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The briefest of glances outside your window will tell you all you need to know on the ‘is spring/isn’t spring here?’ question. Should you still need convincing however, here’s Markus Schulz to make it empirical. Out of the dark, into the light, through his annual Global DJ Broadcast In Bloom show, spring mainlines.

One of his GDJB quarterly specials (the Sunrise set, the Afterdark Edition and the Classic Showcase making up the others), In Bloom turns up the contrast on vocal-centric trance. Picking the freshest, choicest cuts from the current, recent and close horizon crop, Markus – in typically masterful form – has weaved them into two hours of dazzlingly fine music.


Maximum access assured for 2019, for the first time this year ‘In Bloom’s also been given the full official Spotify treatment. Following its recent premiere on GDJB, you can access the entire two-hour run of the mix through the platform here ( from today.


Befitting the mix’s profile, you’ll find the tones of many of trance’s most lyrically adept and emotionally charged summoning that In Bloom espritEmma Hewitt, Christina Novelli, Adina Butar, HALIENE, Justine Suissa, Nikki Flores and Mia Koo are just some of those behind the mic, whilst male voices like Richard Bedford, Josh Gabriel and Christian Burns are well represented too.

Backing them in the studio, well it might be quicker to tell you who’s not on the list! To give you some idea though Armin, Above & Beyond, Ferry Corsten, Cosmic Gate, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Gabriel & Dresden and ATB are just some of those adding their production punch to the mix.

Sure enough Markus has applied much of his own latest and forthcomings too. ‘We Are the Light’ – the Nikki Flores-sung title track from his latest album makes an early appearance, as does recent ATB-collab, ‘Heartbeat’. Rounding out the first hour is current single ‘The Dreamers’ (naturally in its In Bloom mix form!), with Daxson’s new treatment of Markus & Adina Butar’s ‘Breathe Me To Life’ a vanguard to the second. Markus’s daisy-fresh spin on Dash Berlin/Emma Hewitt anthem ‘Waiting’ also get an airing, as does Johan Gielen’s rebuild of Schulz’s own ‘Perception’ classic. Reserving In Bloom’s most emotionally carrying moments to its last, Markus fittingly bestows final track honours to his and HALIENE’s forthcoming interpretation of ‘Ave Maria’.

A mix that masterfully lifts every voice to divine the essence of the season into two breathtaking hours – In Bloom’s all-vocal, all trance, all spring and all here!

DON’T MISS! Listen through Spotify here, now:

Markus Schulz Presents Global DJ Broadcast’s In Bloom 2019 Tracklist:

  1. Markus Schulz featuring Nikki Flores – We Are the Light (Intro Mix)
  2. Eli & Fur – Parfume (Dosem Remix)
  3. Max Graham featuring Jessica Jacobs – I Know You’re Gone
  4. Ferry Corsten & Nevve – Freefall (Club Mix)
  5. Andrew Bayer featuring Alison May – In My Last Life (In My Next Life Mix)
  6. Cosmic Gate & Foret – Need to Feel Loved
  7. Gabriel & Dresden featuring Josh Gabriel – Over Oceans (Gabriel & Dresden Club Mix)
  8. Haris C & Michael Angelo – Take it All Back (Michael Fearon Remix)
  9. ATB & Markus Schulz – Heartbeat (Festival Mix)
  10. Offer Nissim featuring Maya – For Your Love (Sied van Riel Remix)
  11. Adip Kiyoi & Susie Ledge – Wild Rose
  12. Nifra & Mia Koo – Forever Forever
  13. Above & Beyond featuring Richard Bedford – Happiness Amplified (Above & Beyond Club Mix)
  14. Whiteout & Kate Miles – Love Again
  15. Gabriel & Dresden featuring Sub Teal – Only Road (Cosmic Gate Remix)
  16. Markus Schulz & Smiley – The Dreamers (Markus Schulz In Bloom Mix)
  17. Anske & Ellie White – Bring My Spirit
  18. Markus Schulz & Adina Butar – Breathe Me to Life (Daxson Remix)
  19. DT8 Project – The Edge
  20. Lostly featuring Claire Willis – Neon Skies
  21. Dash Berlin featuring Emma Hewitt – Waiting (Markus Schulz In Bloom Remix)
  22. Richard Durand & Christina Novelli – The Air I Breathe (Markus Schulz Big Room Reconstruction)
  23. Markus Schulz featuring Justine Suissa – Perception (Johan Gielen Remix)
  24. Armin van Buuren, Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Ana Criado present Triple A – Winter Stayed (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Mix)
  25. Susana & Neev Kennedy – The Promise
  26. Giuseppe Ottaviani & Christian Burns – Brightheart (Robert Nickson Remix)
  27. Raz Nitzan & Ellie Lawson – Beyond Time (C-Systems Remix)
  28. Factor B featuring Cat Martin – Crashing Over
  29. Drival & Michele C – Saviour
  30. Markus Schulz & HALIENE – Ave Maria


After his ‘Buenos Aires’ inaugural popped Afterdark’s mixcomp cherry last August, the spring of 2019 sees label honcho Sneijder ready for a second drop. Doubling down, the album expands to two discs and finds Afterdark bringing the sound of the underground to Los Angeles. Capturing every fader-flip, drum-kick, synth-soar and reciprocal crowd cheer, in the liveliest of live forms Sneijder’s ‘Afterdark 002’ defines the trance divinity of the City of Angels.

Packed with exclusive music from the likes of Giuseppe Ottaviani, Key4050, Stoneface & Terminal, Simon Patterson and others, with finger-on-pulse intuition ‘002’ shifts between the melodic, the uplifting, the tech and the out-&-out tough. Boasting a track list rammed with upfront, cutting edge club music from the Afterdark roaster and seasoned artists across the trance and tech spectrum.

Sneijder’s ‘Afterdark 002 – Los Angeles’ brings LA to you this May 24th.

Comprising of 16 tracks, in about the finest way possible, disc one commences with Sneijder’s most recent single, ‘Back Home’. Having notched an 8.5/10 in DJ Mag (“when song and mainline meet, honest-to-goodness magic happens” declared the mag), the Irishman rolls ‘Home’ into an early uplifting ascension. Collectively Cold Blue’s synth-storming ‘Another Life’, ‘Redemption’ from Italian doyen Alessandra Roncone and newcomer Billie Gillies’s thrill-packed ‘Evolve’ send it airborne. Sneijder proceeds to slide recent Giuseppe Ottaviani chart-topper ‘Panama’ between Craig Connelly’s remix of his & Karen Kelly’s ‘Be With You’ and his own firestarting, ‘Resonate’.

Album-exclusive ‘Here Once Again’ sees the mix go up a gear, opening it up into its tougher second act. Stoneface & Terminal’s ‘Mind Games’, Mandy Reid’s ‘Infiltration’, ‘Taipan’ from Renegade System and others orchestrate the floor action before Sneijder’s harmonic, anthemic revision of Ben Gold & Sivan’s ‘Stay’ kisses it off.

From disc 2’s outset, Sneijder drops straight back into a tougher groove. Alex Di Stefano dives ‘Into The Flames’, Shugz explores ‘The Darkside’ and David Forbes produces a ‘Phenomenon’ – each raising its pressure by degrees. Into that slipstream comes another swathe of Sneijder’s own, with his recent rewire of Nick Callaghan’s ‘Kill Jester’ and his team-ups with David Forbes (on ‘Flashback’) & Nick Callaghan (‘Marching Orders’) bringing techier tones. The second mix reaches its dizzying zenith with some weapons-grade gear from O’Callaghan & Kearney’s Key4050 project. ‘Egon’ and ‘Utterly Butterly’ viscerally bookend James Dymond’s bringback of Maria Nayler anthem ‘Angry Skies’ and Simon Patterson/Sam Jones pair-up ‘Rotavator’.

If you’ve not clubbed in LA before, this compilation will all-but secure those credentials for you. Across its 30+ tracks, two or more musical hours and disc deuce, Sneijder musically divines LA to a forensic level. You can pre-order/bookmark ‘Afterdark 002 – Los Angeles, Compiled & Mixed By Sneijder’ here (

Sneijder – Afterdark 002 [Los Angeles] – tracklist

Disc 01
01. Sneijder – Back Home (Club Mix)
02. Cold Blue – Another Life
03. Alessandra Roncone – Redemption
04. Billie Gillies – Evolve
05. Sneijder – Resonate
06. Giuseppe Ottaviani – Panama
07. Starpicker – Elated
08. Sneijder & Karen Kelly – Be With You (Craig Connelly Remix)
09. Sneijder – Here Once Again
10. Project 8 – Reason I Say This
11. Stoneface & Terminal – Mind Games
12. Renegade System & Ed Lynam – Redux
13. Mandy Reid – Infiltration
14. Manuel Le Saux & Unbeat – EVO
15. Renegade System – Taipan
16. Ben Gold & Sivan – Stay (Sneijder Remix)

Disc 02
01. Sneijder – Violate
02. David Forbes – Phenomenon
03. Shugz – The Darkside
04. Alex Di Stefano – Into The Flames
05. Nick Callaghan – Kill Jester (Sneijder Rework)
06. Sneijder & David Forbes – Flashback
07. Sneijder & Nick Callaghan – Marching Orders
08. Simon Patterson featuring Lucy Pullin – Blink
09. Ashley Bradbury – Sesh Gremlin
10. Sneijder – Break The Silence
11. Dante – Cognitive Behaviour
12. Key4050 – Egon
13. Billy Gillies – Open Your Mind
14. Maria Nayler – Angry Skies (James Dymond Remix)
15. Simon Patterson & Sam Jones – Rotavator (Sam Jones Remix)
16. Iain M – Serotonin
17. Sneijder – Decimate
18. Key4050 – Utterly Butterly

OUT NOW: Tomas Heredia feat. TATA – Better Place


Thomas Heredia teamed up with the pretty vocals from TATA. They released this banger ‘Better Place’ and that is exactly what it does. It brings your to a better place.

Enjoy this gorgeous melody and TATA’s serene vocals here 


A lovely Trance 2.0 production from Tomas Heredia, ‘Better Place’ speaks of hope when all seems lost. Inspiring listeners through gorgeous melodies and TATA’s serene vocals, this record is where dreams, longing and heart’s desires collide.




From Christchurch New Zealand, Kamandiinitiated his own arrival into the world of electronic music playing house parties and raves, before extending his reach by publishing his homemade productions to the masses, via Soundcloud and Bandcamp. Making quite an impact, Kamandi instantly grabbed the attention of Red Bull Sound Select and Flying Lotus Brainfeeder Records, so much so that his single ‘Crown Violet’ with rising US rapper, Azizi Gibson was released via the legendary imprint. Studio and brand productions soon followed, seeing Kamandi tour and collaborate with cult rap icons Three 6 Mafia, Swishahouse, Riff Raff and Waka Flocka Flame, before scoring compositions for Dior and Netflix.
A grass-roots artist rising from the underground, Kamandi comes directly into the fore with the announcement of his first studio album ‘Voices’, exhibiting a newly found position as both a producer and composer. Absorbing all that is around him, Kamandi’s sound encompasses a plethora of feelings from LA beats to the bass-weighted sound of UK underground electronic music; he provides only a glimpse of how this may come together on album single ‘Anyway Friday’.
Taking influence from his beginnings, Kamandi injects years of fond memories playing underground raves into ‘Anyway Friday’. Showcasing distinctive components of UK bass and house music, ‘Anyway Friday’ acts as the first taste of an expansive album project, from a multi-talented artist on a skyward and limitless journey.


Whether it’s light and breezy pop-dance magic, fully electronic club-wrecking madness or something special that fits right in between the two, the productions of Australia’s Feenixpawl are esteemed across the global dance music scene, and rightfully so. Continuing their streak of top records today, the Grammy-nominated duo joined forces with iconic electronic music pair Rico & Miella for a song that’s destined to burn bright: ‘Play With Fire’.

Listen to Feenixpawl x Rico & Miella – Play With Fire


Masterfully composed Progressive House in its finest, most hooking form, Feenixpawl’s collab with Rico & Miella has mainstage magic written all over it. From the entrancing chord progressions to the vocal duet and synth-led melody, ‘Play With Fire’ has all the hallmarks of a fiery festival anthem.


Feenixpawl: “We’ve been fans of Rico and Miella’s work for a while now, and we were completely blown away when they sent us the vocal. Making music truly isn’t difficult when you have such a strong starting point like this gorgeous vocal. We are so honored to be able to collaborate with artists as talented as Rico and Miella and can’t wait to share this tune with the world!”


Rico & Miella: “Working with Feenixpawl has been such an amazing experience. They are such talented guys with great vision. This song wouldn’t have been possible without them.”


Grammy nominees, DJ globetrotters and remixers to the likes of Jess Glynne, Kaskade, NERVO, Nicky Romero and Rihanna, Feenixpawl are two of Australia’s most prominent export products. With numerous worlds tours, hundreds of millions of streams and a truckload of awards under their belt, they have secured themselves a spot alongside electronic music’s most prominent tastemakers. Their 2012 track ‘In My Mind’ was an outright smash hit and their recent release ‘Neon Sky’ was nominated for an IDMA in the ‘Best Pop/Electronic Song’ category.


As classically trained electronic musicians with a weekend warrior mentality, Rico & Miella could easily be touted as one of the most standout vocal, production and DJ duos of electronic music today. Having released songs with artists such as Tom Swoon & Stadium X, Lush & Simon, Thomas Gold, Seven Lions and more, they featured in top Spotify playlists, hit the #3 spot in the Beatport Top 100 chart with ‘Ghost’, secured a feature on Jenna Marbles’ Top 15 Countdown on Sirius XM for ‘Let Me Go’, and were given strong endorsement on MTV for the music video of the latter. They also toured with Paris & Simo and Thomas Gold, and first appeared on stage with Nicky Romero during Miami Music Week 2015.


‘Eukarya’ is one of the amazing tracks from Rodg’s album ‘FATE’. Rodg and Matt Fax teamed up to create this amazing tune!

Listen to this trance banger here. 

A sizzling team-up between two rising stars, Rodg and Matt Fax’s ‘Eukarya’ has listeners diving into a fresh slice of Progressive magic right off the bat. Featured on Rodg’s sophomore artist album ‘Fate’, this cut is melodically impeccable, captivating and euphoric, just the way we like it.


It’s not every day that you see two very different legendary artists team up for a common cause, but today is one of those memorable days that dance music fans won’t soon forget – the renowned Dutch DJ and producer Armin van Buuren has taken on the challenge of remixing Van Halen’s classic 1983 smash hit “Jump,” one of the most enduring and timeless singles in rock & roll history.

Listen HERE.


Out today through Big Beat Records, Armin van Buuren puts his signature, uplifting, progressive, trance spin on the iconic rock anthem, kicking off the remix by isolating front man David Lee Roth’s iconic verse and adding in arpeggiating synths and cowbell for good measure. Naturally the remix explodes once it reaches the song’s classic chorus, and never lets go from there, steadily building until an unforgettable climax. Who would’ve thought “Jump” could get any more anthemic?!


“Jump” is still Van Halen’s most successful single to date, reaching #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 along with being ranked #15 on VH1’s “100 Greatest Songs of the 1980s.” The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum also listed it as one of the “500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll” and its music video was nominated for three MTV VMAs at the time, along with winning Best Stage Performance.” Armin’s remix of Jump had its first listen when Van Halen front man David Lee Roth came out during Armin’s Ultra Main Stage performance earlier this year for a performance fans still haven’t forgotten.



It takes little to recognize that Armin van Buuren is one of the world’s biggest DJs and producers in electronic music for over twenty years. The GRAMMY-Nominated Dutch DJ/producer holds the record for most entries (21) on the Billboard Dance/Electronic Albums Chart, and has been ranked the #1 DJ by DJ Mag a record of five times. Van Buuren also hosts a weekly radio show, A State of Trance (ASOT), which has 40 Million listeners from 84 countries and 100 different FM stations air the show worldwide. Armin headlines more than 150 shows per year at leading festivals and venues around the world, including Electric Daisy Carnival (Las Vegas, New York), Ultra Music Festival (Miami) and Tomorrowland (Belgium) plus residencies at Hï Ibiza in Las Vegas–the most recent being his residency at KAOS Day club and Nightclub in 2019–and numerous others. With those accolades and a combined social reach of over 18 million and counting, it’s easy to see why van Buuren is one of the most influential figures in dance music history. Impressive, considering he still has many years ahead of him!



Artist and innovator David Lee Roth’s creative contributions have broken barriers for over 40 years. As lead singer and founding member of the legendary Van Halen, Roth led the group to two Diamond records (Van Halen, 1984), record-breaking global acclaim, and a place in the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame (inducted 2007). “Jump,” from Van Halen’s 1984 album, has been featured in many feature films, including Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One, Despicable Me 3, Sing, Herby Fully Loaded, Big Daddy and Eddie the Eagle. “Jump” has been covered by many top artists around the world, including Foo Fighters (live), Aztec Camera, Paul Anka and others. As a solo artist, Roth has had countless hits including “Just Like Paradise,” “California Girls” and others, along with more than two million records sold. In 1997, he penned his New York Times-bestselling memoir, Crazy From the Heat, and in 2006 created The Roth Show radio series and podcast, which he continues to produce today. Recently, Roth assembled a team of industry experts and creative professionals, to launch INK The Original, a lifestyle brand focused on the preservation and brightening of tattoos.  Musically, his latest collaboration is with EDM artist Armin van Buuren, who’s remix of “Jump” was debuted live at ULTRA Miami in 2019 with a collaborative performance, and has been met with industry-wide recognition.



As two of dance music’s most exciting duos, W&W and Blasterjaxx know what it takes to make a mainstage crowd go wild. After successfully teaming up on killer tracks such as ‘Rocket’ and ‘Bowser’, the Dutchmen urge fans to give in to the slamming beats and powerful melodies with their new single on W&W’s Rave Culture label ‘Let The Music Take Control’.


Listen to W&W vs Blasterjaxx – Let The Music Take Control

In the slipstream of the previous collaborations that saw them conquer the scene a few years back, W&W and Blasterjaxx are back with a huge anthem that’s already been rocking festivals and clubs around the globe. Engineered for mass dance floor cracking with massive kick drums and huge synths, this tracks show fans from all over the globe why you should always ‘Let The Music Take Control’.

W&W: “When Blasterjaxx first send us a sample of this track, we were instantly hooked. We sat down in the studio together as soon as possible to finish it up and have been playing it in almost every set in the past twelve months. We first played this track last year at Tomorrowland and the crowd went absolutely nuts, so ‘Let the Music Take Control’ will always remind us of that massive show in Belgium.”

Blasterjaxx: “We’ve successfully collaborated with our friends from W&W before, and we felt it was time for us to present another festival banger together. We decided to ask W&W for their input when we couldn’t decide between two versions of the track we’d made previously, and this is the end result, something we’re really proud of. ”


As most Trance fans know by now, FUTURECODE firmly put themselves on the map in the past months. After a massive live set that closed the mainstage of ASOT 900 Utrecht in style, they built on the momentum with two killer releases, ‘Dancing In The Rain’ (feat. Roxanne Emery) and ‘The Connection’, igniting the flame in countless Trance fans. Today, they’ve completed the proverbial hattrick with a brand-new single, an instant crowd favorite that’s sure to reassemble the Trance-tinged ‘Trinity’ that is FUTURECODE (Ben Gold x Omnia) and Ruben de Ronde.

Listen to FUTURECODE X Ruben de Ronde – Trinity

With ‘Trinity’, fans get treated to a searing mash of sweeping sound effects, killer melodies and blistering drops in a three-in-one mainstage special that pays homage to all three artists’ respective trademark sounds. The in-studio synergy has been superb from the get-go, and it shows as much both in the title of the track and in the flawless production itself.

FUTURECODE: “We really wanted to make something special for our ASOT 900 set and we both thought Ruben de Ronde was the right person to team up with. We wanted to create something short and catchy that would work like a charm in both our sets and we think we nailed it. Both the melodies and the entire track itself show the best side of each of us and perfectly describe our sound, so we’re really proud of this amazing collab with Ruben de Ronde.”

Ruben de Ronde: “The track title was decided on ‘Trinity’ because the three of us really feel like one, especially when we were making this tune in the studio. It’s a reference to three individuals teaming up and bringing out the best in each other. I’m glad Ben and Evgeny (Omnia) took me along on their FUTURECODE journey.”


As ‘Dynamite’ continues to build on the success of their previous hit ‘Hipcats’, it’s no wonder ATFC & David Penn have chosen to add to the momentum with a brand-new music video as well. Following the cat puppet theme as seen in the music video for ‘Hipcats’, the treatment for ‘Dynamite’ sees the feline puppets stars once more in a film that ends with a bang. 


Watch the official music video of ‘Dynamite’


The story begins with both protagonists trying to watch their favorite TV show in their bachelor pad when they are roughly disturbed by a bunch of crows on their antenna. When they’ve scared them off, the crows

return for revenge, brutally sending our cat buddies to cat heaven. There, the Cat God takes one of their lives, but sends them back with a divine weapon: a bag of dynamite. 


When they return back on earth, the crows have built a wild party in the cat house. Our cat heroes feed every crow a stick of TNT to get rid of them once and for all. Now they can finally watch their show in peace, with a beer and a cigarette. As one of the cats carelessly throws away his cig, it lands next to a stick of dynamite, 

lighting the fuse and ending the film with a bang.


ATFC enjoyed major success around the turn of the century, charting in the Top 40 of the U.K. Singles chart with ‘In And Out Of My Life’ (#11, 1999), ‘Bad Habit’ (#17, 2000) and ‘Sleep Talk’ (#33, 2002). In the years thereafter, House icons such as Mark Knight, Mousse T, Nic Fanciulli and Roger Sanchezbegan to take notice of his slick productions and masterful grooves, a trademark ATFC has honed to perfection. 


One of Spain’s most well-known DJ/producers, David Penn has a number of worldwide House hits to his name, including mid-90s hit ‘The Night Train’ (#1 in the Netherlands, #12 in the U.K.), produced under his Kadoc moniker. Throughout his long and prosperous career, he has worked with some of House’s finest acts and labels, and remixed tracks from a whole raft of notable acts, including Simply Red, Mariah Carey, Junior Jack, Sandy Rivera, River Ocean feat India (Masters At Work), Boy George, Josh One, Kiko Navarro, Michael Gray, Lenny Fontana, Robbie Rivera, The Shapeshifters, Joey Negro and more