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When we talk about trance events in Italy, there is a name who stands out as  main organizer : Gianluca Ferrandu!

Let’s meet him and see what he can tell us about his great coming back for the upcoming season!!

TBA: Hi Gianluca, for many years your name has been associated to all the trance events in Italy, can you tell us how did you start?

TG: Trance Gate was born in 2005, after I took part in a huge amount of parties abroad, I kept asking myself why we didn’t have any parties like those ones, here in Italy, so I just decided to give it a try  and arrange some events in my home town, Milan. 12 years later, here I am, as excited as I was back then!

TBA: Which are the difficulties a promoter/organizer faces when he/she  want to create and promote an event?

TG: Organizing an event is not that hard, the difficult thing is to find the right guest  who can be appealing for the people to enjoy the party. The fact there are not so many parties doesn’t mean we have to ask people to settle for whoever. Personally, I try to  introduce always new names, you always need to renew.

TBA: And where do we stand right now? How do you see the trance scene at the moment?

TG: Right now, globally, it seems like it’s more important the single event than the music quality , but this is my humble opinion, I know many of you won’t agree.

TBA: Which differences do you see between the international scene and the italian one, and how do you think we could  improve ?

TG: Talking about clubs, there are not many differences, I’d say it’s even easier to arrange an event  here. Speaking about festivals though,  we are not  able to arrange something like that in Italy yet.

TBA: Are you working on something new now ? Something you can tell us?

TG: Well next month, October 7th Trance Gate is coming with a bang.

TBA: What do you have in store re for us?

TG: I am introducing you to the “Trance Gate Festival” in the beautiful location of the club SPACE 25 Via Toffetti 25 in Milan,

Line up:

Jorn Van Deynhoven (NL)

Lostly (D)

Radion6 (NL)

Will Rees (UK)

It’s the second  “Trance Gate Winter Festival”.

It is something still more related to a club than a proper festival but with more guests and longer than a classic night at the club.

TBA: Can you mention us a fun fact that involved one of the artists you worked with?

TG:  A couple of years ago we had to literally lift off  the dj booth of something like 50 cm during the night to allow our giant guest Menno de Jong to perform

TBA: So ,you brought so many artists in Italy, who’s is still on your wish list?

TG: Afternova, Mark Sherry, Alex Morph!

TBA: What would you say to all the italian trancers?

TG: I just would like to thank everyone who attended at least one of all the Trance Gate events we aranged.

And I hope to be able to bring more  people closer to this kind of music  soon!


Quando si parla di eventi trance in Italia, il primo nome che ci viene in mente come organizzatore  è: Gianluca Ferrandu.

Andiamo ad incontrarlo e vediamo cosa ci racconta a proposito della stagione in arrivo!!

TBA: Ciao Gianluca! Per anni abbiamo associato il tuo nome agli eventi trance in Italia, ci racconti come hai iniziato?

TG: Trance Gate nasce nel 2005, dopo aver partecipato a decine di eventi all’estero, mi continuavo a domandare come mai non ci fosse nessuna festa di questo tipo in Italia, cosi decisi di provare ad organizzare qualche evento nella mia città natale, Milano. A distanza di 12 anni eccomi ancora qua non lo stesso entusiasmo del primo giorno!

TBA: Quali difficoltà incontra un promoter/organizzatore in Italia quando vuole creare e promuovere un evento?

TG: Organizzare un evento non è complicatissimo, la cosa difficile è riuscire a trovare l’ospite giusto , che possa invogliare gli amanti del genere a partecipare. Il fatto che non ci siano molti eventi non significa dover chiedere ai partecipanti di accontentarsi con uno o due ospiti a caso.
Personalmente cerco di proporre sempre nomi nuovi, bisogna cercare sempre di rinnovarsi 🙂

TBA: Adesso a che punto siamo? come vedi la scena trance al momento?

TG: Al momento , parlo a livello globale, è diventato più importante il singolo evento, a discapito della qualità musicale.
Ovviamente questo è solo il mio parere, molti non la penseranno così

TBA: Quali differenze noti tra la scena internazionale e la nostra e dove e come pensi potremmo migliorare?

TG:  A livello di club non noto molte differenze, anzi, credo sia più facile organizzare un evento qui da noi.
A livello di festival ovviamente non ci sono ancora i numeri per poter proporre qualcosa di simile qui da noi!

TBA: Stai lavorando a qualche progetto che ci puoi già rivelare?( o accennare)

TG: Sto per iniziare ad organizzare il secondo “Trance Gate Winter Festival”.

nella bellissima location di  SPACE 25 Via Toffetti 25 a Milano,

Line up:

Jorn Van Deynhoven (NL)

Lostly (D)

Radion6 (NL)

Will Rees (UK)

In realtà resta ancora un evento più collegato ad una situazione da club, ma con un numero maggiore di ospiti e con una durata più lunga rispetto ad una classica serata da discoteca.

TBA:  Ci racconti un aneddoto simpatico capitato in una tua serata che abbia coinvolto un artista?

TG: Un paio di anni fa dovemmo letteralmente alzare di quasi mezzo metro, a serata in corso, la consolle, per permettere a quel gigante di Menno De Jong di potersi esibire 🙂

TBA: Hai portato tanti artisti in Italia, chi resta ancora nella tua wish list?

TG: Afternova, Mark Sherry, Alex Morph!

TBA: Cosa diresti ai trancers italiani?

TG: Voglio ringraziare tutti coloro che hanno partecipato ad almeno uno degli eventi Trance che abbiamo organizzato.
E speriamo di poter far avvicinare al genere altre persone in futuro!






David Gravell just decided to gift us all with the free download of his Rmx of the tune yeah Yeah yeahs- Heads Will Roll! 

A catchy housey tune to which he gave his very own personal twist with a powerful infusion of a sick synthline! 

He’s been playing this tune on all the gigs  lately and blasted it out during his Tomorrowland’s set as well 

Re-watch it here: 

Now this catching and captivating tune is available for you to download

 What else can we say ? 

Thanks for the treat man!! 



On Saturday December 9th, PT Events brings a spectacular American Mardi Gras show to Rotterdam’s Maassilo for what is the 8th edition of Grotesque Indoor Festival.

The courage to keep renewing and the willpower to continuously improve are key for the organization and the success of Grotesque events. “Often magic is created through small, simple acts. Those little striking moments make it all a night to remember”.

Grotesque Indoor Festival will be hosting 3 areas focused on Trance, Psy&Tech & House Classics. Aside of the stages, the Festival Market will make room for a special Silent Disco Party, for a complete sense stimulation experience. The uniquel Mardi Gras concept will play a significant role in the night, whereas production-wise nothing can be considered over-the-top.

“With new inspiration and last years positive responses, were planning to go a step further. Acrobatics, humor and sensation will be the main feeling and vibe in the three areas but also in the corridors, at the festival market or the lounge area! #GIF300 is more than the average club night!” – PTEvents.

Grotesque Indoor Festival is the largest indoor Trance event in The Netherlands. Focusing on production, special entertainment, artistry, theater-inspired elements and performers, it for sure makes it the most innovation and thought-of event in Western Europe.


Full Lineup:
2nd Phase – Adam Seller – Dano -Darren Porter – Fausto – Indecent Noise – Marco V – Mark Sherry – RAM – Renji – Reorder – Santito – Sneijder – Spider – Standerwick – Super8 & Tab – Toyax – MC da Silva



Sunday 17th September 

Tickets here

                                                               Debuting Special Guests:


Under The Influence is a new club concept hosted at Underground Ibiza, a venue that set out to retain an authentic approach to Ibizan clubbing and reflects the original philosophy of the island as a place for all to party. Underground is a rare club that values quality music and an honest, inclusive clubbing experience over the ever-increasing prevalence of VIPs and fast-growing commercialism.

Under The Influence aims to bring together DJs and producers that have had a direct impact and influence over each other’s respective careers.

Debuting this new concept is renowned and respected label boss of R&S Records, Renaat Vandepapeliere. As a label head and DJ, Renaat’s reputation is one held with momentous regard. From his charming character and technical DJing to his renowned A&R skills, Renaat has helped shape modern underground dance music like few others.

He is joined by Maceo Plex, a long-term fan of Renaat, considering him and the output of his label as a vital influence on his sound. In 1983 Renaat founded R&S Records and by 1995 R&S was the leading underground dance label and authority, introducing Joey Beltram, Derrick May and Aphex Twin to the world and propelling Renaat to the higher echelons of underground dance music in the process.

R&S has played an influential role in the music I play and make as an artist and still does today. It is a testament of the skill Renaat has as a tastemaker and visionary in the record business. Looking forward to exploring the depths of our music collection’. Maceo Plex

Together, for one special event, they come together to showcase the music that has both influenced and shaped the industry they love and respect, all the while taking the crowd through the glorious heritage of the beautiful music that has been a part of their respective journeys in dance music.




Taking place this Wednesday’s evening and only a few hours prior to Armin van Buuren and Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano’s closing party at Hï Ibiza, this DJ Mag event also coincides with the closing of the voting for this year’s DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs WATCH THE LIVESTREAM ON THE FACEBOOK CHANNELS OF DJ MAG, ARMADA, ARMIN VAN BUUREN AND SUNNERY JAMES & RYAN MARCIANO


Even though the festival season is already drawing to a close, that doesn’t stop Armin van Buuren and Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano. As if to say the party must always go on, the Dutchmen are to perform alongside and with each other tonight on the rooftop of Ibiza’s Ushuaïa Beach Hotel for a special event, powered by DJ Mag.

Taking place this Wednesday’s evening and only a few hours prior to Armin van Buuren and Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano’s closing party at Hï Ibiza, this DJ Mag event also coincides with the closing of the voting for this year’s DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs poll. Today marks the last chance for dance music lovers across the globe to vote for their favorite artists



7.00 PM – 7.45 PM (CET) – Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano

7.45 PM – 8.30 PM (CET) – Armin van Buuren

8.30 PM – 9.00 PM (CET) – Armin van Buuren b2b Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano

Fans can watch the full livestream on the Facebook channels of DJ MagArmada MusicArmin van Buuren, and Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano



Markus Schulz, (who has been interviewed here just a few days ago) just announced that while he was touring in Buenos Aires (and praying for the safety of his family and friends living in Miami during these last difficult days due to Hurricane Irma)  Coldharbour Studios had been looted.

The equipment been stolen can of course be replaced, said Markus, but there is something that won’t be easily restored…  The Pioneer gold mixer he received for winning DJ Times’ America’s Best DJ a few years ago. This had a sentimental value and he is bummed about this loss.

We agree with the artist that in such a life threatening event it’s kinda inconceivable that someone out there acted this way!

Sadly we cannot do anything to relieve Markus’sadness, we just hope that whoever broke into his studio to steal things will understand how deeply the artist’s  feelings have been hurt and maybe could consider to gave his mixer back!



Starting the week with a super news!! Earlier today, Armada Music’s CEO Maykel Pyron, announced that the new office in UK is officially open!!

We heard the rumors about the new branch a while ago, but we didn’t know it would have been in business so soon.

We can’t imagine a better city than London to give second home to the beats we love even if we don’t have much information at the moment about the whole project,  we will  keep a close  eye on it for sure and we’ll be back with more info asap.

For now, you can enjoy the view from the new office! Breathless ain’t it ??