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In the wake of pop-scented singles such as ‘I Need You’ and ‘Sunny Days’, no dance music enthusiast ought to be surprised to hear that Armin van Buuren loves to broaden his horizon and explore different genres and musical influences. The world-renowned Dutchman keeps finding new ways to delve into previously uncharted territories and now, the five-time DJ Mag champion has done so again for his brand-new single: ‘Sex, Love & Water’, featuring Australian singer-songwriter Conrad Sewell, known for his work on Kygo’s smash hit ‘Firestone’.

Listen to Armin van Buuren feat. Conrad Sewell – ‘Sex, Love & Water’

Made in collaboration with – among others – the legendary Scott Storch (who wrote/produced global hit songs for the likes of 50 Cent, Beyoncé, Dr. Dre, Chris Brown, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, Mario, Ricky Martin, Sean Paul and more), ‘Sex, Love & Water’ features a set of severely infectious rhythm guitars that thrive amidst sexy horns and swaying grooves. Laced with Conrad Sewell’s high-register vocals and a splash of vibes that make you want to hit the dance floor, this tune and its brilliant music video (with Conrad Sewell taking a lead role) are all you need to turn life into the best party around.

Armin van Buuren: “I’ve long been toying with the idea of diving into some funk or disco-flavored music for a change. So when the magic started flowing in a studio in L.A., I was really eager to explore this side of me. Adding the likes of Conrad Sewell and Scott Storch to the record truly proved the icing on the cake and I’m really glad to see that our new track, ‘Sex, Love & Water’, saw its official release today.”

Conrad Sewell: “I got a call from Scott Storch that he was working on a funky track with Armin in L.A.. It was a vibe in the room, everyone was playing along like we were jamming at an old ’70s night. The song spoke to us immediately, it felt great and like something we haven’t heard in a while. I hope the song brings the world good times and good vibes. I also hope everyone enjoys dancing to it as much as we did the night we made it.”


Let’s start our Friday trance fix with ‘Deep End’, just released on Armind Recordings, already ASOT Tune Of The Year 2018.

This is the follow up of the ‘Saving Light’ which led them to victory in 2017. Enriched with the  amazing vocals of HALIENEto get you hooked from the first second.

Responsible for the song that shot straight into the hearts of Trance lovers from across the globe (‘Saving Light’, with Gareth Emery), STANDERWICK & HALIENE have been reaping tons of praise for their magical collaboration, which even became the Tune Of The Year of 2017 in Armin van Buuren’s A State Of Trance radio show. And now, with fans from across the globe wanting more, they proudly present their next mouth-watering link-up to quench their fans’ thirst: ‘Deep End’.


Let’s grab it here

Another wondrous team-up between the UK Trance titan and the L.A.-based singer-songwriter, ‘Deep End’ sees STANDERWICK & HALIENE pick up where ‘Saving Light’ left off. Exciting and emotive at its core, the song treads where few Trance tracks dare to go and offers an eruptive mixture of power and emotion that strikes the right chord every single time.

STANDERWICK“It has been really exciting working with HALIENE again on our new track ‘Deep End’. For me as a musician, I really wanted to tap into areas of music that played a part during my early years as a producer and give some slight hints of these in certain areas of the track. I also feel that we have been able to spread our wings a little, which is really important to me when writing vocal Trance music. We both hoped to pull off something fresh whilst maintaining a good balance, so we truly hope you will love ‘Deep End’ as much as we do.”


A household name in Trance, STANDERWICK has been dropping bomb shells onto a range of Armada Music imprints for over four years now, including A State Of Trance and Who’s Afraid Of 138?! labels. He has remixed high-profile artists such as Armin van Buuren, Gareth Emery, John O’Callaghan and Markus Schulz, and continues to ride the wave of a blistering track record that includes six #1 spots in Beatport’s Trance charts, in addition to fourteen Top 5s and six Top 10s. Now coming from the massive success of ‘Saving Light’, the Englishman has gone full throttle on ‘Deep End’ to make the crowds roar fiercely well throughout 2018 as well.


Having lent her flawless vocals to trailblazing artists such as Aly & Fila, ATB, Blasterjaxx. Breathe Carolina, Ferry Corsten and Seven Lions, HALIENE is quickly staking her claim as one of Trance’s most sought-after songstresses. ‘Deep End’ proves once again that HALIENE is a star vocalist and masterful songwriter able to conjure magic at the flick of a wrist.

OUT NOW: Ruben de Ronde & Cari – When I Fall + INTERVIEW


When Statement!’s label boss Ruben de Ronde decides to spoil us, there is nothing we can do but prepare ourselves to some nice ear candies, as in this case, he’s presenting us his latest jewel called ‘When I Fall’, featuring the blissful voice of Cari, we’re pretty sure you hear this stunner already at one of his gigs, and finally we see it being released on our beloved Statement! Recordings.



Hooking listeners with its mysterious atmosphere and gradual build, Ruben de Ronde & Cari’s ‘When I Fall’ has all the hallmarks of Trance fan’s top favorite. Laced with angelic vocals, stellar chord progressions and club-ready bass, this record marks yet another phenomenal Statement! release.

Let’s grab it here

We’ve asked the label boss to chat with us about this new tune and more 🙂

TBA: ‘When I Fall’ is your latest collaboration with Cari, how did your cooperation start?

RdR: The music side started while working on music on my twitch channel. ( ) and after working on it for a while, I wanted to get a vocal on this tune.
I started seeing more and more music from Cari popping up lately, and I simply wanted to work with her! 
A lot of people know her as a singer, but she produces as well! Keep an eye on this girl! 
I am actually working on another track with her!

TBA: What is the idea behind ‘When I Fall’?

RdR: That is a question you should ask Cari! She wrote these amazing lyrics with a good meaning. Musical wise I wanted to create something for some bigger stages. I managed to finish it just a few days before Dreamstate Festival in California. So that will always be the spot where I played it first!

TBA: Rumours say you are working on a follow up of your album ‘My Story’, anything you can say already?

RdR: There is so much new music! The viewers of my streams and vlogs have already heard a bunch of it tho! But some of them I am keeping on the low, to surprise you!
I hope to release it before the summer.

TBA: TSOH is our favourite podcast here at TBA, can you tell us how is it going and how do you manage  to always keeping it so fresh?

RdR: Haha, thank you! I always try to find records that no-one knows. I think that most of the radio shows are a bit to similar, so I’ll try to keep it going the way it is.

TBA: You are also a professional streamer now!! We can watch the making of TSOH on line with you on your Twitch channel, and when you make new music you share it with your audience directly while in the making… is this something that helps your creative process?

RdR: This is 100% helping my creativity! I spend most of my days making music, and opening the doors to my studio, giving an insight really helps. I am really happy with the support I get from the community, and it really keeps me motivated. The music industry can be a hard and demotivating place, so I am super happy that I decided to starting to stream. All my subscribers on Twitch get exclusive material in return, because I think it always should go two ways!

TBA: You have a lot of young producers asking for suggestions on how to make a nice tune… what is the advice you give them more often?

RdR: Be original. It is easy to copy! And always make music with your heart. Dont stick around to a certain sound because you are expected to do so. 
And if you are running into problems, dont be afraid to call in help. I have friends like Rodg that can get me over dead points in tracks. 

TBA: Can you tell us your favourite 5 tunes of the moment?

RdR: Rodg – U Got U [Statement!]
Axwell /\ Ingrosso feat. Trevor Guthrie – Dreams (Alpha9 Remix) [Universal]
Virtual Self – Ghost Voices (Alpha 9 Remix) [Virtual Self]
Ruben de Ronde & Cari – When I Fall [Statement!]
and a new tune I am making right now! That one doesnt have a title yet, but the vibe stays in my head haha!

TBA: One artist to keep an eye on right now?

RdR: There are a bunch of great artists. 2017 has been great for my buddies Rodg and Estiva. Both of them are working on their albums at the moment. I am really excited about Elevven, a new team up from Los Angeles. They are going to do great this year.

TBA: Any upcoming gigs you are really excited about?

RdR: Yes! But I cannot tell too much about all of them. I am returning to Australia for Istoria and ASOT and I am going to tour more with Vini Vici! That is exciting!


TBA: Thanks a lot and see you soon  Ruben!!




Can’t get enough of Ruben yet? Let’s check the latest episode of his very own The Sound Of Holland right here:




It’s 4.45 AM. Do you know where your kids are!? Getting Damaged on dance floors presided over by Jordan Suckley, would be our guess!!

When the progressive gravities have been plumbed, the melodies spun out and elevating strings, strung, tis time to go beyond the beyond. When everything else tops out, Suckley-strength sonics – nitro glycerine-esque in their subtlety, wrecking-ball-like in their restraint – assume control. Wild West beats, elasticated tempos, lawless distortion and shoot-first/questions-later vocals are the (dis)order of the day/night. In these anything-goes badlands, there’s only one person who truly knows what’s around the next corner and that’s the man behind the mixer.

The quest to become a 9AM Eternal is upon you. Deck-commander Jordan Suckley – the hardest workingman in the trance business, your prime mover. The task: the committing of all the visceral excitement and primeval thrill of a Damaged night out to the mix-comp medium. Signing on the dotted co-mixer’s line (and adding those trademark exclamation marks for good measure) is Israeli duo Coming Soon!!!

Musically, things are going to get a whole lot messier before they get any tidier, so strap in… for Damaged Presents Charged!

So what-gives musically then!? Well where Jordan’s concerned we’re talking about the hardiest collection of blunt force audio Jan can withstand. Among them are Bryan Kearney’s Karney Presenting latest ‘Smiler’, ‘Synapse’ from Aussies HP Source, that Forbes x Durand tag-team-er ‘Coma’ and 2nd Phase’s equally sinister ‘Body Bag’. And that’s all inside the first half! Sutured with surgical precision between are prime-steak cuts from Suckley’s own studio. Recent smash ‘Suspect 1’, Waio’s slice ‘n’ dice of ‘Ritual’, Kutski collab ‘Surveillance’ and the Oakie allied ‘Amnesia’ all whip the flames. Finishing with a classic flourish, Quench’s ‘Dreams’ (in its Nicholson’s Cathedral incarnation) and Jorn van Deynhoven rewind of The Space Brothers’ ‘Shine’ bring things to the most anthemic of conclusions.

Coming Soon!!! have risen to their first compilation occasion by marshaling a near artist album’s worth of their own material. Psy with a side of the tough stuff is the natural order of the day. Solo slabs like ‘Trippin In Paris’, ‘Parallel Universe’, ‘Ready To Get High’ and ‘Interstellar’ all have a date with the laser, as do collabs with Waio (‘Alien March’ & ‘Create The Machine’) and Ace Ventura alliance ‘Say What’. Further in Ace’s own ‘Altern8 Patterns’, ‘Fkd Up Kids’ from those Vini Vici boys and Avalon & Waio’s ‘Shiva’ all raise the level mania.

More bang, beat and blast for your buck, Damaged presents Charged mixed by Jordan Suckley & Coming Soon!!! is available to pre-order/order here

Tracklist: Jordan Suckley & Coming Soon!!! – Damaged presents Charged

Mix 1 – Jordan Suckley

01. Ashley Smith – Kick Back
02. Bryan Kearney presents Karney – Smiler
03. Jordan Suckley & Kutski – Surveillance (2nd Phase Remix)
04. David Forbes – Panic Room
05. HP Source – Synapse
06. Dr. Willis & Myron meet Ricky Fobis – No Regular (Mark Sherry Remix)
07. David Forbes & Richard Durand – Coma
08. 2nd Phase – Body Bag
09. Jordan Suckley – Suspect 1
10. Sam Jones – Patt3rns
11. Simon Patterson – Spike (Vertical Mode Remix)
12. Jordan Suckley – Ritual (Waio Remix)
13. Kriess Guyte – Transcendental
14. Mark Norman – Phantom Manor (Indecent Noise Remix)
15. Paul Oakenfold & Jordan Suckley – Amnesia
16. Quench – Dreams (Nicholson’s Cathedral Remix)
17. Steve Allen – Metamorphosis
18. The Space Brothers – Shine (Jorn van Deynhoven Remix)

Mix 2 – Coming Soon!!!

01. Coming Soon!!! – Ready To Get High (Vibe Tribe & Somnia Remix)
02. Ace Ventura & Coming Soon!!! – Say What
03. Vini Vici – Fkd Up Kids
04. Katri – Ompasa
05. Reeloop – F*cking Society (Coming Soon!!! Remix)
06. Coming Soon!!! – Trippin In Paris
07. Coming Soon!!! – Parallel Universe
08. Effective featuring Ojini – Godavari
09. Ace Ventura – Altern8 Patterns (Pitch Bend Remix)
10. Katri – Chantsra
11. Effective – Dirty (Synctronik Remix)
12. Coming Soon!!! x Waio – Create The Machine
13. Avalon & Waio – Shiva
14. Coming Soon!!! x Waio – Alien March
15. Coming Soon!!! – Interstellar

ZOYA – In My Mind (Anagramma Remix)(Official Video)

We’re coming to  to heat this winter Thursday up with something really hot!

Not long ago we sat down with the beautiful and talented ZOYA for a chat about the release of her tune ‘In My Mind’, and she told us she was launching a remix contest for it.

So we were curious to know how it all went down after a while and this is what she said:

“The response to my contest has been overwhelming, I received a lot of great material, it was hard to choose and in the end, 3 remixes won and I picked the deep house remix version to shoot a music video. The remix is done by Anagramma”

A simple reply but with so much flair nestled in it.

For those of you who are not familiar with this artist, let us tell you that ZOYA is not just a stunning young woman, but a complete artist who works really hard to stand out. She’s a dj, a producer, a model,  a music influencer and much more!

And as we always say, hard work pays off in the end, because her video got over 30 000 views for less than a week on YouTube.

So let’s indulge in it and let us know your thoughts.


You can grab ‘In My Mind’ here














Hard on the heels of Yotto’s debut Essential Mix that was premiered last weekend on Radio 1 by Pete Tong, the Finnish producer – signed to Anjunadeep and known for tracks like ’North’ and ‘Personal Space’ as well as remixes for the likes of Gorillaz and Coldplay – will release a brand-new EP, ‘Chemicals / Second Life’ on Joris Voorn’s esteemed Green label. Full tracklisting below.

Full of the kind of heady, atmospheric electronic music that Yotto has come to be loved for in recent years, Yotto’s Essential Mix saw him showcase his diverse musical tastes, from ethereal tracks by The Beach Boys and Sufan Stevens through to peak time techno from ANNA and Patrice Baumel.

New EP ‘Chemicals / Second Life’ sees the DJ and producer strike new musical heights with two intoxicating dance-floor cuts certain to cause impact at clubs throughout 2018.

‘Chemicals’ combines skipping hi-hats with a fuzzy hypnotic bass filtering in and out of focus. Accompanied by Yotto’s instantly recognizable big room kick drums and soaring synths, you can expect to see ‘Chemicals’ played in sweaty peak-time sets far and wide.

On the flip, ‘Second Life’ is a progressive, hot-blooded acidic cut that slowly builds into cascades of bass, synth hooks and triplet percussion rhythms, giving the track a euphoric characteristic but not without an immersive emotional depth.

Building on BBC radio 1 support that on top of his Essential Mix saw Yotto awarded 5 Essential New Tunes and 2 Hottest Records In The World, this month will see the Finnish artist head to South America to play the legendary Warung Beach Club with Recondite, Black Coffee and Joris Voorn, as well as a headline show at The Bow in Buenos Aires.

Second Life

Yotto Essential Mix Tracklist

  1. The Beach Boys – Mount Vernon and Fairway Pt. 1 (A Fairy Tale) (Reprise Records)
  2. Benjamin Wallfish, Hans Zimmer – Joi (Alcon Sleeping Giant)
  3. Death In Vegas – Savage Love (Portobello)
  4. Christian Löffler – Mare (Max Cooper Remix) (Ki Records)
  5. Portable Sunsets – Straylight (Dave DK Remix) (Atomnation)
  6. Fideles – The Tensior (Original Mix) (Afterlife Records)
  7. Evigt Mörker – Slukande Hav (Original Mix) (Northern Electronics)
  8. SIS feat. Benjamin Frnkln – The Get Down (Original Mix) (Mobilee)
  9. SØNIN – All Of My Teenage Crimes (Yotto Rework) (Youth Control)
  10. Radio Slave – Vision (Original Mix) (Rekids)
  11. Pryda – Agag (Original Mix) (Virgin Records)
  12. Ben Böhmer – After Earth (Original Mix) (Anjunadeep)
  13. Fort Romeau – Emu III (Birdy Bonus Beat) (Running Back)
  14. Yotto – Chemicals (Original Mix) (Green)
  15. Mulder – Elon (Original Mix) (Rejected)
  16. Mulder – Elon (Edwin Oosterwal Dub) (Rejected)
  17. Luuk Van Dijk – Unknown (Original Mix) (Circus Recordings)
  18. Tom Demac – Bush Break Fiasco (Original Mix) (Flumo Records)
  19. Architectural – Lipstick & Cigarettes (Original Mix) (Non Series)
  20. Yotto – Your Mind (Original Mix) (Unreleased)
  21. Squire – Lost Again feat. Vette (Olderic Remix) (Flying Circus Recordings)
  22. Reich -Drumming (Patrice Bäumel Remix) (DECCA)
  23. Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein – Escape (Lakeshore Records)
  24. Yotto – Radiate (Original Mix) (Unreleased)
  25. Black Mami – Tokyo Express (Original Mix) (Fine Human Records)
  26. Pryda – Stay With Me (Pryda) LOOP TOOL
  27. ANNA – Hidden Beauties (Original Mix) (Kompakt)
  28. Andre Hommen – Abakus (Original Mix) (Vivrant)
  29. Ulrich Schnauss – Wait For Me (Yotto Rework) (Unreleased)
  30. The Future Sound Of London – Papua New Guinea (Yotto Rework) (Unreleased)
  31. Kurt Baggaley – Remembering Infinity (Original Mix) (Something Happening Somewhere)
  32. Sufjan Stevens – Drawn To The Blood (Sufjan Stevens Remix) (Asthmatic Kitty Records)
  33. The Avalanches – Saturday Night Inside Out (Modular Recordings)
  34. The Beach Boys – Mount Vernon and Fairway Pt. 2 (A Fairy Tale) (Reprise Records)



Is music your life? 17/18 February, Dancefair 2018, Jaarbeurs, Utrecht, NL


Dancefair is the biggest music maker event in the world. With a complete devotion to electronic music Dancefair will take place in the epicentre of electronic music: Jaarbeurs, Utrecht, The Netherlands. Do you love music? Are you a DJ, producer or music professional? Do you wanna learn from the best and kick start your music career? Dancefair 2018 will take place in the weekend of 17/18 February in the futuristic Jaarbeurs Centre.



Get your tickets today for only €39,- (day ticket) or €59,- (weekender) or book an hotel/weekender combi ticket. You can also get a special A State of Trance combi ticket which will take place in the exact same place. One ticket, two events!. Your ticket into the masterclass by Armin van Buuren, a complete Armada Music artist program, a chance to be discovered by A&R team of Armada Music and of course the best Saturday night ever at ASOT.

What you wil get during Dancefair 2018?

22 Areas, 200 masterclasses, 160 artists, 7500 visitors, 70 labels and 200 music brands in attendance. Get your full access tickets now for €39,- (day) and €59,- (weekender)

Dancefair Gift Bag

Everybody who purchases a day ticket or weekender can collect the special Dancefair Gift Bag during the event. What is in it for you?

• 190 pages in hardcopy of the Maarten Vorwerk Handbook for Producers

• Free sound design masterclasses on by

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• Free Bitwig 8-track DAW software

• 10% discount on music gear during Dancefair 2018

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• 20% Discount on all Leapwing plugins


Armin van Buuren, Laidback Luke, Sick Individuals, Blasterjaxx, TONY JUNIOR, David Gravell, Matt Nash, Jewelz & Sparks, John Christian, Alvaro, Robin Albers, Luca Pretolesi (USA), Olly James (UK), Teknoclash, Maddix, Manse, Mental Theo, Irwan, DJ Jean, Kill The Buzz, Trobi, Sophie Francis, Lucky Charmes


Joran van Pol, Secret Cinema, Tinlicker, Man With No Shadow, Weska (GER), Spektre (UK), Lucien Foort, Taras Van De Voorde, Camiel Daamen, Minitech Project, Paul Nolan, LAAT, Mitch de Klein, MC Stretch, YEZPR, JSPR, Full On Funk, Janick Megroot, David Leese, IGOR, Ricardo Carota, KEFFISH


Capital Candy, Diaz & Bruno, Irwan, GLOWINTHEDARK, LVZY, Spanker, CityLights, Nando Leaks, Mohamed Fouradi, AT Bookings, Latoya Linger, F1rstman, Jairzinho, Trobi, JoeyAk, Dopebwoy, Moortje, Latifa, Custom Made, Luciano Winter, Freddy Moreiro, Mahi Khalesi, James Watts


Deepend, Mike Mago, Baggi, Rancido, Ferreck Dawn, Bolier, Olivier Weiter, unders, Joe Stone, Jon Sine, Deeparture, Bas Roos, Jay Rox

Future House

Vato Gonzalez, Mike Williams, Dante Klein, Mesto, Justin Mylo, Brooks, RetroVision, Bougenvilla, Dastic, Mr. Belt & Wezoll, LVNDSCAPE, Gerald Le Funk


CMC$, Dirtcaps, Mightyfools, DOLF, Naffz, TV Noise, Onderkoffer, Red Hood Squad, Sebastian Bronk, Greg Dela, Gianni Marino

Harder Styles

Frontliner, Sub Zero Project, The Darkraver, Dr Phunk, Outsiders, Warface, Ruthless, D-Sturb, Phuture Noize, Degos & Re-Done, Xense, Emphasis, Zero Sanity, Dark Pact, Justin Ferier Tatipata, Thyron, Rooler, Luminite


Spinnin’ Records, Armada, Revealed Recordings, Musical Freedom, NCS, Future House Music,, Be Yourself, 2Dutch Records, Frequency, UKF, Flamingo, Scantraxx, Pagara Music Group and many more..

Music Professionals

José Woldring (CEO Media Nanny), Gerben Roos (Alda) Maykel Piron (CEO Armada), Daniel J. Lee (NCS), Yuri Viroj, Wesley Verhey (Spotify expert), Colin Meulema (Blockchain expert), Peter Stevens (Music Allstars), Gijs Alkemade (Slam!), Meester Jesper (Spotify expert), Clifton Narain (&V Artist Agency), Luciano Winter (Rotterdam Airlines), Geert Wieland, Custom Made, AT Bookings, Bindu De Knock (Legal expert)

Advanced Producers

Luca Pretolesi (USA), Darcy Proper (USA), Ali Station (UK), Paul Nolan (UK), Basto (BE), John Christian (NL), Dan D’Ascenzo (BE), MarcoAntonio Spaventi (IT), Robin Reumers (NL)

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BT – Yahweh

Happy Friday everyone, it’s time to treat ourselves with some trance music from Armin’s!

BT is back with this jewel ‘Yahweh’!

Captivating listeners with a mere flick of the wrist, BT knows how to get his audience enthralled. With ‘Yahweh’, the American award-winning producer and composer offers a well-balanced cut that’s as capable of performing wonders as its atmosphere is divine. Sent down from above, this Armind release is sure to get Trance fans to raise their arms to the sky.

Let’s grab it Here