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For the first time in dance music history, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Armin van Buuren and W&W have joined forces for a huge new track. Showcasing the iconic signature sounds of everyone in this all-star link-up, ‘Repeat After Me’ is set to unite dance music fans from all over the world.

Listen to the track here.

Easily one of the most epic collaborations of the year even though 2019 has only just begun, ‘Repeat After Me’ is an all-out mainstage anthem sure to cause some serious damage at the world’s biggest festivals, clubs and venues. Armed with the energetic signature sounds of Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Armin van Buuren and W&W, this high-impact live set highlight has set its sights on only one thing: dominating the global dance floor for decades to come.


While this is the first three-way team-up of the staple artists ever, there have been a number of two-side collaborations between them that generated a huge amount of momentum. While Armin van Buuren and W&W only just collaborated on the iconic ‘Ready To Rave’ (after previously making waves with ‘If It Ain’t Dutch’ and ‘#D Fat’), Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and W&W teamed up on mainstage bangers such as ‘Crowd Control’, ‘Arcade’ and Tomorrowland anthem ‘Waves’.


The release of ‘Repeat After Me’ is tied to the launch of a brand-new video. All in all, the blistering record and equally impressive music video make clear in no uncertain terms what you get when the #2, #4 and #14 DJs in the world decide to team up: a record so impactful you’ve got no choice but to hit repeat.

SHINOVI – Muriqui

Shinovi is coming out with his new single ‘Muriqui’! The track had already been played by Armin on the ‘A State Of Trance’ show so it definitely deserved a single release.

Listen to the track here.

Known for shattering expectations with a mere flick of the wrist, Shinovi once again raises the bar in terms of intensity. Exceedingly powerful and tempestuous, his brand-new release on Who’s Afraid Of 138?!, ‘Muriqui’, will have you pumping your fist and stomping your foot on the dance floor like a rampaging gorilla for the full duration of the madness.


It’s one of the highlights from his intention album and overall stunning track. Together with Belarusian producer Arston and singer-songwriter Vegas, Alexander Popov created a track you don’t want to miss!

Listen to the track here.

The eruptive vocals, embracing chords and Progressive House-flavored lead synths say it all. ‘In My Arms’ is one of the absolute highlights from Alexander Popov’s ‘Intention’ album. A collaboration with Belarusian producer Arston and singer-songwriter Vegas, this song is the reason you’ll be spending a lot of time on cloud nine.



The ‘Take Everything’ STANDERWICK Remix was personally requested by Gareth Emery after the massive success of STANDERWICK’s Remix of ‘Reckless’. The rock influenced remix with its angelic leads and Emma Hewitt’s stunning vocals truly is a masterpiece.

Snarling electric guitars and cavernous live drums signal the arrival of Standerwick’s searing, rock-influenced remix of ‘Take  Everything’. Seamlessly fusing his trademark edge and energy with angelic leads, this 136bpm beast prowls the depths with thunderous intent before a cathartic  melodic counterpoint ascends; delivering Emma Hewitt’s vocals to the heavens.



MAOR LEVI – Celestial

Maor Levi filled 2018 with smashing releases on Armada, Armind & collabs with Ilan Bluestone. Now he is back with his new track ‘Celestial’ and it sure won’t let you down!

Listen to the track here.

Built around a shimmering breakdown with dreamy background vocals and heavenly chord progressions, ‘Celestial’ sees Israeli mastermind Maor Levi deliver an absolute stunner of a record. From the big bassline to the serene melody and back, this song is like a higher power watching over us all from above.

Jak Aggas – Playing With Fire

Jak Aggas is showing us he makes hot tracks with his new release ‘Playing With Fire’.

Infused with banging acid lines and an mighty drop this is a track you don’t want to miss!

Hot on the heels of ‘Russian Roulette’, Jak Aggas is ‘Playing With Fire’ for the second time. By merging the tempestuous bassline with banging acid lines, gated melodies and an infernally mighty drop, the English producer is definitely making his mark on Who’s Afraid Of 138?!.


Thomas Heredia – Let Me Go

Thomas Heredia is returning to A State Of Trance with his new track ‘Let Me Go’. ‘Let Me Go’ is a combination of trance and a beautiful piano play. It’s a guaranteed trance fan favorite!

Prolific as ever, Tomas Heredia returns to A State Of Trance with another spark of brilliance. Radiating those irresistible Trance vibes through the soft piano play in the breakdown, the building plucks and the big-chord drop, ‘Let Me Go’ gets the global Trance crowd swooning in no time.


Graham Bell – The Night King

Graham Bell is coming out with his new track ‘The Night King’. The energetic track will make the trance fans go crazy!


Starting off with a filtered bass and big toms before diving into all-out Trance-scented madness, Graham Bell’s ‘The Night King’ truly is a force to be reckoned with. With an arsenal of high-impact tricks up its sleeve, this cut will make the legions of Trance fans bow to its will.



After a few years on ice, Bob Sinclar’s Africanism label is making its grand return. Initially launched in 2001 in collaboration with DJ Gregory, the label has now reemerged under the wing of Amsterdam-based record label Armada Music to create a new wave with fresh productions and instant classics, of which Erik Hagleton’s ‘City Of Gold’ is the first.


Listen to Erik Hagleton – City Of Gold

Constructed from the stuff that legends are made of, Erik Hagleton’s ‘City Of Gold’ goes down the floor-filling road that circles round the Africanism stamp. Juggling smooth, yet groovy percussion loops with deep bass, soft synth swirls and choir-like vocal chants, this track turns any spot into a makeshift dance floor, all in tandem with the excellent remixes from Daddy’s Groove and Nico De Andrea.


Since its launch in 2001, Africanism has been a blazing the trail for a large chunk of the House scene with its infectious funkiness, percussion-led sound and African vibe. Having released music from major-league artists such as David Guetta, Martin Solveig and of course Bob Sinclar and DJ Gregory, the label reached a number of commendable milestones, including #1 positions in Billboard’s Dance charts in 2005 (‘Summer Moon’) and 2006 (‘Hard’) and a golden record in South Africa with ‘Africanism 1’. Now restarting in collaboration with Armada Music, Africanism is immediately back on track with an instant House classic from Paris-born, London-based musician Erik Hagleton, who’s mostly known for his iconic remix of Basement Jaxx’s ‘Jump N Shout’.

Bob Sinclar: “Back when we first started the label, the idea was to give DJs something different to play during their sets, something unlike all the commercial, mainstream stuff. That notion still holds true today, but with additional focus on the new generations of music enthusiasts. It’s time for young people to discover real House music. It’s our duty to guide them into that direction with Africanism, and we’re very grateful to Armada Music for believing in us and wanting to join us in this endeavor.”


Maykel Piron, CEO Armada Music: “Africanism has always been more than just a label. To us, Africanism has been a fresh wind in the House scene, a label that introduced its own style of music and convinced DJs and listeners to step out of their comfort zone. To be a part of their relaunch truly is an honor for us all, and we’re really excited to work so closely together with them on adding some more color to the House scene.”


Erik Hagleton: “I’ve always had an appreciation for percussive African tribal music – it’s so fun and timeless – so it made sense for me to reconnect with Africanism for the release of my new single. The inspiration behind ‘City Of Gold’ actually came from a fond childhood memory. I used to watch a cartoon called ‘Les Mysterieuses Citee d’Or’, or ‘City of Gold’, and the melody of the theme was my main inspiration for the track.’’


Let us take you back to ‘1998’. Trance was booming like never before, and a few lads from the U.K. got together, wrote a breathtakingly beautiful piece on nothing more than a Yamaha W7 workstation and saw it become a seminal record that would change the lives of countless dance music fans forever. Today, that masterpiece, ‘1998’, celebrates its 20th anniversary and it does so in style with a brand-new 2018 version from Binary Finary themselves and remixes from Trance hero Marc Sixma and Italian Big Room/House/Techno maestro Dosem.


Listen to Binary Finary – 1998 (20th Anniversary Remixes)

A true hit both on and off the dance floor with commendable chart positions in the U.K. (#24 for ‘1998’ and #11 for successor ‘1999’), ‘1998’ is revamped after two decades of dance floor domination. An evergreen classic no Trance fan has ever been able to get enough of – nor ever will, this masterstroke creation from Binary Finary is about to add another twenty years to its successful reign.


Binary Finary“We are just really humbled that the little project we started all those years ago on a Yamaha workstation is still gaining attention and music plays all these years on. We are excited to hear the new remixes being played out at events across the globe. Really exciting and truly fitting for a 20th birthday party.”