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Alexander Popov second artist album ‘Intention’ is lifting up trance with ‘Disarm Me’. This is a blistering track that the crowd loves.

Let the mesmerizing voice of Natalie Gioia enchant you, and enjoy this gem HERE 


The second collaboration with esteemed songstress Natalie Gioia to feature on Alexander Popov’s ‘Intention’ album, ‘Disarm Me’ is uplifting Trance in optima forma. Hooking listeners right off the bat with its exciting synth plucks, dreamy vocals and shimmering breakdown, this track is a blistering mainstage anthem and emotional crowd favorite in one.


It’s one of the highlights from his intention album and overall stunning track. Together with Belarusian producer Arston and singer-songwriter Vegas, Alexander Popov created a track you don’t want to miss!

Listen to the track here.

The eruptive vocals, embracing chords and Progressive House-flavored lead synths say it all. ‘In My Arms’ is one of the absolute highlights from Alexander Popov’s ‘Intention’ album. A collaboration with Belarusian producer Arston and singer-songwriter Vegas, this song is the reason you’ll be spending a lot of time on cloud nine.



Alexander Popov shows he never lets us down with his single ‘Always Connected’ from his ‘Intention’ album. Together with LTN and stunning vocals from Cari, Alexander Popov made a track that is meant to be in your favorite playlist!

Listen to the track here

In tandem with LTN and vocalist Cari, Alexander Popov proudly presents another stellar single from his ‘Intention’ album. Characterized by a perfect balance between the raw, electro-scented bassline, angelic vocals and powerful melody, ‘Always Connected’ truly is a song that sticks.


‘Luna’ is out! This track is adopted into Armin van Buuren’s ‘A State Of Trance, Ibiza 2018’ mix album. ‘Luna’, a track which has the two signature sounds of Alexander Popov & Ruben de Ronde combined.

Let’s grab it here 

A superb team-up between two of Trance’s finest, ‘Luna’ shines like a full moon on a dark, clear-skied night. Combining the widely acclaimed signature sounds of Alexander Popov and Ruben de Ronde, this track is adopted into Armin van Buuren’s ‘A State Of Trance, Ibiza 2018’ mix album and poised to make Trance fans swoon for years to come.




Alexander Popov delivers another  trance stunner at his Interplay Recordings.

Uplifting chords, fitting melodies and emotional harmonies. ‘Magus’ contains the formula for a potential trance festival banger.


Able to conjure up sonic euphoria at the flick of a wrist, Alexander Popov is back on his Interplay label with ‘Magus’. A burst of color that excites and enchants, this cut offers magical melodies and captivating harmonies that will prove irresistible right off the bat.




Alexander Popov & Tenishia feat. Thomas T – Play Your Cards

oing all out off the bat, this joint effort of Alexander Popov and Tenishia is the top-drawer stuff you can expect from the Interplay label. Featuring the empowering vocals of Thomas T and coming with an additional Alternative Version, ‘Play Your Cards’ trumps any song in terms of balance and power, and will prove key in any Trance artist’s game-winning live set.

Alexander Popov & Tenishia feat. Thomas T – Play Your Cards



From Armind with love…


From the hand of Russian Trance star Alexander Popov comes another sublime track featured on Armin van Buuren’s ‘A State Of Trance, Ibiza 2017’ mix album. Infused with raging basslines, hypnotic melodies and enormous amounts of drive, ‘Awake The People’ is an eye-opener. If you weren’t clued up on the full power of Trance music, you are now.


Alexander Popov presents Interplay 2017

This is the moment we all been waiting for…..Interplay 2017 is finally here!!!!

2017 has already shaped up to be quite the year for Alexander Popov. The Russian DJ and studio magician launched his own label, churned out some of his most monumental records to date and now drops the third installment of his acclaimed mix compilation series to complete his ‘Interplay’ hat-trick.


Filled out with exclusive records and insane originals and remixes from the likes of Abstract Vision & Elite Electronic, A.R.D.I., David Gravell, LTN, Tenishia and of course Alexander Popov himself, ‘Interplay 2017’ is set to be a staple in the Trance scene for years to come, juggling uplifting melodies with bustling beats and atmospheres that cause jaws to drop. It’s a mix compilation that will serve as a testament to all that the Trance movement encompasses and all that Alexander Popov continues to bring to the table.


‘Interplay 2017’ is more than just twenty-one songs poured in a cauldron and mixed to perfection. It’s the third refinement of a formula that keeps on driving fans mad.

Grab ” Interplay 2017″ here


Let’s give it a closer look : TRACK LIST


01 M11 – All The Same Way

02 Alexander Popov – People

03 Tenishia feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn – Sun Comes Again (Eximinds Remix)

04 M11 & Max Meyer – We Were The Evolution

05 LTN & Julie Thompson – Devil &  Deep

06 Wish I Was – Never Loved Me (Alexander Popov Remix)

07 Alexander Popov – Substance

08 Alexander Spark & Abstract Vision – Identity

09 Alexander Popov & Jonathan Mendelsohn – World Like This (Max Roven Remix)

10 LTN feat. Cassidy Ford – Love And War

11 Eximinds – Flying High

12 Bobby Neon & Nick Arbor feat. Lokka Vox – What You Said (Alexander Popov Remix)

13 Abstract Vision & Elite Electronic – Renewal

14 Arisen Flame – Invisible

15 Armin van Buuren – Communication (David Gravell Remix)

16 Alexander Popov – Eyes To Heaven

17 Feel – Prince Of Persia

18 Alexander Popov & LR- Clarity

19 Alexander Popov & Christian Burns – One More Time (A.R.D.I. Remix)


Alexander Popov

The second volume of his acclaimed series named after his successful radioshow is finally here
with 20 tracks forged by the likes of Andrew Rayel, David Gravell, Husman, Matvey Emerson & Stephen Ridley, Suspect 44, Alexander Popov himself and more.

The Russian mastermind doesn’t need any introduction being into the scene since almost 10 years, he treated his audience with some trance gems such as “ Vapor Trails”, “My World” (feat. Kyler England), “ Lost Language”,“Quantum” and “Paradise” ( with TLN feat.Christina Novelli) ; you can find a lot of these classical hits in this compilation, some of them remixed by one of the scene’s leading artists above mentioned and some other in their original version.

So, let’s take a closer look to this record of epic proportions clearly delivered to please all the trance lovers on earth:
well guys, I promise you, taking the time to treat yourself with such an ear candy is going to be the best part of your day!!

As soon as “SPACEWALK” breaks in it instantly hits you with its addictive drops, a very catchy, flows well and generally feel-good type of track;

“PARADISE”’s sweet beats and Christina Novelli’s unique voice blend together amazingly giving you a massive fix of dreamy vibes,

“I KNOW YOU CARE” it’s one of that tune that affects you on more than one level, both physically and cerebrally, while “EIFORYA” is made to get you that “trance family festival like feeling” we all love…In a blink of an eye you will find yourself standing front row at your favorite party wishing and praying it won’t end.

Alexander Popov’s “WORLD LIKE THIS” builds up nice and slow progressing beautifully into an emotional melody.

“QUASAR” and “HOPE FADES” elevate it to the next level with their powerful drops and trippy pads..goosebumps are 100% guaranteed.

“FELL FOR YOU” overwhelms you with sweet vocals and a dance floor destroyer bass line.

“MIMESIS” drags you in its spiral with its bewitched strings, kinda enchanting, honestly.

We also got a bunch of bouncy, electro powerful tunes like “ATMOSPHERE”, “THE LAST OF US”, “DISTANT POWER” and “FANTASY”

“MY WORLD” is a summerish tune with beautiful vocals and a quite pop bass line, perfect to chill with,while laying on the beach (ideally on the white Isle….just saying) with your favorite cocktail…

“THE OTHER SIDE” is going to haunt your mind with dreamy,angelic vocals.

“FLIGHT 761”and “MY WAY” are serving up some very enjoyable festival beats to make you jump while “STAY AWAKE” leads the way with blissful yet dark synths and an infectious bassline.

“RUN AWAY” Alexander Popov remix closes this masterpiece with this outstanding tune which is going to linger on for a while, stucked in your head.

When all is said and done, I fell in love with Interplay 2016, Alexander Popov never lets us down and I warmly recommend you to give it a listen asap… https://interplay2016.lnk.to/AlexanderPopov you can thank me later 🙂 but take care…it’s highly addictive!!!