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‘Paradox’ by Allen Watts is a smashing intricate uplifting track which breaks from his usual anthemic 138 trance. You definitely don’t want to miss this one!

Listen to Allen Watts -Paradox HERE

If you want to truly experience the power of serenity and the sereneness of unparalleled power, Allen Watts has got you covered. Enchanting fans with his no-holds-barred approach while blowing them away with his emotional melodies, the Dutchman has conjured up a mightily beautiful ‘Paradox’ to trump expectations and crush dance floors

ALLEN WATTS – Algorithm

Allen Watts’ track ‘Algorithm’ came to be after he combined multiple old projects together into one track. The result is a pure trance masterpiece!

Listen to Allen Watts’ ‘Algorithm’ HERE

Tried, tested and perfected, Allen Watts’ ‘Algorithm’ is the secret formula to Trance that cracks dance floors and evokes moments of bliss. Uplifting to the bone and melodically irresistible to boot, this brand-new release on Who’s Afraid Of 138?! simply scores a perfect ten in terms of high-quality Trance music.

Allen Watts – Inferno

Trance titan Allen Watts drops an insane track again, called ‘Inferno’. You will never get enough of this monster track. A powerful, euphoric track suited for any dance related event.

If you thought of fire as a destructive power, wait till you hear ‘Inferno’. Coming from the hand of Trance titan Allen Watts, this monster tune drops blistering basslines in tandem with fiery synth blasts and tempestuous build-ups, making sure no wall is left standing in the end.

Listen to Allan Watts ‘Inferno’ here




Seeing as the collaboration between Allen Watts and Armada Music has been going
strong since 2014 with over a dozen of mind-bogglingly colossal releases, it was only a matter of time before the
two parties would indulge in a more definitive partnership together. Today, the Dutch DJ, producer and creator of
some of the most devastating Trance records of the past decade signed an exclusive recording agreement, tying
him to the Amsterdam-based record label on the same day of release of his latest tempestuous cut, ‘Midnight’.

Listen to Allen Watts – Midnight

Bulldozing sound systems in signature Allen Watts style at the flick of a wrist, ‘Midnight’ supplies fans with
rampant basslines and uplifting melodies able to maximize dancefloor damage. Chosen by Armin van Buuren
himself for inclusion on his highly anticipated ‘A State Of Trance 2018’ mix album, this blistering record makes
listeners push in repeat mode without hesitation and will no doubt prove a staple at Trance events across the
Allen Watts: “I am so happy to have joined the amazing Armada family and I’m very pleased to hear that Armin
loved my track so much he chose it for his new A State Of Trance compilation. It has been a long journey for me
since I started learning to produce as a hobby, signed my first tracks to a label and eventually got what feels like
weekly support by Armin on pretty much anything I release. Signing with Armada is a great next step to take in my
career and I’m really looking forward to find out what the future has in store for us during this wonderful


Supplying fans with three distinct moments to indulge in, Allen Watts, Ben Nicky and Tim Mason drop their killer renditions of Armin van Buuren’s ferocious ASOT 850 Anthem and do so without relent. Supercharged, all-powerful and club-ready on all fronts, these bulldozing remixes of ‘Be In The Moment’ have some floor-cracking to do in the months to come.

Let’s grab it here