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Showing just how versatile and open-minded Mark Sixma truly is, ‘The World Of Six’ sees its creator step out of his comfort zone to challenge himself. Built around the concept of six different themes – Energy, Unity, Creativity, Dedication, Interaction and Positivity – the album takes a step away from the slew of dance floor stompers he’s known for and instead makes for a six-piece narrative without any creative limitations.

Listen to ‘The World Of Six’ here

We took our chance to ask Mark 6 questions about the album, let’s check what he told us!

TBA: The World of Six is a new chapter of your eclectic career, what is the message behind it?

MS: If you follow your passion and dedicate yourself to following your dreams, anything is possible!

TBA: Energy, Unity, Creativity, Dedication, Interaction and Positivity… are these six elements related to each tune? And how?


MS: These six elements define me and my music. You will hear them in each song I produce. Although some elements will be more apparent on one track and more in the background on another. For instance, ‘Meet Again’ is a happy, positive song about being reunited with someone you hold dear. ‘Anasthashia’ is all about that energy and focused on interaction with the crowd when playing it live.


TBA: ADE is just around the corner, what are your plans during this upcoming edition?

MS: It’s going to be an insanely fun and jam-packed ADE this year, but to highlight a few things: I will be performing at W&W’s Rave Culture Night and Orjan NIlsen’s album release as well as teaching a production masterclass at Armada University!

TBA: What was the most challenging tune of the mini album and why?

MS: That would be ‘Meet Again’, also the track I’m most proud of! It really challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and let the vocals guide me to where the song needed to go. I also used a lot of ‘real’ instruments on it, like horns, piano and guitar which I normally don’t do, so definitely strong on the ‘creativity’ part 🙂


TBA:  What is your favorite plug in right now?

MS: I’ve been using Serum in my productions a lot lately. Awesome synth!


TBA:  How would you describe the creative flow in your studio? How does the magic happen?

MS: When you combine touring and music production you need to be able to work efficiently, so I always start with the main part of the track first. If I’m not able to make that work, there’s no point in spending time on the rest of the track. If I’m not feeling inspired I test out new plugins and go sample hunting, that usually sparks a new idea!


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