Protoculture & Mino Safy – Redemption

When Protoculture & Mino Safy teams up the dance floor isn’t save anymore. Redemption is a super cool trance track. Every trance lover will be going wild by hearing this amazing track. Enjoy this track here.

Sweeping listeners of their feet with captivating melodies and impactful drops, Protoculture and Mino Safy’s collaborative effort on A State Of Trance is a banger meant to wreak havoc across the globe. Blending both artists’ energetic signature styles into an instant crowd favorite, ‘Redemption’ has all the hallmarks of full-throttle Uplifting Trance.

Maor Levi & OTIOT feat. Ashley Tomberlin – Turn Out The Lights

This track from Maor Levi & OTIOT feat. Ashley Tomberlin is premiered in ASOT during Maor Levi’s guest mix! ‘Turn Out The Lights’ is a dark temptation no clubber can resist! Exited to this track?

Turn out the lights and listen to it here

In the wake of their seminal link-up on Armind (‘Bandana’), Maor Levi and OTIOT join forces again for their joint debut on Armada Music. Featuring atmospheric, mood-defining vocals of Ashley Tomberlin that swerve around gorgeous breakdown strings and rumbling bass, ‘Turn Out The Lights’ is a dark temptation no clubber can resist.

Rodg – Inupiaq / Over Town

Rodg is coming out with some Techno and Melodic House tunes. Inupiaq and Over Town are some deep sounds that will be loved by the crowd.

Listen to these two tracks here.

Both featured on Rodg’s second artist album ‘Fate’, ‘Inupiaq’ and ‘Over Town’ show a different, more experimental side to the Dutchman’s musical brilliance. Geared more towards Techno and Melodic House with its foreboding arpeggios and shuffled beats, these cuts can only be described as the finest Deep Progressive with a twist.


Following the grand success of mainstage anthem ‘Blah Blah Blah’, Armin van Buuren has pulled out all the stops to unleash yet another full-throttle festival anthem. Already premiered to legions of fans during his sets at ASOT 900 Utrecht and in his A State Of Trance radio show, ‘Turn It Up’ does exactly what its title implies: getting listeners to crank up the volume big time.


Listen to Armin van Buuren – Turn It Up


Created off the back of several amazing crossover songs, including the wonderful ‘Lonely For You’, ‘Turn It Up’ sees Armin van Buuren unleashes his dark side for a fresh cut meant the biggest stages. Peppered with colossal drums, infectious vocals and stadium-quivering bass, this blistering track is meant to make the crowd erupt into fist-pumping madness.


Armin van Buuren: “I’m always excited for the festival season because of the crowd’s response to tracks like these. Nothing beats the feeling you get when fans go absolutely nuts to something you play, and ‘Turn It Up’ was made for that exact purpose. I’m really looking forward to playing this one all throughout the summer.”




If dance music and travelling are your greatest passions, you’re going to love this one! This month, Armada Music and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines are offering you and a friend the opportunity to win the weekend of your dreams to a sun-laden Miami. Including a careless flight with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, a three-day hotel stay, access to two huge Armada Music events a meet & greet with Armin van Buuren among other Armada artists, and all the sun, sea, beach and party vibes you could possibly need. This trip is without a doubt the chance of a lifetime for you to live your dreams Miami-style!




DiRTY RADiO’s vocals are angelic… they are on the road to becoming one of the sexiest acts in music.’ Earmilk

‘Sure to satisfy dance and R&B fans across all walks of life’ 
The Music Ninja

A super cool Canadian dance duo with over 25 million Spotify streams to their name already, DiRTY RADiO have just dropped the official video for their current single, ‘Is It Enough’.

A seductive, R&B influenced jam designed for the dance floor, ‘Is It Enough’ has already enjoyed multiple playlist additions including international New Music Friday inclusions and a No #1 Hype Machine placing. The song is a collaboration with fellow Vancouver-based producer Giuliano Rascan and features hard hitting dance vibes with Dirty Radio’s signature house pop vocal stylings.

Despite its up beat feels, the song is about the getting caught up in an excessive lifestyle while questioning if those choices will ultimately result in happiness. It’s a lifestyle jam that never knows when to stop.” – DiRTY RADiO

For the video, director João Homem recreates a psychedelic visual experience utilising 3D and Laser special effects.

“With a crew of Vancouver’s Elite producers, we wanted to take this video to the next level! Shadi and Waspy take us across a world of abstract art and beauty, which symbolizes what it’s like to experience the world through an artist’s perspective. I aimed to have a video where the world is built with metaphors and pop culture references that layer the story and meaning of the visuals to create an experience where the viewer would feel like they were looking at a painting in a gallery.” João Homem (Director)
Hailing from Vancouver, Dirty Radio have been building a solid worldwide fanbase since originally forming in 2010 as a trio. Their sound is a successful synthesis of progressive soul, R&B, Hip Hop and electronic Dance music, all wrapped up with sublime vocals.

The Dirty Radio duo of Shadi and Waspy already have an impressive discography with a collection of singles on iconic labels such as Spinnin’Partyfine, Majestic Casual and Mad Decent as they continue to build momentum in Canada, the US and Europe. With over 25 million combined streams on Spotify and more than 500,000 monthly listeners, the award-winning duo have previously collaborated with artists that include Sleepy TomYoung FrancoMike MagoPat Lok, Jean ToniqueJust Kiddin and more.


Let’s Talk, Myon!You’ve had close encounters with music compilations before, but this month sees you out with your first fully-fledged solo enterprise. What were the factors that finally saw this come together?

This has been something I wanted to do for a long time. Basically forever. Launching a mix compilation series is a huge project – if you don’t want to just throw the coolest 30 songs on a double mix album –

and I spent a lot time planning the visual communication, name, and musical aspect.

I have to say, I’m very happy with how it turned out at the end.

Foremost, ‘Tales Of Another World’ aims to truly capture the soul/get to the core of an area (city, country or continent). You started with the latter. Was it at all daunting to try and get the musical measure of such a big, potentially multifarious area?

I’ve been a big fan of Latin-inspired, soulful music since I was a kid. I feel like Latin America has a certain kind of mysteriousness to it, and I thought it would be an exciting project to capture that. It’s also a region with many different scenes and cultures… something to be captured on dance music terms.

Talk us through the steps you went through to realize this goal?

First, I needed a name that represented my initial idea and the concept behind the series. ‘Tales From Another World’ was the title I finally came up with, and it sounded and looked like a strong one. The title itself gives a good idea of what it’s about, but I feel it also adds an element of mystery that makes you want to check it out.

The next step was sitting down with my graphic designer to translate all this into pictures – essentially, the cover art and booklet. It took months to finalize all the little details before I got to sit down and start working on the actual musical aspect of it. It was a weird thing where I had everything planned out for years before I even started working on it, which helped me not to feel lost in this enormous project.”

By way of example, take one of the artists you worked with that hails from South America and tell us how the collaboration came to fruition?

I mainly worked with producers that don’t normally specialize in music with the South American/Latin flavor. I think this made their contributions even more special, and I challenged a lot of them to think out of the box and move out of their safe zone musically. I even challenged myself with a few of the songs and remixes on the album by using instruments I normally don’t, and working on tempos I am not known for. I enjoyed it a lot. Actually, I haven’t been enjoying myself this much for a very long time! 🙂 I have worked closely with Gabriel Montufar – who provided two songs on the album – to make sure the final versions fit in perfectly with the album’s vision.In all honesty, every single song on the compilation is something I had to fall in love with, or it

would have never made it on the album”.

Scale of 1 to 10, how hard was it to find just-produced material that had the very specific essence you were looking for?

I have about 27 exclusive tracks on the album, which pretty much gives you an answer! It was VERY hard to find music that was a perfect match for the vision I originally had. It’s safe to say that the music my producer friends and myself made specifically for the album didn’t previously exist and didn’t fit under under a certain genre. We are kind of reinventing the wheel here with a modern 2019 twist. At least that’s how it felt A&Ring brand new music that still captured an instant nostalgic retrospective vibe and sound. I was lucky to still find a few songs that sounded like they were meant to be on the album”.

Stylistically, in terms of genre/genres that you’ve mixed in there, the album’s relatively free range. Was this a byproduct of the encapsulation process, or perhaps deliberately part of your MO from the start?

That was the plan straight from the beginning – to create a composition of different songs, sounds, and genres that create a picture together where you can hear all the differences, yet still feel they were destined to be compiled on one album. It’s not the easiest thing to do and it takes time – a long time – but I think there is simply no way around it”.

The album’s artwork is exceptional. Who was behind that?

I worked with the amazing Andrew Debens from Graphik Art Department. He is simply amazing and was always super cool about me micromanaging everything and- at least I hope – did not go crazy because of that! When we sat down I only had one idea to start with, which was having the shape of South America on the cover. Everything else came together slowly and we had a billion versions of everything by the time we both fell in love with what ended up being the final version. I am super excited to work on my next projects with him and on the future installments of TFAW. I’ve already started working on Volume 2, but I can’t reveal anything more right now!

There are some more from-the-crates tracks that you’ve dug out and remixed to use exclusively for ‘Tales Of Another World’. What prompted you to pick some of those tracks specifically?

Before the main concept was even born for the album, I started to dig up some of my favorite classic

dance music records – Like Empty Streets by Late Night Alumni – and licensed those to my record label, Ride Recordings, with the idea of getting new remixes of those in my head. I felt like I couldn’t recreate the classic mix album concept and pay enough respect without including some of the biggest classics in new remixes. In fact, Empty Streets got so many good remixes during the process that I simply did not want to be in a position to chose between the Arty aka Alpha9 mix or the Lumisade one. They are both amazing and have totally distinctive sounds and in my opinion, tell a different story.The Spacelovers song was another great example of how something can be basically reborn with a new sound so that you wouldn’t even guess it’s a 16-year-old song.I initially asked my talented friend Mitiska to make a remix. I had some synths and ambient things made, but at the time I was too busy to do a full-on remix. He started to work on it and it was just pure magic. It inspired me so much that I started filling up his version with drums and effects, recorded some guitars, and suddenly, it was our first ever collaboration”.

You’ve previously mentioned that compilations had an outsized impact on your own musical taste and development. What series and releases are we talking about in particular?

I think it’s probably not surprising that the old Tiesto albums – In Search Of Sunrise 4-5-6-7 – were the biggest inspirations for Tales From Another World. Also, the Perfecto Presents: South America by Hernan Cattaneo was another one that made me fall in love with the classic concept of mix compilations. Fun fact: There are many freshly remixed classic songs on my album that were originally debuted on these mix albums above”.

Everything about the set up of this album suggests it’s the first of many. If that’s the case, how often do you think we’ll be seeing a new edition of ‘Tales From Another World’ arrive and any hints on where the next one might land!?

This will definitely be a yearly compilation with different destinations each year. I’ll start with mainly continents and then get into cities and try to capture their sounds too! I have already decided on the next destination, but I really can’t give anything away right now!

No mere ‘spirit’/‘flavour’/‘vibe’ surface lick, this compilation is a wholehearted push to capture the experience/essence-absolute of South America. Myon’s ‘Tales From Another World’ Volume 01 – South America’ is out now. Available now, listen/buy here:


 The influential Detroit music group has evolved, heading on a celebratory tour which sees their first live performances outside of America in 20 years. With new music also on the horizon this marks an exciting new era for Inner City.

The next phase of Inner City sees Kevin Saunderson now joined by his son and creative protégé Dantiez as a full-time member, plus guests such as vocal sensation Steffanie Christi’an. Last year, the new set up was premiered at the 2018 Movement Festival setting the stage for Inner City’s new era which continues in 2019.  


The celebration of 30 years of Inner City starts with a Spring / Summer tour that sees them hitting major festivals and clubs across the globe. The first set of dates have now been revealed starting strong across Europe, this being their first time performing as a live configuration outside of the US in 20 years.

The group are also in the studio creating new material to release across the year. 


“My vision for Inner City is not just to be an influential group of the past, but to become a group of today and look to the future. We have an enormous catalogue of classics from our previous years and now we are moving and shaping a new sound for a new generation. There will always be a place for our music, people will always want to feel uplifted and it does just that. I believe our music has filled this void for 30 years and kept us in tune with the future generations. Now with my son Dantiez by my side we head into the future with great music for years to come”.  Kevin Saunderson


Formed by record producer, composer and international DJ Kevin Saunderson, and vocalist Paris Grey, Inner City are best known for their early crossover hits “Big Fun” and “Good Life”. Further success saw the group topping the US Billboard dance chart five times and securing nine Top 40 hits on the UK singles chart. 






April 18 | Shelter | Amsterdam, Netherlands

April 19 | Church | Leeds, UK

April 21 | Oval Space | London, UK

April 26 | Razzmatazz | Barcelona, Spain

April 27 | BAAD | Glasgow, UK

May 03 | Les Aralunaires | Arlon, Belgium

May 04 | Les Petit Salon | Lyon, France

May 09 | Musik & Frieden | Berlin, Germany  

May 10 | Institut Für Zukunft | Leipzig, Germany  

May 11 | Zoom | Frankfurt, Germany

June 15 | Kala Festival | Albania

July 13 | Castlefield Bowl | Manchester, UK

July 26 | Electrico Festival | Portugal

July 18 | Westpark / Milkshake | Amsterdam, Netherlands

July 20 | La Clairière | Paris, France  

August 23 | Lost Village Festival | Lincolnshire, UK

 August 24 | Three Mills Island | London, UK

August 24 | Moovin Festival | London





1. Inner City – Hallelujah (Inner City Edit of House Of Virus Remix)
2. Inner City – Till We Meet Again (Inner City Edit of
 Carl Craig Remix)
3. Inner City – Good Life (Inner City Edit of
 Carl Craig Remix)
4. Inner City – Future (Inner City Edit of Kenny Larkin Remix)
5. Inner City – Good Love (Inner City Edit of Samuel L. Session & Van Czar Remix)
6. Inner City – Big Fun (Inner City Edit of House Of Virus Remix)

Kevin Saunderson modifies his favourite Inner City remixes together with his son and creative protégé Dantiez who is now a permanent member of the group. The pair give each track a fresh lick of paint for 2019 adding fuel to Inner City’s 30th Anniversary. It features six Inner City edits of classic remixes from Kenney Larkin, Carl Craig, and House of Virus. Plus two fresh remixes from House of Virus & Inner City and Samuel L Session & Van Czar. 


Listen to Inner City – 30 Years EP

Listen to Inner City – 30 Years EP on Soundcloud



 A household name in the dance music scene for over two decades, Phil Fuldner knows how to ensure longevity in an industry so demanding and vibrant as this one. The German DJ/producer’s signature sound blend of House, Tech and Disco played a huge part in this success and he shows exactly why with his debut release on Armada Subjekt, ‘Take Me’, which drew inspiration from Mary Clark’s ‘Take Me I’m Yours’.


Listen to Phil Fuldner – Take Me


Ripe with luscious strings, striding grooves and subtle rhythm guitar, ‘Take Me’ pulls all House lovers aboard the groove train. Taking its cues from a buried disco treasure, this infectious cut is an essential addition to the Armada Subjekt catalog and a true floor filler.


Phil Fuldner: “As an avid rare disco collector and crate digger, Mary Clark’s ’Take Me I’m Yours’ rates very highly in my list of all-time favorites. I share that love with the likes of Floating Points and Hunny, who have brought the original to notice in the last few years. Despite not being that well known, this record is a classic uplifting party anthem that simply gets the crowd smiling when dropped in a DJ set at the right time! So I was very motivated to put my own spin on it for the new disco generation and the happy result is ’Take Me’, which I hope can keep the crowd smiling throughout 2019 and beyond.”


Throughout his blossoming career, Phil Fuldner has been making his mark across the music scene. After beating the likes of Madonna and Will Smithto the seventh spot in the Pop charts with 1998 single ‘The Final’, he performed in front of 150.000 people at Love Parade’s final party in 2007, sold double platinum in 2008 and 2009 with Sugababes’ ‘Three’ and Girls Aloud’s ‘The Sound Of Girls Aloud’ as the co-producer, became an MTV show presenter for MTV Select and MTV alarm in mid-2000, and even became a member of the Glitterbox Ibiza DJ family near the end of last year. 


On the more House-tinged front, Phil Fuldner won an Ibiza Dance Award, played at clubs such as Berlin’s Watergate, Ibiza’s Pacha and Amnesia, and London’s The Egg (among others), on festivals such as Parookaville, Docklands and Thaibreak, and on corporate events and after-show parties such as MTV Awards, Formula 1 Monaco, Red Bull Air Race, Vogue Paris, Hugo Boss @ Fashion Week and more. He also cultivates his own party brand, Phil’s Licks, which rocked its own stage at Germany’s largest electronic music festival Parookaville with a range of electric headliners and crossover artists. In sum, Phil Fuldner is one of electronic music’s absolute legends. And that legend continues today with ‘Take Me’. 


Listen to ‘Take Me’ on Soundcloud:


Like real friendship or true love, cold beers or decent coffee, dream jobs or summer vacay – some things in life really are worth the wait! Or when two of your favourite electronic music makers finally make their schedules click and rock up with a festival igniting floor-roar that’s somehow even better than you dared to imagine.

A dozen?!” says Markus, trying to get a read on how many years he and ATB have been chewing over an in-studio team-up. “Maybe even longer” Andre reckons. “Whatever, you can’t rush these things, can you?!” When the two managed to catch up in their home country at the end of last summer however, they finally got the job done. The perfect production crush, their first studio collaboration drops today and behold, these titans of the dance scene are kicking the door to spring wide open!

During a recent trip to the German city of Bochum, Markus Schulz decided to pay a visit to his old friend ATB. What started out as a catch-up coffee turned into an impromptu studio session.

The result is Heartbeat – the debut track for ATB’s very own Ruhrtone Records, released via Kontor.

It’s amazing to consider that this is the first time the guys have worked together as they immediately found themselves on the same wavelength. The complementary talents of both artists are clearly in evidence on Heartbeat – The Original Mix unifies majestic piano chimes and sweeping, classical Barber-esque strings, leading into the mainline brilliance we associate with Andre & Markus, going straight for the heart. At its point of greatest intensity – through cascading synths and emotional, lamenting vocals – the mix hits its highest peak!

The Festival Mix, meanwhile, expands ‘Heartbeat’, instinctively zeroing in in on its club-driven core. “This is how collaborations should be DJ Mag noted in their 8.5/10 April review – the mag went on to hail it “a feel-good blast, full of big string sequences, instinctive notes and a simple, yet devastatingly effective vocal”. Now what’s not to like about that?!

‘Heartbeat’ is out today through Ruhrtone Records and is now available to stream/buy here:


01 ATB & Markus Schulz – Heartbeat (Original Mix)
02 ATB & Markus Schulz – Heartbeat (Festival Mix)


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