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Fight your fears…with Dennis Sheperd!


Right after the release of his second artist album called “Fight your fears” it’s time to meet up with one of my favorite trance artist and ask him a few things….


J: When did you start making music and why?

D: I started producing music as a hobby in 2004. My uncle had this amateur software called Dance eJay and back in the days the productions done with this software sounded really amazing to me. I played with it for a few months until I changed to a more professional software called Propellerheads Reason. And this is when the ball started rolling. In 2006 I had my first professional releases.

J: What is your feeling about edm these days?

D: I like some of the productions. Some other productions I don’t like. In the end, it’s all subjective anyway. If I only played this kind of stuff in a club though, I would more feel like a Pop DJ and I wouldn’t really like that.

J: What kind of music do you like to listen in your free time ?

D: All kinds of stuff. Rock music, piano compositions by Ludovico Einaudi too or sets by Bryan Kearney (for running) and Gaia (for lifting).

J: Who are your fave rising producers at the moment?

D: My favorite producer this year must be Nhato. He has done amazing productions this year. Great guy too!

J: Which changes in the music scene have you noticed since the time you were starting?

D: Well, with Trance at the moment, there’s a huge gap between the more Bigroom sound and the Uplifting & Psy sound. Somehow for that gap there is not much music at the moment. But honestly that’s exactly the stuff I love and play. The stuff we used to call “Progressive Trance”. I’m really missing the Rank 1, Nic Chagall, Kyau & Albert but also Mikkas kind of stuff. Rank 1 is still releasing this stuff but way too rarely! Kyau & Albert changed their sound to a more commercial one and Nic Chagall is not really releasing stuff anymore. Too bad! But I will strictly stick to this style as this is what brought me into the scene and what I really love!

J: How important is it for a dj making music ?

D: I started producing music first and later on became a DJ when there was some public interest. Either way, I think it’s very important to do both. It’s good as a DJ to have deep production understanding and the other way around, it really helps in the studio to know what the crowd will demand in the club. So both skills benefit from each other!


Thanks Dennis for the nice chat and see you in Italy in a couple of months 🙂


10411201_364208530421963_5805798000499822199_nToday we meet up with a young Swiss talented artist, Troste (Stefano)

for those of you who didn’t check him out yet, let’s find out who he is, and what he is planning to do in the upcoming future, I promise he is a blast!!!

J: When and how did your interest for the music show up?

(Quando e come è nato il tuo interesse per la musica?)


S: It all began when I was 10 y.o. and my brother (Dave202) took me at my very first Street Parade in Zurich

(Tutto é iniziato quando avevo 10 anni e mio fratello mi ha portato per la prima volta alla Street Parade a Zurigo 😉 )
J:What does inspire you when you are making music?

(Cosa ti ispira quando produci?)

S: Usually it just help me thinking of all the people who will listen and dance to my tune…this gives me a boost and inspires me to do my job always at my best.

(Di solito mi aiuta pensare a tutte le persone che ascolteranno e balleranno la mia traccia…questo mi dà la carica e mi ispira per fare sempre meglio nel mio lavoro.)
J:Can you please tell me how did your tune Viamala come to life?

(Mi parli di come è nata la traccia Viamala?)

S:I was in Berlin with my produer Namito and it was a cold and rainy day of December…and actually that bad weather put us in the mood to create that track, Viamala.

(Mi trovavo a Berlino con il mio produttore Namito ed era una giornata fredda e piovosa di Dicembre….e proprio il maltempo di quel giorno ci ha ispirato lo stile della traccia Viamala.)


J: What are you listening to atm?
(Cosa stai ascoltando al momento?)

S:Honestly? atm when I need to relax and put my mind at ease I listen to some italian artists like Vasco and Grignani

(Sinceramente? Al momento per rilassarmi e riordinare le idee ascolto diversi artisti italiani tra cui Vasco e Grignani 😉 )


J: What are your future projects ?

(Quali progetti hai in mente per il prossimo futuro?)

S: Lately I’m working at my next EP that will be released on PinkStarBlack Records very soon.

(In questo periodo sto lavorando al mio prossimo EP che presto uscirà con la Label Pinkstar Black Records.)
J:With which artist would you like to cooperate?

(Con quale artista ti piacerebbe lavorare ?)

S:If it was up to me, I would love to make a collaboration for a tune with Solomun because imo, he’s the number one in his own style.

(Se potessi scegliere mi piacerebbe collaborare ad una traccia con l’artista Solomun perché per me é il numero 1 nel suo stile.)

J: Will we see you in Italy any soon?

(Ti vedremo in Italia presto?)


S: At the moment I don’t have anything planned there but…you know how they say…never say never in life..

(Per il momento non ho ancora fissato nessuna data ma come si dice nella vita mai dire mai…… 😉 )


J: What do you do when you are not in the studio?
(Come impegni il tuo tempo quando non sei in studio ?)

S:I spend my spare time with my friends but even if I am not in the studio, music is my main passion, so I am often looking for some inspiration in all the Swiss clubs.

(Di solito passo il tempo con i miei amici e anche se non sono in studio la musica rimane sempre la mia principale passione, infatti spesso vado a cercare ispirazione nei diversi Clubs della Svizzera.)

J. Which artist did influence your music the most?
(Quale artista ha influito maggiormente sul tuo percorso musicale?)
S: Without any doubt, about style and charisma, the most inspiring artist to me has been dj Tiesto, even if, through the years I got close to a different musical genre.

(Senza dubbio per quanto riguarda lo stile e il carisma il mio principale ispiratore é stato Dj Tiesto, anche se negli anni mi sono avvicinato ad un altro genere musicale.)

Grazie Stefano, è stato un piacere, ci vediamo presto in pista!!

Thanks Stefano, it’s been a pleasure to catch up with you, see ya soon on the dance floor!!







SIRUP MUSIC took it to the next level with this brand new label called PinkStarBlack, definitely the dark soul of Sirup, a label that will seduce you with its  dreamy and haunting melodies and dark basslines; definitely the ultimate home for deep minimal techno productions.

This BLACK imprint,releasing deeper, fresher, world-class talents and cutting edge music strictly dedicated to the darker dance floors is kicking off with „Bahia” by talented Swiss producer/artist Schuhmacher. After his two recent #1 Beatport releases on 1605 and Great Stuff Recordings, Schuhmacher is finally back with an exclusive, fresh and minimal club tune, that has the magic summer touch of the Ibiza season all over.

You can’t help but fall under its spell, it will drag you in a ecstatic state of mind, you will just feel like living an endless summer night…What we got here is a huge amount of sexy catchy beats to make you live the dream until the sun will gently wake you up on a beach of groovy, funky vibes.




A little chat with…Driftmoon

“Driftmoon is heart and mind combined into perfect musical harmony”
Driftmoon is one of the most consistent, productive and forward thinking musical duo which has emerged in past years. With musical output and creativity that is unparalleled, Miikka and Juraj prove every time that their visionary approach to music creation is something to be aware of.
What started as a small project quickly grew into a true worldwide success over the past two years with tours in USA or Australia and regular attendance of famous dance music festivals and parties in Europe.
Their music can be defined as melodic arena trance with wide variation in both trance and uplifting trance. Tracks like ‘Howl At The Moon’, ‘Leviticus’ or recent ‘Lights Will Guide You Home’ are already classified as future trance classics and with never ending support of new material you can be sure of one thing – guys from Driftmoon are not going to stop!



J: Hello guys and thanks for taking the time to answer a couple of questions, really appreciate it!

Driftmoon: Hello Jessica! Thanks for the questions

J:So, You Are coming to Italy soon for a gig right?

Driftmoon: Yes I will be having my first gig in Italy this weekend, I am super excited! I was in Italy few times in past few years and since I was a child but always only for a vacation, and never in Milan.

J:How do You see the trance/Uplifting scene evolving lately?

Driftmoon: I personally think the trance scene is still strong and it’s growing at an amazing rate, there are so many new talents and new songs which keep it interesting.

J:You reached a huge success in the last couple of years but would you tell me How did it all start?

Driftmoon:  It all started with me and my father who had a huge music collection and he taught me all I know about music and it all sparked my musical interest all those years ago.

J:What does inspire you in the studio

Driftmoon: Hmm, that’s a good question. Usually life itself inspires me, I find beauty all around me and sometimes a song I hear on a radio or even a place I visit can spark a great deal of inspiration.

J:I know You will be attending ADE This year, what Are Your expectations about it?

Driftmoon: This is my first ADE ever so I am super excited! I have no expectations at all so it’s funny to see how it will all unveil

J:What about Grotesque parties in The Netherlands?

Driftmoon: Grotesque is a brand from my friend DJ RAM. I played for him a few times and it’s always a great party, crowd in Holland is educated and they know what trance is !

J:What Are You working on lately in your studio? What Are your plans for the next future?

Driftmoon: I am working on several new tracks, almost all of them are uplifting so let’s see what will 2015 bring 

J:What Are your plans for the next future?

Driftmoon:Plans for the future? Work on myself and on the project, make as much music as possible and live the life to the fullest!

J:What would You suggest to New producers out there

Driftmoon:I would suggest one thing – remember that if you want to succeed in the music business, you need to make music! That is the only rule 

Thanks and see you soon at Trancegate party


Susum night was a blast

The Backstage Access couldn’t miss THAT Monday party!!! And so we checked it out to see what all that fuzz was about…..

Well…we’ve been lost for words….amazing location and very well equipped console they got there!! Looking definitely more  like a recording studio than a club, and this for sure attracted most insiders to catch up on new devices for djs and producers…No doubt all the geeks found their home there!!


The relaxed and friendly atmosphere made it all absolutely extra special, and quality drinks were like the icing on the cake.

Talking about the beats (which is the main thing we are going on in this site) nothing was left to chance so we could enjoy a finest selection of deep tech tunes who really charmed us and let us wanting more of that stuff!

A special thanks to Paolo Spiga for the pictures and Luca Dea for the videos and of course to the djs An-DI and D-Rhapsody, to all the Susum crew and last but not least Ilario Barbieri Maschio for making it possible.


D-Rhapsody live



Here’s the link to D-Rhapsody Facebook page where you can find some nice videos catching up the vibes of the night!





D-Rhapsody meets Susum


This is the Venice based deep tech duo consisting of musicians Max Orian and  Alberto Gasparini; alongside the classic dj set they love to experiment with synthesizers and drum machines to build up a one of a kind electronic atmosphere delighting the crowd with their finest music selection.

If you didn’t have the chance to meet this very talented duo, the right time has come!

Taking inspiration from the north european “boiler room” , northern Italy is sending a strong message to all the artists, clubbers, and insiders in general who are up for the new trend in electronic music; an experimental event called Susum, taking place in Treviso, on Monday’s; a new party and a totally new way to meet artists, djs, all kind of electronic music geeks, producers, bloggers, photographers, everyone who want to be part of the scene and that truly loves the beats  cannot miss this event.

More than a party, more than a recording studio, an exciting place to give birth to loads of jams and cooperations.


So if you are in the area, trade your couch with an alternative night out with friends and let’s share some good vibes, here are the details:




of course The Backstage Access will keep a close eye on them…

Streaming is the future

Music industry is evolving so fast!!!

Technology has a great impact in the music industry; and over the years it has dramatically changed the way we listen to music and the way we purchase music.

Before the digital media coming, we had vinyls, that we could buy in music stores, and despite the sound quality,records surely lacked the ability of easy transportation….do you remember that big cases the djs used to carry at gigs?
Then we got cassettes tapes and walkmen to bring our music always with us,and,in the early 90ies we had cds and cd players.

With the cds we seen the dawning of the digital era and we started downloading tunes from the physical media to our personal computers and as 2000’s were approaching, the music trend went completely digital with mp3 files and the iTunes/youtube era.
Digital music and pirated download almost destroyed the industry but now it seems music streaming is bringing new life to it
and today we can safely say the future of the music market is in the streaming, thanks to Spotify and Apple music and other similar services.

This for sure affected the cds sales but still…the major record companies  are now learning to deal with it amazingly and making loads of money.

Much of the debate about the sustainability of streaming has understandably focused on artists and songwriters income and transparency.
Streaming has its critics, especially artists and labels who believe the service providers don’t pay enough in royalties. Despite this, support is growing from within the industry.

And considering how much you would normally spend in one year to buy cds and comparing this with the subscriptions cost to one of the streaming services well…from the consumer point of view, there is no doubt I’m more than happy to be a Spotify and Apple music user…for a pretty small price I have access to all the music I like….but still….there is some cds I need to buy because I love to keep my collection up to date 🙂
And what is your point of view? Let me know

Asot #731 tonight and also Ibiza summer closure

After a hot summer in Ibiza, in the middle of the pool of the stylish Ushuaia hotel, Armin is ready for the grand finale tonight!
I am sure lot of you won’t miss the chance to witness the gig but for all the people who can’t attend, well…there is always Armin’s Snapchats to keep you up to date.


furthermore, it’s ASOT day so you can also listen to the new episode of A State Of Trance #731 with the debut of his dmx for Faithless and much more!!

you can listen to it from Di.Radio, here’s the direct link :

Earplugs…A must have!

Recently, I’ve seen a post by one of my favorite artist in the scene (Ruben de Ronde) on the socials,
He posted a picture of his earplugs and stated “safety first”….actually we all should 100% agree with him on this point.
But when I attend events, honestly I still see people who don’t wear any plugs, exposing their ears to terrible damages…I also seen some weirdos putting their heads directly into the speakers at some parties!!

Normal levels of conversation are around 65 decibels loud. At a level of 110 decibels, (which is the Noise levels around the stages at music festivals) hearing loss can occur after only two minutes of exposure.

That’s like standing next to a jackhammer drilling into concrete

The longer you are exposed to levels that loud, the greater chance of hearing loss you have. So, just think about attending an all-day music festival without any ear protection.
It is not just the music that can quickly exceed the danger zone of 80 decibels, but also the noise around you that can cause long-term damage to your hearing, let’s think to all the people talking around you, partying and dancing, they all make loads of noise.

Even if at the biggest festivals, foam earplugs are given for free, most people refuse to use them and in a recent survey I found out that 84% of festival-goers experienced dullness of hearing or ringing in the ears after listening to loud music…this is alarming
We could say we don’t have a proper education to this….we grow up exposed to a lot of dangerous noises, factories, traffic, power tools and of course loud music.
And While we don’t think twice about getting our eyes checked on a regular basis and to wear contact lenses or glasses, for some weird reasons, we often neglect to take care about our ears.
I always underestimated the fact I could really damage my ears, and when I was kid I always listened to loud music, and never worn plugs at clubs…
I attended a party in one of my favorite Italian club, Armin was the headliner and of course I wanted to stay front row until the end.
Let me tell you that night the music loudness was really off the roof!
My ears were buzzing for a couple of days …I had a big headache and couldn’t communicate properly the day after the gig and my ears rung
After that, it all was ok, I was feeling good again and apparently I could ear normally…..
But…my bf, a sound engineer who is always trying to give me an education about music in general (must say I’m pretty wild in this and never listen to him 🙂 ) explained me quite clearly that what happened was probably a serious damage to my ears, even if, at first the hearing loss was temporarily, if I went on that way, the hearing degeneration could have been permanent with all the consequences of the case;
Hearing loss and tinnitus can cause a significant decline in overall quality of life. It can lead to reduced cognitive function, communication problems, depression, high blood pressure, and an increased risk of falls, irritability , frustration and of course the incapability to enjoy my favorite music.

From that point I started taking care of my ears properly following all his advices, (yes, I even set my limit volume on iphone, ipod and so on) I use quality headphones when I listen to music (actually I am a lucky owner of Tiesto’s signed AKG) and I try to avoid to be exposed to loud noises when I can ( I still listen to dubstep from time to time tho….lol )
And of course, I started using plugs at every event I attended….I tried several earplugs till now, some worked, some others just were not ok for me …there are so many plugs and so many prices:
Ear plugs are inserted to block the ear canal.
They may be premolded (preformed) or moldable (foam ear plugs). Ear plugs are sold as disposable products or reusable plugs. Custom molded ear plugs are also available.
Semi-insert ear plugs which consist of two ear plugs held over the ends of the ear canal by a rigid headband.
Ear muffs consist of sound-attenuating material and soft ear cushions that fit around the ear and hard outer cups. They are held together by a head band.

The choice of hearing protectors is a very personal one and depends on a number of factors including level of noise and comfort. Most importantly, the hearing protector should provide the desired noise reduction. It is best, where protectors must be used, to provide a choice of a number of different types to choose from.
If the noise exposure is intermittent, ear muffs are more desirable, since it may be inconvenient to remove and reinsert earplugs.

And if you think your ears just got used to high volumes and crazy db levels at festivals well it’s possible the damage has done already and remember when hearing is gone, it’s gone for good .
So I hope this article helped you understand the importance of protecting your ears,and please remember it doesn’t take a life time of attending loud events to cause a hearing loss, you can damage your ears in just one event.
So, what about you, are you wearing plugs when you go clubbing or to festivals ? Or maybe you use them at work? What kind you prefer? Let me know 🙂