October 15, 2021


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York is a German electronic music duo founded in 1997 by musicians and brothers Torsten and Jörg Stenzel. The pair have had a lot of chart success in the U.K. Debut single ‘On The Beach’, which sampled Chris Rea’s song of the same name, is one of their biggest hits, reaching #4 in the UK Singles chart and selling over 200.000 copies through the CRW Edit. In addition, they saw their track ‘Farewell To The Moon’ reach #37 in the chart and and hit #16 with ‘The Fields Of Love’, a collab with ATB. ‘Everything Changes’ is their brand-new release, which includes a vocal version featuring Oly. 

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After seeing the likes of AVIRA and Kryder reimagine some of their most acclaimed classics, York push the envelope with another brilliant single. Radiating hope and positivity through both the instrumental version and a gorgeous Vocal Mix featuring Oly, ‘Everything Changes’ stands as a sterling example of the German duo unparalleled musicality.

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