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Off the back of a blistering performance at Ultra Europe, a tidal wave of support from dance music luminary Marshmello and gathering a quarter billion total streams across hit catalog, rising star Crankdat has landed onto Armada Music for his debut release on the Amsterdam-based record label. Widely considered one of the most talented youngsters of the dance music realm with a mere 21 years of life experience under his belt, the Ohio native shows exactly why he’s rapidly become one of the most well-respected producers of the moment with ‘Say It’, featuring L.A.-based singer-songwriter Sara Skinner.

Listen to Crankdat feat. Sara Skinner – Say It


A paradigm of masterstroke productions, ‘Say It’ sees Crankdat blurt out a scurrying drum and bass rhythm kicking up dust while staying impeccably pristine in surround sound. Spearheaded by a contagious electric guitar riff turned inside out and Sara Skinner’s vocals tumbling from heaven, the track is pushed to top speed by urgent strings before coming to a climactic full stop. Simply put, this one’s sure to rush onto all the playlists that matter this summer.

Crankdat“The production process of ‘Say It’ was absolutely seamless.  I produced the beat earlier this year with no intentions of doing anything with it — sometimes I make very different styles of music for total fun, and so was the case with this, I just did it for fun. When I sent it around to my team and a few other trusted ears, everyone really liked it, and so arose the possibility of it becoming an actual release. I sent it to this vocalist I met on the Internet a few months prior, the super-talented Sara Skinner, as we had discussed working on a song in the weeks before. We never got in the studio together, never called about it, talked about it etc. She just took it and ran. The first demo Sara sent back was absolutely GOLD.  She did her thing, and she nailed it.  Afterwards, I finished processing the vocal and engineering the beat, and thus, ‘Say It’ was born!”


Sara Skinner: “Christian (Crankdat) sent me this track late one night, and I was so stoked on the music that I immediately set up a co-writing session with Karra (who worked with me on ‘Interstellar’ and ‘Time Warp’). I write all my music for my own project, but I’m pretty new at working on electronic music, so I hit her up because I needed to make sure this one was another really great one. We ran with our usual thought process and kept a strong focus on the melody and painting mental images with the lyrics. We recorded the vocals right there and then to capture the actual energy of the song in that moment. I’ve been really excited about this one; the track alone is epic, and I’m grateful to have worked on a song with such a well-respected guy in the scene.”

Tomorrowland Release Triple CD Compilation Mixed By Armin Van Buuren, Axwell & More

Dance Music’s Biggest Festival Tomorrowland releases:

‘The Story of Planaxis’
Mixed by Armin Van Buuren, Axwell,
Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and Lost Frequencies

TRACKLISTING: 3 x mixed CD compilation – 62 tracks in total

Release date: OUT NOW

Listen HERE (Mini mix)

Buy Physical / Digital




Tomorrowland launches a CD in three volumes with exclusive sets by international DJs Armin Van BuurenAxwellDimitri Vegas & Like MikeLost Frequencies and exclusive Tomorrowland Summer Mix compilation.

Hands up anyone that has been to Tomorrowland? Those lucky enough to have visited arguably the largest festival in the world will tell you that it is an extraordinary experience. Located in the aptly named town of ‘Boom’ in Belgium, now in its 14th year, the sheer scale of the festival will overwhelm you.  Think 16 stages400,000 people from over 75 countries split over two glorious weekends all with a will to dance.

Tomorrowland is a step beyond the conventional big festival, going all out on design, creating another world for the time that you are with them. The main stage itself is extraordinary, gigantic in size and scale with pyrotechnics, state of the art lighting and sound and packing a wow factor that would be hard to experience on this scale anywhere else.

The festival has steadily grown, due in large part to mainstream pop culture’s continued embrace of this decade’s Electronic Dance Music explosion. It eclipses some of the biggest events in the world when compared to internet social media chitter chatter. Tomorowland amasses more tweets, insta and FB posts than Glastonbury, Burningman, Cochella, and Ultra music festivals combined.  Even more than the F1, Wimbeldon, The Oscars and Tour De France put together.

This year the theme is ‘The Story of Planaxis’ – a kind of lost city of Atlantis idea, think magical submerged cities, extraordinary sea creatures and underwater mystery and the namesake of this year’s compilation.

Now some of the festivals biggest names bring you their take on the Tomorowland sound. While Armin van Buuren, Axwell, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and Lost Frequencies conquer the Mainstage during the first weekend, you can also enjoy the legendary mash-ups of their best tracks at home. The four DJs all made special 30-minute sets, exclusive to the first 2 volumes of ‘The Story of Planaxis’. The third volume offers a unique Tomorrowland Mix 2018.

Either as a memento of your experience or those that just want to sample the flavour of this incredible festival, this compilation will bring you a snapshot of the biggest tracks and high-octane moments of the event.

This is a download and physical release only including a Deluxe edition with 40-page booklet, and special copper hot foil embossed packaging. The CD is available now through Cr2 Records for the UK / IE and worldwide on iTunes through various WW outlets and record stores or online at

Loud Luxury feat. Brando – Body (Orjan Nilsen Remix)

This week all remixes from ‘Body’ will be released. Ørjan the Norwegian trance producer and DJ did an insane remix of ‘Body”, a real trancer. Blow up your speakers and keep on dancing.

Let’s grab it here

Merging all seven previously released remixes into one exciting deal, this remix package of Loud Luxury’s smash hit ‘Body’ is the icing on the cake. Spread nicely across the dance music spectrum, this seven-color rainbow is about to spice up your day big time.

VINCENT DE MOOR – Fly Away (KhoMha Remix)

KhoMha’s music has already sent shockwaves through electronic dance music circles and we haven’t heard his new remix yet. KhoMha, the very talented boy from Colombia just released his EP ‘Elementos’ and coming Friday this insane remix from ‘Fly Away’. We are curious what the future will bring for him.

Let’s grab it here

Eighteen years after its initial flight, Vincent de Moor’s ‘Fly Away’ has returned to the launch pad. Now driven by the high-octane sounds of Colombian Trance star KhoMha, the 2000 classic is ready to shoot for the stars again.


In this day and age, for any come-lately producer looking to make their mark, a debut album must swiftly be realized. Hal Stucker however is not any producer and “day and age” – as you’ll see – plays zero part in ‘Electronic Excursions’ reckoning. Hal has no hidden agendas. He doesn’t desire an extra foot up the career ladder, more gigs, better billing or ‘to blow you away’ with his music’s dancefloor-filling capabilities.

No, both his and the ambitions of his ‘Electronic Excursions’ album decidedly lie in other areas.

In the pantheon of electronic artists’ LPs, there have been some sizeable pending times. Hal though might have out-pended the lot. Since his debut production (the Telica Records-released ‘The World Is Flat’) a not inconsiderable two decades have elapsed. Indeed for sixteen of those years, Hal was in full stasis, before Ruben de Ronde’s Statement! Recordings brought it off-ice with ‘Coral’ two years ago. Since, Hal’s productions have established a new DJ audience, engaging the musically enlightened likes of Above & Beyond, Cosmic Gate, Rodg, Grum and others.

If you don’t already know, you’ve probably guessed anyway – Hal is considerably better known under another name. The ‘who’ is largely immaterial here (and possibly even unhelpful), as this album is an exercise in artistic emancipation. An opportunity to vent stylistically, after many years inside an ever-tightening perception box, it’s electronic excursions in name and nature.

“Over the last 12 months, says Hal, I’ve embarked on a little musical outing to try and create a body of work with depth & emotion that you could listen to anywhere. I know that could be a cliché, but it’s the truth. It’s been an absolute joy working on the album – my first body of work in 25 years of being in the music industry. It’s different, but I sincerely hope you all enjoy the album as much as I did writing it”.

Across 14 tracks, ‘Electronic Excursions’ is a refreshing master-class in not giving a flying one about the dancefloor. That’s not to say you wouldn’t dance to it. Only that it’s not its primary spur. The same goes for other conventions. Track runtimes regularly enjoy the luxury of 8, 9 10 or in the case of ‘Chaos Bowl’ 11+ minutes to play out their ideas, angles and sequences. Genre classifications are likewise largely redundant. Adjectives like ‘atmosphere’, ‘ether’, ‘mood’ and ‘journey’ play a far greater part in defining compositions like ‘Rubix’, Monlith’, ‘Conjour’ and ‘Chimes’. Tempos too enjoy greater-than-average bandwidth and while instrumentals are its norm, vocal interludes also exist (most notably on ‘Walking Over Fire’ sung by Emma Gillespie and Eilidh Hadden’s ‘Retrace’.

Funny How Things Stick: Mr. Stucker enlightens us to the evolution of his unusual artist name. “Many people are unaware that Hal Stucker is an alias conjured up back in 1998. The name actually came from reading an article written by the real Hal Stucker and after a few releases under this alias I got an email from the man himself. He was and still is based in Boston, has written articles for the likes of the New York Times, WIRED and other major publications in the US.


He asked me (and I quote) “did you just come up with the name or have you read one of my humble scribblings on your travels? I have been using your music as a talking point at my dinner parties over the years, it would be great to know”. I replied that I had read one of his humble scribblings’ and he was delighted!

So now you know the ins-and-outs, you’re prepped for ‘Electronic Excursions’ arrival, in all its unshackled glory. That happens today and you can order Hal Stucker’s exceptional album here, as well as checking the album’s trailer video here:

‘Electronic Excursions’ by Hal Stucker tracktlist:

  1. Celeste
  2. Chaos Bowl
  3. Fairlights
  4. Monlith
  5. Conjour
  6. Rubix
  7. Chimes
  8. Retrace
  9. 123
  10. Walking Over Fire
  11. Colloseum
  12. Disillusioned
  13. Stars Bonus
  14. Retrace (Sunrise Edit)


‘Luna’ is out! This track is adopted into Armin van Buuren’s ‘A State Of Trance, Ibiza 2018’ mix album. ‘Luna’, a track which has the two signature sounds of Alexander Popov & Ruben de Ronde combined.

Let’s grab it here 

A superb team-up between two of Trance’s finest, ‘Luna’ shines like a full moon on a dark, clear-skied night. Combining the widely acclaimed signature sounds of Alexander Popov and Ruben de Ronde, this track is adopted into Armin van Buuren’s ‘A State Of Trance, Ibiza 2018’ mix album and poised to make Trance fans swoon for years to come.



World-renowned Dutch producer and deep house virtuoso Eelke Kleijn has released his latest single, ‘Punta Cana’, on his DAYS like NIGHTS imprint today. The release falls as the second single off his impending ‘Moments Of Clarity’ project and lands in the midst of his most extensive North American tour to date with stops in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Mexico City, San Francisco, and Burning Man this summer. With a much-anticipated Tomorrowland performance also right around the corner on July 21, the Rotterdam-based producer is in high demand on both sides of the Atlantic.


Listen to Eelke Kleijn – Punta Cana


‘Punta Cana’, which took form while Eelke Kleijn was visiting the Dominican town of the same name two years ago, is centered around a pulsing kick that exemplifies his stunning ability to layer mesmerizing synth builds and subtle vocal samples atop vivid bass and percussion. Melodic, energetic and hypnotic, the result is crafted perfectly for festival and nightclub dance floors.

Eelke Kleijn: “I wrote the melody for the track while I was in Punta Cana for a gig in 2016. It sounded very different at that time, but I kept coming back to the main lead because I liked it so much. It has that sort of underground epicness that I really enjoy. The track went through multiple different versions before it turned out the way it is now. It’s been a steady end-of-the-night banger in all my sets of the last year!”


With a notable fifteen years of composing to draw upon, Eelke Kleijn has found major success on and off the dance floor in creating club tracks as well as Hollywood soundtracks. In addition to crafting releases for motion pictures like ‘Parker’, ‘The Crossing’, ‘Rush’ and ‘This Means War’, his bootleg of ‘The Hanging Tree’ from the iconic film ‘The Hunger Games’ launched the veteran producer to international stardom. While he continues to cultivate his rapidly rising DAYS like NIGHTS imprint, his emotive, complex progressive deep house signature has drawn attention from underground veterans Pete Tong, Solomun and Maceo Plex as well as fans from all around the globe.


The dust has just settled after an unforgettable weekend spent under the sun and absorbed in the music.
After a successful first edition, Labyrinth Production took their concept back to Croatia for a second stunning time.
The festival took place for the again on the breathtaking beaches of Omis, near Split.
Camping Galeb has been confirmed as the perfect location to host this brilliant event full of art, music , food and technology on July 11th, 12th, 13th and 14th.
The Backstage Access took its chance to attend the festival on Saturday 14th when this magical event was set to end with a boom.
How not to fall for the relaxed atmosphere you breath at Camp Galeb? And we found  the nicest crowd of party goers ever.
The event takes over at 4.30pm and we just wander around taking pics of the 3 amazingly crafted stages, recording videos of us chilling in the water announcing that our interview with no other than Guy J himself is gonna take place right on the Island stage later that day.
The Island stage is right on the beach, so you can just swim in the crystal clear water of the Adriatic sea while listening to your favorite dj playing.
We took our time to enjoy some sun on the shore, have a refreshing croatian beer, and checking out every angle of the Camp, a jewel nested in paradisiac landscape.
We rate 10/10 the organization, everything was just perfect and made it so enjoyable for us to attend the festival.
Our personal highlights has been the mammoth 9 hours b2b set performed by the superstar djs Hernan Cattaneo and Guy J at the Island stage.
We’ve had the chance to spend some time with them on their booth and it really made our night.
Their progressive vibes blended amazingly with our festival mood, happy and peaceful.
While at the main stage between the trees, you could breath a totally different yet so charming atmosphere.
Dark techno vibes were blasting from Amelie Lens starting from midnight, spectacular pyros  accompanied her energetic gig until Len Faki took over the stage to close the party at 4 am.

This second edition looked bigger and even better than the previous and Labyrinth Open it’s destined to grow exponentially in the next years, we highly recommend you to pay a visit! Hands down The best summer festival you could wish for.





 23RD JULY 2018 

13TH AUGUST 2018

 27TH AUGUST 2018


Over the course of the summer season, Grammy award winning producer, Sharam will host a residency at Ibiza’s Eden under his Yoshitoshi Imprint. With four dates scheduled at Eden hosted by ‘Moments Of Ibiza’, these showcases spark a new era for Sharam and his label. Headlining each event Sharam has curated this series with a view to bring like-minded artists that you wouldn’t find on a typical hyped party on the White Isle this summer.
“My love affair with Ibiza started 20 years ago when we were first asked to play at Pacha with the Zenith parties run by Roberto & Ernesto who now run Music On. I can truly say some of the best moments of my career took place on the Island over the years and I’m very excited to return to Ibiza this summer, with the opportunity to showcase some acts that I feel Ibiza and the world need to hear” – Sharam

Born out of the duo Deep Dish (Sharam and Dubfire) in 1994, Yoshitoshi has since become a household name. With a substantial roster of artists that include real House and Techno elites ranging from Adam BeyerSteve Lawler and Nicole Moudaber to Louie VegaRobosonic and Matador with well over 100 names that read like a definitive encyclopaedia of underground dance music. The label’s diversity and quality is unparalleled, and this past year has seen Yoshitoshi recognized as one of Mixmag’s “Most Influential Labels Of The Past Decade”.

Continuing to keep their bar firmly raised, Yoshitoshi have invited an equally high calibre of artists to join them in Ibiza this summer. Seminal names including Victor RuizCoyu, Catz ‘N DogzNoir, Dense & Pika, Jonas Rathsman and Reinier Zonneveld are set to feature alongside rising stars such as Artbat and OC & Verde.
“There is a slew of amazing talent on the line up for our 4 Yoshitoshi outings this year including OC & Verde who will be the residents for all the parties along with myself. I’m very excited to write another chapter to my Ibiza story along with this crew of incredibly talented DJs”.  Sharam

With 2018 marking nearly a quarter of a century since the label’s inception, this summer is set to be yet another milestone for both Sharam and Yoshitoshi.


Subculture welcomes another trance futurist to its impressive roster today, as Factor B debuts on the label. The Aussie producer hit the release gas last year, with an anthem convoy that by the year’s end included ‘Invidius’, ‘Liberator’, ‘Origins’ and ‘Something Like A Cure’

‘Into The Light’ follows this April’s ‘White Rooms’ out of the gate and we’re going to chance our arm and say with it, we reckon Brendan Blatt’s topped the lot.


‘Into The Light’ got its first airing (where else but!) ASOT850 back in February. Inside Jaarbeurs it more than proved its mettle, when Brendan closed his Road To 1000 set with it. “Armin van Buuren, Solarstone and label boss John O’Callaghan are just some of the spinners who’ve since rallied to its radio & club cause, while DJ Mag UK scored it 8/10.”

To be clear, style and energy-wise ‘Into The Light’ is not kidding around! If your set of speakers is in need of something that doesn’t stint on sonic force, mass or motion, look no further. With a tempo that’s goes straight for the primetime jugular, more rousing sub-melody flow than the Jetstream and a heart as big as an ocean, ‘Into The Light’s got you covered. Pick it up/stream here


01: Factor B – Into The Light (Original Mix)