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October 29, 2020


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Cleverly combining the worlds of electronic, trip hop, alternative r’n’b, UK-jazz, and dream pop, the album is a sensual, yet brutally honest journey into the mind and soul of mesmerising front-woman Luna Matz. 

Better is out on 6th November
Stream three of the singles HERE

One of the most exciting new acts to arrive on the Danish music scene, Takykardia’s debut album ‘Better’ is a sensual, yet brutally honest journey into the mind and soul of mesmerising front woman Luna Matz. From fierce rave vibes with energetic beats, to cinematic grandeur with spherical textures and refined interludes, ‘Better’ is a rare release that raises the bar of experimental pop music. 

It is produced by Anders Boll, (Lowly and Efterklang) winner of Producer of the Year at the 25 annual critics’ awards Steppeulven 2020, and will be self released on Takykardia’s Turbulence and Pharaohs imprint, the home of which all their releases reside. In order to bring all aspects of their vision into full fruition, they bring a variety of the talented musicians into the studio from bass and guitar to trumpet, flute and harp.

The album is also brought to life in visual form, including 14 music videos directed by Luna, who recently styled and starred in GRETA’s ‘Again’ video. Premiered by CLASH Magazine  described as “A tour de force of female Nordic talent” 

The trio emerged in 2017 and consists of performance artists and dancer Luna Matz (singer / songwriter)David Nedergaard (Keys & Synth) and Troels Dankert (drums / drum machine), who together compose and cleverly combine the worlds of trip hop, alternative r’n’b, UK-jazz, and dream pop. Troels’s innovative and dynamic drumming creates the foundation for the diverse song structures and arrangements. With a sonic frame spanning from atmospheric layers to climatic synth-stabs, keyboardist David underlines and accentuates the refined and irresistibly catchy pop hooks. These captivating textures create the perfect frame for Takykardia’s centrepiece: vocalist Luna Matz, whose brutally honest lyrics and irresistible oriental-like scales and chants touch upon relatable themes like desire, anxiety, the dynamics in a lifelong friendship, zodiacs, unhealthy attraction, masturbation, phones, and Tinder.

‘Better’ bears all, delivering these topics collectively in one stunning 14 track blow. 

Luna Matz says – “I decided not to have any secrets on this album. I was so sick of not saying things as they were or as they are to me. The timeframe of making ‘Better’ was a very turbulent though beautiful love relation I had with a man who was going through the hardest time of his life. I was extremely in love and very much trying to hide it so not to overwhelm or expect anything from him during his grief. The song writing very much explores this relationship, and everything that came in the aftermath. I’m also deeply in love with my youth and my life and scared of wasting it not living it the fullest. I want to do better, become better, love better, enjoy better! I am always sure that tomorrow will be better… Classic Gemini I guess!?…”

Lyrically, Luna connects with artists who dig deep naming Billie Eilish, Frank Ocean, Connie Constance, SZA as modern day muses. Further back in the musical schooling of her youth, she names legends like  Björk, Róisín Murphy & the early days of Moloko, Portishead, and Thom Yorke.

As a live act, Takykardia is a wonder to behold. With Luna’s background in dance and performance art, Troels’s art punk and hip-hop roots, David’s classically trained youth, and bringing a variety of the musicians they record with to the stage, the concerts are not only sonically spectacular but visually stunning too. An element that has been duly noted in the Danish music press, with tastemakers Regnsky, Undertoner and Soundvenue highlighting Takykardia’s concert at SPOT Festival 2019 as one of the festivals best performances, and GAFFA giving the band’s Heartland Festival x Prxjects by Mercedes Benz live session 5 out of 6 stars. (watch the performance via this which features harpist Selma Judith)


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