & Sparks – One More Day


Smoothly transitioning from infectious pop into dance music and back, ‘One More Day’ sees Afrojack and Jewelz & Sparks deliver some of their best work to date. Laden with distinctly catchy rhythms, amazing vocals and a drop that makes every listener swoon, this song aims to splash its magic onto dancefloors and airwaves alike and is bound to see its creators reap the benefits of it. The news of this new track ‘One More Day’ comes on the heels of Afrojack announcing the ‘One More Day’ North American tour that will see him performing twelve shows in the U.S. and Canada this May.

Named the #8 DJ in the world by DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs poll (marking his seventh consecutive year of appearing in the Top 10), Afrojack is one of the most popular dance music acts of today and a sought-after producer, having worked with everyone from Pitbull to Sting and Chris Brown, and winning a Grammy for his and David Guetta’s remix of Madonna’s ‘Revolver.’ Coming from a busy January in 2018 that saw him both announce his return to Wynn, Las Vegas for his 2018 headlining residency and release an array of diverse hits such as ‘Bad Company’ with Dirtcaps, ‘Helium’ with David Guetta and Sia, and a remix of U2’s iconic ‘Get Out Of Your Own Way’, Afrojack has set his sights on making 2018 another colossal year and it’s clear that ‘One More Day’ is another big step in that direction.

Hailing from Germany, Jewelz & Sparks have been on many a dance music fan’s shortlist since 2012. Sporting a signature sound that hits freakishly hard and shines through in their productions as well as their live sets, they’ve rocked more than ten of DJ Mag’s Top 100 clubs (in addition to holding a residency at Club Octagon – #6 in the list) and continually wreak havoc on the mainstages of globally esteemed festivals such as Ultra Europe and TomorrowWorld. With a track record that includes remixes for the likes of The Chainsmokers (‘Paris’), Benny Benassi (‘Satisfaction’) and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike (‘The Hum’), releases on the labels of superstar DJs such as Calvin Harris, Hardwell and Tiësto, and collaborations with trailblazers such as Fedde Le Grand, Hardwell and now Afrojack, it’s safe to say these guys are skyrocketing to the top with the intention of staying put once they’ve reached it.


What could be better than celebrating Alteza Records with such a stunner?

Yes, you red it well, the Vini Vici label is born!

And their first release is a jewel,  by none other than Reality Test, a brave woman who is battling her way up in an industry dominated by men.

No surprise the track is called ‘Passion’ because she got loads of this. Along with the beautiful vocals of Shanti People this track sets the bar high for Alteza Records.

Let’s grab it here 


The first speaker-buster to bear the mark of Vini Vici’s brand-new imprint (Alteza), ‘Passion’ sees Israeli, Berlin-based prodigy Reality Test deliver top-drawer power Trance right off the bat. Ripe with Shanti People’s entrancing chants and a bassline made for cracking dancefloors in half, this cut aims for 100% intensity all night long.


“Tambores” is the latest release from Andrew Rayel’s record imprint, inHarmony Music. The track is part of Rayel’s
repertoire celebrating the 100th episode of his “Find Your Harmony” radio show.




Energetic. Magnetic. Forceful.

Andrew Rayel is by now an expert
producer who knows precisely how to craft lead melodies and synthesizer arrangements so that they act as a clarion call to restless youth.

Andrew Rayel & Graham Bell’s “Tambores” (inHarmony Music) is out now!!!

“Tambores” is like catnip to trance music-lovers of all ages and nationalities. Defying expectations of what electronic dance music (EDM) should sound like on the mainstage, “Tambores” is as wildly appealing as it is refreshingly uncommon.

A collaboration with
aspiring producer, Graham Bell, “Tambores” captures the essence of youthful exuberance.

This high-energy track was a hands-inthe-air
hit when Rayel premiered it during his live DJ set on the A State of Trance (ASOT) stage at Ultra Music Festival in Miami last
month. In fact, “Tambores” is a track so powerful even Armin van Buuren played it during the height of his set on the mainstage at Ultra Miami.

“Tambores” is superbly engrossing with titanic drum-rolls that build to a colossal crescendo.  As the title suggests, drums are a focal point of this track, but it’s also the thudding 4/4 beat and minor-key chords with a loosely Middle-Eastern inflection that give the composition exotic flavor.

Trance music fans are a very demanding audience, and with that in mind, Rayel and Bell craft the kind of
epic, big-room trance their fans crave.

Unabashed, celebratory, jumping-for-joy exultation abounds on “Tambores,” and one pictures the power of good smiting all evil.

Sparks fly! Rayel & Bell take the tempo down after the chorus, only to build it back up again.

About inHarmony Music
Launched in September, 2017, inHarmony Music is the record label headed by Andrew Rayel and distributed by Armada Music.   As label chief and head of A&R for inHarmony Music, Rayel is the key decision-maker when it comes to signing new artists and music.
Fulfilling a lifelong dream while on his never-ending career quest, Rayel is now able to do for new artists what Armin van Buuren
did for Rayel years ago. The circle is complete and there will be an abundant supply of lovingly curated new music ahead.
Listen to Andrew Rayel & Graham Bell’s “Tambores,” here: https://IHM016.lnk.to/Tambores


Armin van Buuren plus mainstage equals madness. It’s as simple as that. After all, he’s been voted the #1 DJ in the world for an unprecedented five times for a reason. If you’re after the most spectacular, unbridled and tempestuous live set of the year, you may want to chalk this one up as a top contender.





In a scene where budding producers have to trump tens of thousands of peers in order to stand out and rise to international stardom, future stars need all the help they can get. To give them a hand and have them gain knowledge from some of the most accomplished dance music acts in the world, Amsterdam-based record label Armada Music teamed up with FaderPro to launch ‘Armada University’, a brand-new platform that offers various masterclasses designed to push the sound of today’s talents to the next level.


Starting with courses from Canadian Grammy nominees Sultan + Shepard, American House guru Harry Romero and Dutch underground sensations ANOTR, ‘Armada University’ sees Armada Music push their artist development agenda, which saw the label adopt a new website-based demo submission system and makes waves with their internationally acclaimed Talent Experience events. Ever eager to give talent a chance as well as the means to realize their full potential, Armada Music believes ‘Armada University’ to be a great step in the right direction of not letting such sheer amounts of musical talent go to waste.


FaderPro, Armada Music’s partner for ‘Armada University’, has already been one of the leading platforms for online music production courses for years. Founded by DJ/producer Steven Lee (Lee Cabrera, Just Us) and multiplatinum producer Vincent di Pasquale, FaderPro has produced in-studio video courses/tutorials with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Roger Sanchez, UMEK, Tritonal, Thomas Gold, Shadow Child and a whole lot more. Taking the best from FaderPro’s proven concept and Armada Music’s 15-year-long dance music expertise, ‘Armada University’ is sure to bring out the best in the next generation of dance music superstars.

You can find the Armada University courses here: https://goo.gl/iJT1r8 






Whilst pretty much the entire world was trying to come up with New Year’s resolutions and ways to abide by them without inconveniencing themselves too much, John Dahlbäck indulged in an intricate love affair with his studio, trying to create and perfect his new approach to dance music. And now that the year of 2018 is taking shape, the Swedish DJ and producer finally saw fit to unleash the first of many masterpieces his fans have been anticipating for so long: ‘Find A Home’.


Listen to John Dahlbäck – Find A Home


Though the stomping sound as heard in John Dahlbäck’s previous records is still present in the Club Mix, the original ‘Find A Home’ delves into shimmering staccato strings, country-styled vocals and soaring synths instead, resulting in a sound that’s easy on the ear, radio-friendly and able to stand out in today’s electronic music landscape. Judging by its infectiousness, the main version of ‘Find A Home’ shows that the Swede’s new-found sound could go a long way in notching up sought-after playlist spots and maybe even in spearheading a new movement or two in the coming years.


John Dahlbäck: “I’ve been thinking about how to make dance music differently and have been working that angle for a while now. For 2018, I’m even more excited about the music I’m working on and that started with ‘Find A Home’. The song is about the importance of family – loving them, looking out for them – and I think we should all keep that in mind throughout this year, decade and beyond.