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Andrew Rayel releases new single “My Reflection” with Emma Hewitt from his upcoming album “Moments”

Rousing. Mesmerizing. Narcotic. The music of Andrew Rayel is positively infectiousand his skills as a classically trained pianist shine through in the popular electronic dance music he creates. Working up to the release of his highly sought-after sophomoric studio album MOMENTS on May 5th, Rayel releases the fourth and latest single from the album. Andrew Rayel & Emma Hewitt’s “My Reflection” is out now.**
Listen to My Reflection
The original album version of “My Reflection” is lushly intoxicating from the outset, so poignant are the acoustic piano chords played by Rayel himself. Just as the listener becomes fully seduced by that melody, Rayel lays down superbly distorted horns and a bouncy, quivering bassline that’s dripping in acid. The forward-driving percussion quickly sets the stage for Hewitt’s imposing vocals, and off she goes. Hewitt’s voice is a slightly lower register than is found in abundance on saccharine-sweet songs so prevalent today, though she can also hit the high notes with aplomb. On the surface, “My Reflection” can be construed as a dreamy, romantic song, and savvy festival-goers will respond to the inevitable peak-time remixes that are likely to ensue. The ballad-like original version of “My Reflection” is a relatable trance tune replete with the requisite enormous builds and drops that, when remixed into a club edit, will have entire festival fields jumping in unison. “My Reflection” saturates the airwaves and then, as nimbly as it appeared, vanishes on a wisp of breath. Together, Andrew Rayel and Emma Hewitt knocked this effort out of the ballpark.
Hailed by Armin van Buuren as “the future of trance music,” Andrew Rayel (real name: Andrei Rata) is a classically trained electronic dance music DJ and producer from Moldova often referred to as the “modern-day Mozart.” As a DJ, Rayel exudes an unbridled enthusiasm for the music he plays and his onstage performances are electric and filled with physical energy. Drenched in a well-earned sweat after every set, Rayel earns his position as a bandleader, stirring up his crowds’ passion as much with his music selection as with his bodily vigor. He has DJ’d the world’s biggest festivals including Ultra Music Festival in Miami, TomorrowLand in Belgium and TomorrowWorld in Atlanta, Stereosonic in Australia, Global Gathering in the UK and other countries, Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, Electric Zoo in New York, Transmission Festival in various countries, Ministry of Sound in the UK, Dreamstate in San Bernardino, Electronic Family in Amsterdam, Zoukout in Singapore and Together Festival in Thailand. Rayel is a regular on the lineup at various ASOT stages around the world. Nightclub residencies see him performing onstage at superclubs including Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub in Las Vegas, Marquee and Lavo in New York, Ushuaïa Beach Club in Ibiza, Zouk in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, Escape in Amsterdam and Ministry of Sound in London.
Australia’s Emma Hewitt is as immaculate in appearance as she is as a performer. With a stage persona evoking the prowl of a wild cat and the gloss of a high-fashion model, she commands attention whenever she steps into the spotlight. As a singer/songwriter now based in Los Angeles, Hewitt’s haunting vocals and impressive style put her at the forefront of vocalists highly sought by the world’s leading electronic dance music producers. Hewitt has collaborated with a steady stream of respected producers including Armin van Buuren, Andrew Rayel, Cosmic Gate, Dash Berlin, Morgan Page and others.

Masked act RUMORS lands on Armada Trice with debut single: ‘Look Out Below’

 After collaborating with a variety of acclaimed acts and artists across the music scene, RUMORS are taking the spotlight for themselves. With ‘Look Out Below’, the mysterious, LA-based duo comes forth with its true debut single, which saw its release on Armada Trice today and is accompanied by an official music video.
Listen to Rumors – Look out below

As soon as ‘Look Out Below’ lifts off, it’s clear that listeners are in for a treat. Packing strong vocal hooks in addition to an intoxicating flute melody and laid-back rhythms, it’s a song that will take flight and soar the charts until it can’t go any further.


Hailing from American dance music hub Los Angeles, RUMORS have more than earned their stripes in the past few years. They collaborated with hot acts such as Elephante, Suspect 44, Audien and Oliver Heldens and the duo help write ‘Young’, one of the singles on The Chainsmokers’ #1 debut album ‘Memories… Do Not Open’. To maintain their anonymity, RUMORS perform while wearing mirror-plated masks that project stage lights back into the crowd, which not only reflects their attitude toward dance music, but also gives the audience a chance to see a bit of its own reflection in RUMORS. It’s clear that their future is bright and one that starts with ‘Look Out Below’. 


 Through brand-new single ‘In The Morning’, MOKS delivered the first release of new label Ten Sixty One, a joint venture between Mohamed Fouradi and Armada Music. ‘In The Morning’, which features LA songwriting collective KEPLER, saw its release today.
Listen to In the morning
The ultimate feel-good record, ‘In The Morning’ is the song that will spend the entire summer dominating the airwaves. Crafted up by Amsterdam-based DJ and production duo MOKS, this track is stuffed with powerful piano chords and dynamic vocals and able to make anyone’s day a whole lot brighter.


MOKS first embarked on the scene with debut offering ‘Otherwise’, which was made in collaboration with British superstar and X-Factor winner James Arthur and racked up over 5 million streams to date on Spotify alone. KEPLER, who are featured on ‘In The Morning’, have already worked with scene leaders such as Fedde Le Grand and Sandro Silva. 


Since kicking off his own imprint (Delecta Records) in March 2016, Cedric Gervais has been indulging his fans with quite a few phenomenal records. Today, he further embellishes that list with ‘Touch The Sky’, a spark of musical brilliance featuring Digital Farm Animals and Dallas Austin that saw its release today.

Listen to: Touch The Sky

An offering that screams out-of-the-boxness through its remarkable vocal clips and high-intensity club vibe, ‘Touch The Sky’ is poised to have the crowd reaching for the stars while whirling across the dance floor. It’s a sterling example of music that gets the whole world on cloud nine and one that will continue to soar for time to come.

Cedric Gervais has been one of dance music’s luminaries for over fifteen years. He scored a Grammy in 2013 with his remix of Lana Del Rey’s ‘Summertime Sadness’, sold multi-platinum with several singles and is a frequent fixture in the Top 10s of acclaimed charts in the U.S. (Billboard), the U.K. (U.K. Singles chart) and Australia (ARIA). His before-mentioned remix of ‘Summertime Sadness’ racked up over 200 million streams on Spotify alone and ‘Would I Lie To You’, his recent collaboration with David Guetta and Chris Willis, is good for 61 million streams on the streaming service.

Born Nick Gale, Digital Farm Animals is one of the planet’s hottest new artists. Between summer jam ‘Millionaire’ (with Cash Cash and Nelly), recent hit singles ‘Only One’ and ‘Digital Love’, and working with top names such as Dua Lipa, Galantis, Hailee Steinfeld, Will.I.Am, Noah Cyrus and Louis Tomlinson, he has netted over a billion streams in total. Having already toured with The Chainsmokers and Marshmello in 2017 alone, the future is looking very bright indeed.

Dallas Austin, who also features on ‘Touch The Sky’, is an accomplished songwriter and producer who’s worked with a host of notable recording artists, including Michael Jackson, Madonna, TLC, Monica, Rihanna, Kanye West, Boyz II Men, P!NK and Gwen Stefani. One of his biggest accomplishments to date is winning a Grammy for Best R&B album at the 42nd Annual Grammy Awards.



 Since putting out his ‘Written EP’ onto The Bearded Man in July 2016, RAI has been biding his time, waiting for the right moment to strike again. That moment has now arrived as the Dutch prodigy makes his welcome return to the label with ‘Goodbye’, a brand-new single that features American songstress Zoe Sky Jordan.
Listen here to Goodbye

Starting off with Zoe Sky Jordan’s angelic vocals and a chord sequence that sets the mood just right, ‘Goodbye’ is an exceptional production that exudes catchiness like no other track can. From its infectious melodies to its playful synths and groovalicious bassline, it is making it pretty hard for listeners not to bob their head to the music.


Born Raí Kooijmans, RAI is a sterling example of raw talent nurtured to perfection. The Dutch prodigy signed to Amsterdam-based record label Armada Music in 2016 and was named one of the ‘Dutch artists to watch’ by DJ Mag NL. His musical preference swirls around House and Tech House and the young studio magician isn’t afraid to step out of his comfort zone to come up with something out of the box and extraordinary. Soon to dish out more of his productions, RAI is definitely one to keep an eye on.



Less than two months after dropping ‘Love Like The Sun’ (feat. David Benjamin), Dennis Kruissen has touched down on The Bearded Man with yet another stellar composition. ‘Answers’ features the vocals of fourteen-year-old super talent Nina and is the Dutchman’s fourth original offering to the label. The release also comes with a phenomenal music video, which was made in collaboration with Trap Nation and saw its world premiere today on the renowned Youtube channel.

Listen here to : Answers

A song that aims to outshine the most enthralling records of the past decade, ‘Answers’ turns heads with its jaw-dropping atmosphere and colorful vibes. Embellished by Nina’s emotionally laden vocals and a deluge of gliding synths, the song could very well be one of Dennis Kruissen’s best and most well-balanced tracks yet.


Hailing from Amsterdam, Dennis Kruissen is one of the artists whose sound is woven into the very fabric of Deep House music. Breaking onto the scene in 2014 through collaborations with Sam Feldt (‘Alien’) and De Hofnar (‘Aye Technology’), the Dutch prodigy was soon picked up by Amsterdam-based record label, whom he signed an exclusive deal with in 2016. 


Nina, whose vocals makes the record stand out even more, was a participant in season three of The Voice Kids in France and asked Dennis Kruissen for a chance to sing on one of his records. Dennis Kruissen agreed and Nina delivered.


ESTIVA is bringing on: SPACE DUST!

Spring is coming and it’s delivering some exciting news along with its fresh breeze….

As you may already know,  Estiva is playing as resident dj for the whole season at famous Marquee club in Las Vegas!

If this was not something to be excited about enough, he’s also releasing a brand new EP on  Colorize Music.


      So save the date: April 7th!! And be ready, I promise you don’t wanna miss this!!

              There will be two tracks, Repeater and  Space Dust.

For the moment you can discover Space Dust,  if you like atmospheric soundscapes, this deep progressive release will do the trick launching you into a deep floating state, enjoy your trip guys!   

Listen to it here : Space Dust



Armin van Buuren New Residency in Ibiza!! 

Former world wide famous club Space, now called “Hi Ibiza” will be the new home of Armin van Buuren and co. every Wednesday during the upcoming summer starting from June 21st and ending on September 13th!!

He will present a whole new concept which will be: U R with Armin van Buuren!!

Stay tuned for more info soon!

Time to book your holiday, we’d say!!

Tickets for U R with Armin van Buuren Here

Weekend highlights: The Gallery presents Andrew Rayel, David Gravell and Ruben de Ronde!

Last Friday night The Gallery c/o Ministry of Sound in London hosted a top notch line up:

Andrew Rayel

David Gravell

Ruben de Ronde

If you are familiar with our blog you already know  how much we love these 3 artists so you can just figure out our excitement for this gig!!

Andrew Rayel graced the booth introducing to the crowd 2 of his latest releases : ‘I’ll be there’ and ‘Tacadum’ 2 dance floor destroyers that you will listen soonon his widely anticipated upcoming album ‘Moments’

You can preorder ‘Moments’ Here

David Gravell came to ravage the club with his monsters tunes, and of course his latest release  ‘Energy‘ , an ultra melodic masterpiece delivering to the crowd a powerful sonic blast!

David will release his brand new compilation ‘Discover’ next month and will present a few special new tracks as well, so stay tuned if you wanna know more about his new sound!

Ruben de Ronde doesn’t need any introduction to this blog, our  admiration for this artist is well known! London crowd was waiting to have him back at this famous club for a while now! The expectations were high and he never disappoints! Ruben released his second album ‘My Story’ earlier this year and then he teamed up with Rodg to deliver ‘Togetherr’ a brand new album that will be released in June. For now you can enjoy ‘Larger than Life’ and the just released ‘Whoop’ track from the above mentioned album.

You can preorder ‘Togetherr’ Here



We’re excited to announce that James Kiedis is back with another monster release on RAM’s label Grotesque Fusion!!

Prepare your ears to a massive treat with this new stormer called “Renegades” a perfect trance anthem with a fusion of tech, uplifting and a hint of Psy !!

All in all a twisted piece of music meant to destroy the dancefloors!

Grab your copy here: Renegades